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Topic: Hellenistic

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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

  Hellenistic Astrology
Hellenistic astrology is the primary source of all later Western astrology.
For instance, nearly every Hellenistic astrologer describes the effects of a planetary transit to a natal planet in terms of the intensification and relaxation of a planetary quality, which was the classical way of conceptualizing the variation in degree of a quality.
It is my contention that the framers of Hellenistic astrology took on the systematic study of the accidental and contingent in the world and in human life as their special province, with the intention of reinstating it as a proper subject of metaphysical inquiry.
www.projecthindsight.com /articles/hellenistic.html   (3902 words)

 Hellenistic Astrology [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Hellenistic and Late Antiquity astrologers built their craft upon Babylonian (and to a lesser extent Egyptian) astrological traditions, and developed their theoretical and technical doctrines using a combination of Stoic, Middle Platonic and Neopythagorean thought.
One notable Stoic contribution to Hellenistic astrology which distinguishes it from the Babylonian is the incorporation of Chryssipus' principle of two forces, active and passive, manifest in the activities of the four elements.
The importance of Antiochus for the development of Hellenistic astrology may be his break with the skepticism of the New Academy, one which allowed the Middle Platonists to espouse more theological and speculative views about the soul and the cosmos while anticipating Neoplatonic theories.
www.iep.utm.edu /a/astr-hel.htm   (19064 words)

 Hellenistic Art
The Hellenistic period begins in 323 with the death of Alexander the Great and ends with the battle of Actio in 31 BC.
Often the Hellenistic sculptor is not satisfied to only depict his subjects in true outward appearance, but he further strives to express their inner world, by the depiction of physical characteristics and postures that betray inner feelings, thoughts, and attitudes.
Hygea, the goddess of health, is created with all the subtleties of Classical aesthetic ideals, but her face manages to reveal an expression of concern and understanding towards a peson or a condition that seems to appear before her.
www.greeklandscapes.com /greece/athens_museum_hellenistic.html   (1013 words)

 Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Hellenistic World
See Main Page for a guide to all contents of all sections.
Internet Resources for Study of Hellenistic History [at Alberta]
Map: The Hellenistic World after the Death of Antigonus, 300BCE [At Internet Archive, from Acadia]
www.fordham.edu /halsall/ancient/asbook08.html   (890 words)

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