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Topic: Help! (song)

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 Help! (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As revealed in the miniseries The Beatles Anthology, John Lennon wrote the lyrics of the song to express his stress coming from the quick success of The Beatles in the early years of the group.
Lennon felt it was nearly impossible for the fans to conceive the origin of the song because of the protection the image of The Beatles created.
In the 1970 Rolling Stone Lennon Remembers interviews, Lennon said that because of its honesty it was one of his favorites among the Beatles songs he wrote, but he wished they had recorded it at a slower tempo. /wiki/Help!_(song)   (261 words)

 Eurovision Song Contest 1966 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Eurovision Song Contest 1966 was the eleventh Eurovision and was held on 5 March 1966 in Luxembourg.
The song that got the most votes within the jury got 5 points, the song with the second most votes got 3 points and the song with the third most votes got 1 point.
If only one song got every vote within the jury it would get 9 points and if only two songs were chosen, the song most voted for would get 6 points and the other song would get 3 points. /wiki/Eurovision_Song_Contest_1966   (260 words)

 Film & TV Music F o r u m : Help - Song Played when Speedle died.....
Does anyone know the song that played on the last episode,named "10-7", the song that was played while people were dancing at the club when there was the explosion behind the DJ, it sounded like 50 cents...
hey i want to find a song but i forgot if the song is on csi: miami or csi: crime scene investigation but i do remember is the scene which was a chick driving a kick ass car and she`s talking on her cell phone.
the song used in tim speedle`s funeral procession is actually the original score to pearl harbour. /f/10_22508.asp?spage=5   (671 words)

 Articles and links to help song writers, musicians.
Articles and links to help song writers, musicians.
song check list - A list of questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether you have written a classic song.
10 song writing blunders - a comparison between classic songs and indie/demo recordings - kindly supplied by Roedy Black. /music2/richhoncho   (254 words) Help! [UK]: Music: Beatles
They are Help, Ticket to ride and Yesterday, although their version of Yesterday was not released as a single in the UK until the mid-seventies, when it made the top ten.
'Help' recorded in 1965, represented the beginning of the musical transition from the Beatlemania period to the more sophisticated areas of songwriting that the Beatles were to begin exploring on their next album, Rubber Soul also recorded in 1965.
My only quibble with Help is that they finished the album with 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy', the last time the Beatles were to do a cover version of a song. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000002UAL?v=glance   (2386 words)

 Help: Song I heard at Clubs in Spain - Music Forum
Help: Song I heard at Clubs in Spain - Music Forum
Active Members that are artists can benefit from the option of having 3 songs uploaded and shown in their posts for free.
While I was in Spain I heard a song that starts with a cowbell-like sound in a sequence. /4217-help-song-i-heard-clubs-spain.html   (209 words)

 Music People & Web Surfers: Help Mike Answer Song Questions p2
The song is sang by a girl and after the girl sings a guy sing after her they sing about eachother...the girl part goes like....somewhere in time....
The song is All for You by Sister Hazel.
Adam Blockton's song has the line "She is the girl who has everything." 'NSync's song doesn't have that line. /song_questions_p2.html   (9002 words)

 Help! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Help!", the Beatles theme song to the film
For information on the word 'help', see help
is a song, film and album by the Beatles: /wiki/Help!   (122 words)

 New Songs for Peace > Song Submissions > MP3 Help
I require more help with downloading or listening to these songs.
Since we have no plans to release a compilation CD of songs from this project, you can either buy CDs from the artist's web site or buy one of the peace-theme CDs that are featured in our Peace CDs section.
Please note that the time (in minutes) listed by each song is how long the song will play. /songs-mp3-help.html   (662 words)

 Please help me id this song... - GrooveAsia
GrooveAsia » Entertainment » Mandarin Music » Please help me id this song...
Hello, the song you heard was "kuai le chong bai".
I was in China last month, and I heard a song that I think was called like "Chuin eh, chong beh", I'm not too sure about the name. /forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=16452   (125 words)

 PLEASE help me with this song!!!
thank u for your help even thought i firgure it on my way out but, it is Bobby Vinton listen to his song and u will see were they made the changes.
There's this really cool song whose lyrics I don't really know, but the chorus definitely has the words "I'm sorry, so sorry" and at the beginning of the song I think there are kids singing.
The song you're looking for is "They" by Jem, a UK artist. /forum/showthread.php?t=7656   (672 words)

 The OC Show Forums - episode 1
hi does anybody know the name and band of the song when ryan goes out from the fashion show models and meets summer...summer invites him to a party..then ryan talks with seth and when they decide to go to the party...the song that is playing in that´s kind of hardcore punk music....maybe simple plan?
but does anyone know the name of the song in episode 1 when ryan and luke are fighting
the all american rejects - swing swing is the same of the song /forums/showthread.php?t=2927   (121 words)

 Agency to help Song's mother
Housing Transitions, Inc., a local United Way agency, has agreed to provide temporary housing for Bansoon Song, the mother of missing Penn State student Cindy Song, while she continues the search for her daughter.
Song since her daughter's disappearance on Nov. 1, 2001.
The investigation into the disappearance of Cindy Song is still pending. /archive/2002/07/07-31-02tdc/07-31-02dnews-02.asp   (318 words)

 DVD Talk Forum - please help - song ID
the same song was in the teaser...maybe someone knows the song i'm talking about.
ok, to set it up...i was in a friend's wedding last weekend and during their retrospective slideshow they played a song.
it was a bluesy love song and it really reminded me of the Detroit Cobras but with a piano/keyboard backing. /forum/printthread.php?t=433397   (213 words)

 Please somebody help me to find this song
I really need somebody to help me find a song I used to hear in 1998 or 1999....I really couldn't remember the time
I know it seems to be very hard to know the song name....
I loved that song the artist is "TQ" and it is called "bye bye baby" lol /English/SomebodySong/bjbgg/Post.htm   (227 words)

 Need help: Song in the sopranos - SternFanNetwork
In the very beginning of episode 60 of The Sopranos, there is a song playing in the background of little Carmine's house (when he is giving away the washing machines).
First done in 1967 the artist is Mason Williams and the song is Classical Gas.
Damn that song plays real low, but here is what you were looking for. /forum/showthread.php?threadid=31245   (275 words)

 Help with a song......again - CubaMania Cuba Forums
It is the same song but not half as nice as the other one.
You gave me the right lyrics to a song (Bailando), but apparantly the reggaeton group doing it is Cuentos de la Cripta.
If anyone can share this song with me it would be much appreciated. /cuba/showthread.php?p=75187   (1476 words)

 One Hit Wonder Central - Forum - help finding a song
The song is kinda of an upbeat song, towards the end the lyrics go "alright, it's gonna be alright" This song is R&B. Subject: RE: help finding a song
I have heard the song at the end of certain movies, the latest one being 'Mean Girls'.
But in Mean Girls it wasnt the whole song, just the beginning part of it, then it faded into 'Dancing with myself' by 'The Donnas'. /forum/thread.cfm?threadid=3064&messages=3   (720 words) - Mayer needs fans to help finish his song
The soft-voiced rocker is calling on fans to make a song out of some lyrics that didn't make it onto his upcoming album.
The song ended up an instrumental, so Mayer is "looking to make some use of the time and emotion I spent writing (the lyrics)."
Mayer, who has written a monthly column for Esquire for more than a year, urges people to send a CD of their song to the magazine's music department. /life/music/news/2005-08-04-mayer-song_x.htm   (365 words) Forum: Help:SONG FROM EVAN
Hello All, I've been trying to find the name of the song that is playing in the background of the conversation inside the club where Don Johnson is trying to make up with Rico and Rico is in the midst of hooking up in EVAN...Can anyone help me to identify this song?
The song may be "The Talk " by Jan Hammer.
the song is "take a picture" by fashion. /forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=5526   (333 words) - help identify song
I think the song you want is the one laughndazy and *stRgrL* posted, it comes straight to my mind when I hear those two lines of lyrics.
Reminds me of a favourite song, but it's not the one you are talking about.
nope that itsnt the song, its not by brenda, thats a totally different song but thank you. /showthread.php?p=791870   (560 words)

 Baby Names from Early Jazz and Blues
In the song, Lindy Hop, performed by Lil Hardin Armstrong, Melindy was a woman with an enviable skill in the dance.
She is the highly admirable subject of the song: Mirandy, performed by James Reese Europe.
These are the meanings and origins of names used in jazz, blues and hokum songs from the first half of the 20th Century, as well as names used by the musicians who wrote and performed this music. /jazzname.html   (2201 words)

 Answers music trivia, lyrics, songs, who wrote, music help, song titles - Ask the Great Montalto
Answers music trivia, lyrics, songs, who wrote, music help, song titles - Ask the Great Montalto
If you are curious about a song, try typing a key word or two and see if you find the answer.
Q: What was the first song performed in outer space sung by the Apollo IX astronauts on March 8,1964? /montyquestionsoctober.htm   (824 words)

 Divorce Support and Recovery Group for Under 35. Online Community. Tips. Statistics. Information.
i need help in how to deal with a partner who has self fulfilling prophesys tha i need help in how to deal with a partner who has self fulfilling prophesys tha.
Need help from the great hearts of Ojar Need help from the great hearts of Ojar.
I am the one thinking about divorce - don't want to cause pain, please help I am the one thinking about divorce - don't want to cause pain, please help. /xview_10500.htm   (1925 words)

 Beatles Guest Book Part 1 by Douglas Boynton Quine
The song "Ain't she sweet" is also on the CD titled "The Early Tapes of the Beatles".
However, on the German "Something New" album the song appeared (with the overdubbing) but unedited since the guitar riff at the end of the song is repeated 6 times rather than 4 times.
After the last song of the album, "A Day in the Life", there is about a ten second pause followed by a very strange noise that seems to repeat itself. /guestbe1.html   (12689 words)

 help- rock song search
I am after an age old song that I can't seem to pin down.
Tire Fire got the elusive song that I was searching for.
I believe the song you're looking for is "Dear Mr. /forum/tm.asp?m=40876   (388 words)

 Help! song ID on the latest Nike Freestyle campaign?!? - @forums
are we to believe that the songs were made in a sweatshop in china just like their shoes!!?!? refuses to tell me who sings it, but they do let you download parts of the songs there.
song ID on the latest Nike Freestyle campaign?!? /showthread.php?t=191186   (342 words)

 Song Writing Help - Help Center
These are just some general song-writing tips that might help you write popular songs.
...the process and help you create a strong song...
Lyrical Line is a free resource to help songwriters become better songwriters. /song-writing-help.html   (355 words) - HelP SONG NAME?? THis is the song that I wrote for my mother HELP (883639) - Read article: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap, Irish, Disco, Twirling, Cheer: Photos, Chat, Games, Jobs, Events!
THis is the song that I wrote for my mother HELP
BUT I can remember a few lyrics "THis is the song that I wrote moth, this is the song that I wrote for my father'.
I herd a song on the radio, its like hip hop/pop music. /read.html?postid=883639   (195 words)

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