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Topic: Hatti

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Hatti and Hurrian civilization - All About Turkey
The people known as Hattis are amongst the oldest settlers in Anatolian history.
The main cities Mahmatlar, Horoztepe, Alacahoyuk and Hattus are inside the Kizilirmak (Red River, a large river in central Anatolia) bend.
Hatti and the Hittite Principalities Period (2000-1750 B.C.)
www.allaboutturkey.com /hatti.htm   (647 words)

 The Hatti of Anatolia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Hatti is the most isolated of the major nations, but it is still exposed to new ideas thanks to the nearness of Assyria.
Hatti is the least likely to emerge from its protected region and go on foreign adventures.
Wuruntemu, 'Sun Goddess of Arrina', 'mistress of the Hatti lands, the queen of heaven and earth', 'mistress of the kings and queens of Hatti, directing the government of the King and Queen of Hatti'
home.comcast.net /~m_a_walsh/Sumeria/Hatti.htm   (1628 words)

 Portsmouth Herald Local News: Wish granted for girl, 12, with cancer
Hatti was diagnosed with stage IV Ewing’s sarcoma in December 2005 after a fall while playing volleyball.
Hatti underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove part of her femur, where the primary tumor was, and replaced it with an expandable prosthetic.
Rohrer said Hatti was allowed to go in the cage at the butterfly sanctuary, where a blue butterfly landed on her left shoulder.
www.seacoastonline.com /news/06252006/news/108839.htm   (892 words)

 Moksha Yoga Center - Chicago, IL
When Hatti was 19, her mother enrolled Hatti and herself in a beginning yoga series as a mother-daughter bonding activity.
Hatti believes her mom knew intuitively that she was introducing her daughter to something that would be a guide to the major lifestyle shift she'd been seeking.
As Hatti has come more into her own as a practicioner and teacher, she has learned how much she values the teachings and foundation of Iyengar - simultaneously with the influence of Ashtanga and vinyasa which moved so many of her teachers.
www.mokshayoga.com /community/hattifigge.html   (344 words)

 Hatti Trading   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Hatti party customers also know that their purchase is supporting Nepali women who have suffered extreme hardships, but are taking advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by Hatti Trading to create a stable, independent, dignified future for themselves.
Hatti Trading’s party plan scheme is similar to that of many other party plans in a number of ways: Party agents are recruited and trained by the company, but they remain independent; they are not formally employed by the company.
Hatti Trading, in contrast, provides training and promotional materials as well as an initial stock of party invitations, customer order forms, summary order forms, catalogues, and hatti elephant keyrings (to be given to hostesses when they schedule a party) to new PPAs.
www.hattitrading.co.uk /join_hatti_trading.php   (1382 words)

 Peace Treaty between Ramesses II and Hattusili III
It is concluded that Reamasesa-mai-amana, the Great King, the king (of the land of Egypt) with Hattusili, the Great King, the king of the land of Hatti, his brother, for the land of Egypt and the land of Hatti, in order to establish a good peace and a good fraternity forever among them.
Look, the son of Hattusili, king of the country of Hatti, has to assure his sovereignty of the country of Hatti instead of Hattusili, his father, after the numerous years of Hattusili, king of the country of Hatti.
Look, the sons of the country of Hatti and the children of the country of Egypt are at peace.
www.touregypt.net /peacetreaty.htm   (984 words)

 Hatti Trading
Contact Us Hatti Trading’s primary mission is to keep the girls at the EBTN workshop in work.
Hatti Trading is committed to supporting those organizations in Nepal who are giving victims of human trafficking a second chance in life and enabling other impoverished and disadvantaged women a means to support themselves and their families.
As demand for Hatti Trading products grows, the company can also employ local girls and women who are most at risk of being trafficked or their children being trafficked.
www.hattitrading.co.uk /our_mission.php   (421 words)

 hatti island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Upon arriving at our dock at Puddingstone Place, you - your luggage and supplies are transferred over to Hatti Island via a small aluminum power boat which is left with you to take you back and forth as needed.
But just so you won't feel that life is too rugged, the cottage does have a gas stove, fridge, lights and a gas barbecue as well as a gravity fed cold water system and an indoor composting toilet.
Hatti Island offers total privacy and a cozy feeling of being secluded yet it is close enough to the shore of the main Island to be secure as well.
www.stjosephisland.com /hatti.htm   (220 words)

 About us « Custom silk fabric textiles by Hatti Design, Incorporated
Hatti Design, Inc. was founded to transform the upholstery business.
Hatti Design manufactures high-quality embroidery, primarily for the home furnishings sector, in a state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, India.
With 6 years in the embroidery business and decades of experience in textile manufacturing, the co-founders of Hatti Design are revolutionizing the textile manufacturing industry.
www.hattidesign.com /v1/about   (256 words)

The land that the Hittites originally inhabited was known as Hatti, and their main city became Hattusha.
Although the origin of the Hittites is not known, it is cleart that they did speak an Indo-European language.
The art and architecture of Hatti was strongly influenced by neighbouring countries.
lexicorient.com /e.o/hittites.htm   (966 words)

 [No title]
In December 2002, 9 year old Hatti Bridges traveled to Branson, MO to perform in a talent showcase.
Hatti was one of 90 who auditioned in July for the Annual John Rex Reeves Pickin' Party held in Carthage,Texas.
Only 35 were selected to perform on the show & Hatti was pleased to have the chance to sing "Me and Bobby McGee" for the crowd.
www.expage.com /hattibridges   (502 words)

 [No title]
The ancient capital of the land of Hatti was popularly known among the Romans as "Ninus Vetus -- the old Nineveh" ("History of Art in Sardinia, Judaea, Syria and Asia Minor", by G.
The Empire of Hatti and the Empire of Assyria were the same Empire -- not two empires existing five centuries apart as historians assume.
The language of the Hatti WAS the language of the West Assyrians.
cgca.net /coglinks/wcglit/hh_germany2.txt   (4410 words)

 Historia de Hatti
Hatti resurgió bajo el Rey Suppilulimas alrededor de 1344-1322; el reino es más poderoso después de alguna dificultad con Mittani en Siria.
Textos de Hatti y tratados de Akkadia y textos similares, ayudaron al nacimiento del código jeroglífico hitita.
XIII se produjo una aproximación entre Hatti y Babilonia durante el reinado en ésta de Kadashman-turgu (1297-1280): se firmó un tratado, y parece que las casas de Babilonia y de Hattusas se unieron mediante un matrimonio.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Academy/6401/hatti2.html   (1806 words)

 The Hittite Empire
In a double identification the Kheta of the Egyptian annals and the Hatti of the Assyrian annals were said to be the Hittites of the Scriptures, and the monuments with the pictographic script were attributed to them.
Hugo Winckler was surprised to read there a copy or draft of the treaty between Ramses II and the king of Hatti, already known from its Egyptian version inscribed on the walls of the Ramesseum and of the great hypostyle hall of the temple of Amon at Karnak.
That the Kheta and the Hatti were the same was seen from the hieroglyphic and cuneiform versions of the treaty between Ramses II and Khetasar [Hattusilis of the cuneiform]: in the hieroglyphic text the latter is called `the great chief of Kheta' and in the cuneiform text `the great king of Hatti.' [300]
www.specialtyinterests.net /hittites.html   (3704 words)

 A General History of the Near East, Chapter 3
The Anatolians and their nation, called Hatti by itself and its neighbors, first appeared in the previous chapter.
The Anatolians (mistakenly called "Hittites" in most texts) were a short, stocky Indo-European people with hawklike noses; the men wore earrings and arranged their hair in pigtails so thick that their purpose may have been to protect the neck in battle.
But there is an important precept in the land of Hatti: no brother may have sexual intercourse with his own sister or female cousin.
xenohistorian.faithweb.com /neareast/ne03.html   (8980 words)

In the time of the father of the King of Hatti, the land of Isuwa became hostile, so that the troops of Hatti entered the land of Isuwa.
I brought to Hatti the cattle, sheep and horses of the district of Šuta, along with its possessions and its civilian captives.
Until now, I, great King, Hero, King of Hatti, have not crossed to the est bank and have not taken even a blade of straw or a splinter of wood of the land of Mitanni...
www.geocities.com /farfarer2001/hittite_letters/suppiluliuma_shattiwaza_treaty.htm   (1278 words)

 [No title]
We are very proud of Hatti and the talent that God has given her.
If you have heard her and would like to comment, please go back to Hatti's Home Page and sign her guest book.
Country Singer/nephew of the late Jim Reeves/Founder of The Pick'N' Party in Carthage,TX that is held the night before the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.
www.expage.com /hattibridges2   (571 words)

 Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Hittites first cultural assimilation was of the Hattis, who are believed to be one of the indigenous peoples in Anatolia, living in the area conquered by the Hittites.
They took the names of the mountains, rivers, and towns from the Hatti and even preserved the original Hatti name of the country by referring to what became their Anatolian homeland as "the land of the Hatti".
The name "Hittite" was given to this language by modern scholars as being the official language of the Land of Hatti, and has been universally accepted; but it is strictly speaking incorrect.
idcs0100.lib.iup.edu /WestCivI/culture12.htm   (2069 words)

 Untitled Document
charioteers of the Hatti land are on their way; be on your guard!"--(if you do such things) you act in disregard of your oath.
the Hatti land that someone is to rise in revolt atainst the Sun and you hear it, leave with your foot soldiers and your charioteers
Hatti land, and the king of the Hatti land dispatches foot soldiers and charioteers to your aid--(if you treate them in an unfair
pirate.shu.edu /~carterch/bible/svtreaty.html   (1670 words)

 History 4
Although not as advanced as Egypt or Mesopotamia, the Hatti, who spoke a language characterized by prefixes,were nevertheless one of the more advanced societies of their age(3000-2000B.C.).
During the time of the Hatti, Troy I (3000-2500) and Troy II (2500-2200) represented the Bronze Age in northwestern Anatolia, that is to say at Canakkale.Both fell within the sphere of Aegean culture, and Troy II had a particularly brilliant age.
Because the Mesopotamians called Anatolia "the Land of the Hatti", the newcomers were mistakenly given the name "Hittite".
www.ualr.edu /mxsarimollao/turkiye/history_4.htm   (1731 words)

 Chronicle Concerning the Early Years of Nebuchadnezzar II
No less important is the description of Nebuchadnezzar's campaigns against the Egyptian king Necho II, who had tried to conquer Syria ('Hatti').
He turned the city into a mound and heaps of ruins and then in the month of Šabatu he marched back to Babylon.
The story starts during the wars after the sack of Nineveh in 612 and the fall of the Assyrian empire.
www.livius.org /cg-cm/chronicles/abc5/jerusalem.html   (1204 words)

 The Arzawa Page
The site was in fact the capital of the empire of Hatti ("Hattusas"), which the excavators equated with the "Kheta" kingdom of the Egyptian records.
Since then, of course, we have discovered that both names, Arzawan and Hittite, are inaccurate; the kings of Hatti called their language Nesili, Nasili, and in one case Kanisumnili - "(K)neshian", that which is spoken in (Ka)nesh[as], motherland of the dynasty.
Hatti's enemies began to see their chance, in Seha River and in the Kaska lands of Palhuissa.
pages.sbcglobal.net /zimriel/amc/arzawa.html   (5499 words)

 Turkey The Bronze Age, Hatti Culture, Assyrian Trade Colonies Turkey
In the last years of his life, however, he was going to learn that the treasury actually belonged to a different level, the level 2, thus, to a different time period.
The Hattis are believed to be the one of the indigenous peoples in Anatolia.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Hittites formed one of the most interesting and authentic civilizations of the world history with the help of a rich cultural background they inherited from the Hattis over 250 years.
www.gofethiye.com /turkiye/bronze.asp   (903 words)

 OpenRoleplaying.org - Interactive Stories
Hatti Tanaki was walking through the forest, barefooted.
The sun was around noon and, as she came to the water's edge, Hatti toke off her shirt and skirt.
With her bikini on, Hatti went into the water of the stream.
www.openroleplaying.org /storyboard/view.cgi?story=57&page=1   (216 words)

 [No title]
The Hatti also vacated their home area, and crashed into Canaan form the North...leaving the Canaanites a rag tag bunch of gypsies...
With the Hatti otherwise disposed, the Luvvites manage to sneakin to take the Hatti home area for big points, this forces the Hatti to begin to make plans to retake it, as they need to occupy it a few turns hence...
Craig's Hatti were a most amazing lot; taking huge hits attempting to retake their homeland, but held on very late into the game as they had taken several territories on Med (Philistia and 2 others).
grognard.com /reviews1/chariot.txt   (1681 words)

  Eternal Egypt - The Kadesh Battle    (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Hatti or Hittites are a people who occupied modern Turkey in the thirteenth Century BC.
In 1285 BC, there were two superpowers in the ancient Near East, Egypt in the south and the Hatti, or Hittites, in Asia Minor to the north.
Each wanted to play a leading role in the area and secure its influence in the regions between their countries, such as Syria and Palestine.
www.eternalegypt.org /EternalEgyptWebsiteWeb/HomeServlet?ee_website_action_key=action.display.module&story_id=&language_id=1&module_id=121   (570 words)

 Virtual Museum: On The Oldest Existing Translation (Linguistics)
If some people flee from the country of Egypt to go to the country of Hatti, then Hattusili, the great king, the king of the country of Hatti, must order them to be taken to his brother.
Look, Hattusili the great king, the king of the country of Hatti, and Reamasesa, the great king, the king of the country of Egypt, his brother, are at peace.
Speak thus to my sister: The great King, the king of the Hatti land, has written to me thus: ‘Let the people come to pour sweet-smelling oil on my daughter’s head and let them take her to the house of the Great King, the king of Egypt, my brother.
www.proz.com /topic/24252   (5114 words)

 Peace Treaty between Ramses II and Hattusili III
As for the former treaty which was in the time of Seplel (sApArwrw), the great chief of Kheta, likewise the former treaty which was in the time of Metella (mwTnrA) the great chief of Kheta, my father, I will hold to it.
Thus speaks His Majesty Mursili, Great King, king of the Land of Hatti, beloved of the Storm God, son of Suppiluliuma, Great King, king of the land of Hatti, hero.
Eighty gods and goddesses from Amurru and Hatti are invoked to witness this treaty.
www.reshafim.org.il /ad/egypt/ramses-hattusili-treaty.htm   (2063 words)

 Hittite Online
The second tablet concerned the town of Kurustamma--how the Stormgod of Hatti brought the men of Kurustamma into the territory of Egypt (and) how the Stormgod of Hatti made a treaty between them and the men of Hatti.
And they were put under oath by the Stormgod of Hatti and the men of Egypt were (bound) under oath by the Stormgod of Hatti.
And the men of Hatti got the upper hand and immediately the men of Hatti broke the oath (of the treaty).
www.utexas.edu /cola/centers/lrc/eieol/hitol-8.html   (2991 words)

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