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Topic: Hemolymph

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  "Open" Circulatory Systems
The volume of hemolymph needed for such a system is kept to a minimum by a reduction in the size of the body cavity.
The hearts pump hemolymph into the sinuses of the hemocoel where exchanges of materials take place.
Between contractions, tiny valves in the wall of the hearts open and allow hemolymph to enter.
users.rcn.com /jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/G/GrasshopperHearts.html   (263 words)

 Hemolymph Collection, Development, Tobacco Hornworm, Research Link 2000
Hemolymph is collected from pupae by clipping the proboscis.
You may have to use a gentle milking action to encourage the hemolymph to flow.
You may have to squeeze gently on the abdomen to get hemolymph to flow from the wound.
www.acad.carleton.edu /curricular/BIOL/resources/rlink/lab2p1.html   (787 words)

  Bambooweb: Hemolymph
Hemolymph (or haemolymph) is the blood analogue used by those animals, such as all arthropods and most mollusks, that have an open circulatory system.
The liquid fills all of the interior (hemocoel) of the body and surrounds all cells.
Hemolymph is composed of water, inorganic salts (mostly Na
www.bambooweb.com /articles/h/e/Hemolymph.html   (100 words)

Hemolymph is aspirated into the heart, or dorsal vessel in the abdominal segments and pumped forward, through the thorax and on into the head.
Hemolymph circulation is driven by contractions of muscles connected to the dorsal vessel and by volume changes in the abdomen and thorax.
It was also found that hemolymph from resting locusts contained no traces of the factor, while hemolymph from locusts that had been flying for the last 90 minutes or so had small, but detectable quantities of the factor.
entomology.unl.edu /ent801/xport.html   (2693 words)

 Levels of Serotonin in the Hemolymph of Aplysia Are Modulated by Light/Dark Cycles and Sensitization Training -- ...
This long-lasting increase in 5-HT in the hemolymph
Hemolymph was centrifuged at 4°C for 2 min to pellet hemocytes.
the magnitude of the increase in 5-HT in the hemolymph (Fig.
www.jneurosci.org /cgi/content/full/19/18/8094   (7598 words)

 Natalie Vincent - UF Journal of Undergraduate Research Paper
Hemolymph was withdrawn from the abductor muscle located one half an inch anterior to the hinge plate.
The hemocytes were separated from the hemolymph by centrifuging at 4000 x g for 15 minutes at 4ºC. The resulting supernatant (serum), containing more active enzymes was decanted and placed on ice.
Lysozyme in the hemolymph of oyster, Crassostrea virginica.
www.clas.ufl.edu /jur/200204/papers/paper_vincent.html   (1608 words)

 JIS: Tschinkel 2.12.2002   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hemolymph was obtained from pupae from a small incision in the dorsal cuticle between the 2nd and 3rd tergite, or, in adults by cutting off the wings at their bases.
Queen hemolymph samples presented a small peak of immunoreactive vitellogenin in hemolymph from brown-eyed pupae with dark pigmented cuticle (Pbd), increased slightly in the next stage (pharate adult; Pha), and reached elevated levels in newly emerged and 1 to 3 day old bees (Fig.
Hemolymph from Pbm workers treated with actinomycin and juvenile hormone was vitellogenin free, as judged by the Western blot assays, while hemolymph of control pupae, which received juvenile hormone but no actinomycin, had this protein in the Pbm III stage as expected (Fig.
digital.library.arizona.edu /insect/2.1   (4756 words)

 Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research - Worker honeybee hemolymph lipid composition and synodic lunar ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The aim of the present investigation was to extend a previous study, showing a correlation of the variations of hemolymph carbohydrates with synodic lunar-like cycle and its circaseptan harmonics to worker honeybee hemolymph lipids.
Hemolymph lipid concentrations of emerging worker imagos were analyzed in terms of one ideal synodic lunar cycle and processed by the cosinor method testing the null hypothesis versus the presence of 29.5-, 14.8- or 7.4-day periods in the data.
Hemolymph was collected by puncturing the dorsal aorta with a 25- or 50-µl Hamilton syringe.
www.scielo.br /scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0100-879X1997000200018   (2272 words)

 Osmotic regulation in adult Drosophila melanogaster during dehydration and rehydration -- Albers and Bradley 207 (13): ...
Mean hemolymph volume of the C populations prior to desiccation, after 8 h of desiccation and after recovery from desiccation on distilled water (W), saline (S) or saline+sucrose (S+S).
Mean hemolymph volume of the D populations prior to desiccation, after 24 h of desiccation and after recovery from desiccation on distilled water (W), saline (S) or saline+sucrose (S+S).
Mean hemolymph osmolality of the D populations prior to desiccation, after 24 h desiccation and after recovery from desiccation on distilled water (W), saline (S) or saline+sucrose (S+S).
jeb.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/207/13/2313   (4751 words)

 Proteomic Analysis of the Drosophila Larval Hemolymph Clot -- Karlsson et al. 279 (50): 52033 -- Journal of Biological ...
A and B, hemolymph was prepared as described (2) and examined using phase-contrast microscopy (A) and labeling with fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated peanut agglutinin (B).
A, hemolymph incubated with BP and control hemolymph (c) were run on a streptavidin column to purify biotin-containing substrates and analyzed by electrophoresis on a 5% polyacrylamide gel stained with Coomassie.
B and C, a hemolymph sample incubated with BP after bleeding was separated on a two-dimensional gel and stained with colloidal Coomassie (B) or blotted, and biotin-containing proteins were detected with peroxidase-conjugated streptavidin (C).
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/279/50/52033   (4004 words)

 Insect Physiology Online
The circulatory system in insects is composed of the hemolymph and all of its contents, plus all accessory pumps and diaphragms that move or direct the hemolymph.
The hemolymph is modified to act as an antifreeze in many hibernating insects in the intemperate regions away from the equator; it acts as a coolant for temperature control in some adults, and under hydrostatic pressure can be used to force open exuvia or puparia during eclosion.
When circulation of the hemolymph to the extremities is blocked, the epidermal tissues no longer bathed with a fresh supply of hemolymph soon dry up and become brittle.
www.faculty.ucr.edu /~insects/systems/circulation/circulation.html   (473 words)

 Do insects have blood? - The Boston Globe
It's usually called hemolymph (or haemolymph) and is sharply distinguished from human blood and the blood of most animals that you would be likely to have seen by an absence of red blood cells.
Hemolymph is mostly water, plus various other odds and ends like amino acids, ions, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, etc., as well as some pigments, but these are rarely very strongly colored.
Hemolymph also provides a means of lubricating things and getting nutrients to cells and carrying waste away.
www.boston.com /news/globe/health_science/articles/2005/10/17/do_insects_have_blood?mode=PF   (440 words)

 JIS: Tschinkel 2.12.2002
Lepidopteran pupae store in their hemolymph and fat body high concentrations of three, and in some species four hexameric proteins with differing antigenic epitopes, developmental profiles and amino acid and conjugate compositions.
Hemolymph was drained through a dorsal abdominal slit into 0.2 ml of this medium.
Additional extraction medium was used to rinse residual hemolymph from the carcass and to bring the suspended tissues and hemolymph to a volume that yielded antigen concentrations convenient for measurement by immunodiffusion.
www.insectscience.org /3.26   (3562 words)

 Sequence of the Hexameric Juvenile Hormone-binding Protein from the Hemolymph of Locusta migratoria -- Braun and Wyatt ...
JH-binding proteins (JHBP) or carriers in the hemolymph are responsible for the transport of JH to its target tissues (4).
JHBP is the major JH carrier in the hemolymph of locusts and may play a similar role inside the hormone target cell (11).
From the hemolymph concentration of JHBP (10) and its affinity
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/271/49/31756   (4913 words)

Hemolymph volume is probably sensed by receptors in the posterior cephalothorax, as section of the nerve cord caudal to the thoracic ganglion at the level of the fourth perieopod eliminates the crab's ability to control hemolymph volume.
Another possibility for muscle stretch receptors which might serve as hemolymph volume sensors are the many muscles which originate on the carapace and insert on the dorsal wall of the gill chamber.
Drinking rate is apparently also controlled by hemolymph volume sensory information which enters the nerve cord between the anterior abdomen and the level of the fourth perieopod, as section of the cord at the latter level abolishes drinking in response to reduced hemolymph volume.
ww2.lafayette.edu /~hollidac/borealispaper.html   (1292 words)

 Sea Grant Nonindigenous Species site (sgnis)
Hemolymph was withdrawn, by cardiac puncture, from surviving mussels and control mussels.
Hemolymph Na and Cl concentrations significantly decreased in treated mussels with a decrease of hemolymph pH.
These dramatic changes in hemolymph ion concentrations indicate physiological stress to the mussel and may be used as an indicator of non-lethal stress.
www.sgnis.org /publicat/96Scheid.htm   (351 words)

 Florida Entomologist, v. 78, n. 3, p. 452
Hemolymph (10 ml) was diluted 1:1 with TPN buffer [10 mM Tris, 0.1 mM phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride (PMSF), 0.01% NaN3, pH 8.2] and dialyzed against the same buffer for 4 h.
The lyophilized hemolymph sample was dissolved in 2 ml water and applied to a Sephadex G-100 column (1.8 × 55 cm) and eluted with buffer (25 mM bis-Tris, pH 7.2) at a flow rate of 12 ml per h.
Binding and degradation of juvenile hormone III by hemolymph proteins of the Colorado potato beetle: a re-examination.
www.fcla.edu /FlaEnt/fe78p452.html   (3373 words)

 A neurotransmitter role for methionine enkephalin in causing hyperglycemia in the freshwater crab, Oziotelphusa senex ...
Injection of methionine enkephalin caused a significant increase in the hemolymph glucose and total sugar level of intact crabs in a dose-dependent manner, apparently by triggering release of the hyperglycemic hormone.
All hemolymph samples were removed two hours after injection and at the same time of the day to obviate any possible variation due to circadian rhythm in the hemolymph sugar level.
For the measurement of glucose, hemolymph (100 m l) was mixed with 300 m l of 95% ethanol.
www.ias.ac.in /currsci/apr25/articles22.htm   (1133 words)

 JIS: Tschinkel 2.12.2002
Lipophorin is the major hemolymph protein responsible for lipid transport between tissues of insects.
Lipophorin is the major lipid transporting lipoprotein in the hemolymph of insects.
Hemolymph was obtained by puncturing the larvae and collecting hemolymph in 5 ml of homogenization buffer.
www.insectscience.org /2.15   (2879 words)

A note about hemolymph: Lore has it that hemolymph collected from animals in the spring (mid-March to June) is best.
I swaddle the animal in a disposable underpad so that only a small portion of the animal is exposed, clean that portion of the skin with ethanol, and then hold it while another person uses a sterile razor blade to make an incision in the exposed area.
Hemolymph from each animal is kept separately (i.e., do not pool hemolymph from different animals).
www.gonda.ucla.edu /researchlabs/martin/protocols.htm   (2944 words)

 In vitro encystment of echinostomatid cercariae
Trigger and toxic effects of Mytilus edulis (Bivalvia) hemolymph on encystment of cercariae Himasthla elongata obtained from infestated Littorina littorea (Prosobranchia) was evaluated as a result of 24_h experiments in vitro.
The cercaria mortality after 24 h in the whole hemolymph was twice higher than in plasma (40% and 20%, respectively) and much higher than in the control medium (sea water).
There is shown both the strong individual variability of toxicity of the individual mussel hemolymph for cercariae and the variability of the resistance to the toxic factors of the cercariae obtained from various L. littorea individuals.
www.angelfire.com /sc/gorbushin/encystment.html   (299 words)

 Aminotransferases Activity in the Hemolymph of Bradybaena simil
Aminotransferases (GOT and GPT) activities in the hemolymph of Bradybaena similaris under experimental condition of starvation were studied.
At the 10th day of starvation, GOT activity was 416.6% higher than that observed in the fed snails, being reduced and ranging values near to that shown by the control group onwards.
This alteration was accompanied by a significant reduction of the glucose concentration in the hemolymph of the parasitized snails.
memorias.ioc.fiocruz.br /968/4273.html   (436 words)

 Oysters in the Classroom: Hunting for Hemocytes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In an oyster, the hemolymph is circulated in this way and can be readily found in the pericardial cavity that contains the heart.
Within the hemolymph of the oyster there are three basic types of hemocytes that perform a wide variety of functions from defense to nutrient transport.
Using the pipette or the needle and syringe, remove 1 or 2 ml of the hemolymph from the pericardial cavity (Figure 1).
www.mdsg.umd.edu /oysters/oysblood.htm   (626 words)

This hormone is transported to, stored and then released by the sinus gland into the hemolymph when the animal is under stress.
Empty the hemolymph from the syringe in a 0.5 ml microcentrifuge tube.
One uses a syringe to remove the hemolymph from the crayfish into a 0.5 ml tube, and another student, using a micropipet, removes 100 ul of the hemolymph and places it into the cuvette with the glucose oxidase solution.
science.csustan.edu /flora/zool4232/Labs-S2005/hyperglycemia-crust.htm   (1470 words)

 Salticid Respiratory Structures
Hemolymph pools medially and is pulled between these lamellae into a lateral chamber before flowing dorsally toward the mid-line heart of the spider.
One fact that has received little mention in the literature is that each lamella is divided into a antero-lateral area (hemolymph entry) with fixed air-spaces (rigid struts maintain the airspace) and a posterior area (air entry) in which the airspaces are free to expand, since the two walls are not connected.
Salticids have a pair of large air-sacs which originate anterior to the spinnerets, on the ventral side of the opisthosoma.
www.users.qwest.net /~phidippus/page4.htm   (468 words)

 Bioline International Official Site (site up-dated regularly)
But, after this period of starvation GOT activity was reduced, ranging values near to that observed in fed snails, being the lowest value observed at 30 days of starvation, when the activity was 8.1% lower than that observed to control group.
The mean value observed at 30 days of starvation was significantly different and higher than that observed at 10, 15 and 25 days of starvation, but it was not different from the activity observed in the control snails.
Douglas and Haskin (1976) observed that in Crassostrea virginica infected with Minchinia nelsoni the GOT increase was associated to the destruction of the tissues of the gills.
www.bioline.org.br /request?oc01221   (1636 words)

 ABLE: Determining Hemolymph Volume of the Cockroach
In this exercise students determine cockroach hemolymph volume by injecting a known amount of Amaranth Red dye into a cockroach and measuring its dilution by the hemolymph.
They (1) derive a standard curve for dye concentration by a method simulating the dilution by the hemolymph, (2) inject a cockroach with a known amount of dye, (3) extract hemolymph samples at given times, and (4) plot their data and calculate hemolymph volume.
In a number of laboratories around the world biologists are investigating factors which control hemolymph volume, particularly in the light of the discovery that some new insecticides exert their toxic effects by causing excessive loss of water from the insect.
www.zoo.utoronto.ca /able/volumes/vol-15/8-smith/8-smith.htm   (8772 words)

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