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Topic: Herbie Hancock

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In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  LegacyRecordings.com: Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock will always be one of the most revered and controversial figures in jazz -- just as his employer/mentor Miles Davis was when he was alive.
Having studied engineering and professing to love gadgets and buttons, Hancock was perfectly suited for the electronic age; he was one of the earliest champions of the Rhodes electric piano and Hohner clavinet and would field an ever-growing collection of synthesizers and computers on his electric dates.
Alas, Hancock had to break up the band in 1973 when it ran out of money, and having studied Buddhism, he concluded that his ultimate goal should be to make his audiences happy.
www.legacyrecordings.com /Herbie-Hancock.aspx   (549 words)

 Herbie Hancock
Hancock's tune has a couple of swinging, funky sections, and the very end is unsettling and chilling, but by then you've sat through a lot of mind-numbing mood music.
Hancock does switch to piano long enough to deliver a brilliant solo on Bennie Maupin's otherwise lackluster "Sansho Shima." The band is largely unchanged, but Ray Parker Jr.
Hancock mostly confines himself to atmospheric synth washes and occasional noodling, leaving so much open space the disc often has a New Age feel, though a couple of tunes are so singleminded and simpleminded they manage to be actively annoying ("Alphabeta").
www.warr.org /hancock.html   (3832 words)

  NPR's Jazz Profiles: Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock is arguably the most influential practitioner of modern jazz piano since Thelonious Monk.
Hancock and the other members of the quintet formed a dynamic relationship with Miles whereby both group and leader pushed each other to new musical heights.
Hancock continues to balance the acoustic and electric, the tradition and the modern.
www.npr.org /programs/jazzprofiles/archive/hancock.html   (1106 words)

  Herbie Hancock - Music Downloads - Online
Bio: Herbie Hancock will always be one of the most revered and controversial figures in jazz -- just as his employer/mentor Miles Davis was when he was alive.
Having studied engineering and professing to love gadgets and buttons, Hancock was perfectly suited for the electronic age; he was one of the earliest champions of the Rhodes electric piano and Hohner clavinet and would field an ever-growing collection of synthesizers and computers on his electric dates.
Alas, Hancock had to break up the band in 1973 when it ran out of money, and having studied Buddhism, he concluded that his ultimate goal should be to make his audiences happy.
musicstore.connect.com /artist/499/Herbie-Hancock/1000885.html   (646 words)

 Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock was born April 12, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois, into a musical household.
Although during his early years Hancock was encouraged by his parents to listen to classical music, his interest turned to jazz in his high school years.
With this group Hancock began to pioneer what would later be called fusion as he, through his original compositions, melded ideas of funk and rock with jazz.
afgen.com /herb.html   (551 words)

 Herbie Hancock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Hancock is one of jazz music's most important and influential pianists and composers.
Hancock also developed a unique taste for "orchestral" accompaniment with stark contrasts then unheard of in jazz (listen to one of the famous live versions of "My Funny Valentine" recorded by the quintet).
Dis is da drum is a 1995 album by herbie hancock....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/h/he/herbie_hancock.htm   (6804 words)

 Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock has not only changed the face of music in this century, but he continues to amaze and expand the public's vision of what music, particularly jazz, is all about today.
Hancock has attained an enviable balance of commercial and artistic success, arriving at the point in his career where he ventures into every new project motivated purely by the desire to expand the boundaries of his creativity.
Hancock embarks on yet another chapter of his career in 1998 with the launch of Hancock Records, an artist-driven imprint under the Verve Records umbrella headed by Hancock and David Passick.
www.grinnell.edu /publicrelations/bucksbaum/herbie.html   (1684 words)

 Herbie Hancock - Verve Records   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Herbie Hancock’s 40-year career as a recording artist is graced by a series of astonishing musical landmarks.
Hancock probes the essence of Gershwin’s muse in exciting new contexts, from the opening "Overture", with its African drum extrapolation of "Fascinating Rhythm", through the final, heartfelt solo treatment of "Embraceable You".
That Hancock should devote such energy and commitment to such Gershwin material as "It Ain’t Necessarily So", "The Man I Love", "Summertime", and "Prelude in C# minor", as well as the complementary pieces from other composers, is another example of his lifelong quest for new ways to express his own profound creativity and adventurous spirit.
www.vervemusicgroup.com /verve/artist.asp?aid=2846   (1028 words)

 Herbie Hancock Biography
Because of his crossover work, Herbie Hancock is one of the more famous jazz musicians in history, second to only Miles Davis from 1960-present.
Hancock had 11 albums chart during the '70s and 17 between 1973 and 1984, including three in 1974, figures that puts him well ahead of any other jazz musician in the '70s and beyond.
During this time, Hancock was beginning to develop his unique style - a lyrical style that blends gospel, bebop, and blues.
airjudden.tripod.com /jazz/herbiehancock.html   (488 words)

 Music Directory: Hancock, Herbie
Hancock, Herbie - The Official Website - Includes updated information on Herbie's touring, studio activities, and new releases as well as interactive discussion groups, photos, biography, discography, awards, interviews, and links to his interests including Buddhism and classic cars.
Old ally Herbie Hancock has chosen to salute her music in a way that both does her depth justice and beats its own way into the songs.
When pianist Herbie Hancock released The New Standard (Verve, 1996)—an album of radically reworked pop tunes by artists ranging from Peter Gabriel to Prince—it wasn’t exactly revolutionary, but it was the first time a major jazz artist had devoted an entire album to contemporary popular song.
www.herbie-hancock.com   (559 words)

 herbie hancock - discographie
Du Hancock ambitieux, qui se lance corps et âme dans l'électrique c'est à ne rater sous aucun prétexte.
La suite on la connaît tous à peu près: de "Head hunters" à; "Rock it", il y a des hauts et de bas chez le Herbie Hancock électrique.
Ici, on ne se laisse pas avoir par la facilité et le son de l'électronique est encore tout chaud.
www.djouls.com /herbiehancock   (308 words)

 Billboard.com - Discography (more) - Herbie Hancock - An Evening With Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea: In Concert
Since Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock had by 1978 spent several years mostly playing electric keyboards, their acoustic duet tour surprised many listeners who thought that they would always specialize in fusion.
Herbie Hancock Trio [1981] Released: June, 27, 1981
The Herbie Hancock Trio [1977] Released: July, 13, 1977
www.billboard.com /bbcom/discography/more.jsp?tp=albums&pid=6679&aid=127739   (280 words)

 JamBase | Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock is a true icon of modern music.
Herbie's success at expanding the possibilities of musical thought has placed him in the annals of this century's visionaries.
With an illustrious career spanning five decades, he continues to amaze audiences and never ceases to expand the public's vision of what music, particularly jazz, is all about today.
www.jambase.com /search.asp?bandID=8615   (129 words)

 Herbie Hancock: News
Herbie Hancock statement on the passing of Ed Bradley...
Herbie Hancock to perform at Grammy Awards with Christina Aguilera...
Herbie and Christina Aguilera to perform on Ellen on Friday, Oct. 7th...
www.herbiehancock.com /news   (197 words)

 Herbie Hancock Tickets - Herbie Hancock Concert Tickets
Herbie Hancock tickets may be purchased using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.
In the event the Herbie Hancock show is cancelled, you will have 30 days from the cancellation date to request a refund from our office.
Due to the fact that Vivid Seats is a private company not affiliated with Herbie Hancock or any venue or promoter for the Herbie Hancock tour, we are unable to give refunds for shows that are postponed or rescheduled.
www.vividseats.com /concerts/herbie-hancock-tickets.html   (357 words)

 Amazon.com: Head Hunters: Music: Herbie Hancock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Keyboardist Herbie Hancock's remarkable career took a surprising turn with this funk album--one of the first jazz albums to be certified gold.
Hancock's already-storied career had included an extended tenure with Miles Davis as a member of both the classic quintet of the '60s and the trumpeter's groundbreaking electric dates.
Hancock traded in his sophisticated piano performances and complex compositions for simple melodies, slow-burn funk grooves, and light electric keyboard splashes.
www.amazon.com /Head-Hunters-Herbie-Hancock/dp/B000002AGP   (2323 words)

 PBS - JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns: Selected Artist Biography - Herbie Hancock
Born into a musical family, Herbie Hancock began studying the piano at the age of seven, and four years later performed the first movement of a Mozart concerto with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a young people's concert.
Influenced by Davis' earlier fusion recordings, in which Hancock had participated, the sextet was notable for its colorful doubling of instruments, tasteful blend of acoustic and electronic sounds, and mastery of compound meters.
Although Hancock returned occasionally to jazz projects from the late 1970s, particularly with his band V.S.O.P. and his piano duos with Chick Corea, some critics felt that his inventiveness and clarity of development had suffered as a result of his extended absence from the jazz scene.
www.pbs.org /jazz/biography/artist_id_hancock_herbie.htm   (629 words)

What's even more remarkable about Herbie's 70s output is the inspiration and inexhaustible supply of samples he provided for the generations of hip hop and dance music artists that followed almost twenty years after these recordings were at their peak popularity.
In yet another innovative stylistic move, Herbie reunited with Bill Laswell in the creation of a 21st Century collaboration with some of the young hip-hop and techno artists who have drawn on his massive influence to create their own music of the future.
Herbie also serves as Institute Chairman of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, the foremost international organization devoted to the development of jazz performance and education worldwide.
www.myspace.com /herbiehancock   (2085 words)

 Herbie Hancock
Hancock went on to earn degrees in both engineering and music at Grinnell in 1960, moving to New York immediately afterwards at the invitation of jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd.
Ultimately Hancock was forced to dissolve his sextet as a result of financial difficulties, and in 1973 he created a new project oriented in a much more commercially viable funk direction.
During the late 70s Hancock was also involved in several solo and duo projects, such as his acoustic album succinctly titled The Piano (1978), a collection of duets with Chick Corea (also 1978) and several collaborations with bassist Ron Carter.
www.nndb.com /people/181/000024109   (1566 words)

 Herbie Hancock News: liveDaily Interview: Herbie Hancock >> liveDaily
Herbie Hancock (music) has played with some of the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century during a storied career that has spanned five decades.
Hancock hardly played it safe with this project, which will be a joint release on Starbucks' Hear Music label, Hancock Music and Vector Records.
Hancock assembled a wildly diverse, and potentially dangerous, assortment of talent from both the pop and rock realms for the album.
www.livedaily.com /interviews/liveDaily_Interview_Herbie_Hancock-8360.html?t=1   (1747 words)

 Amazon.ca: Secrets: Music: Herbie Hancock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Originally released in 1988, this was the third installment in Herbie Hancock's electronic trilogy (the first two were 1983's Future Shock and Soundsystem, which followed a year later).
Compared to Hancock's last three records (headhunters, thrust, and man-child), Secrets seems to show itself as being less creative and energetic.
It still has a lot of funk to it, but for the most part the album is toned down and a bit bland at times, leaving you with repetitve parts you wish would shift.
www.amazon.ca /Secrets-Herbie-Hancock/dp/B00000257O   (352 words)

 Hancock, Herbie mp3 song downloads
Hancock, Herbie - This Is Rob Swift mp3
Hancock, Herbie - My Man's Gone Now mp3
Hancock, Herbie - Aung San Suu Kyi mp3
hancock-herbie.soccernova.com   (185 words)

 Herbie Hancock : Rolling Stone
Deep in the mix of "Dis Is Da Drum," the title track of Herbie Hancock's first original work in more than a decade, a professorlike voice proclaims, "This is the drum that brings the good spirits." The voice is presumably talking about an African drum, an instrument that's reduced to a strangely...
For many fans and critics, jazz that is dissonant, demanding, and rhythmically complex is to be cheered, while jazz that is funky and direct is to be scorned.
As such, the jazz community remains baffled and bemused by Herbie Hancock, a gifted composer and keyboardist who succe...
www.rollingstone.com /artists/herbiehancock   (194 words)

 Herbie Hancock CDs, Herbie Hancock Records, CD Singles, Rare Records, Vinyl, Albums, Discography
HERBIE HANCOCK The Spook Who Sat By The Door (80s US stereo issue of the 1973 14-track LP featuring music from the soundtrack to the film, picture sleeve.
HERBIE HANCOCK Head Hunters (US 4-track vinyl LP, originally released in 1973, a key release in Hancock's career and a defining moment in the genre of jazz fusion; for this release Hancock decided against the use of guitar altogether, favouring i nstead the clavinet, one of the defining sounds on the album.
HERBIE HANCOCK I Thought It Was You (1978 UK 2-track CBS label vinyl 12" single featuring the 8 minutes 54 seconds full length album version, also including No Means Yes both taken from the 'Sunlight' album, housed in a picture sleeve.
eil.com /shop/artistlist.asp?artistname=herbie-hancock   (1406 words)

 Amazon.com: Possibilities: Music: Herbie Hancock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The album is a series of inspired encounters between Herbie Hancock and world-renowned musicians – including John Mayer, Sting, Trey Anastasio, Annie Lennox, Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan, Santana and Angelique Kidjo, Paul Simon, Christina Aguilera, Jonny Lang, Joss Stone, and Raul Midon.
If you are a Hancock fan who wants to hear him to best advantage, you'll have to satisfied on much of POSSIBILITIES with nice acoustic piano solos that sound overdubbed after-the-fact onto tracks he otherwise doesn't seem to be much involved in.
In my opinion, this CD would have been a more effective Herbie Hancock album if it had a 50/50 mix of the most successful vocal/piano collaborations with instrumentals that allow Herbie to be the star of his own show (ala recent Santana albums that were roughly a half-Santana, half Santana-with-guests split).
www.amazon.com /Possibilities-Herbie-Hancock/dp/B000AARK2Q   (1624 words)

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