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Topic: Henschel Hs 132

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  Henschel Hs 132 - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
The Henschel Hs 132 was a World War II dive bomber and interceptor aircraft of the Luftwaffe that never saw service.
Initially intended as a dive bomber, an interceptor version (Hs 132B) to attack enemy bombers equipped with two 20mm MG 151 cannons was proposed as well.
The Soviet Union overran the factory as the Hs 132 V1 was nearing flight testing.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Henschel_Hs_132   (257 words)

 Henschel Hs 132 Luft '46 entry
Henschel submitted a design for RLM approval in April/May 1944 (wind tunnel testing had already started, see wind tunnel model below), which was approved as the Hs 132.
The Hs 132V1 was nearly complete, with the fuselage completed at Henschel's Berlin-Schönefeld facility and the wings being finished at Henschel's French subsidiary.
Although the Hs 132A was scheduled to have its first flight in June 1945, the wings and fuselage were never mated, and Russian forces captured the intact fuselage in May 1945.
www.luft46.com /henschel/hs132.html   (486 words)

 Henschel 132   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
To aid the pilot in his aim, the HS 132 was to be equiped with a primitive computerized sight, so it would match the accuracy of a Stuka.
Hs 132 B was armed with two MG 151/20 20mm cannon and powered by the Jumo 004B-2 engine.
The Hs 132 would be seen in a steep dive towards an allied convoy, with the allied soldiers running from it in fear and maybe one or two lone guys thinking they are heroes and trying to shoot the plane down.
users.telenet.be /bert.dujardin/Hs_132.htm   (971 words)

 Huma 1/72 Henschel Hs 132
The Henschel Hs 132 was the last Henschel design to reach hardware form during the Second World War and in many ways mirrors the design of the Heinkel He 162 Salamander (but with glazed nose and angled tailplanes containing fins on the end).
The Hs 132 was planned with ease of manufacture and operation in mind and minimised use of strategic alloys by adopting wooden wings.
In a photo I have of the Hs 132 (and in the sideview drawing contained in the instructions) there is a small piece that hangs down under the belly of the aircraft just behind the wing.
www.fortunecity.com /meltingpot/portland/971/Reviews/luft46/hs-132.htm   (1390 words)

 The Heinkel He-162 Volksjaeger
After the Allied amphibious invasions of Sicily and Italy in 1943, it was obvious to Adolf Hitler that the greatest threat faced by the Reich from Western forces was an amphibious invasion to open a "second front", forcing Nazi Germany to fight Allied armies in both the East and the West.
In April and May 1944, Henschel submitted a design for a jet-powered dive bomber, which was approved as the "Hs-132".
An Hs-132V1 prototype was in advanced construction when the Henschel factory was overrun by the Red Army in May, and the incomplete prototype was captured.
www.vectorsite.net /avhe162.html   (3633 words)

 Armour of the Air
The final German effort towards a ground-support aircraft was the little Henschel Hs 132, a jet aircraft of configuration similar to the He 162, with the engine carried on top of a small and streamlined fuselage.
Designed to operate as dive bomber or low-level attack aircraft, the small Hs 132 was intended to be flown from a prone position, to reduce drag and to help the pilot to resist the expected accelerations, up to 12 g in the pull-out from the dive.
The Hs 132A dive bomber would carry no guns, but Hs 132B attack version would be armed with four MG 151/20 cannon, and the Hs 132C was even projected to carry two MG 151/20 and two MK 103 cannon, a heavy load for such a small aircraft.
users.skynet.be /Emmanuel.Gustin/history/aoa.html   (14352 words)

 prone pilots
Henschel 132, a dive bomber with a prone pilot.
The pilot of the HS 132 is in a prone position.
The H X was a swepted back flying wing and Reimar Horten, a true believer in pure flying wings, would have desired to place the pilot inside the wing.
www.crowncoast.com /nest/weird_07.htm   (7398 words)

 The Ultimate Resource for Combat Simulation and Strategy Gamers. (www.combatsim.com)
The Stuka replacement in the form of the Henschel HS 132 jet was well advanced at the end of the war.
The Henschel Hs 293 was a rocket powered standoff weapon launched from 12,000 feet altitude and guided in to the target.
The SD 1400 Xs and Hs 293s were effectively diverted from targets by Allied jamming later in the Mediterranean.
www.combatsim.com /memb123/htm/2001/02/secretwep/printer1.htm   (2092 words)

 Huma 1/72 Henschel Hs-132   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
One of Huma’s offerings is the Hs 132 Schlachtflugzeug (attack aircraft), which was a late war concept put forward by the Henschel company for a jet powered dive bomber.
This front view of the Hs 132 shows the small frontal area of the plane, which it was hoped would allow it to elude ground based fire on the bombing run.
The Hs 132 has 33 pieces to it, although 16 of these are for the landing gear and their doors.
ipmslondon.tripod.com /aircraftreviews/id18.html   (1713 words)

 Aircraft Models Maker - Brucecrafts, Inc. Your online source for all Philippine Handcrafted Collectibles Henschel HS-123   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Henschel and Fiesler both built prototypes for the conservative requirement, which specified a single-seat biplane dive-bomber.
The first prototype of the Henschel design, the "Hs-123 V1", where "V" stood for "Versuchs / Experimental Prototype", performed its initial flight in the spring of 1935, with General Ernst Udet, a World War I ace, taking it on its first public-demonstration fight on 8 May 1935.
The Hs-123 was of mostly metal construction, except for fabric-covered wings, rudder, and elevators, and featured a wide-span top wing and a shorter-span lower wing; taildragger landing gear, with the spatted main gear assembles fitted to the wings for a wide track; and an open cockpit.
www.brucecrafts.com /henschel-hs123-p-344.html   (212 words)

 Hs132   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Hs 132 design was submitted in April 1944 and a contract for six aircraft was approved in May 1944.
Construction only started in March 1945, this was caused by problems with the computerized bomb sight needed because of the high speeds which would be reached in it,s dive.
By the war's end the Hs 132 V1 was near to completion and it's first flight was scheduled for June 1945.
tanks45.tripod.com /Jets45/Histories/Hs132/Hs-132.htm   (154 words)

 Steve Jackson Games Forums - Two biplanes (Avia B.534 and Henschel Hs 123)
The Hs 123 was the immediate predecessor to the Junkers Ju 87 (p.W114) and was in service only a year before the Stuka replaced it.
A single-seat biplane, the Hs 123 saw combat as a ground support aircraft, not being withdrawn from service until 1944 (in 1942, consideration was given to restarting production).
On the Henschel 123; I read, I think it was in Warplanes of the Third Reich by William Green, that there were requests in 1944 that Hs-123 prodcution should restart because the plane was in some ways better that the aircraft that replaced it.
forums.sjgames.com /showthread.php?t=5307   (1166 words)

 List of Military Aircraft of Germany Encyclopedia Article @ Troubling.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Henschel Hs 124, heavy fighter + bomber (prototype)
Heinkel He 50, reconnaissance + dive bomber (biplane)
Henschel Hs 130, high altitude reconnaissance + bomber (jet engined) (prototype)
www.troubling.net /encyclopedia/List_of_military_aircraft_of_Germany   (959 words)

 Charles Bain HS 132   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Henschel itself was begun in late 1944.
The factory was occupied by the Soviet Army just as the prototype, V1, was to begin flight testing.
If the Henschel would have become active, it would have most likely had the same effect as the Stuka in the early war years.
www.simviation.com /fsdcbainhs132.htm   (315 words)

 Randy Asplund Aviation Henschel Hs 132   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Hs 132 never flew in combat, because the war ended before that could happen, but the Russians captured the prototype in May of 1944.
It was designed as a high speed replacement for the cumbersome Ju 87 Stukas.
This smaller fuselage and higher speed would make it a tough target to intercept or defend against.
www.randyasplund.com /browse/modelspg/hs132.html   (79 words)

 Huma 1/72 Henschel HS 132
At the time concerned the dive-bombers and close support aircraft available were all obsolete and no longer met the required demands in terms of performance and manoeuvrability.
In July 1943 Henschel started work on a jet-propelled ground-attack aircraft.
All experience previously gained from the Hs-123 and Hs-129 was combined with knowledge derived from trials carried out with the Berlin B-9 in 1937.
www.fortunecity.com /meltingpot/portland/971/Inbox/g-j/hs-132-i.htm   (703 words)

 Henschel Products
Henschel stiff blue denim cowboy hat M chin strap MINT
Henschel HS 132 1/72 mfg Huma Luftwaffe '46'
Henschel Hs 129 B-3 Tank Buster 1/72 Italeri rare NEW
members.aol.com /hayiprjywq/22/henschel.html   (210 words)

 Henschel Hs 132 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Berlin Charlottenburg B9 built by DVL proved the advantages of the prone position, and as result the Hs 132 was developed.
Hs 129 - Hs 130 - Bü 131 - Hs 132 - Bü 133 - Bü 134 - Ha 135
This page was last modified 23:28, 25 September 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Henschel_Hs_132   (255 words)

 German Jets in World WWII   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The real Hs-132 prototype looked somewhat different, with a very thick glass armor plate in front of the pilot (to be expected, since this plane was designed to be a dive bomber).
Henschel Hs 132 1/72 Huma ©Frank Henriquez 2006
This is a nice kit, easy to build, with only some sanding and filling to do at the joint between the body and the vertical stabilizer.
frank.bol.ucla.edu /jets.htm   (2197 words)

 Article - Aspach 2002 Part 2 - RC Groups
So, after a year of on and off building, his marvelous Henschel HS-132 EDF (below) also showed up at Aspach 2002--and to dispel any nay-sayers, it is easily mistaken for a Heinkel Salamander.
At the end of World War II, the Henschel company completed just one HS 132 prototype and started building a second.
The prototype hadn't even made a test flight before being captured by the Russian Army and taken to Russia for analysis.
www.rcgroups.com /forums/showthread.php?t=294293   (3215 words)

 Designation Systems
(Example: the SH-2F uses the H to indicate it is a helicopter.
The F-16A is a regular aircraft, and does not have a vehicle type designator).
G - Glider H - Helicopter S - Spaceplane V - VTOL/STOL Z - Lighter than air BASIC MISSION: This is the most important designator.
www.hazegray.org /faq/designat.htm   (3018 words)

 Royal Air Force Museum Aircraft Thesaurus - Henschel
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Unidentified
You may freely download this page for non-profit use, but must acknowledge the Trustees of the Royal Air Force Museum in any output in which it is used.
The Museum acknowledges the work of MDA in converting this resource for use on the Web.
www.mda.org.uk /aircraft/9989.htm   (79 words)

 132 Items
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AG JEANS Adriano Goldschmied CLUB JEANS SAKS $132 sz 25
1961 Topps #132 Al Lopez PSA 8 NMMT
www.sumountaineers.com /132__87369128S.html   (225 words)

 The Virtual Aviation Museum - Henschel Hs 132
The Virtual Aviation Museum - Henschel Hs 132
[Technical Data] [Expo/Images] - [ Henschel] [ Experimentals 1939-1945]
Please read the complete explanation in the impressum.
www.luftfahrtmuseum.com /htmi/itf/hs132.htm   (65 words)

 Henschel Hs 132   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Hs 132 was a jet-engined dive bomber.
The pilot lay prone in a small fuselage; the single engine was carried on the back, and the aircraft was fitted with twin tail fins.
Year: 1945 Crew: 1 Engines: 1 * 800kg BMW 003A-1
www.csd.uwo.ca /~pettypi/elevon/gustin_military/db/ger/HS132HEN.html   (57 words)

 for luftwaffe who want more german planes - Topic Powered by eve community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Although i bet alot of them seen more service then the go229 and the i185 ta152 only one combat mission seeing no enemy engaugements
If you are refering to the Ta 152 H 1 think your exaggerating just a little.
Ta 152 H1 did see service with JG 301 and has around nine or ten victories to it's credit and some losses.
forums.ubi.com /groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/23110283/m/573106993/p/2   (1446 words)

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