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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Hezbollah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a stated aim of Hezbollah is the removal of the state of Israel, it expresses support and sympathy [10] for the activities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Islamist groups responsible for suicide attacks and armed resistance in Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Hezbollah's secretary general, Abbas al-Musawi, was assassinated on February 16, 1992 by a rocket attack on his motorcade in south Lebanon launched from an Israeli helicopter gunship.
Hezbollah, however, won the biggest number of representatives in its history during the national parliamentary elections of May 2005 and was asked to join the government in July 2005 in the name of national unity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hezbollah   (4484 words)

Hezbollah today is led by Hassan Nasrallah, who styles himself as "secretary-general of the party," a clear sign that the group isn't planning to yield its veneer of respectability any time soon.
Hezbollah and al Qaeda are known to have cooperated in the past, but it doesn't appear they have worked together closely.
Hezbollah's infrastructure within the U.S. has mostly given logistic support a very focused and successful guerilla war against Israel employing terror tactics.
www.rotten.com /library/history/terrorist-organizations/hezbollah   (1383 words)

 "Hezbollah: Between Tehran and Damascus" (February 2002)
Hezbollah had initially rejected the Ta'if Accord, negotiated under American, Saudi and Syrian auspices in 1989, because it apportioned an equal number of parliamentary seats to Christian and Muslim sects and barred Shi'ites from the offices of president and prime minister, precluding the possibility of Hezbollah gaining control over the Lebanese government.
Hezbollah officials informed the Syrians that they would not coordinate with Amal unless they were awarded six seats in Baalbeck-Hermel and six seats of the thirteen Shi'ite seats in the South, allowed to maintain their two seats in Beirut and Baabda, and have a say in the choice of Christian legislators in the South.
Hezbollah's stance on corruption is particularly resonant among Lebanese Shi'ites because the Amal movement arose in the 1970s primarily to challenge the corrupt patronage networks of the traditional feudal lords (zu'ama) who reigned supreme within the community.
www.meib.org /articles/0202_l1.htm   (4172 words)

 ACE OF TRUMP--Trust me, I'm a doctor!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Hezbollah, or the Party of God, holds 12 of the 128 seats in Lebanon’s parliament, and sponsors a broad array of social programs in Shiite areas in Beirut and southern Lebanon.
Hezbollah has maintained a fighting force near the Israeli border, and periodically fires some of the 10,000 missiles it has stockpiled in southern Lebanon at Israeli positions in the disputed Shebaa Farms area along the border.
Hezbollah also bombed an annex of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in 1984, and was responsible for kidnapping several Westerners in Lebanon, including the American journalist Terry Anderson and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy, Terry Waite.
aceoftrumpblog.blogspot.com /2005/05/hezbollah.html   (508 words)

 BBC NEWS | Middle East | Who are Hezbollah?
Hezbollah - or Party of God - emerged in Lebanon in the early 1980s and became the region's leading radical Islamic movement, determined to drive Israeli troops from Lebanon.
Hezbollah was conceived in 1982 by a group of clerics after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
In its early days, Hezbollah was close to a contingent of some 2000 Iranian Revolutionary guards, based in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, which had been sent to Lebanon in 1982 to aid the resistance against Israel.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/middle_east/1908671.stm   (675 words)

 Hezbollah and its Goals
The core of the Hezbollah organization (also spelled Hizballah, Hezbullah and other variants, meaning 'Party of God') in Lebanon comes from 'Iranian Revolutionary Guards' sent to Lebanon in 1982, at the time of Israel's invasion of Southern Lebanaon designed to oust the PLO.
Following the IDF withdrawal from Lebanon in 1985 the Hezbollah organization consolidated itself by establishing storage depots for weapons, recruiting activists and fighters, and providing widespread aid to residents in South Lebanon, such as the donation of money, equipment, and medical supplies.
Hezbollah was responsible for the two explosions in Beirut on October 23, 1983 that killed 241 American Marines and 56 French servicemen sleeping in their barracks.
www.palestinefacts.org /pf_1991to_now_hezbollah.php   (759 words)

 Axis News
Using their connections in PLO they managed to establish contact with Iranian opposition members and radical Lebanese Shiite groups, which also were training in Palestinian camps at that time.
In September 1985 Imad Mughnieh`s (the head of the special operations unit of Hezbollah) militants abducted four employees of the Russian Embassy in Beirut.
He came back to Lebanon in May, 1998, and again unofficially met with Naim Kassem., Posovaluk was conducting the contacts with Hezbollah on behalf of the Russian Foreign Office until he died in the summer of 1999.
www.axisglobe.com /hezbollah1.htm   (1416 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | What is Hezbollah?
After Israel withdrew from Lebanon, Hezbollah was expected to integrate its forces into the Lebanese army and focus on its political and social operations.
Hezbollah says the Shebaa Farms area is occupied Lebanese territory, but Israel, backed by the UN, says the farms are on the Syrian side of the border and so are part of the Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967.
Hezbollah was conceived in 1982 by a group of Muslim clerics after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/middle_east/4314423.stm   (783 words)

 Hezbollah in Profile
Hezbollah is a radical Iranian-backed Lebanese Islamic Shiite group sometimes referred to by its English name, the 'Party of God'.
Hezbollah has been credited with inventing the modern notion and use of 'suicide bombing', and is said to have provided training to terrorist groups HAMAS and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Hezbollah is assessed by many as still posing a significant threat to Israeli and US interests and its international wing has amply demonstrated its capability to conduct major terrorist attacks overseas.
www.aph.gov.au /Library/pubs/rn/2002-03/03rn42.htm   (1102 words)

 The New Yorker: Fact   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The yellow flag of Hezbollah could be seen everywhere; across the top is a quotation from the Koran, from which Hezbollah took its name—"Verily the party of God shall be victorious"—and at the center is an AK-47 in silhouette, in the hand of the Shiite martyr Husayn, a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hezbollah has an annual budget of more than a hundred million dollars, which is supplied by the Iranian government directly and by a complex system of finance cells scattered around the world, from Bangkok and Paraguay to Michigan and North Carolina.
Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors are considered by the governments of Israel, the United States, and Argentina to be responsible for the single deadliest anti-Semitic attack since the end of the Second World War: the suicide truck-bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, in 1994, which left more than a hundred people dead.
www.newyorker.com /fact/content?021014fa_fact4   (8950 words)

 Hizballah (Party of God)
Hezbollah's methods of controlling terrorist organizations in the territories are similar to those characteristic of the involvement of the command centers of Palestinian terrorist organizations abroad (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) in the actions of their organizations inside the country.
Hezbollah was established by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who came to Lebanon during the 1982 "Peace for Galilee" war, as part of the policy of exporting the Islamic revolution.
In Israel's view, Hezbollah's activities are part of Iran's overall policy with regard to Israel, which is to fan the flames of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and initiate terrorist activities against Israel, despite the fact that Hezbollah is a Lebanese organization consisting entirely of terrorists from Lebanon, with no national connection to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/para/hizballah.htm   (1221 words)

 Hezbollah May Have “Bright Political Future” in Lebanon, Says Dwight J. Simpson
Hezbollah’s members, Simpson noted, comprise an estimated one-half million to three-quarter million observant Shi’i Muslims living in south Lebanon who are poorly educated and are predominantly peasants, laborers and shopkeepers.
Hezbollah’s 3,500 to 4,000 fighters are trained in Lebanon’s Bekka Valley, he added, and, instead of an air force, navy, tanks or helicopters, have only small arms—rifles, rocket launchers, and hand grenades.
Hezbollah is a multidimensional organization, Simpson explained, describing it as “a social and political organization which has 12 elected parliamentary members.” In addition, he said, many Hezbollah members hold elected positions within local governments.
www.wrmea.com /archives/Sept_2004/0409056.html   (1426 words)

 Hezbollah -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Hezbollah (meaning Party of God) is a political and military party in Lebanon founded in 1982 to fight the IsraelI occupation in southern Lebanon.
Hezbollah's role in the Israeli withdrawal from southern gained the organization respect in Lebanon, particularly among the country's Shia community, which comprises 40% of Lebanon's three million citizens.
However Hezbollah won a number of representatives during the parliamentary elections of May 2005 and managed to join the government in July 2005 in the name of national unity.
www.aljazeera.com /me.asp?service_ID=10029   (1976 words)

 UJC - JCPA Middle East Briefing: Hezbollah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
American officials consider Hezbollah to be one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world, one that has killed, over the past twenty years, more than three hundred Americans.
One of the places that Hezbollah is strongest is in the area of South America known as the Triple Frontier, or Tri-Border area, where Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil meet.
Hezbollah is the best example in the world today of a state-sponsored terror group; it receives most of its budget from the government of Iran, something in the range of a hundred million dollars each year.
www.ujc.org /content_display.html?ArticleID=63594   (1115 words)

 FRONTLINE/WORLD . Lebanon - Party of God . The Story | PBS
"Hezbollah may be the A-team of terrorists and maybe Al Qaeda is actually the B-team," argues Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.
He argues that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization, but a Lebanese resistance movement.
Hezbollah is so entrenched in Lebanon's political system that few Lebanese dare to criticize it openly.
www.pbs.org /frontlineworld/stories/lebanon/thestory.html   (995 words)

 "Hezbollah's West Bank Terror Network" (August-September 2003)
Hezbollah was involved in three major attempts to smuggle arms to the territories.
By mid-2001, however, Hezbollah and the IRGC had begun a far-reaching campaign to directly recruit Palestinians to plan and carry out terror attacks on their behalf.
Return Brigade leaders are required to inform Hezbollah and/or and IRGC commanders immediately before and after their operatives conduct an attack, and financial disbursements are only made in specific amounts and at prearranged intervals after full accounting of previous expenditures.
www.meib.org /articles/0308_l3.htm   (2194 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Hezbollah to attack Israel during Iraq war
The Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, establishing a growing army in southern Lebanon, is planning to launch a major conflict with Israel just as the U.S. prepares to hit Iraq, reports a new intelligence bulletin edited by WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah.
Hezbollah is believed to have more than 4,000 trained soldiers in Lebanon and thousands of agents around the world.
Israeli military officers have warned that Hezbollah, based in southern Lebanon, is just waiting for an opportunity to use missiles and other weapons from Syria and Iran to wreak havoc with the advent of the campaign against Iraq.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=30964   (1191 words)

 TCS Daily - Deconstructing Demonstration Day
Hezbollah, remember, is the 800-pound terrorist gorilla in the Lebanese living room.
Hezbollah is the only Lebanese political party that has 25,000 men under arms.
As it is, Hezbollah can stage a significant "spontaneous" demonstration with its troops alone, and their "families and friends." But it has other extras in the wings.
www.tcsdaily.com /article.aspx?id=030705I   (627 words)

 Hezbollah uses Canada as base
Hezbollah is a radical Shiite group formed in Lebanon in 1982 that is funded by Iran and Syria.
Chrétien declined to condemn Hezbollah after he attended an event at the francophone summit in Beirut two weeks ago that was also attended by the group's leader.
The RCMP has also linked auto theft rings in Ontario and Quebec to Hezbollah, saying that a portion of the criminal proceeds were funnelled to the group, and that luxury SUVs stolen in Canada were being driven by high-ranking Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon.
www.clhrf.com /documents/hezbollah.canada.htm   (774 words)

 Hezbollah: "A-Team Of Terrorists" - CBS News
Hezbollah's supporters say that attack was a response to shelling by U.S. warships of Islamic factions in the Lebanese civil war.
In Lebanon, where Hezbollah runs a network of schools and hospitals and participates in local elections, Nasrallah, a Muslim, is a hero even to the country's Christian President, Emile Lahoud.
Hezbollah has already fired rockets across the border, and U.S. officials believe that in the past two years they've been stockpiling rockets in this area hidden in caves and underground bunkers -- higher quality Iranian rockets that could reach Haifa about fifty miles away.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2003/04/18/60minutes/main550000.shtml   (1794 words)

 Q&A with Barbara Newman on Hezbollah on National Review Online
Hezbollah does have a dozen members in the Lebanese parliament, which shows how smart Hezbollah is; it is trying to go both way by having a political side and a standing terrorist apparatus.
Those who advocate the position that Hezbollah can be brought into a moderate role by dealing with it politically, have never heard the speeches of its charismatic chief, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah when he calls for death to America.
Third, Hezbollah commands a great deal of respect in these quarters because they are regarded as having shown that America is beatable; that in the words of Osama bin Laden it is a paper tiger because it showed it can't sustain casualties when American troops were pulled out of Lebanon after the Marine barracks bombing.
www.nationalreview.com /interrogatory/newman200503110751.asp   (1560 words)

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