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Topic: Hell realm

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  Hell Realm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Beings in hell are eventually reborn elsewhere, with the expiration of their old karma.
Hell is ruled by a deity called Yama who judges beings dragged before him by the warders of Hell.
One special hell realm is called the Inter-World Hell and is located in the dark and empty void between world systems.
users.xplornet.com /~arfh/wheel/hell.html   (343 words)

 six lower spiritual realms - Anarchopedia
The deva realm is the realm of bliss and pride.
Note that the sentient beings in the hell realm are sometimes referred to as demons, which can cause confusion, because this term is also used to refer to beings in the asura realm.
Buddhist view of hell realm differs significantly from monotheistic religions in that beings in this realm are not there permanently.
eng.anarchopedia.org /six_lower_spiritual_realms   (587 words)

 The Gates of Hell
HELL (Growler): The adamantine gates creaked open and workers let our a collective groan as the Realm of Hell opened its gates for business under an historic free trade treaty with the Realms of Heaven and Purgatory.
Under the treaty, Hell will be able to capitalize on its market leader position in the arts and entertainment industry, enjoy access to the most advanced technology from Purgatory, and will be able to tap into Heaven's burgeoning biotech industry.
Residents of Hell showed little enthusiasm for the treaty as it is expected to increase their (unpaid) 140-hour work week by an average of 20 hours.
www.growler.net /growlings/gates-of-hell.html   (140 words)

 [No title]
hell dwells in the lawful evil side of the outer planes,but not many people really know that.it is best believed by the folk that hell is THE evil plane whereto all evil souls are sent.
Asmodeus was a politician.he had a great many contacts in the courts of hell and he knew every thing that happened before every one else.
the major groups of power in hell are thusly devided: the ruling group:asmodeus has his group well disorted;his faithful hound in the gates of hell-tiamat,informs him of all thats going on in the entrance geryon,in the fifth plane,and he him self in the throne layer-the ninth.
www.textfiles.com /rpg/hellflam.txt   (828 words)

 E-sangha, Buddhist Forum and Buddhism Forum -> Realms
One who speaks lies falls both into hell and into the existence of animals and pretas; and when later is born human acquires two kinds of retribution: one is that whatsoever the person does, everything is subject to damage and calumny and the other is that people constantly injure the person with lies.
He who is evil-tongued and abusive falls both into hell and into the existence of animals and pretas, and when later is born human acquires two kinds of retribution: the first is that the person always hears evil noises and the second is that whatever the person says, there is always quarreling and dispute.
The person who is greedy suffers both hell and the existence of animals and pretas, and when born human acquires two kinds of retribution: one is that the person is always insatiably greedy for possessions and the other is that whatever the person seeks and gets, it is not at all as his heart desires.
www.lioncity.net /buddhism/index.php?showtopic=2353   (6175 words)

 Hell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hell appears in several mythologies and religions in different guises, and is commonly inhabited by demons and the souls of dead people.
Hell is treated in the Christian conception, replete with Satanic symbols and corporeal demons, as a parallel universe of crimson skies, fl mountains and oceans of fire.
Another example of common use of “hell” in daily language, a “cold day in hell” is a paradox and an idiom, since most imagery of hell depicts it as hot and fiery, such as in the Bible in Revelation, where sinners are cast into a lake of fire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hell   (5246 words)

Then there's 'the hell realm' - a scenario in which all kinds of horrific torture and unimaginable pain are taking place.
This hell condition is one in which the experiential situation becomes so intense that the only response to it is to create further intensity.
With each of the elements that function in the hell realm the self-undermining process speeds up to an unendurable pitch, in which there is no option but endurance.
www.purifymind.com /Rinpoche.html   (14918 words)

 6 realms
Hell is a state where, in an attempt to avoid pain, you cause yourself as much pain as possible.
These realms are a lot easier to understand when you view them in terms of acceleration and deceleration.
Q So in all the realms, there's this energy that is subject to entropy, dissolution, like all of a sudden you're a god and then there's something where you begin to dissolve and there's an odour that's almost self-arising in itself.
www.meta-religion.com /World_Religions/Buddhism/6_realms.htm   (7272 words)

 Heaven And Hell - Heaven and Hell Study - Heaven and Hell are part of the Sign of the End Times study - End Times ...
Déjà vu is a realm, although some scientists would like you to think that it’s some kind of optical malfunction where one eye sees something an instant before the other eye, making something seem like you’ve seen it or been there before.
Death is also a realm and in the end, death is cast into the lake of fire along with hell, and “lives” forever there in never ending torture.
Don’t misinterpret the realm of death to be the “end” of anything, except your physical, fleshly life on earth.
www.christianityoasis.com /EndTimes/HeavenAndHell.htm   (2390 words)

 Contemplation of Suffering as an antidote to attachment samsara's pleasure
There are six realms of suffering: the hell realm, the hungry ghost realm, the animal realm, the human realm, the demi-god realm, and the god realm.
The eight hot realms in ascending order are: the reviving hell, the fl thread hell, the crushing hell, the howling hell, the loud howling hell, the heating hell, the Avici hell.
Two further hell realms are: Nyitshe (the suffering close to the hot realms) and Nyekhor (the place close to the hot realms).
www.purifymind.com /ContemplationSuffering.htm   (1299 words)

 Buddhism's "six realms of existence" - China History Forum, chinese history forum
The realm of the devas is the form of existence that is closest to spiritual enlightenment and Nirvana.
It claims that actually the human realm is the best one, the realm that is closest to Nirvana, and in which achieving spiritual enlightenment is the easiest.
The important thing is that both the realms of devas and humans are considered to be good realms while the other four are considered to be bad realms.
www.chinahistoryforum.com /index.php?showtopic=9400   (3375 words)

 Hell Realm - Buddhism
The lowest realm of existence is the hell realm.
The hell realms are looked upon as journey that is pure suffering.
One born into the worst of the hot or cold hell realms must not only endure suffering in there respective hell but also must pass through each of lesser hells, a journey that can take eons and eons to complete.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art34035.asp   (153 words)

 Naraka (Buddhism) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
First, beings are not sent to Naraka as the result of a divine judgment and punishment; second, the length of a being's stay in a Naraka is not eternal, though it is usually very long.
After his karma is used up, he will be reborn in one of the higher worlds as the result of an earlier karma that had not yet ripened.
The mentality of a being in the hells corresponds to states of extreme fear and helpless anguish in humans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hell_realm   (1086 words)

 E-sangha, Buddhist Forum and Buddhism Forum -> Gods and hell-beings
Then you see your next rebirth in the hell realms because you spent all your merits and only bad karma is left so all gods go to the hell realems.
From the scientific point of view such realms may as well not exist, but i think from a B-ist point of view it would be attachment to cling to the belief that they absolutely don't exist.
Ksitigarhba Bodhisattva voluntarily descended to hell so that he can liberate the sentient beings suffering there, and there was a story of Avalokiteshvara approaching the city of Pretas and liberating a great number of beings (and causing miraculous transformations in the surrounding terrain).
www.lioncity.net /buddhism/index.php?showtopic=18821   (2473 words)

 Dharma Realm & Realms of Rebirth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
These ten realms do not appear to be discrete in their forms, as their existence is virtually determined by the state of mind.
The suffering of Avici Hell is clearly described in the Ksitigarbha Sutra.
The fourth suffering is uninterrupted grade, meaning this hell does not differentiate, whether one is a god in heaven, a human in the human realm, a hungry ghost within the ghost realm or an animal within the animal realm.
web.singnet.com.sg /~alankhoo/DharmaRealm.htm   (3231 words)

 The Three Stages of the Path, p.5
The First Scope is focused on how to liberate oneself from the sufferings of the lower realms and also how to liberate from the sufferings that are like the sufferings of the three lower realms.
In reality, you are in the human realm, you have human body, but it's really not much difference in some ways.
These people who torture you and abuse you and traumatize you, they are like the guards of the hell realm.
community.palouse.net /lotus/tsp5.htm   (1565 words)

 Buddhist Afterlife
One day in the heaven realm is equal to 400 human years, and your stay is four thousand heaven years, so you will be there a really long time.
The animal realm is marked by wanting to have sex, wanting to have food, wanting to have sleep, and being totally confused.
The only way to get out of the hell realm is to burn through the karma that put you there.
www.buddhistinformation.com /buddhist_afterlife.htm   (1656 words)

 Hell Page 2
Hell Sworn II Swear an entity in to the Pleasures of Hell.
Hell tongue - A mixture of all, impure spoken tongues.
In the 10th Century, 85% of the Demonic population of Hell sided with the growing power of Chaos.
www.eldahar.co.uk /Daig/hell2.html   (3821 words)

 SETHERIAL LYRICS - Hell Eternal (1999)
I shall forever be burned, by the fires of hell...
The rise of the ancient dragon from the darkest depths.
The hordes of hell rejoicing, as daylight dies the soil turns red;
www.darklyrics.com /lyrics/setherial/helleternal.html   (813 words)

 ICQ List - Hell Burners Clan
The Hell Burners Clan has chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication between its members.
ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else.
All Hell Burners Clan members are included in the Clan below by default.
www.fortunecity.com /underworld/raider/394/clan.htm   (350 words)

 Guide- June 2002
The second heaven realm, which is a lower one, is where things are almost
become enlightened in hell, because things are so bad, all we do is suffer.
get out of the hell realm is to burn through the karma that put you there.
www.urbandharma.org /ibmc/guides/june02.html   (3197 words)

 Iraqi Voter Betty Dawisha Tells Those Against The Iraq Invasion To Go To Hell : Diggers Realm
I saw this woman, Betty Dawisha, on Fox News and finally found it on the web via Michelle Malkin (who found it via The Political Pit Bull).
And Fox News probably wanted to cut to the main part of what she was saying "let tehm goto Hell"
Find out how your members of Congress voted on immigration issues at Immigration Stance.
www.diggersrealm.com /mt/archives/001436.html   (918 words)

 Config hell realm - osCommerce Community Support Forums
Config hell realm - osCommerce Community Support Forums
Config hell realm, No input file specified error
Time is now: 23rd October 2006 - 04:10 AM Invision Power Board © 2006 IPS, Inc.
forums.oscommerce.com /index.php?showtopic=141579   (325 words)

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