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Topic: Hermaphrodite

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  AllRefer Health - Hermaphroditism (Hermaphrodite, Intersexual, Pseudo-Hermaphroditism)
Hermaphroditism is a term referring to being of both sexes (intersexual).
True hermaphroditism requires the presence of both ovarian (female) and testicular (male) reproductive tissue and is relatively rare and poorly understood.
From a medical standpoint, hermaphroditism suggests two factors:
health.allrefer.com /health/hermaphroditism-info.html   (293 words)

  Urban Dictionary: hermaphrodite
hermaphrodite is also commonly, and INCORRECTLY used to mean a person with the secondary sexual traits of one sex, but the sexual organs of the other.
a hermaphrodite is not a super being, and human hermaphrodites often are often born sterile (unable to reproduce) and sometimes lack enough sexual hormones to sexually mature during puberty.
hermaphrodite is an organism of a species whose members possess both male and female sexual organs during their lives.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=hermaphrodite   (518 words)

  Hermaphrodite - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Hermaphrodite was known to be easily angered if not pleased by the people, and many historians believe that Hermaphrodite may have destroyed the Ancient Greek society in one of Its frequent violent rages (later known as PMS).
The Hermaphrodite clones proved to be extremely destructive causing plague and famine throughout the land.
Hermaphrodite was called up in status, being made the god(ess) of love beauty and transsexuality, as a practical joke between the gods.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Hermaphrodite   (1586 words)

 Inner alchemy archives - Hermaphrodite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
I myself have never seen the hermaphrodite as an emasculated male figure, but rather as an entity having its own unique nature.
It does not live in my mind, as an effeminate male figure or a virago, but as a unique type of being.
aka the Hermaphrodite an allusion to the Platonic concept of the
www.levity.com /alchemy/I-hermap.html   (847 words)

Thus, the hermaphrodite imbodies nature's universal polarity on its lower planes, which polarity is an emanation from the non-dual or non-bipolar mental and spiritual realms.
Hermaphrodite; applied to a dual principle containing both the active and passive powers of nature, as the androgyne ray, the Second Logos, Purusha-prakriti, spirit-matter; to a race, such as the second root-race, whose members are physiologically of both sexes; and in biology to certain animals which have dual sex.
The hermaphroditic state is repeated in the developing embryo where the organs of both sexes arise from the same germinal layer of cells, and the differentiation does not occur until near the middle of the viable period of fetal life.
www.experiencefestival.com /hermaphrodite   (2047 words)

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