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Topic: High school

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  High School Study: International High School Programs - High School Abroad
SPI offers high quality foreign language immersion programs for high school students.
By studying intensive courses with 20 classes per week, staying on campus or with our carefully selected host family and participating in various cultural activities and trips, this program is intended to provide you a great chance to experience "rea...
Abroadco is the only program for high school students at this prestigious university.
www.highschoolprogramsabroad.com /search.cfm   (440 words)

  high school
Hopatcong High School is a comprehensive high school committed to creating a culture of excellence in which our students, faculty, staff and administration continuously improve.
At Hopatcong High School we systematically respond to the needs of our students, who, as our principal customers, face growing demands on their problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they approach the competitive world of higher education and the global workplace of the 21st Century.
Finally, Hopatcong High School’s parents become partners in their children’s education and maintain a strong connection between family and school.
www.hopatcongschools.org /high_school_index.htm   (380 words)

  High school - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Israel, high school or Tikhon (intermediary school, in Hebrew) is a three-year school period, from the 10th to the 12th grade.
High school prepares the pupil to the Bagrut examination, which is obligatory in order to continue to higher education institution and in order to be accepted for most jobs.
High schools in Japan are referred to by MEXT as "upper secondary schools." However most English-language newspapers and sources use the term "high school".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/High_school   (3509 words)

 StopHazing.org -- "Educating to Eliminate Hazing"
Hazing at the high school level is particularly troubling because the developmental stages of adolescence create a situation in which many students are more vulnerable to peer pressure due to the tremendous need for belonging, making friends and finding approval in one’s peer group.
Further, the danger of hazing at the high school level is heightened by the lack of awareness and policy development/enforcement around this issue.
Hazing practices in high schools are often overlooked and dismissed as mere "traditions" because students, parents, teachers, coaches and administrators do not understand the definition of hazing and how it operates in society.
www.stophazing.org /high_school_hazing   (325 words)

 Radnor High School
Radnor High School was named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education in 1996.
The high school’s classroom and instructional wing offers a technologically up-to-date learning environment for the approximately 1,100 students who are enrolled in grades 9 through 12.
Radnor High School helps individuals realize their potential for personal satisfaction and for positive contribution to society.
www.rtsd.org /Schools/rhs.htm   (368 words)

 Catonsville High School   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Student achievement, both in and out of the classroom, is critically important at Catonsville High School as a highly skilled and dedicated faculty provides a strong program of academic and extracurricular activities.
A strong sense of community pervades Catonsville High School, as it is a hub of activity.
The school’s history of a strong, rigorous academic program coupled with an extensive array of extracurricular activities has made Catonsville High School a truly outstanding institution.
schools.bcps.org /schools/chs/catonsville   (107 words)

 St. Wendelin Catholic High School and Jr. High- Home Page
High School students have many opportunities to apply traditional values to a challenging and changing world.
There is a calendar for the High School, one for the Elementary School (including the Jr.
Select the High School Calendar to view all the activities for the High School.
www.stwendelin.org /highschool   (326 words)

 EVS-High School
According to a 2005 survey by Achieve, 40 percent of high school graduates say they are inadequately prepared to deal with the demands of work or postsecondary education.
Likewise, the problems of middle school -- and their impact on later high school success -- have become an important subject of research and discussion.
But the problems of high school are just as important and need serious attention as well, the governors’ report says.
www.asbj.com /evs/06/highschool.html   (984 words)

 Oberlin High School
Oberlin High School strives to provide an environment in which each student can explore and develop to his/her fullest potential for the benefit of the student, the school, the community, and the world.
Our achievements are due, in part, to the cooperation of the school and community and we believe that parental involvement and volunteer efforts enrich our academic and co-curricular programs.
To accomplish that, Parent Newsletters are mailed to all students' homes throughout the school year, providing you with information about events and activities that we sincerely hope you will attend and participate in.
www.oberlin.k12.oh.us /highschool   (475 words)

 High School Statewide Assessments
High school students who do not demonstrate proficiency on one or more sections of the HSPA may participate in the Special Review Assessment process to demonstrate their attainment of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
The High School Proficiency Assessment is used to determine student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics as specified in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
In October 1993, the New Jersey Grade 11 High School Proficiency Test (HSPT 11) was first administered to regular eleventh grade students as a graduation requirement.
www.state.nj.us /njded/assessment/hs   (646 words)

 Lindenhurst Public Schools - High School
At Lindenhurst High School we truly believe that "all students can learn." We believe that every student in our high school has a unique contribution to make to our school and community while working toward their own individual fulfillment.
Our outstanding school spirit is evidenced not only by student participation but demonstrated through such events as Homecoming, PEP Rallies, Safe Halloween, and other events throughout the year.
The students at Lindenhurst High School are encouraged to reach their fullest potential and they are celebrated for their success.
www.lindenhurstschools.org /schools/high.asp   (575 words)

 High School (1968)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Wiseman has stated that with "Titticut Follies" and his next film, "High School", he had more of a fixed idea of what he was trying to go for (as opposed to his later, more thematically ambiguous films).
In a 1998 interview with "The Boston Pheonix", Wiseman stated: "When [High School] was first shown in Boston, in 1969, one of the people who saw it was… a very conservative member of the Boston School Committee.
Wiseman, that was a wonderful high school!' I thought she was kidding me – until I realized she was on the other side from me on all the value questions.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0064429   (565 words)

 High School Education Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Students must leave high school with a solid grounding in the academic, social and workplace skills needed for the next step, whether it be postsecondary education, an apprenticeship, or a career.
The Preparing America's Future High School Initiative is designed to support educators, policymakers, and leaders who are committed to making sure that all high school graduates have that academic grounding and those necessary skills.
The role of leaders in high schools, whether they are among the teachers, principals or other administrators, is increasingly important as schools and districts focus on reform.
www.ed.gov /about/offices/list/ovae/pi/hs/index.html   (1069 words)

 value to the appropriate value. ******************************************************************** --> Weston ...</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> The <b>high</b> <b>school</b> also has a highly successful community service program in which students participate. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> An indoor swimming pool and a synthetic surface track are among Weston's fine athletic facilities. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> <b>High</b> <b>School</b> hours are 7:30 A.M. Button 1</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.westonschools.org /schools/hs/top/index.html</font>   (666 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2001/highschool/thefilm.html">P.O.V. - High School . The Film | PBS</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Cited by the Library of Congress as a National Treasure, this 1968 film is both a document of the <a href="/topics/Time" title="Time" class=fl>times</a> and a statement of the ways in which <b>school</b> is used by one generation to pass its values on to the next. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> I graduated <b>high</b> <b>school</b> in 1947 and I was interested to see what <b>high</b> <b>school</b> was like in 1968. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> FW: I chose Northeast <b>High</b> because at the <a href="/topics/Time" title="Time" class=fl>time</a> it was thought to be one of the best <b>high</b> <b>schools</b> in Philadelphia.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.pbs.org /pov/pov2001/highschool/thefilm.html</font>   (571 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.bowl.com/highschool">Bowl.com - HighSchool</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Four varsity <b>high</b> <b>school</b> athletes will have the opportunity of a lifetime Sunday when they compete in a televised, arena setting for thousands of dollars in scholarships in the finals of the Denny's All-American <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Championships. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> USBC Silver coach Michele Colangelo's golden rule for <b>high</b> <b>school</b> bowlers and coaches is easy to follow: have fun. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> <b>High</b> <b>school</b> bowling is the stepping stone for collegiate bowling" More...</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.bowl.com /highschool</font>   (318 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://schoolcenter.nsd.org/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?...">Northshore School District - Northshore School District</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> With our <b>schools</b> being asked to accommodate millions of dollars in budget cuts over the past two years, scarce resources could not be devoted to this program. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Some <b>schools</b> are already overcrowded and others are seeing enrollment decline. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> We need to balance enrollment among all <b>schools</b> to ensure that all students receive a <b>high</b> quality education.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>schoolcenter.nsd.org /education/components/scrapbook/default.php?...</font>   (496 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.raypec.k12.mo.us/Divisions/High_School/index.htm">High School</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Our <b>high</b> <b>school</b> cheerleading squads had a Sonic carhop on Saturday, May 13th at the Raymore Sonic. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> We have a couple of <b>high</b> <b>school</b> students (Seniors) that are currently battling Hodgkin's Disease. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> This is a history of each town's <b>school</b> and the reorganization of both to form</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.raypec.k12.mo.us /Divisions/High_School/index.htm</font>   (469 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.tickco.com/concerts/high-school-musical-tickets.htm">High School Musical Tickets - Great Source for High School Musical Concert Tickets!</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Whether you are a kid or a "kid at heart," <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Musical is sure to please. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Either way, if you are a <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Musical fan, you are destined to have a great time. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> As ticket brokers, we specialize in premium <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Musical tickets as well as tickets to some of the the biggest events in the world.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.tickco.com /concerts/high-school-musical-tickets.htm</font>   (311 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.phelpshighschool.com">Phelps High School - Online Phelps High School Yearbooks - Message Board</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> This website is dedicated to reuniting former students of Phelps <b>High</b> <b>School</b> in Phelps, Kentucky. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> The Phelps <b>High</b> <b>School</b> website is 100% free and will always be open for your viewing. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Life led us down different paths after graduation, but being proud graduates of Phelps <b>High</b> <b>School</b> is the one thing we continue to have in common.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.phelpshighschool.com</font>   (337 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><u>High School Basketball - InsideHoops.com</u>   <i>(Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)</i></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> <b>High</b> <b>school</b> basketball player rankings, team rankings, and coverage of some top <b>high</b> <b>school</b> basketball event. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> <b>[High</b> <b>School]</b> The first-ever Elite 24 Hoops Classic is September 1 at Rucker Park in New York City and will feature 24 of the best <b>high</b> <b>school</b> basketball players in the country, regardless of age, <b>school</b> class or location. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> <b>[High</b> <b>School</b> Basketball] Check out the top ten highlights ofthe 2004 ABCD basketball camp, which happens yearly and is for some of the best <b>high</b> <b>school</b> basketball players in the nation.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.insidehoops.com /high-school.shtml</font>   (1197 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://onteora.schoolwires.com/onteorahs/site/default.asp">Onteora High School</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> New Procedures at the <b>High</b> <b>School</b>: Signing into <b>school</b>- if you are going to visit the <b>school</b> during the scheduled day, you are mandated to submit some form of identification at the door. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Students are encouraged to use backpacks to transport their books to and from <b>school</b>. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> During the <b>school</b> day, only MESH backpacks can be used to transport books to and from each class.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>onteora.schoolwires.com /onteorahs/site/default.asp</font>   (136 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.sps.lane.edu/schools/thurston_high.html">Thurston High School Page</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Mission Statement: Thurston <b>High</b> <b>School</b> provides a safe, challenging and caring community, which prepares students for successful adult lives. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Staff, administrators and community are responsible for providing students with every opportunity for developing their individual potential, establishing a climate of friendliness and cooperation, basing all decisions on what is best for students, and providing the structure for education. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Students' role in the process of education is the most important: no education will occur unless students are willing to take advantage of the opportunities provided by staff, administrators and community.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.sps.lane.edu /schools/thurston_high.html</font>   (89 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><u>High School</u>   <i>(Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)</i></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> The <b>school</b> board approved a new class schedule for the <b>high</b> <b>school</b>. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> A 4 x 4 block schedule was approved to start with the 2007 -08 <b>school</b> year. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> The change from a 7 class period day will allow students more <a href="/topics/Time" title="Time" class=fl>time</a> in the <b>school</b> day to take elective classes, along with the possibility of more classes offered for <a href="/topics/College" title="College" class=fl>college</a> credit.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.foley.k12.mn.us /HighSchool/HighSchoolDefault.htm</font>   (85 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://schoolcenter.nsd.org/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?sectionid=37">Woodinville High School - Woodinville High School</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Remember that you will need to pick up your official course schedule in the cafeteria on the first day of <b>school</b> prior to attending your scheduled classes (yellow schedule). </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> ALL students are to report to their classes listed on the schedule while class changes are being completed. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> We have listened to the concerns regarding the beginning of the year and have developed a system to make back to <b>school</b> quick and easy for every one.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>schoolcenter.nsd.org /education/components/scrapbook/default.php?sectionid=37</font>   (292 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.dalloway-school.com">High School Diploma - Dalloway School</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Distant learning is often a great option for students who need to stay at home for health reasons, desire to work at their own pace, find themselves unable to concentrate on their work in the traditional setting, or need to schedule their learning around a career. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Dalloway <b>School</b> has been created to simplify the process of quality recruitment and give all the smart people the opportunity to find their niche in life. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> If you want your knowledge to work for you and bring you on the way to prosperity, all you need to do is order a <b>high</b> <b>school</b> diploma at Dalloway <b>School</b>.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.dalloway-school.com</font>   (538 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.newsday.com/sports/highschool">Newsday.com - Long Island High School Sports</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> <b>High</b> <b>school</b> scrimmage turns to brawl at East Islip </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> A North Babylon player -- helmet strapped on -- dove into a pile of kneeling East Islip players, according to several eyewitnesses, in a three-way football scrimmage. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Send us your photos from <b>high</b> <b>school</b> sporting events.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.newsday.com /sports/highschool</font>   (133 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://www.lc-ps.org/Schools/LCHS">L'Anse Creuse High School - L'Anse Creuse High School</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> 2006-2007 Elementary and Middle <b>School</b> bus information is student specific and will be given to each child's parent or guardian in their <b>school</b> information packet. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> 2006-2007 <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Bus information will be provided to each student with a master run sheet as in past years. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> If you have not received bus information by August 28, 2006 contact your <b>school</b> or transportation at 586-783-6550 option 3.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.lc-ps.org /Schools/LCHS</font>   (100 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><a href="http://documentprofessionals.com/highschooldiploma.htm">Fake High School Diplomas|Fake High School Diploma|Novelty High School Diploma|Fake High School Transcripts|Online High ...</a></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Pictured at left is our Fake <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Diplomas style 1. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Pictured at left is our Fake <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Diplomas style 2. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Pictured at left is our Fake <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Diplomas style 3.</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>documentprofessionals.com /highschooldiploma.htm</font>   (850 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><body face="Arial"> <br> <table cellpadding=0> <tr> <td>  </td> <td> <table > <tr><td> </td><td colspan=2><u>Amazon.com: High School Musical: DVD: Zac Efron,Vanessa Anne Hudgens,Ashley Tisdale,Lucas Grabeel,Alyson Reed,Corbin ...</u>   <i>(Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)</i></td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> They decide to audition for their <b>school's</b> musical, and after they audition and get a call back along with Sharpay and Ryan Evans, the two actors who've been in every <b>school</b> musical, the whole <b>school</b> makes the biggest deal out of it. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> Lo and behold, when <b>school</b> resumes, they discover that Gabriella has just transferred to Troy's East <b>High</b> <b>School</b>, a campus divided into tight cliques of jocks, cheerleaders, brainiacs, and skater dudes. </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top><img style="margin-top:4px;" src=/images/a.gif></td><td></td><td> <b>High</b> <b>School</b> Musical 2 to begin filming soon; #3 possible in 2008</td></tr> <tr><td></td><td colspan=2><font color=gray>www.amazon.com /High-School-Musical-Zac-Efron/dp/B000F2BNW2</font>   (1550 words)</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table><script language="JavaScript"> <!-- // This function displays the ad results. // It must be defined above the script that calls show_ads.js // to guarantee that it is defined when show_ads.js makes the call-back. function google_ad_request_done(google_ads) { // Proceed only if we have ads to display! 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