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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Hermann Oberth: Father of Space Travel
Hermann Julius Oberth, born June 25, 1894 in the Transylvanian town of Hermannstadt, is, along with the Russian Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and the American Robert Goddard, one of the three founding fathers of rocketry and modern astronautics.
Hermann Oberth stated it best when he wrote that one of the most important things he learned in his years as an enlisted medic, was that he "did not want to be a doctor”.
Hermann Julius Oberth died in a Nuremberg hospital in West Germany on December 29, 1989 at the age of 95.
www.kiosek.com /oberth   (1175 words)

 Hermann Monument, New Ulm, MN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
One of New Ulm's best-known attractions is the Hermann Monument, commonly known as "Hermann the German".
In 1885 at a meeting of the grand lodge of the Sons of Hermann in Philadelphia, it was determined that it was proper to erect such a monument in the city of New Ulm, where the designer and architect (Julius Berndt) resided, and had bought a site for such a monument.
Hermann himself is 32 feet, from the base to the tip of his sword.
www.newulmtel.net /history/stories/herman.html   (617 words)

 The Journal Online - All About Hermann
Hermann has been a fixture on the masthead of The Journal newspaper for many years, so it was only natural that this element be included in The Journal's online website.
The Hermann Monument in New Ulm was the vision of Julius Berndt, one of the pioneer settlers of New Ulm.
The National Convention of the Sons of Hermann was held in New Ulm, and representatives from 23 states were in attendance.
www.oweb.com /newulm/journal/text/hermann.html   (1827 words)

 Hermann Park Golf Course
Hermann Park Golf Course started a rich tradition of golfing excellence that has prospered for more than 70 years.
Hermann Park Golf Course was the first public golf course in America to welcome all races.
October 15, 1997, Houston-based BSL Golf Corporation, with the assistance of renowned golf architect Carlton Gipson, was selected to work in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Department and Friends of Hermann Park to restore the grand course for the next century.
www.houstontx.gov /municipalgolf/hermann/index.html   (314 words)

 Hermann Hill Vineyard & Inn Three Mile Walk
Hermann was founded in 1836 by the German Settlement Society of Philadelphia.
He was buried in the remotest part of the Hermann Cemetery on East Hill, and it was declared that no one could be buried within 75 feet of his grave.
During Hermann's sesquicentennial celebration in 1986, a court of inquiry was formed to hear Bayer's case.
www.hermannhill.com /walk/history.htm   (581 words)

 Hermann Huppen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Hermann is born in 1938 in Bévercé near Liège.
Hermann has also created many non-series graphic novels sometimes together with his son Yves H. One of them, Liens de Sang, wit ha story by Jean Van Hamme, was later filmed as The Wedding Party by Dominique Deruddere.
Hermann is characterized by a realistic style and stories that are both sombre and angry, with a sense of disillusion with regards to the human character in general, and current society more specifically.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hermann_Huppen   (435 words)

Karl Hermann Hesse was not only district doctor, state councillor, and patriarch of pioneer Weissenstein, but was a colorful, jolly Pietist who was "fond of skating at fifty and continued to tend to his garden at eighty."
Hermann Gundert was probably the most interesting and unusual of Hesse's immediate family.
Hermann Gundert was a scholar who devoted his time to Indological Studies, to a Malajalam translation of the Bible, a Malajalam grammar, and the completion of his Malajalam lexicon.
www.gss.ucsb.edu /projects/hesse/life/jennifer.html   (5017 words)

 Hermann Hesse - Books and Biography
Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) was born into a family of Pietist missionaries and religious publishers in the Black Forest town of Calw, in the German state of Wüttenberg.
Hesse's mother, Marie Gundert, was born in Talatscheri, India, as the daughter of the Pietist missionary and Indologist, Hermann Gundert.
Hesse's books have gained readers from the New Age movements and he is still one of the bestselling German-speaking writers throughout world.
www.readprint.com /author-46/Hermann-Hesse   (1217 words)

 Comic creator: Hermann
Hermann Huppen, who signs with solely his first name, is one of the most popular Belgian artists.
Hermann soon joined the art studios of Michel Greg.
With Greg as his scenarist, Hermann began the adventure series 'Bernard Prince' in Tintin in 1966.
www.lambiek.net /artists/h/hermann.htm   (417 words)

 Hermann Göring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hermann Wilhelm Göring (also Goering in English) (January 12, 1893 – October 15, 1946) was a German politician and military leader, a leading member of the Nazi Party, second in command of the Third Reich, and commander of the Luftwaffe.
Much of Hermann's very early childhood, including a lengthy separation from his parents when his father took diplomatic posts in Africa and in Haiti (climates ruled too brutal for a young European child), was spent with governesses and with distant relatives.
After his suicide, Hermann Göring was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Conwentzbach in Munich, which runs into the Isar river.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hermann_Goering   (4976 words)

 MPR: Hermann the German rises again
Hermann the German is lowered back into place after a $1 million renovation.
As a crane lifted Hermann skyward, John Fritsche of New Ulm called his son in Louisiana.
He says Hermann is made of sheets of copper, hammered by artisans into the proper shapes.
news.minnesota.publicradio.org /features/2004/11/09_steilm_hermannreturns   (597 words)

 Hermann Park Conservancy
Hermann Park, presented to the City of Houston by George Hermann in 1914, is Houston's most historically significant public green space.
In 2004, FHP changed its name to the Hermann Park Conservancy (HPC) to reflect an institutional and permanent commitment to stewardship of Hermann Park ’s natural resources and physical infrastructure.
In 1993, FHP commissioned a master plan for Hermann Park from Hanna/Olin Partnership of Philadelphia, a landscape architectural group recognized internationally for the excellence of its work in public parks around the United States and Europe.
www.hermannpark.org /history_hpc.html   (719 words)

 Hermann Books - Signed, used, new, out-of-print
One of the definitive writers of the 20th century, Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse developed a strikingly original view of culture and humanity through such novels as Demian, Siddhartha, and Narcissus and Goldmund.
In it he tells the story of a world-famous painter whose wealth and fame should make him a happy man, but he is trapped in an empty marriage and all but destroyed by it.
Hermann Broch achieved international recognition for his brilliant use of innovative literary techniques to present the entire range of human experience, from the biological to the metaphysical.
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/Hermann   (1089 words)

 Kopfler & Hermann - Attorneys At Law
Located near New Orleans, LA, with offices on the top of one of the financial centers of downtown Houma, La., Kopfler and Hermann serve a variety of injured and damaged clients, whether individuals or businesses, throughout the Gulf Coast region.
Joseph G. Kopfler and Jerry L. Hermann formed the firm in 1992 to combine their successful solo practices.
With 50 years of combined courtroom experience, Kopfler and Hermann are able to provide quality and effective legal representation to their clients, with a commitment to justice through hard work, achievement-oriented results and client-friendly service.
www.kopflerhermann.com   (286 words)

 Hermann, Missouri near the Katy Trail
Hermann is not directly on the Katy Trail, but it is less than 3 miles from the trail and a popular destination due to its charm and character.
The bridge to Hermann is very narrow and should only be attempted by experienced cyclists who are not rattled by the idea of cruising next to a railing high above the river as cars rush past.
But the good news is that many of the local BandB's will give their guests a ride to and from the McKittrick trailhead, or will escort riders across the bridge.
www.bikekatytrail.com /hermann.asp   (939 words)

 Hermann News
HERMANN Amid wooded bluffs adorned in reds, oranges and yellows in Missouri's Rhine Valley, pure oompah is pumping 'til the break of dawn.
WHAT: Octoberfest 2006 in Hermann continues this weekend and next, with historic and museum tours beginning at 8 a.m., the beer garden opening at 2 p.m., live music at several locations in the afternoon, plus...
At Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, inologist Tavis Harris uses a refractometer to check sugar content in a batch of Vignole grape juice that was picked during the night.
www.topix.net /city/hermann-mo   (589 words)

 Historic Hermann, MO, Heart of Missouri Wine Country
Hermann has been in the forefront of the Missouri wine industry since 1837, a year after the town was founded.
Hermann has several museums that add to the town's appeal as a tourist destination.
Hermann has been celebrating Maifest since the early 1870s, when the event was an end-of-school picnic.
www.hermannmissouri.com   (929 words)

 Hermann Hesse Winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize in Literature
Hermann Hesse Winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize in Literature
Hermann Hesse Poems (in german) (submitted by lothar steidle)
Hermann Hesse Studies in India (submitted by Raman Nair)
almaz.com /nobel/literature/1946a.html   (271 words)

 Hermann Hill Newsletter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Hermann Hill's Norton grapes are picked by hand for Stone Hill's 2005 port wine.
Hermann Hill had a record Norton grape harvest, which resulted in 6.6 tons being delivered to Stone Hill Winery* the second weekend in October.
The Hermann Vintners Association is sponsoring a special holiday event November 19 and 20.
www.hermannhill.com /newsletter/05nov-news.htm   (1508 words)

 Monthly Calendar in Hermann Missouri MO
Hermann is the BandB capitol of Missouri with over forty BandBs and 5 area wineries.
Hermann has a long history of German Bands and this is a tax funded band of musicians from Hermann and the surrounding area.
The Hermann Area Crusade Against Cancer is part of the Community Foundation of the Hermann Area, which is a tax-exempt entity.
www.hermannmissouri.com /monthly.htm   (10032 words)

 Charming Missouri Bed and Breakfast :: Missouri Lodging :: Hermann Missouri
Overlooking historic Hermann, Missouri just an hour from St. Louis, Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn is for guests who like to travel first class.
Sited on a bluff and surrounded by vineyard, the backdrop for your stay is an ever-changing panorama of Hermann and the Missouri River Valley.
But while Hermann Hill Inn is a traditional bed and breakfast inn, Hermann Hill Village enables guests to customize their stay.
www.hermannhill.com   (321 words)

 Hermann Cohen
Hermann Cohen, Systematizer of Ethical Monotheism Hermann Cohen was probably the most important Jewish philosopher of the nineteenth century.
Hermann Cohen agreed with Kant that ethics had to be universal.
Hermann Cohen's influence on modern nineteenth-century Jews was tremendous.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/biography/HermannCohen.html   (652 words)

 Bible Study - Hermann
Many are familiar with "In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be enrolled" (Luke 2:1 RSV).
The reason for that was that the mighty, highly-disciplined Roman Legions were never able to defeat the fierce, "whatever works" Germanic warlords, one of the best known of which was Hermann.
Hermann, known to the Romans as Arminius, led a force of Germanic warriors that annihilated three full Roman legions under the command of Publius Quinctilius Varus in Germany's Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD, at the time when Jesus Christ was just entering His teenage years (Christ was actually born about 4 BC) back in Israel.
www.keyway.ca /htm2002/20020329.htm   (626 words)

 Historic Hermann, Inc, German School Museum in Hermann, Missouri
istoric Hermann is committed to preserving and interpreting the collective heritage of Hermann, Missouri and its environs.
There's a wonderful collection of early memorabilia and the docents on staff are eager to share the history of the area as well as describe what's in the collection.
Historic Hermann is planning a major auction fund raiser in September 9, 2006 so watch this web site for more details on that event coming soon.
www.historichermann.com   (489 words)

 Al Hermann's home page
Hermann, A. Hinckley, B. Megrey and P. Stabeno.
Interannual variability of the early life history of walleye pollock near Shelikof Strait, as inferred from a spatially explicit, individual-based model.
Modeling the possible impact of climate change on the survival of larval walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) in the Gulf of Alaska.
www.pmel.noaa.gov /~hermann   (868 words)

 Hermann J. Muller - Biography
Hermann Joseph Muller was born in New York City on December 21, 1890.
His grandparents on his father's side were of artisan and professional background and, though at first Catholics, had emigrated from the Rhineland during the wave of reaction of 1848 to seek the greater freedom of America.
Hermann J. Muller died on April 5, 1967.
nobelprize.org /nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/1946/muller-bio.html   (1787 words)

 About Houston > Exploring Hermann Park
While in Hermann Park you can play at Hermann Park Golf Course or take the family to Miller Outdoor Theatre, the Houston Zoo, the Museum of Natural Science, IMAX Theatre, Planetarium, Japanese Gardens, Rose Garden, and more.
In July 2005, the Hermann Park Conservancy and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department were selected as the joint recipients of a General Design Award of Excellence from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).
The award honored the dramatic physical improvements made in recent years to the area of Hermann Park known as the Heart of the Park.
www.houstontx.gov /abouthouston/exploringhermann.html   (303 words)

 Hermann Hesse - Biography and Works
Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), German poet and novelist, who has depicted in his works the duality of spirit and nature, body versus mind and the individual's spiritual search outside the restrictions of the society.
Hermann Hesse was born into a family of Pietist missionaries and religious publishers in the Black Forest town of Calw, in the German state of Wüttenberg on July 2, 1877.
His parents expected him to follow the family tradition in theology.
www.literature-web.net /hesse   (963 words)

 Hermann Nitsch (1938 - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Hermann Wendelborg Hansen, Study (Horse on the Plains), 1923
Hermann Wendelborg Hansen, Winter in the North West, 1924
Hermann Wrede, 1810-1857 Clarinet in C England, (London), about 1815 Boxwood, ivory, brass Overall Length:
wwar.com /masters/n/nitsch-hermann.html   (655 words)

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