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Topic: Hazing

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  Hazing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hazing is often ritualistic test, which may constitute harassment, abuse or humiliation with requirements to perform meaningless tasks; sometimes as a way of initiation into a social group.
Blatantly brutal hazing can in fact produce negative results, making the units more prone to break, desert or mutiny than those without hazing traditions, as observed in Russian army in Chechnya, where units with strongest traditions of dedovschina were first to break and desert under enemy fire.
Finkel cites hazing incidents including "beating or kicking to the point of traumatic injury or death, burning or branding, excessive calisthenics, being forced to eat unpleasant substances, and psychological or sexual abuse of both males and females".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hazing   (2750 words)

Hazing is defined as an act required for membership that encompasses a substantial risk of bodily harm.
Failure to report an incident of hazing shall be punished by a maximum fine organizations are responsible to acknowledge annually the receipt of notification of state hazing law.
Hazing is a disorderly persons offense, however if hazing results in serious bodily injury then the person is guilty of aggravated hazing, which is a crime in the fourth degree.
www.thegreekshop.com /hazing.html   (1959 words)

 Alfred University : News : High School Hazing : AU Senior Paper on Hazing
Although the intention behind hazing may be positive, it is antithetical to and does not successfully achieve the purpose of initiating new members.
Hazing allows for this acceptance and it is hard for outsiders, especially school administrators, to understand this" (Nuwer, 1999).
The ultimate purpose of hazing, and any form of initiation, is to bring new members into a group and develop unity in the group.
www.alfred.edu /hs_hazing/auseniorpaper.html   (1411 words)

 Hazing Policy
Hazing means any conduct or method of initiation into any student organization, whether on public or private property, which willfully or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health of any student or other person.
Whoever knows that another person is the victim of hazing and is at the scene of such hazing shall, to the extent that such person can do so without danger or peril to herself or others, report such crime to an appropriate law enforcement official as soon as reasonably practicable.
Whoever is a principal organizer or participant in the crime of hazing, as defined herein, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three thousand dollars or by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than one year, or both such fine and imprisonment.
www.lesley.edu /policies/catalog/hazing.html   (307 words)

 IFC Hazing
Hazing is contrary to the principles upon which the University community is built.
It is educational in purpose and serves as an outline of practices that may be considered hazing and counter-productive to the missions, principles, and purposes of fraternities and sororities and the University itself.
Hazing encompasses any action or activity that does not contribute to the positive development of a person; that inflicts or intends to cause mental or bodily harm or anxieties; or that may demean or disgrace any person.
www.winthrop.edu /studentaffairs/GreekLife/IFC/Hazing.html   (1365 words)

 Hazing: The Fratricide of Brotherhood
Hazing activities are defined as: Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.
Hazing is carried on by members who don't feel confident enough in themselves and therefore feel the need to degrade others.
Hazing, an issue that is shielded in secrecy, is somewhat accepted because it is seen as fraternities' dirty little secret - something you endure, participate in and don't talk about.
www.kappaalphaorder.org /resources/materials/hazing_fratricide.asp   (2800 words)

 Hazing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Many figure that they have to endure the hazing this year, but that they'll be able to unleash the tradition on others next year.
Hazing is a way to have people demonstrate their commitment to a group and to show how much they want to be in that club.
Hazing can include a number of types of mental and physical insults of varying degrees that may not be perceived as abuse or victimization, even by those perpetuating and enduring it.
kidshealth.org /parent/emotions/behavior/hazing.html   (2021 words)

 HazingLaw.com - Representing Victims of Hazing and Other Group Violence on Campus
Hazing often involves placing people in positions of peril in which they must rely upon others for their safety.
However, in hazing cases, the injury or death often results from engaging in traditions that are purportedly intended to be fun, build character, or create bonds between people.
Hazing is a serious problem causing injury and death to young people in high school and college.
www.hazinglaw.com /hazingvictims.htm   (2274 words)

 ESPN.com - OTL: Sports hazing incidents
The hockey season was canceled after 12 players were charged with violating various hazing and drinking laws during an off-campus initiation party that resulted in the shaving of heads and bodies of the students involved.
Lizzie Murtie, a freshman, alleges that she was surrounded one night by 30 upperclassmen and forced to participate in a mock sex act as part of a team hazing ritual.
In a hazing similar to a gang "jump-in," rookie Cam Cleeland suffered an eye injury when bashed with a bag of coins, and rookie Jeff Danish was sent through a window and hospitalized for stitches.
espn.go.com /otl/hazing/list.html   (3148 words)

Students and organizations/teams should be mindful of both the New Hampshire legal definition of hazing and Dartmouth's broader hazing definition.  In addition to incurring serious College-imposed consequences for violations of Dartmouth policy, students and organizations may be subject to criminal prosecution by legal authorities for violation of the New Hampshire anti-hazing law.
Hazing activities are defined as: Any action taken or situation created as part of initiation to or continued membership in a student organization, which 1) produces or could be expected to produce mental or physical discomfort, harm, or stress, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule, or 2) which violate College policy, fraternal/sororal policy, or law.
Hazing consists of a broad range of behaviors that may place another person in danger of physical or psychological harm or activities that demonstrate disregard for another person's dignity or well-being.
www.dartmouth.edu /~deancoll/documents/handbook/rules-regs/hazing.html   (835 words)

 M. LaCourt - Articles - Hazing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Hazing is the worst kind of bullying because hazing is 'sanctioned' by many authorities and the victims are sworn to silence.
So, not only is hazing sanctioned, it's a systematic way to insure that the practice of bullying, euphemized as a "tradition", will be passed from generation to generation.
Further, it makes sense that hazing between boys accustomed to the adrenaline rush that comes when physical violence makes them heroes is a set up for the escalation of violence.
www.lacourt-m.com /articles/hazing.html   (627 words)

 Hazing at Cornell: Research and Theory
Two- thirds were subjected to humiliating hazing, such as being yelled or sworn at, forced to wear embarrassing clothing or forced to deprive oneself of sleep, food or personal hygiene.
Hazing among students, the abuse of prisoners in Iraq, and the Enron corporate scandal each reflect in part the absence of external constraints on group behavior.
Those who haze may enhance their own sense of esteem and heroism by maintaining membership in a group that "weeds out the weak." Television shows such as Survivor, The Weakest Link, The Apprentice ("You're fired!"), and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss are cultural reflections of an underlying need to earn esteem.
www.hazing.cornell.edu /issues/research_theory.html   (2028 words)

Hazing is defined as harassment, abuse, or humiliation by way of initiation.
There are countless other hazing stories as well, and, while the majority are not this severe, many do include acts of abuse or humiliation.
For one, hazing affords the opportunity for in-group/out-group biases, as the in-group contains its own identity, values, beliefs, etc. Pledges may feel the need to belong to the in-group, thus subjecting themselves to hazing.
www.units.muohio.edu /psybersite/groups/hazing.shtml   (673 words)

 Hazing Info
Since hazing can range from the inflicting of severe pain, to simply pouring ketchup over the new members, it is very hard to come up with one specific universal definition for it.
The true definition of hazing is defined differently for each institutional body at which it may occur.
For example, the specific hazing policies of the United States Marine Corps may differ greatly than those of a high school wrestling team.
www.jour.unr.edu /interactive/hazing/info.htm   (211 words)

 fraternity hazing
Hazing is defined as the initiation of a disciplinary activity by means of horseplay, practical jokes and tricks, often using humiliating or painful ordeals.
Right now the 43 states that have hazing laws are about evenly divided as to whether the apparent willing participation of a hazing victim should be taken into account when assessing civil or criminal accountability.
My editorial stance on hazing has been to punish the guilty chapters to the full extent of the law or the full extent of the school's legal recourses, but not to also punish the innocent by throwing all Greek groups off campus for the actions of some.
www.menstuff.org /issues/byissue/hazing.html   (4474 words)

 MCCCD - Maricopa Governance Online Policy Manual - 2.6 Hazing Prevention Regulation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Hazing by any student, employee or other person affiliated with MCCCD is prohibited.
Alleged violations of the MCCCD hazing prevention regulation or interference with an investigation under this regulation by students or student organizations are subject to sanctions under the student disciplinary code.
Alleged violations of the MCCCD hazing prevention regulation by any faculty or staff member can be reported to the vice president of student affairs' office for investigation by any member of the college community.
www.maricopa.edu /gvpolicy/adminregs/students/2_6.htm   (1139 words)

 hazing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Hazing can also be defined as any action or situation, which intentionally or unintentionally endangers a student for admission into any student organization.
Depending on the circumstances, these activities have at one time been but are not limited to being considered hazing by the courts: Paddling or striking in any manner, Preventing/restricting normal personal hygiene, causing indecent exposure, requiring uncomfortable, ridiculous, or embarrassing dress, preventing class attendance or sleep.
Hazing can be conducted on or off campus and still be punishable by law.
www.louisville.edu /~k0radm01/hazing.html   (1066 words)

 Hazing - Military
Hazing in the military is quite a confusing issue.
Some of the hazing activities derive from old traditions and ceremonies, while others are performed in an educational or instructional manner.
There are also very serious hazing activities such as brutal beatings of newcomers.
www.jour.unr.edu /interactive/hazing/military.htm   (140 words)

 Inside Hazing >> Proposed Legislation: Matt's Law
This bill would also prohibit prosecution for hazing against the person who was hazed and allows him or her to bring a civil action against the perpetrator(s) of the hazing.
The terms "hazing" or "haze" do not include customary athletic, fire department, police department, military, or quasi-military training, conditioning, or similar events or activities.
(c) Any person who hazes or conspires to participate in hazing is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100), nor more than five thousand dollars ($5,000), or imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by both fine and imprisonment.
www.insidehazing.com /matts_law.php   (721 words)

 The State News - www.statenews.com
Another hazing incident occurred in April 2002 when the MSU chapter of Pi Kappa Pi forced new members to wear sleeveless pink shirts with "Capt. Gay Sex" and "Fag Hairstylist" written on them as they walked through the Mason and Abbot Hall cafeterias.
Death due to hazing is a felony and can lead to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
Hazing offers no benefit to athletic teams, and those who participate should be dropped from the team, said Walt Drenth, men's track and field and cross country head coach.
www.statenews.com /article.phtml?pk=36340   (1090 words)

 Inside Hazing
Hazing occurs in middle and high schools, as well as in colleges, the military and on the job.
Hazing is not a function of socioeconomic class.
Worst of all, hazardous hazing is on the rise, in high schools and colleges and the military.
www.insidehazing.com   (203 words)

 Carmelites of Indianapolis
As I thought about the issue of hazing and the incident in Illinois recently, I thought if those young women could’ve been shown what their life would be like before they committed the acts, they most likely would’ve chosen differently.
I also pray that they truly would have learned a painful lesson of choice and effect, but that we can embrace them with mercy and vigilant care, realizing that we too are always in constant need of that same kindness.
Allowing students to perpetrate the worst of drinking, drugs, and hazing with impunity may not impede their entrance into Harvard, but since we still cage untamed animals, they may eventually find themselves as Ph.D.s behind bars.
www.praythenews.com /News_topic.asp?c=151   (890 words)

 In Focus: High School Hazing — teenwire.com
This kind of hazing made the news most recently when a group of senior girls at Glenbrook North High School in Illinois were arrested for covering junior girls in mud, feces, paint, and garbage while onlookers cheered.
Stophazing.org considers hazing to be initiation practices that cause mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule.
To curtail hazing in your school, Nuwer suggests establishing a welcome committee for first-year students or organizing events that foster the spirit of camaraderie in athletic groups or clubs.
www.teenwire.com /infocus/2003/if-20030812p247-hazing.php   (750 words)

 Hazing Regulations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
"Hazing is any intentional action taken, situation created, or any conduct or method of initiation into any University organization, residence hall, club, or team, which denies a person his or her individual rights or results in mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, ridicule, or endangerment, whether occurring on public or private property."
Third Degree or "Hazardous" Hazing: Hazardous hazing includes actions which endanger life or mental health, which have the potential of causing bodily injury, or which subject a person to severe mental stress.
This is intentionally not broken down into the three categories of hazing since any or all may be done in varying degrees of severity.
www.uml.edu /student-services/dean/policies/hazing.html   (510 words)

Hazing includes acts that carelessly or intentionally endanger the physical or mental health or the safety of another person for the purpose of initiation or as a condition for membership or affiliation with a school organization or promotion to a grade level.
Typically, hazing policies prohibit any willful action that recklessly or intentionally endangers the physical health of a student and may include the mental health of a student as well.
Often actions that constitute hazing may be prosecuted under other criminal statutes, such as assault or reckless endangerment.
www.nde.state.ne.us /Safety/Hazing.htm   (174 words)

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