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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

By the end of 2000, there were 52 higher education institutions in Henan Province, with the number of students enrolled being 262,400 and teachers 20,200; 7,002 secondary schools with 7,195,800 students enrolled and 424,800 teachers; 41,269 primary schools had 11,306,300 students enrolled and teachers 459,300.
Marriage is stable in Henan; the majority of the population is married; only few are divorced and the proportion of the divorced population is low.
The aging process in Henan is rapid; and the speed of rural population aging was faster than that of the urban population.
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 Province View-china.org.cn
Henan Province is located in eastern central China, on the plain between the Yellow and Huaihe rivers.
Henan Province is in the transitional area between the second and third steps of China's four-step terrain rising from east to west, with rolling mountains over 1,000 meters above sea level in its western part and plain area of 100 meters or lower in its east.
Southern Henan is in the northern sub-tropical zone.
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 Henan Travel Guide: Henan Tour, Map, Hotel, Tips, Henan China
Highlight of Henan Province, Songshan Mountain lies southwest of Zhengzhou and it is one of the most famous mountains in China because of the rugged beauty of its peaks and the Bonsai-like appearance of its beautiful old trees.
Henan means 'the south of the river', indicating that Henan lies south of China's Yellow River.
Henan province is considered the cradle of Chinese civilization due to its location on the Yellow River.
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 Holidays to Henan - China
The name of the Henan Province comes from its geographic situation that means south of the Yellow River.
Due to its location on the Yellow River, Henan province is considered the cradle of Chinese civilisation and boasts rich historic heritage.
It is located in the west of Henan Province, covers total area of 15,208 sq km and populated with 6.10 million.
www.chinaholidays.co.uk /cities-and-regions/henan.htm   (454 words)

 Henan Summary
Henan was the power base of Cao Cao, who was based in Xuchang and eventually succeeded in unifying all of northern China under the Kingdom of Wei.
Henan is flat in the east and mountainous in the west and extreme south.
Henan cuisine is the local cuisine, with traditions such as the Luoyang Shuixi (Luoyang "Water Table", consisting entirely of various soups, etc.); Xinyang Duncai (Xinyang brewed vegetables), and the traditional cuisine of Kaifeng.
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 Country Profile:Anhui Province --People's Daily Online
Henan has the temperate climate advantages of both the south and the north with annual average temperature of 13¡ãc- 15¡ãc.
In 1998 the total yields of grain of Henan was as high as 39.45 million tons with an increase of 1.3% than the previous year, which was an all-time high and ranked the first in the whole country.
In 1998 the added industrial value of Henan Province was 172,000 million yuan with an increase of 8.8% than previous year, including 5.4% in light industry, 10.1% in heavy industry.
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 Global Challenges | Authorities in China's Henan Province Ban HIV/AIDS Group From Hosting Conference To Discuss Efforts ...
Authorities in China's central Henan province have banned a group of HIV/AIDS advocates from holding a conference to discuss efforts to fight the disease, the China Alliance of People Living with HIV/AIDS said on Wednesday,
The situation in Henan led officials to pledge reform, and the health ministry has said that it maintains stringent supervision of blood-collection centers in the country.
Henan authorities stopped the conference despite the organizers' compliance with government rules that bar the media, as well as people from outside the country and the province, from participating, Meng Lin from China Alliance said.
www.kaisernetwork.org /daily_reports/rep_index.cfm?hint=1&DR_ID=46911   (326 words)

 Henan Medical Web Site
Welcome to Henan Medical Web site; wholesale distributor for products used in hospitals, healthcare, homecare and extended care providers.
Henan Medical a growing company will meet the needs of health care professionals.
Henan Medical and its logo are trademarks of Henan Corp.
www.henanmedical.com   (111 words)

 Henan travel guide - Wikitravel
Asia : East Asia : China : Northern Central Region : Henan
Henan is a province in the Northern Central Region of China.
Anyang — economic and cultural center during the Shang dynasty
wikitravel.org /en/Henan   (124 words)

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