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 Delphi and Microsoft HTML Help
HTML Help offers some distinct advantages over standard HTML, such as the ability to implement a combined table of contents and index and the use of keywords for advanced hyperlinking capability.
Remember that the help file is a virtual web-site and that the files are most likely structured in a flat fashion - but that does not stop you from creating a complex tree contents, which is just links to the HTML files.
As a help author, you create the project file and add to it the locations of your topic, contents, index, and other files. /article/0,1410,27842,00.html

 Peter Suber, Open-Access Lists (formerly: FOS Lists)
In most fields, the author of an article is the copyright holder for everything in the article and can consent to open access for all of its contents.
The only list of OAI archives showing the growth of their contents over time.
Authors may also consider crossing out the provision in a standard publication contract that gives exclusive ownership of a published article to the publisher and thereby retain the right to publish the work in an electronic medium (e.g. /~peters/fos/lists.htm

 codepoetry - Help!
Apple Guide had a significant advantage over Balloon Help as a help system (though it was not designed as the electronic manual it was used for) in that it allowed for a per-application comprehensive help system (complete with contents, glossary, and index).
The thing about Balloon Help was that people started to see that they could integrate assistance with the actual user interface element and, thus, let the user learn about the program from within the program.
All other topics were either in the program's help (if it had it, and few did) or in the manual (which was made of a material we call paper and bound with little metal wires in an interesting spiral shape). /archives/2004/05/19/help.php

 Sickle Cell Self-Help Manual
We now have two separate self help manuals, one for adults and one for children
To open a new window with the Contents Page of the manual click here
Both manuals are available here as a PDF documents for you to view, save and print out. /NewFiles/manual.htm

 Psychological Self-Help - Table of Contents
Readers with personal questions or seeking advice on mental health issues may find our self-help discussion forum helpful.
A variety of experienced professionals and self-helpers will gladly share their knowledge and experiences with you. /psyhelp

 Help:Contents - Astro Wars
This contents page lists all help pages regarding this wiki software.
For gameplay help, please see game guide, glossary and FAQ.
Perhaps you would want to have some editing experiment at our sandbox. /portal/Help:Contents

 Editing Online Help - Contents
Supplements tool-specific instruction by presenting the basics of help content development, regardless of the operating system running the application, the type of help being produced, or the tools used to produce it.
For students, writers, and editors who are developing online help for computer software, and for their managers and clients.
Help tells me what the system does, but not how to use it. /books/olhbkstc.htm

 Help:Contents - wongaWiki
More help, such that it is, is available from MetaWiki (
For editing help, see the Basic User Guide.
I (Krypto) am figuring this out as I go, so feel free to ask me any questions but I can't guarantee I'll have answers. /wiki/index.php/Help:Contents

 Psychological Self-Help - Table of Contents
Readers with personal questions or seeking advice on mental health issues may find our self-help discussion forum helpful.
A variety of experienced professionals and self-helpers will gladly share their knowledge and experiences with you. /psyhelp   (34 words)

 LaTeX help 1.1 - Table of Contents
You can download LaTeX help 1.1 in gzip-ed DVI form (40K), or in gzip-ed PostScript form (49K).
This document was generated on 1 March 1996 using the texi2html translator version 1.46. /services/latex/latex_toc.html   (34 words)

 LaTeX help 1.1 - Table of Contents
You can download LaTeX help 1.1 in gzip-ed DVI form (40K), or in gzip-ed PostScript form (49K).
This document was generated on 1 March 1996 using the texi2html translator version 1.46. /services/latex/latex_toc.html   (34 words)

 O p e n W i k i - Help On Editing
In edit mode you will see the page contents inside a large text box.
If un-checked, the edit is logged as a minor revision and does not show up on the default Recent Changes view.
If this box is checked, the edits you make will be logged as a major revision and will show up in the standard Recent Changes list. /ow.asp?p=HelpOnEditing   (34 words)

 MGTEK Help Producer - Help Authoring Tool for HTML Help Files
With a click on a button, Help Producer will analyze your Word document and generate all files necessary to build a help file, such as project files, table of contents files, index files, HTML topic files, and graphics.
Help Producer is an add-in that is seamlessly integrated into the user interface of Microsoft Word, which makes authoring a help file as easy as writing a regular Word document.
As the first help authoring tool in the industry, Help Producer can generate help files from Microsoft Word documents authored with the document template MSDN20, a template provided with the Visual Studio Help Integration Kit (VSHIK); However, Help Producer can be customized to work with many other document templates. /helpproducer   (34 words)

 Help the Aged - Policy
If you wish to contact us about the contents of this website, please email
Help the Aged works with older people to influence political and governmental figures to implement policy that is in the interests of senior citizens.
For details of recent Help the Aged publications, see the Publications page on the main Help the Aged website.   (122 words)

 ivt2html, convert ivt files to html
Of the compressed files, one will be the compressed html content, one might be an optional css file (cascading stylesheet) and one will be a table of contents file.
This format was the native help format used with DevStudio for a while, also the MSDN subscriber CD's shipped during at least 1998 contained their documentation in this format.
Basically the ivt files are simple containers of multiple other files, some of these other files are compressed with one of microsoft's standard compresion techniques. /~caolan/Packages/ivt2html.html   (122 words)

 HTML Help
The only requirement is that a Help Project File is passed to the compiler and that tables of contents and indexes (if included) are in the Sitemap format.
HTML Help is a poorly chosen name for this technology, for while it does provide context-sensitive help for applications, it is not limited to that niche role.
The file is compiled and compressed using Microsoft's HTML Help compiler, HHC.EXE, which is distributed as part of the free Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, downloadable from Microsoft at and installed as part of Visual Studio 6.0. /konf/konf_1998/10_web/e_help/e_help.htm   (122 words)

 An Overview of HTML Help
HTML Help includes powerful navigation features such as an expanding/collapsing table of contents and keyword search capability which are especially useful for long, complex HTML publications.
Microsoft HTML Help is the next generation online help system from Microsoft and is designed to be the eventual replacement for the Windows Help System (WinHelp), which has been used since Windows 3.0.
HTML Help is the standard application help system for Windows 98 and for future versions of Windows NT (although WinHelp will continue to be supported). /pub2/manualp27.htm   (122 words)

 HTML Help Workshop
New features in the HTML Help Workshop 1.1 include: associative links (ALinks) and Keyword links (KLinks), runtime merging of multiple compiled help (CHM) files into one, including table of contents (HHC) and index (HHK) files.
Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop is a one-stop resource, comprised of the navigation and development components needed by HTML Help authors, programmers, and HTML expert users who need to know the nuances between HTML Help and standard HTML.
The HTML Help Workshop core component is a Help authoring tool offering a step-by-step graphical interface, for creating new Help project/content/index files, converting WinHelp files to HTML Help, and everything else you need for creating an online help system or web site. /8zwd5/html_help.htm   (122 words)

 Microsoft's HTML Help is Not Just for Help Systems
HTML Help is equipped with a graphical environment called the HTML Help Workshop (see Figure 7) for setting up the various components of your title, such as the table of contents, keyword indexes, windows, and so forth.
While HTML Help may not be suitable for creating highly customized interfaces (and even that remains to be seen), it is shaping up to be an excellent solution for creating standard hypertext interfaces with the types of navigational aids that users have come to expect in book-like hypertext documents.
HTML Help, in fact, is a great deal more than "that little window that opens when you press F1." In part, this is because HTML Help is a Web hypertext authoring environment. /mind/0297/htmlhelp.asp   (122 words)

 Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How
If you have a specific article in mind, I might be willing to help get the contents for you, but I'd rather do it if you register, so I don't have to leave messages for an IP, since there may be a problem with that feature.
That might be quite helpful for the disappointed user who might already be happy with a short explanation of a word.
My father used to drag me in to help make his quorum on occasions (I won't reveal what for, but I was a member of the Foo Association - of course - and technically allowed to help make up the numbers despite my youth at the time). /Ireland_Information_Guide:Village_Pump   (122 words)

 First Call for Help/UWAC - Home Page
The contents of this website are copyright (c) 2005 First Call for Help/UWAC.
To search on multiple keywords, hold down the Ctrl key as you click on the keywords. /swbd   (122 words)

 Creating HTML Help files.
Clarion HTML Help is compatible with both Legacy and ABC code bases and is available only for 32-bit applications.
An HTML Help file is a compiled help file that uses a.CHM extension.
Clarion's implementation of HTML Help communicates with the Microsoft HTML Help files to display the help file and/or topics. /faq/HTML_HElp/HH100-WhatIs.htm   (122 words)

 PowerBASIC HQ BBS Germany - PowerBASIC Filebase [Programmierung: Dokumentationen]
It has built-in editors for Win95-style contents files, SHG files (hotspot bitmaps), browse sequences, Win Help macros, etc. HelpScribble can export its projects to HPJ and RTF files.
HelpScribble v3.0.1: Help authoring tool HelpScribble 3.0.1 is a Win95 application for creating help files.
Creating a printed manual from your help text is possible too. /filebase/fdb205.html   (122 words)

 N C O R
The President’s Committee on Mental Retardation (PCMR) is proud to present With A Little Help From My Friends…a series on contemporary supports to people with mental retardation.
Our work is cut out for us but, With A Little Help From My Friends, we can achieve our ultimate goal of lifelong community inclusion for people with mental retardation.
To move from one document section to the next, follow the hyperlinks located at the bottom of each "web page," beginning with the first booklet hyperlink listed above, to view the full contents.] /pcmr.htm   (453 words)

 XB DVD REVIEWS - Post them up here -
If you can't do some decent fans after this watching this section and a little practice I don't think that anyone can help you.
I guess my point is this: if you're a veteren in the card manipulation world, don't be turned off when you see the table of contents filled with things like the charlier pass and the one handed shuffle.
I can't wait to have some free time and start playing with this concept. /fsuperhandzfrm52.showMessage?topicID=339.topic   (8329 words)

 Course Display
Defining Appearance and Navigation covers defining main and secondary windows; using window and background color; adding main window buttons; formatting text in RoboHelp and RoboHelp HTML; creating and updating the Contents tab, browse sequences and the Index tab; creating and modifying RoboHelp HTML templates; using WebHelp skins; and creating a Section 508 compliant WebHelp project.
Getting Started introduces Help terminology; sample Help windows; overview of the RoboHelp and RoboHelp HTML desktops; how to choose the right Help format; and a comparison of Help features available from WinHelp, HTML Help, WebHelp, Oracle Help and Java Help.
Provides the basics of online Help development along with fast-paced tutorials that will have the novice Help developer creating RoboHelp and RoboHelp HTML systems in no time! /dbpages/course_display.asp?id=421&SchoolID=67   (369 words)

 Mozilla Calendar - The Extensions Mirror
When you are using your Calendar application, there is a new item in the Help menu: Help Contents.
This item opens a separate help window that contains the help, with a table of contents, index, search facility and glossary.
The Calendar Help project aims to provide help documentation for end users of Mozilla Calendar. /index.php?showtopic=757   (234 words)

If you change some things (such as placing information about dynamic variables in the help text) then you will need to allow the contents to be gc'd, and you will have to arrange to always regenerate the help node.
The argument is false if help will be the only window (so l must be used to quit help), true if help will be one of several visible windows (so CTRL-x 0 must be used to quit help).
*/ DECLARE_INFO_COMMAND (info_get_info_help_node, _("Visit Info node `(info)Help'")) { NODE *node; char *nodename; /* If there is a window on the screen showing the node "(info)Help" or the node "(info)Help-Small-Screen", simply select that window. /ftp/tex/texinfo-4.8/info/infodoc.c   (1656 words)
University of California at Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences Instructional & Electronics Support Group /share/b/pub/ /share/b/pub/ /share/b/pub/ /share/b/pub/ Jan 12, 2000 CONTENTS: Unix ICQ Clients For More Information Unix ICQ Clients ---------------- MICQ, a text-based ICQ client for Unix, is installed for Solaris x86 only.
You're welcome to try to use this, but it might not work, and we probably won't be able to fix it if it breaks.
To run it, type: % /usr/sww/pkg/licq-0.61/bin/licq For More Information -------------------- Official ICQ web site: LICQ web site: MICQ web site: EECS Instructional & Electronics Support 377 & 386 Cory, 333 Soda /pub/   (1656 words) - RoboHELP 5.5 Speeds up Windows CE Development
RoboHELP 5.5 turns Microsoft Word into a full-featured Help authoring tool that supports all standard and advanced Help features such as jumps, topics, multiple hotspot graphics, Contents Tabs, multimedia, etc. RoboHELP 5.5 offers innovative features including the RoboHELP Explorer, Graphic Link View, drag and drop Index Designer, intuitive TOC Composer, and advanced project management.
RoboHELP 5.5, award-winning Windows Help authoring tool from Blue Sky Software dramatically enhances the productivity of Microsoft Windows CE developers by providing everything they need to quickly and easily create professional Help systems for their Windows CE applications.
RoboHELP 5.5 now supports seven different professional Help formats including the new Microsoft Windows CE Help along with the new cross-platform WebHelp from Blue Sky Software, all versions of WinHelp, Microsoft HTML Help, Internet/Intranet Web sites and printed documentation. /pressreleases/pr0298_3.html   (336 words)

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