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Topic: Henna

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  EveryDay Mehndi... for the henna life!
I tested and compared many henna powders in order to select the powders that consistently produced dark stains, is the most fresh, is the most finely sifted, mixes to a smooth paste; and, will give you the red, chestnut-brown, burgundy, fl-cherry, bittersweet chocolate and near fl stains you crave.
The JAMBALAYA Henna Powder Variety Pack and Kit were created as a way for you to experience and experiment with the best in henna powder available at a fraction of the cost.
Henna artists are welcomed to use patterns and designs for their own work but must at all times give credit to the original creator of the work.
www.everydayhenna.com   (1188 words)

  Henna - CRystalinks
The use of Henna in the 4th-5th centuries in the Deccan of western India is clearly illustrated on Bodhisattvas and deities of cave wall murals at Ajanta, and in similar cave paintings in Sri Lanka.
Archaeological research indicates henna was used in ancient Egypt to stain the fingers and toes of Pharaohs prior to mummification.
Henna paste is a dye that leaves a more or less durable stain on the outer layer of the skin alone.
www.crystalinks.com /henna.html   (1886 words)

 Chemical & Engineering News: WHAT'S THAT STUFF? HENNA
Henna paste is prepared from the green leaves of Lawsonia inermis, a small tree that grows in warm, arid regions of the world such as India, Pakistan, and Northern Africa.
Henna leaves contain up to 5% by weight of the compound, which, in its pure form, is a yellow-orange powder that does not dissolve in water.
Henna paste is prepared by mixing crushed dry henna leaves with a mild acidic ingredient.
pubs.acs.org /cen/whatstuff/84/8406henna.html   (749 words)

Henna is a cosmetic paste that is solely used for decoration, and is not connected to any health advantages.
Henna is used almost exclusively by women, and, typically, either by single women who seek to make themselves more eligible, or by women who wish to express their romantic relationship with their husbands.
Henna is considered very sensual by both men and women, even if the henna is applied to the parts of the body that are exposed in public.
lexicorient.com /e.o/henna.htm   (194 words)

 Pregnancy henna belly painting by Henna Caravan
Henna always lasts longest on the hands and feet, less on the torso where skin is thinner.
Henna during pregnancy is an ancient practice and is soothing as well as calming.
Henna is believed to protect and bless the mother and child from any evil or malicious spirits that may be near during delivery.
www.hennacaravan.com /pregnancy.html   (740 words)

The henna tradition is thousands of years old; all over Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, henna is used to celebrate (weddings and rites-of-passage in India and Pakistan), to meditate (martial arts students in Thailand), and for everyday beauty (hands, faces and feet in North Africa).
Henna is easy and fun to apply yourself at home, or you can make an appointment with a professional mehndi artist, in the studio or at your home.
Henna for hair has chemical agents that should never be left to soak into the skin.
www.parent-teen.com /fun/henna.html   (639 words)

 HENNA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Henna, Lawsonia inermis L., a perennial shrub native to northern Africa, Asia, and Australia, is naturalized and cultivated in the tropics of America, Egypt, India, and parts of the Middle East.
The reported life zone of henna is 19 to 27 degrees centigrade with an annual precipitation of 0.2 to 4.2 meters and a soil pH of 4.3 to 8.0 (4.1-31).
Henna is planted today primarily as an ornamental hedge, but is probably best known for the dried, ground leaves (called henna) traditionally used to produce colorfast orange, red, and brown dyes.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/med-aro/factsheets/HENNA.html   (354 words)

Henna has been used for thousands of years to adorn the hands and feet of women for weddings and other auspicious times.
Henna works best on the hands and feet, with lighter stains on other areas of the body such as the belly or back.
Henna on the neck or chest is rarely dark and on the face, barely visible at all.
www.hennalounge.com /faqs.html   (668 words)

 Henna Tattoo And Body Art FAQs - Henna Body Art
Henna tattoos can be applied to almost any part of the body, it is traditionally placed on the hands, feet, and shins but is not limited to these areas.
Henna hair dye is safe and gentle on your skin and hair making it a wonderful alternative to the very abusive chemical hair dyes you will use at a salon or buy from your local hair products retailer.
Henna hair dye is completely natural and safe to use while you are pregnant as it is made from vegetable dyes rather than chemical dyes and unlike many chemical hair dyes henna does not contain bio-available lead acetate, which can be harmful to the fetus, particularly the nervous system and brain.
www.henna-tattoos-kits.com /henna-tattoo/faq.htm   (911 words)

 Herbal Hair Colors,Henna Powder Suppliers,Henna Hair Colours,Henna Powder Exporters,Henna Hair Colors
Henna leaves yield the famous red dye used as body paint, and to stain hair, nails, cloth, and sometimes the manes of white arab horses.
Henna with a tint of exciting indigo is the latest addition to our exhaustive range of hair colours.
Henna hair colorus packet should be kept away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dark place.
www.henna.net /herbal-hair-colors.html   (746 words)

 Henna Garden
The variation of the stain depends on where you put the henna design, where the pores are larger, the henna will absorb more, therefore leaving a deeper, longer stain.
When the henna paste is removed from the skin, the color’s first stage is a pale orange that develops into a reddish brown within the first 24 hours.
Henna Garden is available for higher at an hourly rate, or for individual appointments.
www.hennagarden.com /product.html   (525 words)

 EveryDay Mehndi... What is henna, and how does it work?
Henna has been known for centuries for its medicinal properties, as a cosmetic, its use in body art and its superb hair conditioning and coloring properties.
Stains from henna powder made into paste are the result of the dye in the henna powder releasing when added to water or lemon juice and then applied to the skin or hair.
Henna artists are welcomed to use patterns and designs for their own work but must at all times give credit to the original creator of the work.
www.everydayhenna.com /henna.html   (284 words)

 Sacred Lotus: Henna Body Art - Henna Facts
Henna paste is applied onto the top of the skin using a carrot bag (or cone).
The henna paste is left on as long as possible, as it naturally bonds with the collagen in the outer layers of your skin.
Your Henna Design will last from several days to weeks depending on the length of time the paste remains in contact with the skin, the area of body that it is applied to, how much the area is exposed to chemicals and water, and how quickly your skin exfoliates.
www.ihenna.com /Facts.html   (770 words)

 Henna Tattoos, Henna Designs
Browse through our huge collection of henna tattoo designs and all these designs could be yours with our easy to use henna tattoo stencils.
Henna hair colors are herbal and hence safe to use.
Fresh leaves of the henna plant are dried and crushed to a fine powder.
www.hennamehndi.com   (216 words)

 Henna - Australian Museum's Body Art
Henna has long been used to decorate the body for important occasions and celebrations.
In Morocco, henna patterns are used to protect the wearer from evil, and to promote luck and fertility.
Henna is regarded as having Baraka (blessing) and it has the power to dispel djinn (evil spirits) who can cause diseases and sterility.
www.amonline.net.au /bodyart/painting/henna.htm   (233 words)

 hennaTribe.com ~ Index
Henna Tribe is an artist-owned collective of international, professional mehndi artists and suppliers promoting natural henna.
Henna Tribe was started in September 2004 when the seven founding members, Anne, Erfan, Kenzi, Kree, Maxx, Nick, and Thea, launched into the creation of community!
Henna Tribe also offers free patterns & articles for artistic & business inspiration, a gallery of images from members, henna design books that will add fire to your fairs & festivals, and both henna artist & supplier listings internationally.
www.hennatribe.com   (190 words)

 How to Get a Henna Tattoo | eHow.com
Conduct a skin test with the exact henna mixture that will be used for your tattoo, leaving it on as long as you would an actual tattoo.
Harsh chemicals, which may burn your skin, are sometimes added to a henna mixture or applied directly to the skin to create different colors or make the tattoo last longer.
After the henna is on your hands, frequently dab (using cotton balls) with lemon juice and sugar water.
www.ehow.com /how_5397_henna-tattoo.html   (773 words)

 Henna Designs
Henna is often appied to the fingertips just to color the fingernails.
Or it may be applied to cover the palms of the hand or the soles of the feet.
Powdered henna is sold in most suqs and ladies stores, and prepared henna (sold by the cone) is widely available, too.
members.tripod.com /oum_abdulaziz/henna.htm   (298 words)

 henna hair coloring - natural hair care products
Henna is a natural plant and henna products have a more natural emphasis and are Ammonia and Oxidant Free.
Henna is a plant which has been used for thousands of years to maintain and colour hair.
Henna treatment wax will strengthen and improve the condition of your hair, and is particularly recommended for overbleached and out of condition hair.
www.bodycareful.com /hennahair.htm   (806 words)

 Henna by Cynthia, Natural henna products for good health
Henna is a dwarf shrub that grows 8 to 10 feet tall in India, Egypt and Persia.  The plant is also known as Lawsonia Inermis.  The leaves, bark and flowers are ground into a fine powder.  It has been used in the most ancient times in Eastern countries for dyeing hair, the body and nails.
Henna has been traced back to Cleopatra and Nefertiti who used it to enhance their hair color, color their lips and nails.  Silent film stars like Clara Bow used Henna to color their hair and add to their mystery.
Henna has been used for a scalp treatment, to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.  The leaves are used as deodorizers, and fresh Henna flowers as a cure for sterility or loss of passion.  It has been used in paste form to keep skin smooth with a young look and feel.
www.hennabycynthia.homestead.com /Index.html   (540 words)

 Henna Artist
Henna or mehndi is a temporary tattoo with a history that goes back thousands of years.
"Some fl hennas, which are not henna at all, include toxic chemicals that can cause internal organ damage, burning, blistering and permanent scaring." Her advice is to stay away from fl henna and have your designs done by a reputable artist, who you can contact if you have any type of reaction.
As much as she likes henna the passion to cook is much stronger.
www.kidzworld.com /article/726-temporary-body-art   (468 words)

 eBay Store - Beachcombers Khussa Shoes Glass Bangles Henna Tattoo: Khussa shoes beaded ballet flats and heels   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Once the henna is ready, add more lemon juice or mehndi oil, if needed, for desired consistency and transfer henna to your chosen applicator.
Color henna is a surface stain and does not penetrate deeply into the skin like standard henna (similar to the stain blueberries might leave on your fingers).
If you don't want to be stuck with a henna design that will last for 3 weeks or more (especially if you are new and want to practice often or change your henna design often), pre-mixed henna paste does not stain the skin as deeply as freshly mixed powder.
stores.ebay.com /Beachcombers-Bazaar/Henna-Tattoo-FAQ.html   (3606 words)

 [No title]
Henna is a substance which comes from the plant "Lawsonia inermis", a perennial shrub native to Africa and Asia.
The henna plant can grow to a height of 6 metres and blossoms fragrant white or red flowers.
Henna has been used in India, the Middle East and Africa for beautifying the skin, as a natural healing therapy, body art and also as a natural dye.
www.angelfire.com /indie/hennaworld/index.html   (363 words)

 Henna Faq's
With our fl henna, all you need to do is add purified water (bottled water) or distilled water and you're ready to go.
Her tattoo stayed dark fl for about three and a half weeks, then she was ready to try a new fl henna tattoo, so she stopped the Vaseline and the tattoo almost immediately started to disappear.
Black henna is meant for occassional tattoos, not to cover large areas of the body.
www.blackhennakits.com /faq.htm   (2628 words)

 Henna (Mehndi)
Henna cosmetics are made from the Egyptian evergreen plant, Lawsonia inermis, whose shoots and leaves yield an extract which is mixed with catechu, an astringent substance obtained from various trees and shrubs.
Black henna (saumer) is reserved for the soles of the feet and hands while red henna is used for the tips of the fingers and toes.
Henna leaves have been boiled in oil and used as henna oil for hair colour and for dandruff removal.
www.bdancer.com /med-guide/suppl/henna.html   (3335 words)

 Terms & Conditions - Henna Boy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Henna Boy will issue the refund if applicable within 48 hours and this will appear back to your account usually within 10 days.
There is no such thing as natural fl henna it is henna with chemicals added to alter the colour.
Black henna is dangerous to the skin and therefore we will not supply or provide information on where to obtain it.
www.henna-boy.co.uk /upload/terms-conditions/info_3.php   (396 words)

 Natural Henna Manufacturer,Henna Suppliers,Natural Henna Suppliers,Henna Exporters India
Henna deepens and highlights the natural hair color,and improves the general hair health.
Henna is available in different colors:Copper,Mahogany,Auburn,Golden blonde, Ash Blonde, Chestnut Brown, Brown and Ebony: as well as neutral Henna which conditions hair without any change of color, and Henna Quinquina specifically formulated to give strength and vigor to sick and tired hair.
Henna with a tint of exciting indigo is the latest entrant to our exhaustive range of hair colors, enabling enhanced color properties through natural herbal additives.
www.henna-manufacturers.com /natural-henna.html   (620 words)

 Henna Hair Dyes,Natural Henna Hair Dyes,Henna Dyes Manufacturer,Natural Hair Dyes Exporter,Henna Hair Dyes India
Henna Hair Colors: To match the prevalent trends and to be in tune with the times, we manufacture Henna based hair colours.
Outer Colour Is Green: The outer colour of Henna remains green and does not turn in to brown or fl lumps.
KEO henna hair color powder can be used by all, irrespective of age factor.
www.henna-manufacturers.com /hair-dyes-colors.html   (515 words)

 Henna Creations by Raven
Once you have decided to use henna on your hair you need to let any chemicals grow out, or at least lose their punch.
It looks so vibrant and since henna is a great conditioner, all the damage that the chemical haircolors did to it over the many years is gone.
The chemicals in haircolor react with the tannins in the henna and it causes a nasty reaction in the coloring.
www.hennachick.com /hc_hair.htm   (285 words)

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