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Topic: Heredia Province

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Heredia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Heredia is a city in north-central Costa Rica, the capital of Heredia Province.
Heredia is a sister city of Marietta, Georgia in the United States.
Heredia also is home to one of Costa Ricas largest colleges, the National University of Costa Rica, that accepts a lot of international students.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Heredia   (152 words)

 Heredia (province) - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Heredia (province)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Province of northeast Costa Rica, bordering the Caribbean Sea to the east and Nicaragua to the north; area 2,657 sq km/1,026 sq mi; population (1996) 270,100.
The capital is Heredia, in the extreme south of the province.
The province is watered by the tributaries of the San Juan River which flows through the north of the province, where much of the land is low lying and marshy.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Heredia%20%28province%29   (186 words)

 NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: Heredia province
The province covers an area of 2,657 km², and has a population of 354,732 (2000).
Provinces of Costa Rica Costa Rica consists of seven provinces: Alajuela (central; north of capital San José) Cartago Guanacaste (north-west) Heredia Limón (Caribbean coast) Puntarenas (south-west) San José (Area around capital) Ranked list by population (as of 2000) Ranked list by area Ranked list by population density Categories: Central America geography...
Heredia is a (The proper sphere or extent of your activities) province of (A republic in Central America; one of the most politically stable countries in Latin America) Costa Rica.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Heredia-province   (433 words)

 Heredia - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Heredia, city, central Costa Rica, capital of Heredia Province, on the central plateau, near San José.
Heredia, José María (1842-1905), French poet, born near Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, and educated in Havana and Paris.
Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces: San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, Heredia, and Limón.
ca.encarta.msn.com /Heredia.html   (80 words)

 Costa Rica Weather
This province is comprised of the small western tip of the Central Valley that is known for its warm sunny climate but most of the Alajuela Province lies north and west of the countries northern volcanic mountain ranges and covers a territory that runs to the Nicaraguan border.
The portions of the province that cover the highlands of the upper Pacific-facing slopes of the volcanic mountain ranges of Guanacaste and Tilaran have a climate that is cool and moist that provides the needed moisture to sustain verdant cloud forests.
Heredia province covers a segment of the Central Valley and the Central Volcanic Mountain range with the largest portion of its territory located in the northern lowlands, south of Nicaragua.
www.vacationcity.com /costa-rica/weather   (1144 words)

 Heredia, Costa Rica
The geographical variation contained within this province (the smallest of Costa Rica's seven) gives it as wide a range of climatic conditions as any of the provinces, from warm and humid lowlands, to cool and damp highlands, to the mild but seasonally wet and dry Central Valley.
The construction of churches so that the populace could comply with its religious obligations and ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, and funerals was an important criteria in the development of communities during colonial times (in modern times, soccer fields seem to have replaced this function).
With the introduction of coffee to Costa Rica, the fertile southern slopes of Barva Volcano became populated with plantations of this crop.
www.angelfire.com /bc/gonebirding/heredia.html   (1375 words)

 Costa Rica Provinces
The province of San José is the most populated of Costa Rica's seven provinces and is the seat of the nation's capital, the city of San José.
This interior province consists primarily of the Reventazón River valley and the surrounding high mountains to the north (Irazú and Turrialba Volcanoes) and south (Cerro de la Muerte and Mount Chirripó) and is situated practically entirely on the Atlantic side of the continental divide.
Although the entire province lies on the Pacific side of the continental divide, much of its land area is not as severely affected by the annual dry season as is most of Guanacaste province (just to the north on the same side of the country).
www.rentingcostarica.com /Costa-Rica-Provinces.html   (11154 words)

 Costa Rica -Heredia Province
Like the province of Alajuela, Heredia includes a portion of the Central Valley and the Central Volcanic Cordillera, but the majority of its territory lies in the northern lowlands south of Nicaragua.
The construction of churches, so that the populace could comply with its religious obligations and ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, and funerals, was an important aspect of the development of communities during colonial times (in modern times, soccer fields seem to have replaced this function).
In 1706, the first parish church in the Heredia region was erected in Lagunilla, near the village of El Barreal, but in 1717 was moved several kilometers to the north to the site that would become the city of Heredia.
www.toenjoynature.com /COSTA_RICA/PROVINCES/HEREDIA.HTML   (1490 words)

 General Description of Heredia Province, Costa Rica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The issues related to sustainability and biodiversity in the Heredia Province of Costa Rica will be discussed to help facilitate a dialogue among scientists with different persepctives and varying research experiences.
Heredia Province was selected becuase of its readily available data sets which are largely a reuslt of the Organization for Tropical Studies' La Selva research station.
Heredia province is one of seven provinces located in the Republic of Costa Rica.
www.cof.orst.edu /cof/teach/fs507/selva.htm   (164 words)

 Heredia Province Information of Costa Rica
Heredia Province Infomation with facts and numbers about history, location, size, banner, population, the different districts, a map with the cantons, weather, borders, coordinates, capital and the anextion a Costa Rica.
During the pre-Columbian time the southern part of Heredia was occupied by the 'Huertar's Kingdom of Occident', and in the north by the 'Votos'.
In Heredia one can find some industrial zones, as well as the site of the National Center of food distribution CENADA (Centro Nacional de Distribución de Alimentos) But most of the area is dedicated to agriculture growing coffee, vegetables, sugar cane, fruits, corn, beans, dairy-farming, flower and plant exportation.
www.1-costaricalink.com /costa_rica_provinces/heredia_costa_rica.htm   (305 words)

 Heredia Province by the Costa Rica Internet Directory.
Heredia is well known not only for the Saints, also because is province with beard.
This is the name of one of its town full of splendor of the province of Heredia, which was declared as historic town because it maintains antiques houses made by adobe, for this reason we can say that in Barva de Hereida the history and the old Costa Rican traditions are stopped.
Visiting and knowing Heredia will be for the tourist an excellent experience full of surprises in the middle of a combination of typical with the delicious aroma of the that surround this town.
www.costaricainternetdirectory.com /pheredia.htm   (345 words)

 Heredia, Costa Rica - A city guide to Heredia - Go Visit Costa Rica
The capital of Heredia province is the small yet quaint Heredia city, which is just 10 km from Northern San Jose at the foothills of the extinct Brava Volcano.
Another reason for Heredia city’s popularity is the fact that the country’s national university, Universidad Nacional is situated here, which has one of the foremost veterinarian schools in Central America, as well as an outstanding marine biology department.
The perfect location for a quiet getaway, Heredia is a great place to visit because the weather here is mild and temperate all year round, and with its close proximity to Downtown San Jose, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation away from the crowds that often throng most large cities.
www.govisitcostarica.com /region/city.asp?cityID=222   (485 words)

 Intercultura Language School, Heredia, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is situated on the narrow Central American isthmus directly north of Panama, with the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific to the west.
Intercultura is located in the colonial city of Heredia, approximately 20 minutes by bus from the capital city of San José.
The province of Heredia is the coffee-growing capital of Costa Rica, where one can still see loaded ox-carts bringing in the beans from the coffee plantations characteristic of the green mountainsides.
www.interculturacostarica.com /location.html   (516 words)

 Costa Rica General Information - Rent a Car Costa Rica, Solid Car Rental
With a territory of 2.656 km2 and a population of 75 000 inhabitants, Heredia is Costa Rica’s smallest province, town appreciated for its colonial heritage and traditional architecture.
This vast province offers a variety of beaches, national parks and natural reserves of an extraordinary ecological importance, since it is a transition area between the dry tropical lands of Guanacaste and the green forests of the Central Pacific.
The province of Limón possesses a unique culture in Costa Rica, a way of life that may be fully appreciated during the traditional carnivals held each year, an experience of rythms, and euphoric and captivating colors.
www.solidcarrental.com /about_costa_rica.html   (2506 words)

 CPI Spanish School in Heredia Costa Rica.
CPI Heredia, founded in 1991, is located in San Joaquín de Flores.
San Joaquín, a suburb of Heredia, is popular among those who wish to be away from the traffic, pollution and tension of the city, yet still want the advantage of easy access to Costa Rica's capital.
Activities in Heredia include visits to a butterfly farm, a tour of a local coffee plantation, waterfall rapelling, hiking to the Barva Volcano, rain forest canopy tours, river boat excursions to Sarapiquí, as well as trips to museums, theatres, movies, and nightclubs in San José.
www.cpi-edu.com /heredia.htm   (268 words)

 Heredia, Costa Rica, Pictures
It is situated on the Pan-American Highway and on the Costa Rican Railway.
Heredia is the center of an important coffee-growing region; economic activities include coffee processing, livestock trading, and the manufacture of soap and matches.
Founded in 1571, Heredia is one of the oldest cities in the area, but it has declined in importance with the growth of San José.
www.greatestcities.com /Central_America/Costa_Rica/Heredia_city.html   (138 words)

 Heredia Area
This province on the Central Plateau is known as the Land of the Flowers with a landscape full of picturesque little villages, old churches, adobe houses, shady plazas and, as you may guess, wonderful displays of flora and fauna: orchids, bromeliads and mosses, among others.
Located in the occidental side of the Central Valley, it was the homeland of Huetares indians, who left it due to the spanish citizens expantion.
This province has many point of interest such as Coffee Tour of Cafe Britt, all the Vara Blanca Zone, Sarapiqui Touristical Area, Braulio Carrillo National Park with its Aerial Tram, Barva Volcano and many others.
www.costaricatravelsite.com /pages/meseta/heredia1.htm   (207 words)

The Main Campus of Intercultura is in Heredia, close enough to the Costa Rican capital of San Jose to be busy, yet with the friendly atmosphere of a small college town.
The province of Heredia is the coffee growing capital of Costa Rica.
The colonial city of Heredia is approximately 20 minutes by bus from the capital city of San José.
www.rwc.uc.edu /overseas/CostaRica/CostaRicaProgramProfile.htm   (477 words)

 Heredia, Costa Rica
Heredia is one of the seven Costa Rican provinces and also the namesake of one of the largest cities in the country.
The province of Heredia is a mountainous region and known for its coffee covered hills and volcanic national parks.
Heredia is a fine example of a Costa Rican city, boasting most of the amenities of San Jose, but in a more low key environment.
www.travelcostarica.com /heredia.htm   (294 words)

Heredia is a good place to stay if you plan to visit tourist attractions north, northeast, and northwest of San José, such as Barva volcano.
Buses return on the same schedule from C Central/A4 in Heredia.
This seaside town is mainly a connection point to the Nicoya peninsula, via the Paquera ferry and the Playa Tambor ferry.
www.costaricabybus.com /ctytown.html   (1872 words)

On the central plateau, it is a center of the coffee and cattle industries and, with its colonial architecture, a tourist attraction.
Heredia was founded in the 1570s and is the seat of the National Univ.
José María de Heredia - Heredia, José María de, 1842–1905, French poet, a leading exponent of the...
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0823467.html   (218 words)

 Travel - Heredia Costa Rica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Heredia province stretches northeast from San Jose all the way to the Nicaraguan border.
In the Valle Central, the province's chief attractions are dormant Volcán Barva and the nearby Rainforest Aerial Tram.
Be sure to find a comfortable hotel in Heredia Costa Rica so you can enjoy everything this great city has to offer.
www.find-out.biz /travel/central-america/costa-rica/heredia   (81 words)

 Language Schools Program - Spanish Study and cultural immersion in Heredia
Highlights: The colonial city of Heredia, with a population of 50,000, is located six miles north of San José (approximately 20 minutes by bus).
In the small rural villages and farms surrounding Heredia, students can witness a very different way of life compared to that of the cities.
Closeby and easily accessible from Heredia are volcanoes (best known is Irazu), numerous beaches and the beautiful national parks.
www.languageschoolsguide.com /listingsp3.cfm/listing/13059   (819 words)

 SEARCH - WEB SEARCH - Comcast.net
Rocío Heredia is a self-taught artist of the contemporary Mexican generation specializing in traditional metalsmithing techniques of Chasing and Repousse in...
Heredia designs.com is your best online resource for cutting edge designs; music updates reggaeton radio, reggaeton lyrics, photos, lyrics, artists videos...
Heredia Costa Rica is known for its coffee covered hills and volcanic national parks.
www.comcast.net /qry/websearch?cmd=qry&safe=on&query=heredia&searchChoice=google&safeBox=on   (233 words)

 Province of Heredia Tourism - Province of Heredia Vacation Reviews - Province of Heredia Vacations - TripAdvisor
Be the first to create a Province of Heredia goList.
Heredia: After Bosque del Cabo..some ideas for the next 4 days (no replies, 6:39 pm, Apr 10, 2006)
Heredia: Mi Casita CABINS in Heredia, Costa Rica (no replies, 8:35 pm, Apr 07, 2006)
www.tripadvisor.com /Tourism-g309254-Province_of_Heredia-Vacations.html   (447 words)

 Costa Rica - Political Flags - Cantonal - Part II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Cantonal party from Canton Montes de Oca, San José Province.
Cantonal party from Canton San José, San José Province.
Cantonal party from Canton Escazú, San José Province.
www.flagspot.net /flags/cr}c1.html   (593 words)

 LPI - Heredia, Costa Rica
Low-lying high mountains thick with tropical forests, spectacular waterfalls, and raging rivers provide settings for a multitude of nature and adventure activities in the Province of Heredia.
The colonial city of Heredia, with a population of 50,000, is located about thirty minutes north of San José.
Heredia sits on the lower slopes of Barva Volcano and some of Costa Rican’s finest coffee grows in the rich volcanic soil of the surrounding country side.
www.lpiabroad.com /cities?pkcity=26&showcity=1   (211 words)

 Heredia Province of Costa Rica, Central America - Quality Coffee and Dairy Country
High mountains thick with tropical forests, spectacular waterfalls, and raging rivers provide settings for a multitude of nature and adventure activities in Heredia Province.
The rugged mountains of Braulio Carrillo National Park are characterized by thick forests, deep rivers cutting through steep canyons and countless waterfalls.
Nature is the focal point of activities in these province where you can take a leisurely cable car ride through the rain forest canopy, hike rugged forest trails, or challenge white water rapids.
www.1costaricalink.com /eng/web/provh.htm   (164 words)

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