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Topic: High culture

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  High Culture and Popular Culture
The polarization of culture which developed throughout the period of 1400 – 1700 in Western Europe was the result of processes which were expressed in “the growing concentration of wealth, the slow rigidifying of the social order, and the gradual freezing of the groups at the top” (Martines, p.
Evidences of the division between high culture and popular culture abound, and arise in all aspects of the life of this period.
Cultural change arose in the ferment of forming and reforming social groups, in the wake of the dissolution of feudal social structures.
www.wetzoollamb.net /jfpp/joan/essays/culture.html   (2007 words)

  High culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
High culture is a term referring to the cultural milieu and culture consumption of a western society's upper class.
High culture is traditionally the milieu of arts and sciences fostered under the European Renaissance.
Proponents of high culture see it is a force for compassion, dignity, and discipline in the face of modern selfishness and transience.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/High_culture   (634 words)

 Culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
People lacking "culture" often seemed more "natural", and observers often defended (or criticized) elements of high culture for repressing "human nature".culture is different belives on differnt people and the way of the life shared by thge mebers a society.
Cultural invention has come to mean any innovation that is new and found to be useful to a group of people and expressed in their behaviour but which does not exist as a physical object.
Cultural studies developed in the late 20th century, in part through the re-introduction of Marxist thought into sociology, and in part through the articulation of sociology and other academic disciplines such as literary criticism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Culture   (2282 words)

 "High" culture
Both high culture and low culture are minority cultures.
The resulting split between high culture and low culture indicates the sophistication of modernity, not its corruption or disintegration.
A distinctive theme of the book is the plotting of a path between subjective and objective approaches to culture, and the drawing of parallels between the philosophy of culture and the philosophy of science.
www.jahsonic.com /High.html   (936 words)

 Culture - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
High culture can also be found in upper class theater and opera houses, something that doesn't contradict the previous statement.
Popular Culture arises when a whole load of kids, aged 13-18, start dressing the same way and listening to boring monotonous music just because their friends do.
Some of these cultures believe a culture to be something bad, and thus they exclude it from their cultural activities - activities like Cultural Awareness Week.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Culture   (393 words)

 On the Arts: What the market will allow: high culture and the bottom line
Cultural products, as their producers know quite well, tend to fare better with a public whose expectations are fulfilled, not challenged.
Cultural analyst John Seabrook recently described this new mainstream/nonmainstream binary as "no-brow," a buzz that increases in volume as a cultural product, event, personality or trend makes its move from what Seabrook calls the "small grid" to the "big grid" of mass consumption.
This emphasis on a social definition of culture depends on a broader approach, one that is more inclusive of various representations that contribute distinctive points of view, emotional realities and political influence.
www.post-gazette.com /magazine/20000910onarts8.asp   (962 words)

 Is Pop Culture Either? by Ken Myers
Cultural institutions, traditions, and artifacts developed as means of encouraging members of a society to respect its taboos, to obey its laws, and to become the sort of person whose character served the common good by conforming to a view of the good that the society held in common.
Cultures were also deliberately intergenerational; cultural artifacts were ways of handing down to the coming generation the commitments and beliefs of the passing generation.
Culture is not a legacy that is transmitted and received, it is a commodity that is consumed.
www.mtio.com /articles/aissar42.htm   (2515 words)

 Bad Subjects: Introduction: The Use Value of High Culture
High culture is not much concerned with how people make use of great works of art.
What we know of as high culture and the great masterpieces of art are really just the preferred culture of a particular minority group within society —; but a minority with the power to enforce its taste preferences, to impose its own values and standards and interests upon others.
However, the multicultural critique of the exclusionary and biased nature of the canons of high culture as we have known them rarely challenges the more fundamental basis of the canon, the belief that value resides in objects rather than in their uses.
bad.eserver.org /issues/1994/11/intro.html   (1271 words)

 Improving School Culture
Centennial High School is located in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, and serves 1,483 students in grades 9-12.
Improvement efforts are of high priority, should be ongoing and should be driven by the results of effective schools research.
All staff have been informed about the need for improvement, understand that improvement is of high priority, have been introduced to the effective schools research as a resource for improving instruction and student performance, and have in some way been involved in the improvement process.
www.nwrel.org /scpd/sirs/1/snap2.html   (1004 words)

 High/Low: Culture, Class, Technology
Low culture is characterized as the "popular" or unofficial culture—that which society’s arbiters of taste despise, cultural pages of newspapers ignore and senators deign to debate.
However, this culture overwhelms quantitatively the high culture, the "serious" culture which textbooks and historical presentations uphold as our "cultural heritage." High culture receives money from national departments of cultural affairs; its originators sit in academies and societies and are awarded with stipends and Nobel Prizes.
Although a minority, high culture is important, as it is associated with the group that by its cultural position wields power over official taste.
www.usc.edu /dept/LAS/general_studies/TO/Conferences/2000/mainpage.html   (328 words)

 High Culture - Chapter 10
For their part, younger smokers insist that the environment surrounding the use of marijuana is now healthier than it used to be, since the drug has been demystified and desanctified to the point where today it is almost free from the old attitudes of fear and paranoia.
At the same time, the cultural changes had occurred so quickly that many smokers retained private doubts about the effects of marijuana on their health, even as they publicly mocked antipot propaganda.
Marijuana culture during the sixties enjoyed special trappings such as strobe lights, underground "comix," psychedelic poster art, fl lights, candles, flavored rolling papers, and incense—whose main purpose was to mask the smell of the smoke.
www.psychedelic-library.org /high_culture10.htm   (5590 words)

 Chinese Cultural Studies: Understanding "Culture"
One meaning of "culture" is "high culture", by which we often mean the artistic tastes of a society's educated elite - for instance in New York, going to the Opera, or to the Museum of Modern Art might be considered "cultural" activities.
Anthropologists have let us understand that the culture of a people can be understood as the system of shared ideas and meanings, explicit and implicit, which a people use to interpret the world and which serve to pattern their behavior.
I suggest that to understand New York, one has to become conscious that along with the general American culture, and along with all the myriad ethnic sub-cultures of the city, there is a set of shared knowledge, assumptions, and mental habits that constitute a "New York Culture".
acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu /~phalsall/texts/culture.html   (937 words)

 Ideas - Robert Hughes - International Society for the Performing Arts
But the merging mass popular culture of the late 19th and early 20th century didn't have those associations ; it was entirely new, and so it was ready-made as a source for artists who were fascinated by newness--the avant-garde.
The idea that high art and popular culture are enemies, zoned off from one another by their very nature, reminds me of the long and largely unprofitable arguments about multiculturalism in America.
The passage of cultural meaning through mixture is so universal that the only perfect example of a monoculture is probably Easter Island, one of the most isolated specks of land on the globe.
www.ispa.org /ideas/hughes.html   (2916 words)

 Culture Change -- High Performance, Leadership, Consultant, and More
Theory ZYX lays out a clear road map that can be applied to create or strengthen a high performance, nimble culture capable of refocusing and redefining itself to meet ever-changing demands in an organization.
No wonder culture change is a priority task that some executives are eager to take on and hundreds of consultants are just too happy to oblige with their fuzzy methodologies.
In such a case, the plan must not underestimate the difficulty of culture change over a short period and must specifically identify the measures to overcome the difficulties of culture change.
www.knowledgecm.com /Culture_Change.htm   (558 words)

 The Literary Divide (washingtonpost.com)
The great American cultural blender once produced whole art forms, such as Broadway musicals and jazz, that might well be described as a blend of the two.
Popular culture now hates high culture so much that it campaigns aggressively against it.
High culture now fears popular culture so much that it insulates itself deliberately from it.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A56301-2004Apr6.html   (804 words)

 High Culture - Chapter 1
Often, when a user is high, one of his senses will work cooperatively with another in a process known as synesthesia: for example, a smoker may have the sensation of being able to "see" the music he is listening to.
In addition to the quality and quantity of the marijuana that is smoked, the nature and extent of the high will also depend on such factors as the freshness of the marijuana, the origin of the plant, and which part of the plant is being smoked.
Weil believes that all people are high all of the time on some level, and that the point of using drugs is not so much getting high as connecting with a high that is already there.
www.druglibrary.org /special/novak/high_culture1.htm   (6021 words)

 The Social Affairs Unit - Web Review: Theodore Dalrymple on why the Baroque is superior to Rock: high culture is no ...
One of the reasons, I suspect, that defenders and advocates of high culture have been diffident about their claims, and reluctant to resist the relentless advance of a debased popular culture, is the historical fact that the Nazis enthusiastically supported at least some aspects of it.
And once the advocates of high culture have lost confidence not so much in its superiority over low culture, but in their ability to argue for it, the entire field is left wide open to the lowest of low culture to occupy.
Even if high culture is not by itself a sufficient bulwark against ideological barbarism (and, of course, the Nazis were in many respects aesthetic barbarians too), there is no reason to go over to other forms of barbarism.
www.socialaffairsunit.org.uk /blog/archives/000606.php   (3275 words)

 Turning high culture to kitsch - Arts
The concept of "high culture" has existed for centuries, from the Greeks to the Renaissance, through the 1800s and into the present.
Suddenly, art and culture were available to the masses and their precious hold on that top sliver of the population loosened considerably.
The chain reaction meant high art was systematically reduced to shit - at least, that was the initial reaction.
media.www.michigandaily.com /media/storage/paper851/news/2007/03/27/Arts/Turning.High.Culture.To.Kitsch-2793486.shtml   (924 words)

 Human High Culture - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Human High Culture was the Galactic Empire's codified policy of Humanocentric speciesism.
Human High Culture were enforced and imprinted upon the Empire's citizenry by the Coalition for Progress, Imperial Board of Culture, and the Sub-Adult Groups.
The views of Human High Culture would be kept alive in the New Republic for years after the Empire's defeat by fringe groups such as the Human League.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Human_High_Culture   (899 words)

 The Harvard Crimson :: Opinion :: 'High' Culture Once Was Pop
His popularity is partly because most people are exposed to his writings in high school, and so a larger number of people read his works.
But in Shakespeare's own time, he was not considered "high culture." Rather, his plays' successes were each determined by the tastes of the mass audience in the open-air Globe theater, much as Hollywood wagers on that audience for its movies' successes.
And just as politicians today decry the lack of family values in the movies of Hollywood, a Parliamentary edict of 1642 (under the Puritans) considered "stage plays" to be "spectacles of pleasure, too commonly expressing lascivious Mirth and Levities," and so banned performance of plays for close to 20 years.
www.thecrimson.com /article.aspx?ref=151907   (978 words)

 High and Low Context
The general terms "high context" and "low context" (popularized by Edward Hall) are used to describe broad-brush cultural differences between societies.
Many aspects of cultural behavior are not made explicit because most members know what to do and what to think from years of interaction with each other.
High contexts can be difficult to enter if you are an outsider (because you don't carry the context information internally, and because you can't instantly create close relationships).
www.culture-at-work.com /highlow.html   (680 words)

 Learning Commons - What is Culture? - Glossary Item - High Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
When Matthew Arnold wrote that to have culture is to "know the best that has been said and thought in the world," he captured the conceptual essence of high culture.
Opera, yachting, and Tom Stoppard are associated with high culture in the U.S. Note: What constitutes high power is a site of conflict.
Generally, the most powerful members of a society are the ones who have the most influence over cultural meaning systems, and therefore the more powerful classes tend to enjoy the privilege of defining "high culture." See also: "popular culture."
wsu.edu:8001 /vcwsu/commons/topics/culture/glossary/high-culture.html   (102 words)

 Copyright   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The copyright of ODYSSEYS as a whole, according to Law 2121/93, belongs to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture (relevant information provided from the Press and Public Relations Office of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, 20-22 Bouboulinas St., 106 82 Athens, tel.: +30-1-8201637, fax: +30-1-8201373, e-mail: press@culture.gr).
The use of any element of ODYSSEYS server and of Greek cultural heritage, as a trade-mark or pattern or sample, is strictly prohibited without the prior permission of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
The body responsible for the copyrights on hellenic cultural heritage is the Archaeological Receipts Fund (ARF, 54 Panepistimiou St., Athens, tel.: +30-1-3253901-6).
www.culture.gr /6/64/cpright.html   (411 words)

 Japanese Culture Across the High School Curriculum: Literature, Film and Theatre
Chalk began his presentation on Discovering Culture through Film by stating his position on visual media: that it should be considered as "legitimate text" where image is a word, and the screen displays a "syntax of images".
Dr. Traubitz focused on the importance of presenting to students narratives of cultural conflict that speak of the "dark side" of diversity, through autobiographies and autobiographical fiction.
She overviewed the "yellow packet" of instructional material that participants were given, and delineated practical steps to preparing lesson plans, building trust with students and pre-teaching the material.
www.intleducenter.umd.edu /japan/marjis/embassyworkshops/04-05-03.html   (564 words)

 High Point Auto Insurance - Culture Statement - High Quality Car Insurance in New Jersey
High Point has a unique corporate culture and has developed a series of principles that makes this a special place to work.
As a new employee, learning our culture will be one of the things you will want to focus on right away.
We should all have a sense of responsibility for any problem we see and stay with it until it is resolved.
www.highpointins.com /hpt_culture.asp?vMain=6&vSub=1   (1269 words)

 The Daedalus Project: The High-End Game
The high-end game is its own culture that most of us never have the chance to participate in.
What follows is a perspective of the high-end culture from an insider who has led a high-end guild for about 3-4 years.
The material presented is not meant as a description of all high-end guilds or the only way to succeed as a high-end guild, but rather as an example of how one high-end guild is structured and the experiences of their leader.
www.nickyee.com /daedalus/archives/001334.php   (370 words)

 Culture Club
Culture Club at University High is an informal, school-sponsored club that explores different cultures.
Club members created U High’s unique Hall of Heritage by painting flags from different countries in the hallways of the high school that represent the heritage of students who have attended U High.
The club’s mission is to promote cultural literacy, and in doing so, expand the horizons of the students of University High School.
www.uhigh.ilstu.edu /forlang/culture.html   (137 words)

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