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Topic: Hemostasis

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  Hemostasis, Disaster First aid kits
Severe bleeding control - Hemostasis, LLC designs and manufactures advanced Natural Clotting Polymers (NCP™) and applicators for the treatment of severe externally bleeding lacerations for first aid kits, military, civilian and emergeny room trauma.
Hemostasis LLC's; BleedArrest™ CP (Clotting Powder) and BleedArrest™ CF (Clotting Foam) are two new hemorrhaging and bleeding control technologies that are changing the way medical professionals are stopping bleeding in seconds.
Hemostasis, LLC manufactures the largest array of medical devices for hemostasis and bleeding control than any other company in the world.
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Hemostasis is a complex process which changes blood from a fluid to a solid state.
Primary hemostasis is characterized by vascular contraction, platelet adhesion and formation of a soft aggregate plug.
Secondary hemostasis is responsible for stabilizing the soft clot and maintaining vasoconstriction.
www.rnceus.com /coag/coaghemo.html   (350 words)

Hemostasis - Involves the highly balanced interaction of blood vessels, platelets and soluble factors in the formation and dissolution of blood clots.
Coagulation Factors: Enzymes or coenzymes in plasma that are biologically functional in the clotting mechanism.
Clotting factors, with the exception of factor VIII and von Willebrand's, are produced by the hepatocytes of the liver.
campus.murraystate.edu /academic/faculty/Wade.Northington/hemostas.htm   (1924 words)

 Hemostasis - Primary Hemostasis
Defects in primary hemostasis are generally associated with mucocutaneous bleeding, characterized by epistaxis, ecchymosis, genitourinary bleeding, or gingival bleeding.
A typical patient with defective primary hemostasis might experience profuse bleeding from small cuts and require the application of pressure for a prolonged period to stop the bleeding.
This type of bleeding pattern is different from that typically seen in patients with defects in secondary hemostasis, where deep tissue bleeding and hemarthroses are more the norm.
www.labcorp.com /coagulation/hemostasis.html   (226 words)

 Hemostasis CME - Home
Educating physicians and other healthcare professionals with the most cutting-edge information available related to hemostasis management.
The goal of HemostasisCME.org is to educate physicians and other healthcare professionals with the most cutting-edge information available related to hemostasis management.
Get the latest news in various bleeding-related therapeutic areas, newly published clinical data and trials, links to useful resource websites, and other cutting edge information on hemostasis and bleeding disorders.
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