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Topic: High Wood

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Wood is the hard, fibrous substance found beneath bark in the stems and branches of trees and shrubs.
The appearance of sawn wood may vary depending on the way in which the wood is cut from the log and on the part of the tree from which the wood is taken.
Wood's strength and stiffness is decreased by a high moisture content, by exposure to high temperatures, and by decay and attack by insects.
www.fix.net /~ggoven/wood.html   (2327 words)

 Wood-Plastic Composites production requires high formulation quality the feeding system   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Pre-dried wood along with resin/regrinds and additives all enter at the throat of a twin screw pelletizing extruder.
Wood enters twin screw extruder throat and is dried within the extruder.
Multi-extrusion application with wood and resin, regrind, and additives on main twin screw extruder with single screw extruders discharging to die head.
www.ktron.com /Technology/Applications/WoodPlastic.cfm   (649 words)

 World War One Battlefields : The Somme : High Wood
High Wood is not large, but was of tremendous significance during the Battle of the Somme.
High Wood was the last of the major woods in the Somme offensive of 1916 to be captured by the British.
The capture of High Wood was essential for further British attacks planned on the 15th of July, and by daylight further troops were thrown in, including the 16th Kings Royal Rifle Corps and the 2nd Worcesters.
www.ww1battlefields.co.uk /somme/high_wood.html   (5461 words)

 Gordon Wood's London high life - World - theage.com.au
More seriously for Wood, he could also have watched the local police as they approached his door on April 3, on behalf of Sydney detectives who believe the former chauffeur of the late Rene Rivkin was also a callous killer who should be brought to trial.
It mirrors the controversy when Wood first arrived in London in 1998 and was appointed as a highly paid consultant to a printing company, described to the board as an experience "turnaround specialist".
Wood's arrest had caused interest inside the office but did not stir much emotion because he wasn't well known among staff, the company's spokeswoman said.
www.theage.com.au /news/world/woods-london-high-life/2006/05/02/1146335720134.html   (1429 words)

 High Wood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
After the wood was cleared, some 101 casualties of the Londons were buried in a shell hole here, around which is a postwar concentration of 3,769 graves, the majority of which are unknown soldiers.
On the south face of the wood, along the Longueval-Martinpuich road, is this memorial to the 47th (London) Division.
Between High Wood and Longueval is this memorial to the "Officers, NCOs and Private soldiers of the 12th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment 'Bristol's Own' who died in action at Longueval and Guillemont July - September 1916".
www.1914-1918.net /sacredground/16Somme/highwood.htm   (628 words)

 Controlling Odors Using High Carbon Wood Ash
A PILOT study on the feasibility of using high carbon wood ash to control composting odor emissions was conducted at a yard trimmings composting facility in Sacramento, California.
Wood ash is a by-product of cogeneration facilities as well as the pulp and paper industry.
High carbon wood ash was produced at the Covanta Energy wood boiler cogeneration facility in Susanville.
www.jgpress.com /BCArticles/2002/030242.html   (1827 words)

 High Wood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A red poppy in High Wood CWGC Cemetery.
The British Fourth Army of Lieutenant General Henry Rawlinson first attempted to capture High Wood on 14 July 1916 during the Battle of Bazentin Ridge.
The task of capturing High Wood had fallen to the 47th (1/2nd London) Division.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/High_Wood   (875 words)

 Woodcarvings of Trout, Bass and Bears
We are located at 8,500 feet, high in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.
High Sierra Woodcarvings is proud to have presented Rick Clunn with his first Big Bass Award.
Ebony, mahogany, and teak are all woods that for centuries have been used for only the finest of woodcarvings.
www.highsierrawoodcarvings.com   (411 words)

 World War One Battlefields : The Somme : High Wood & Area
A separate page covers High Wood itself, with an account of the two months of fighting which were required for the British to finally take the wood.
This is a very high figure, and must reflect the state of the bodies of men who died in 1916, when they were recovered three or more years later, and the difficulty in then identifying them.
This small cemetery is closer to High Wood, lying away from the main road on the opposite side from Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, and a little further towards Bazentin-le-Petit village.
www.ww1battlefields.co.uk /somme/highwoodarea.html   (3317 words)

 Maple Wood Manufacturing High Pressure Laminated Products
High Pressure Laminate is a thermoset paper/plastic composite, where decorative papers are consolidated over phenolic impregnated papers at high temperatures to form a homogeneous laminate.
Laminates are generally.028 to.050 inches thick and have very high impact resistance characteristics as well as resistance to wear and liquid spills.
Wood edges are finished in any one of our large number of standard stains, and custom stain matching is also available for an additional charge.
www.maplewoodfurn.com /frequentlyaskedquestions.htm   (761 words)

 Lucas, Wood Rank High in Foreclosures
Lucas and Wood counties have the dubious distinction of ranking among the highest in the state for foreclosures last year.
Wood ranked lower by that measure, but its increase in foreclosures from the year before was 30 percent, or the third greatest increase among the state's counties.
Wood's was up 273 percent, placing it No. 57.
www.policymattersohio.org /media/TB_Lucas_Wood_rank_high_in_foreclosures_2005_0624.htm   (696 words)

 Former hostage Wood in high spirits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Wood had a thick head of salt-and-pepper hair when he was abducted April 30 by insurgents who called themselves the Shura Council of the Mujahadeen of Iraq and released a DVD showing Wood pleading for Australia to withdraw its troops.
Malcolm Wood said the family did not believe Alexander Downer, Australia's Foreign Minister, when he called them twice to say their brother had been found alive and passed an identity-confirming "proof of life" test correctly identifying his childhood dog, Monty.
Malcolm Wood said the family would honor the promise it made on May 9 to make a "generous donation" to an Iraqi charity -- although the family and the Australian government insists no ransom was paid to secure Wood's release.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2005/06/16/MNwood16.DTL   (548 words)

 Wood Green High School
Wood Green High School is a thriving and vibrant Community.
Wood Green High School, College of Sport has an excellent reputation for the politeness of its pupils and the calm, well-disciplined way everyone approaches their studies.
We are all proud of belonging to the family of Wood Green High School College of Sport, Maths and Computing and it helps us to maintain those very high standards which has made us into one of the best comprehensive schools in the country.
www.woodgreenhigh.sandwell.sch.uk   (464 words)

A quick-drying liquid formulated to strengthen and reinforce decayed or rotting wood.
High Performance Wood Hardener's extra hard resin is dissolved in a solution of solvents.
These solvents carry the resin deep into the pores of the wood where they quickly evaporate leaving behind the hardened resin resulting in hardened wood.
www.minwax.com /products/woodmaint/hardener.cfm   (51 words)

 Tourism at High Wood, poem by Philip Johnstone
High Wood, in the Somme area, indeed became one of the places that was - and still is - frequently visited by tourists.
Even today there are parts of the wood which contain live ammunition and it is unsafe to walk there.
Lack of Push, was the verdict on the Division by High Command and the Divisional Commander was replaced.
greatwar.nl /tourism/tourism.html   (535 words)

 Amazon.ca: House In The High Wood: Books: Jeffrey Barlough   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
"House in the High Woods" along with "Dark Sleeper", his first novel, is set in a 19th century Earth (at least developmentally speaking) that has been plunged into a dark ages of sorts, by an undefined cataclysm (although indications are that it was an extraterrestrial impact).
As for "House in the High Woods" in particular, fans of his first novel will not be disappointed.
THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS is a gothic like, slow moving work that allows the audience to fully comprehend events and the growing horror that absorbed the villagers.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0441008410/booksnbytes-20   (1755 words)

 Maple Wood Manufacturing High Pressure Laminated Products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tops are constructed of a build-up of two sheets of ¾” particle board surfaced with high pressure laminate.
Tops have high impact resistance and durability and can be used in a large range of light industrial or assembly settings.
Static dissipative laminates for electronic assembly are in high demand, but other surfaces such as chemical resistant are also available.
www.maplewoodfurn.com /industrial.htm   (176 words)

 Austin Woods High Quality Wood Furniture - bedroom, office, dining room, living room, finest custom crafted furniture, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
All of our wood finishes are rubbed in the old fashioned way, deep within the grain of each solid wood piece of furniture we construct; Our customers can be assured that investments in high quality custom furniture will apply towards the highest quality of materials available for each custom piece designed and hand crafted.
Owning one-of-a-kind, custom designed, solid wood furniture has value that will last lifetimes to be passed down from generation to generation.
From custom dining sets and tables to armoires and hidden wet bars; from wood and wrought iron consoles to full bedroom sets; from built-in bookshelves to home entertainment centers; Austin Woods can turn your vision into reality, from the understated to the innovative.
www.austin-woods.com   (554 words)

 Maine Wood Turning Inc. -A High Quality Wood Turning Manufacturer-
Sometimes a turning needs to have a very high quality finish and other times it's final configuration is such that the finish is not an issue.
At Maine Wood Turning we will work with you through the quoting and order process to make sure you don't pay for what you don't need and that you receive the best value for the quality you do require.
Producing custom Wood Turnings made to fit your need or application whether it be an industrial turning such as a handle or draw pull, or craft items such as apples or eggs.
www.mewood.com /quality.htm   (305 words)

 Archbishop Wood Catholic High School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Named after James Frederick Wood, a nineteenth century Philadelphia archbishop, the school enjoys its status as one of the premier high schools in its archdiocese.
Though the original blueprints for the school included an auditorium to be built in the space between the separate buildings, budgetary constraints forced plans for the auditorium to be scrapped.
Masterson was the last remaining faculty member that had taught at Archbishop Wood since it opened in 1964, making him one of the longest serving teachers in the Philadelphia archdiocese.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Archbishop_Wood_Catholic_High_School   (661 words)

 Buying a High-Efficiency Wood-Burning Appliance
You might consider a wood stove, a pellet stove or a fireplace, or if your house is large, maybe even a wood furnace.
Emissions from wood smoke can be reduced – indoors and out – by learning to burn more efficiently and by improving your wood-burning practices.
A fireplace insert is like a wood stove but is designed to be installed within the firebox of an existing masonry fireplace.
www.canren.gc.ca /prod_serv/index.asp?CaId=126&PgId=719   (1206 words)

 High Technology Finland 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Extrusions produced from wood and other natural fibre-plastic composites (WPC) are a rapidly growing business in North America, and are gaining increasing attention in Europe and elsewhere.
This chain of multiple processing steps, however, is inherently costly and unecological, as wood and plastic materials are handled separately, heated and cooled, and mixed in a long series of steps using a variety of equipment.
Using virgin polymers and selected wood materials, composites combining specific mechanical characteristics with acoustic and visual properties can be tailored for use in applications such as window and door frames, furniture, automotive and yachting products, and musical instruments.
www.hightechfinland.com /2004/newmaterialsprocess/conenor.html   (752 words)

 Jeffrey E. Barlough ‘The House in the High Wood’ Reviewed by Rick Kleffel
He gave us a novel with Victorian language and sensibilities, and set it in an imaginary wild west that never was, a wild west without guns, but with wooly mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers and subtle and terrifying supernatural entities.
It's set in the same territory, and the town of Salthead that is the setting for the first novel is mentioned tangentially here, but otherwise the novels do not share the same characters or settings.
After a brief (but required by the plot) opening frame, 'The House in the High Wood' moves on to create the small town of Shilston Upcot in the Western mountains of Ayleshire County.
trashotron.com /agony/reviews/barlough-house_high_wood.htm   (612 words)

 Wood Green High School
Each year pupils from Wood Green High School collaborate with pupils from our partner primary schools to produce the highly acclaimed Wednesbury Music Festival.
Our standards are high because we have very high expectations of our pupils.
To take one example, on one day in July, last year, 92 year 10 pupils were in four local primaries assisting with the running of their annual sports days.
www.woodgreenhigh.sandwell.sch.uk /activities.htm   (1641 words)

 Maine Wood Turning Inc. -A High Quality Wood Turning Manufacturer-
We do this by using the latest production methods, manufacturing at high volumes, and controlling the process from the log to the finished turning.
Maine Wood Turning Inc. is a business to business wood products manufacturer, able to produce a variety of custom made wood turnings at your
We know wood, and we know the machinery required to produce high quality, high volume production runs economically for you.
www.mewood.com   (204 words)

 eToys: Wood Doll High Chair with Accessories - Pink from Badger Basket
Every doll needs her very own high chair, especially when it comes with a pretty pink gingham seat liner and a charming heart cut out that complement the white finish.
The tray on this wooden high chair lifts and lowers.
The high chair is an addition to our play kitchen.
www.etoys.com /genProduct.html/PID/2800579/ctid/17   (264 words)

 Deluxe Furniture
This is mounted to the end of a bench seat creating a lounge seat with a back rest.
This is the same as a bench arm with arms at both ends.
It is great for areas in your boat that need a seat that is closed on both ends.
custompontoonboatkitsetc.com /_wsn/page12.html   (249 words)

 makezine.com: Minwax High Performance Wood Hardener
Minwax Wood Hardener is an obnoxious-smelling, toxic, flammable, watery-thin fluid used to treat weathered or rotten window frames and door sills.
It also seals the wood grain, meaning you'll need less paint or stain when finishing porous wood.
Initial sanding of treated pieces may be difficult because Minwax strengthens the wood's surface "fuzz." After an initial smoothing, however, you'll have a surface that can be wet-sanded to a high polish.
makezine.com /pub/tool/Minwax_High_Performance_Wood_Hardener   (386 words)

 High Wood Photography - Wedding Photography, Civil Partnership photography, Portrait Photography
High Wood Photography - Wedding Photography, Civil Partnership photography, Portrait Photography
They can be used to help pay the wedding photography fee, extra prints for you or your family, or, for example, a large framed print for you to hang in your home.
If you are looking for a specific wedding or event portfolio, click on Client Galleries and follow the links.
www.highwoodphotography.co.uk   (145 words)

 High Noon Wood Works - Home
Brand your name, your company name, or your company logo on your property to identify it as yours, or as coming from your shop.
Our irons also work great on wood, leather, and plastic - such as computer cases, and power tools!
Click on any of the images to see the rest of the designs we offer.
www.highnoonwoodworks.com   (123 words)

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