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Topic: Heroes Are Hard to Find

  Welcome To Heroes Aren't Hard To Find!
It might be a good place to find a late birthday present, which you can just hand to me, since I'll be there anyway.
He was a fan at the 1985 Heroes Convention, his first one, and I had the opportunity to meet him that year.
Heroes Convention 2008 is scheduled for June 20-22 of next year, and we'll be publishing the beginning guest list this week, as well as plenty more.
www.heroesonline.com /index2.htm   (4979 words)

  Die Hard - The Encyclopedia of Pointless
Well, quite a few eighty year old action heroes died, that is. If the villian falls off the roof, watch to make sure he makes a big splash.
It's always better to find him and shoot him right away than let him get up and sneak up on you when you don't need the extra grief.
If you don't, the villian is going to find them and use them to make a really exciting climax, probably involving a hostage situation.
www.eopoint.com /wiki/index.php/Die_Hard   (777 words)

 Mike Looney
Mike Looney, author of the nationally acclaimed book "Heroes Are Hard To Find" offers a few words of advice.
The Dallas-area insurance broker, who is appearing next week at the Ennis Rotary Club, has enjoyed phenomenal success with his baseball-themed novel, “Heroes Are Hard to Find.” It was a book that almost never was.
That’s the theme of Mike Looney’s new book, Heroes Are Hard To Find – and it’s also been a necessary reminder in his efforts to get this work published.
www.mikelooney.com /news.html   (447 words)

 Visible Ink Press : Titles : The Superhero Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic-Book Icons and Hollywood Heroes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Popular heroes of yesteryear were reinvented to meet the demands of a new age.
Heroes that aren’t typically defined as super—Buffy, Hellboy, Sandman, and Spawn—became associated with the word because they possessed superhuman qualities.
Each significant era of the superhero is explored—the Golden Age (1938—1954), the Silver Age (1956—1969), the Bronze Age (1970—1979), and the Modern Age (1980—present)—providing the reader with a perspective of the hero over the twentieth century and beyond.
www.visibleinkpress.com /title.php?id=58   (1399 words)

 Album Heroes Are Hard to Find by Fleetwood Mac - AOL Music
Album Heroes Are Hard to Find by Fleetwood Mac - AOL Music
Songs & Samples: Heroes Are Hard to Find
Everything about the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find' by Fleetwood Mac including album title, track listings, release dates, guest artists, record label info and user reviews on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/fleetwood-mac/4273/album/heroes-are-hard-to-find/7398   (113 words)

 Card Games: Commercial Games
The prime cards are complete heroes; three-card heroes can be constructed from one card from each of the head, body and legs suits.
Within each suit the cards have from 1 to 4 fl or white dots, which determine their fighting strength against monsters, which are heroes formed by the players' discards.
The aim is to collect a set of heroes that is 'balanced', with an equal number of fl and white dots.
www.pagat.com /com   (12437 words)

 TV Network for Primetime, Daytime and Late Night Television Shows — NBC Official Site
Heroes' Greg Grunberg hosts a special preview of the new NBC fall shows!
Enjoying the results of hard work, plus more bonus video!
Guest Banker Trump has a huge surprise for the premiere contestant's son.
www.nbc.com   (239 words)

 See what everyone is saying about Heroes Are Hard To Find
See what everyone is saying about Mike Looney's two novels, Heroes Are Hard To Find and Tickle The Light.
Mike Humphrey, Producer of Heroes Are Hard To Find, soon to be a motion picture
Click here to see what people are saying about his presentation.
www.mikelooney.com /reviews.html   (541 words)

 roleplaying tips for roleplayers and gamemaster roleplaying advice for all roleplaying systems and rpgs
If you're finding combats seem to drag on forever, the first thing you should do is talk it over with your group.
This is not to say that six seconds should be a hard and fast rule; make it a target.
To avoid abuse of this system, training should be expensive, and suitable trainers should be hard to find.
www.roleplayingtips.com /issue303.asp   (4347 words)

 Amazon.com: Heroes Are Hard to Find: Music: Fleetwood Mac   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Amazon.com: Heroes Are Hard to Find: Music: Fleetwood Mac
Click on a tag to find related items, discussions, and people.
Why not be the first to suggest a search for which it should appear?
www.amazon.com /Heroes-Are-Hard-Find-Fleetwood/dp/B000002KC7   (169 words)

 Free Comic Book Day At Heroes Aren't Hard To Find! Get The Full Report!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
But, despite this sad end for the staff, and Phil in particular, all in all this year's Free Comic Book Day was our biggest success yet, with hundreds of people through the doors all day long, tons of smiling faces, happy kids with all-ages books and free sketches, and a streak-free finish you wouldn't believe!
Next up: Heroes Convention 2005, just weeks away, June 24-26th!
And, as of this writing, you can still get that free, exclusive, signed and numbered, limited edition James Jean Fantastic Four print with your early 3-day pass purchase!
www.heroesonline.com /fcbd-05.htm   (656 words)

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