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Topic: Hawaiian people

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  Native Hawaiians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Native Hawaiians (in Hawaiian, kanaka ‘oiwi or kanaka māoli) are the indigenous Polynesian peoples of the Hawaiian Islands who trace their ancestry back to antiquity before the arrival of British explorer Captain James Cook in 1778.
Most native Hawaiians are residents of the United States in California, the State of Hawaii, Nevada and Washington.
Nearly all native Hawaiians are fluent in the English language as a result of over a century of contact with English-speakers from Britain and the United States of America.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hawaiian_people   (1757 words)

 Hawaiian language, alphabet and pronunciation
Hawaiian is an Austronesian language spoken by about 8,000 people on the Hawaiian islands.
Hawaiian first appeared in writing in the early 19th century in a version of the Latin alphabet developed by missionaries, who started to visit the Hawaiian islands from 1820 onwards.
Literacy among the Hawaiian people was widespread during the 19th century when Hawai'i was an independent kingdom.
www.omniglot.com /writing/hawaiian.htm   (350 words)

Hawaiian language and a Christianized version of Hawaiian religion are used for ceremonial purposes to assert ethnic Hawaiian hegemony throughout all institutions in HawaiÕi, including the Legislature.
Hawaiian language is often used in political activity to lend an aura of respect for Òindigenous rightsÓ and to provide a sense of mystery and solemnity.
People love the hula so much that people who are not ethnic Hawaiian want to include it in church services as part of the general musical and artistic activities associated with religious worship.
www.angelfire.com /hi2/hawaiiansovereignty/religlandgov.html   (4544 words)

 Office of Hawaiian Affairs [OHA]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Native Hawaiian land tenure built upon a system in which land is held in common for the benefit of all and upon the concept of "renewable resources." They establish a system whereby they can feed over 1,000,000 people without depleting or destroying resources for future generations.
The old Hawaiian culture disappears rapidly under the onslaught of new ways and new peoples, and as the Native Hawaiian population declines with the introduction of new diseases.
The Native Hawaiian population declines from an estimated 1,000,000 in 1778 to an alarming 22,600.
www.oha.org /cat_content.asp?contentid=19&catid=42   (1931 words)

 People of Hawaii should rise against attack on Hawaiian entitlements   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Hawaiian people suffer from the long list of social ills of Hawaii as a direct result of being colonized, and having their land, culture and identity taken away.
Every Hawaiian in the islands and on the Mainland should stay at home for one day to show commitment to the cause of the Hawaiian people and how we are being attacked by the Goemans, Rices and all others who are trying to say that we are in violation of the Civil Rights Act.
If this trend continues and Hawaiians are removed from their entitlements, I predict that the Hawaiian people will rebel and take to the streets, causing Hawaii's economy to drop like a lead weight.
www.moolelo.com /goemans-letter.html   (630 words)

 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Editorial
Serving the Hawaiian people through education to improve their capabilities and well-being has been the primary goal of the Kamehameha Schools, particularly during the past three years.
The Hawaiian people trust the Kamehameha Schools to do the right thing, and as a way to ensure the well-being of their children, expect Kamehameha to evaluate and report on these special programs that their children have been exposed to.
Mahalo to the Hawaiian people and to the staff of the Kamehameha Schools for their dedication and commitment to the well-being and capabilities of all Hawaiians.
starbulletin.com /2003/05/18/editorial/special.html   (2144 words)

 Hawaii History
The Hawaiians were a people without writing, who preserved their history in chants and legends.
Much of the early history has disappeared with the death of the kahunas and other learned men whose function it was to pass on this knowledge, by means of chants and legends, to succeeding generations.
Modern Hawaiian history begins on January 20, 1778, when Captain James Cook's expedition made its first contact with the Hawaiian people on the islands of Kauai and Niihau.
www.hawaiian-roots.com /hawaiihistory.htm   (264 words)

 Election Guide '96
Hawaiian sovereignty is a reality - how, to what degree, its direction is still being conceived and therefore important to all who call Hawaii their home.
The Hawaiian people did not ask to become citizens of the United States, they were forced to.
The recent vote of the Hawaiian people to take the next step of electing delegates and calling a convention to draft the governance document of a renewed nation must be honored.
starbulletin.com /specials/election/general/oha.html   (3799 words)

 [No title]
If we strip aside the philosophical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional aspects of the Hawaiian race, then it is the oldest to the youngest individual alive today who has flowing in his or her body the blood of ancestors who populated these islands before our discovery of James Cook lost at sea.
In the Hawaiian language, we commonly use the term 'aina which can mean not only the land but the source of all sustenance of the human person.
So, when you see a Hawaiian who accepts the medication, listens to all the instructions on how to take it, then goes home and never uses it, you will find that the taking of the medicine was never his decision.
www.opihi.com /sovereignty/health.txt   (1334 words)

 WOW Museum: Western Women's Suffrage - Hawaii   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Hawaiian nationalists plot to restore Queen Liliuokalani; Queen arrested, and martial law declared; Emma Aima Nawahi and Joseph Nawahi found Ke Aloha Aina (The Patriot) newspaper.
Her happy childhood was spent in the lavish Hawaiian royal court with her aunt, Queen Emma, writing poetry, singing, and riding horses across the beautiful Hawaiian landscape.
The Hawaiian people and their royal leaders feared they would lose their islands to foreigners and that their ancient culture and society would be destroyed.
www.autry-museum.org /explore/exhibits/suffrage/liliolder_full.html   (692 words)

 Hawaiian Language
Hawaiian is a Polynesian language spoken throughout the inhabited Hawaiian Islands.
In the nineteenth century it became a written language and was the language of the Hawaiian government and the people.
In 1978, Hawaiian was re-established as an official language of the State of Hawaii and, in 1990, the federal Government of the United States adopted a policy to recognize the right of Hawaii to preserve, use, and support its indigenous language.
www.alternative-hawaii.com /hacul/language.htm   (602 words)

 The Hawaiian Side
It was believed that at the rate of death and intermarriage the Hawaiian people would soon lose their qualification of the 50% blood quantum that had been set as the criteria for the Hawaiian subjects to be eligible for participation in the programs established by the usurpers.
There were interviews, two in particular, of Hawaiian high school juniors from across the islands that dealt with leadership, government, culture, sovereignty, and the legislative process that once again confirmed the poisoned attitudes of some Hawaiian people against their own people.
She loved all her people and did not consider them to be less valid because they were of "mixed" blood.
www.fortunecity.com /victorian/stanmer/145/bloodquantum.html   (988 words)

 All Things Hawaiian - Hawaiian Shirts, Dresses, Beach Wear, Gifts, Art, Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
King David Kalakaua said, "Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." The hula is almost synonymous with Hawai`i.
Anywhere one travels, as soon as people learn that Hawai`i is home, they ask, "Can you do hula?" Most of them picture the hula of the Steamer Days, "grass" skirts swaying to "Little Grass Shack" and the piercing sweetness of the steel guitar.
Hula is the literature of the Hawaiian people.
www.hawaiian.com /hula.php   (1836 words)

 Hawaiian Independence Blog
We came to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs 24 hours ago out of a deep concern for the effects of the Akaka Bill on the Kanaka Maoli community and all the people of Hawaii.
A group of Native Hawaiians and supporters held an overnight sit-in yesterday in the fifth-floor lobby of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, hoping to sway its trustees to withdraw their support for the Akaka bill.
The members of Hui Pu, an umbrella group of Native Hawaiians opposed to the Akaka bill, began their sit-in after meeting with the OHA trustees earlier in the day and demanding that they rescind their support for the bill.
www.hawaiiankingdom.info   (5903 words)

 Royalty.nu - The History of Hawaii - Hawaiian Royalty
The other Hawaiian islands were controlled by other kings, but Kamehameha conquered and united them, becoming ruler of all the islands by 1810.
Before her marriage, some people said she was not worthy to be queen because she was partly white, but she became a popular queen.
The Legends and Myths of Hawaii: The Fables and Folk-Lore of a Strange People by David Kalakaua.
www.royalty.nu /America/Hawaii.html   (3190 words)

 MauiTime   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
These people are threatening the Hawaiian people, saying we are going to lose these programs if we don’t agree to the Akaka Bill.
In actuality, the Hawaiian people are suffering a subtle form of genocide.
Some of the different organizations and people that have pulled different folks together are Akahi Nui (www.freehawaii.org), who claims to be the King of Hawaii, Henry Noa of the Reinstated Hawaiian Nation, Dennis Reysdale and John Nelson, and the Nation of Hawai’i (www.hawaii-nation.org), which ratified the Hawai’i Constitution in 1995.
www.mauitime.com /print_version.aspx?story_id=781   (1328 words)

 Information on Kalani
I'm a descendant of Haloa, the very first Hawaiian and son of Wakea and Papa, progenitors of the Hawaiian people and I'm also mixed with Filipino, Portuguese and Chinese ancestry.
And for those who need the legal definition of a Native Hawaiian, it is any descendant whose ancestors were the original inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands prior to 1778.
Everything from the language, which at one time there were a few people who still spoke it, mainly the elderly, to the different crafts, seafairing, and Lua a type of fighting style.
webpages.charter.net /motuahina/info.html   (955 words)

 [No title]
We are seeking justice for the Native Hawaiian people, who have been made to wait too long for the kind of recognition that Congress has granted to America's other indigenous peoples.
In Hawaii, where the Native Hawaiian culture is the primary attraction for a tourist industry that fuels the State's economy, preservation of the Native Hawaiian culture is an economic imperative.
As I previously testified before your committee in 2003, this bill is vital to the survival of the Native Hawaiian people, it is vital to providing parity in federal policy for all native peoples in America, and it is vital to the continued character of the State of Hawaii.
www.hawaiireporter.com /storyPrint.aspx?0cb86cde-f89d-42c8-a8b8-398cc11ba047   (1019 words)

 The Real Hapa - The Hawaiian Hapa
By doing so they are aiding and abetting the rape of the Hawaiian language and thus aiding and abetting the rape against the Hawaiian people and their culture.
Hawaiians have noticed that many mixed Asians are now calling themselves "hapa" and many have now changed the Hawaiian cultural term "hapa" to mean "mixed Asian or Pacific Islander." Yes, languages evolve.
By raping the Hawaiian language the once-colonized mixed Asians are now colonizing part of the Hawaiian language and part of the Hawaiian culture and are thus colonizing the Hawaiian people.
www.realhapas.com   (2389 words)

 Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today Introduction
Hawaiian expressions of anger, pride, or cultural awareness surprise many tourists and disturb non-Hawaiian residents accustomed to silence or smiles from the native population.
Those stories led to encounters with other Hawaiians, people whose lives might be easier if they used their energy and intelligence to become "successful" in the modern American understanding of the word.
During my research, I encountered some Hawaiians who believe their stories should not be shared and a few who do not want to be written about in "another haole's book." Outsiders often exploit and misrepresent Hawaiians and their culture to make money or reputations for themselves; that is not my intent.
www2.hawaii.edu /~hartwell/intro.html   (1235 words)

 [No title]
The legislature through Act 359, Session Laws of Hawaii 1993, recognized the unique status that the native Hawaiian people bear to the State of Hawaii and to the United States.
The Hawaiian sovereignty advisory commission was established to seek counsel from the native Hawaiian people on how to facilitate the efforts to be an indigenous sovereign nation of their own choosing.
The purpose of this Act is to acknowledge and recognize the unique status that the native Hawaiian people bear to the State of Hawaii and to the United States and to facilitate the efforts of native Hawaiian people to determine their own will to be govern by an indigenous sovereign nation of their own choosing.
www.pixi.com /~kingdom/act200.html   (1435 words)

 Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church - Hawaii   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Since the initial leading in 1994 to reinstate the Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church of 1862 for the Hawaiian people and the residents of Hawaii, we have observed a gathering of Old Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican bishops in Hawaii in the formation of a College of Bishops.
The Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church was established in 1862, the result of written request of King Kamehameha IV (Alexander Liholiho) to Victoria, Queen of England.
The first ideas for a Hawaiian-British Church came into being from Hawaiian Royalty as far back as Kamehameha I. However, this royal desire was not fulfilled until 1862 when Queen Victoria of England granted mission to the Archbishop of Canterbury to establish a Hawaiian-British mission in the Kingdom of Hawaii.
www.culdee.org /hrcc   (767 words)

Today the Hawaiian sovereignty movement is highly active, and even mainstream political leaders recognize that it is not a matter of if, but when and in what form sovereignty will come to the islands.
This political movement parallels the cultural renaissance, and the struggle for other Hawaiian rights, much of which centers on land and water, which are sacred to the Hawaiian people as the caretakers of these islands.
HSEC was created to facilitate a process for the Hawaiian people to determine whether a sovereign Hawaiian government will be created and what form it might take.
www.mauiculture.net /kuhikuhi/ea.html   (846 words)

 About Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today
After serving the Honolulu City Council as Communications Officer (1992-1994), Jay helped care for his family and continued writing until 1997 when the University of Hawai`i at Manoa hired him to be faculty advisor to the student newspaper, Ka Leo O Hawai`i, and the student radio station, KTUH.
Na Mamo: Today's Hawaiian People", a travelling exhibit produced by the Bishop Museum in conjunction with the author and photographer, consisted of about 90 fl-and-white photographs covering 12 subject areas of Hawaiian culture including art, hula, surfing, healing, spirituality, and the quest for sovereignty.
The Committee for the Preservation and Study of Hawaiian Language, Art, and Culture, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, underwrote the costs of the photo exhibit brochure.
www2.hawaii.edu /~hartwell/mamoinfo.html   (561 words)

 Hawaiian Girl Botanicals Natural Body and Bath Formulas - All Natural Gift Items   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The ancient Hawaiian people practiced healthy living by using only pure, natural and organic ingredients in the products they used.
Hawaiian Girl products are designed for people looking for an old-world quality and integrity.
Hawaiian Girl Botanicals were created on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai.
www.hawaiiangirl.net   (184 words)

 Text of Public Law 103-150; where the US Congress said why Hawaii should be set free
Whereas, the health and well-being of the Native Hawaiian people is intrinsically tied to their deep feelings and attachment to the land;
Whereas, the Native Hawaiian people are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territory, and their cultural identity in accordance with their own spiritual and traditional beliefs, customs, practices, language, and social institutions;
As used in this Joint Resolution, the term "Native Hawaiians" means any individual who is a descendent of the aboriginal people who, prior to 1778, occupied and exercised sovereignty in the area that now constitutes the State of Hawaii.
www.freehawaii.org /bill103.html   (1447 words)

 Supporting The Hawaiian's Position Petition
The Office of Hawaiian Affairs, a Hawaii State government agency established to better conditions of the Hawaiian people, has gone to the extent of misappropriating the Hawaiian people's trust funds to the tune of millions of dollars, while administration of the Hawaiian people's trust is costing nearly $10 million per-year.
If the Hawaiian people reject federal recognition under S.344, we support their position rather than the position taken by the Hawaii State government and other entities that receive government funds.
They do not represent the Hawaiian people who are speaking for themselves in their petition.
www.petitiononline.com /nofedrec/petition.html   (252 words)

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