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Topic: Hip hop collaborations

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

 directopedia : Directory : Shopping : Niche : Hip-Hop
Hip hop is a cultural movement that began among urban African Americans, Jamaicans and Latinos in the Bronx borough of New York City during the early 1970s, and has since been spread and adopted, around the world.
The various factors that influenced early hip hop are complex and numerous, and vary from the griots of Africa to the rock of America.
One of the many influences on the creation of contemporary hip hop music is the Jamaican style called dub, which arose as a sub-genre of Reggae in the 1960s.
www.directopedia.org /directory/Shopping-Niche/Hip-Hop.shtml   (2568 words)

 Jozi's Hip Hop revolution - SouthAfrica.info
And the CD comes with the trademark rap tag of "Parental Advisory, Explicit Lyrics", for the obvious reason that the hip hop artists featured on the disc spare no one, claim no easy victories and tell it like it is, South African style.
Markets are competitive, all hip hop role players agree, and the immediate rivalry issues from the kwaito genre.
It has been the story of hip hop everywhere, argues McCloy, that it is initially dismissed as unoriginal and as a result suffers lack of recognition, "but it has turned that wave and it's on to the next stage now, which is commercial".
www.southafrica.info /what_happening/arts_entertainment/hiphopmusic_190503.htm   (902 words)

 Hip Hop Core - Tes - Interview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
HHC: Two years ago, you were advising our readers to watch for your collaborations with Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire.
No, I want collaborations with people that are just down to do it because they wanna do it, and it doesn't have to be a rapper, like on the next record I have the guy Tim Gane from Stereolab did something for me. I really try to crush the genres, change it.
Like for TTC, they have the spirit of Hip Hop, I never really find such an energy in America : Para One, Tacteel, these guys are really dope and they definitely are in the b-boy culture.
www.hiphopcore.net /interviews/tes2_english.php3   (1590 words)

 Hip Hop Core - GM Grimm - Interview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
HHC : Day By Day is becoming quietly but surely one of the best independent labels around.
HHC : You said that you felt like you were responsible for some of the bad aspects of what is hip-hop today.
HHC : On your next album as GM Grimm, the list of producers is very impressive : Dr. Butcher, J-Zone, Jon Doe (Prophetix), Cadence, Rob Swift, Ninja B, Sean C, DJ Eli, Louie2, Rayna Shyne, Unagi… Apart from Dr Butcher, a long time friend of yours, these are for the most part unprecedented collaborations.
www.hiphopcore.net /interviews/gmgrimm_english.php3   (810 words)

 BBC - collective - prefuse 73 - surrounded by silence
however, recent lukewarm reviews in both hip hop connection and nme show that a prefuse 73 album is anything but straight forward head banging beats and rhymes set of tracks.
so, while there are some standout hip hop collaborations spread throughout, these are sat against strange headf*ck sonic experiments, where the beats and noises are cut up, squashed, stretched and manipulated via the usual computer trickery.
this is probably the closest track to a classic b-boy hip hop track that prefuse 73 could create, and anyone who has picked up this cd expected more of the same are in for a head shock.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/collective/A3820664   (633 words)

 HipHopCanada.com :: Interview with Syndicate Villain - December 11th 2005
HHC: Originally the album, Army of One was scheduled to come out in fall of 2004.
It was a great way to use some marketing money to let people hear what didn't make the album… showcase all of our collaborations and affiliations with other crews and have something to give away to all the stores, shows and events that we're a part of.
HHC: You've been working with a lot of West Coast greats including opening recently for DPGC and doing a joint with Crooked I (which was featured on HipHopCanada.com's Canadian Choice Cuts).
www.hiphopcanada.com /_site/entertainment/interviews/ent_int277.php   (1630 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner - Jamaican artistes collaborate big - Sunday | October 23, 2005
The slew of dancehall/hip hop collaborations has not slowed down either, as recent duos featuring Sean Paul and Beyonce, Vybz Kartel and Akon, Junior Gong and Nas, Sizzla and Foxy Brown and Elephant Man with the likes of R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Usher, Little Jon and others, have taken the airwaves by storm.
These combinations are apparently made that much easier when the hip hop stars are big fans of dancehall/reggae music and dancehall artistes are likewise, big fans of hip hop music.
For Vybz Kartel, working with hip hop artistes like Jay Z, Missy Elliot, Akon, Rihanna (recently signed by Jay Z) and others is a feeling of family as both genres of music tend to draw from each other.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20051023/ent/ent4.html   (689 words)

 List of hip hop collaborations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Collaborations between hip hop artists ("collabos") are frequent and one of the defining features of the genre.
When music is performed live, collaboration becomes even more common as rappers often have a "posse" on stage with them, who also perform, or simply dance.
Collaborations often occur when a rapper works with another rapper on a remix of their pre-existing song.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hip_hop_collaborations   (3477 words)

 HIPHOPDIRECTORY.COM v3 Audio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
hip hop record producer comes with 1100 rap and hip hop samples and loops for constructing your own original tracks.
blazin hip hop, rap and randb beats are a few clicks or an e-mail away from being yours.
The biggest hip hop hits and the latest breaking news about your favorite hip hop artists - all in one compact player.
www.hiphopdirectory.com /html_data/audio.html   (1037 words)

 Genius/GZA: Liquid Swords ---Ink Blot Magazine
While the RZA serves as the de-facto leader of the group, producing nearly every Wu-Tang venture and overseeing much of their business operations, the GZA is an educator and mentor to all members of the group.
A Staten Island native who was struck with the poetry buzz in his early teens, the Genius was a hip hop nomad of sorts in the late '80s, travelling to NYC's various boroughs to scope the styles coming out of each.
As hip hop barrels its way into middle America, newcomers to the genre might be initially confused by terms like "tight" and "sharp" often used to refer to talented MCs.
www.inkblotmagazine.com /rev-archive/GZA_Liquid_Swords.htm   (533 words)

 Hip Hop Politics
What made this time the golden age was that hip hop music included a wider variety of artists who were more talented than they were hardcore.On WPGC they had a hot hip hop show from 9-11 on Saturday night, after which you could go to a party, hang out, or go to some girls house.
However, it did pave the way for the "Throw Ya Gunz" era of hip hop, which meant that every artists had to be hardcore to succeed.
Hip Hop DX:Much like Jay’s recent effort Hip Hop Is Dead is an album for grown folks.
hiphoppolitics.blogspot.com   (1773 words)

 TP3: Reloaded - R. Kelly | Album Reviews > HipHopDX.com
In 1993 hip hop was just now beginning to explode onto the mainstream.
The self proclaimed R&B thug has incorporated hip hop into who he is, a fact which some point to as a drawback.
His multitude of hip hop collaborations (everyone from Nas to Fat Joe to Keith Murray to Biggie, to Baby) seem natural.
www.hiphopdx.com /index/reviews/id.554/title.r-kelly-tp3-reloaded   (643 words)

 Rhymefest - Blue Collar - Hip Hop Music CD Review
Emcee, producer and label owner are just a few words to describe underground hip hop artist Jermaine Foster aka Jermiside Scarwell, the 24 year, Cincinnati, OH native who first began crafting hip hop songs as a young tike in 1989 at the tale end of hip-hops golden era.
The ODB collaboration is another attempt at an infectious hook and whilst it may not be the best track on the album, the lyrical delivery never slips and the album remains, on the whole, infectious and entertaining.
Rhymefest is surely heading in the right direction, and if he can follow in Kanye's footsteps it would be no travesty to the hip hop genre.
www.hiphopreaction.com /reviews/Blue-Collar   (521 words)

 cMusicWeb.com: Hip-Hop
You'll still find the big-name collaborations you expect from a Maj album-L.A. Symphony, KJ-52, Verbs, Michael Tait and tobyMac all make appearances-but more than ever before, you'll also hear the voice of Maj himself, and the results are pleasing.
doing her own thing is her trademark, turning from her hip hop roots with the fugees into folk.
going solo from the city of toronto, manafest is a distinct new voice in hip hop.
www.cmusicweb.com /hiphop/index.shtml   (1436 words)

 IndieGo Hip Hop Sampler
Every region, style and genre of Hip Hop music and culture are represented on this sampler.
With this wide variety of artists and styles, we can open the minds of listeners to experience styles of hip hop that they are unfamiliar with.
This is also the goal for the airwaves, record stores, and publications in the hip hop industry.
www.hiphop3a.com /indiego   (741 words)

 Neptunes - Clones - Album Reviews - The Elements - Your One Stop For Hip Hop and Rap Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Basically, "Clones" is a compilation of new collaborations of people that The Neptunes have worked with in the past.
Some of the album's better songs are by more unknown artists or surprising collaborations.
While the Neptunes and the stars have all made classic hip-hop collaborations together, the best songs on "Clones" are the ones that are a little different.
www.hiphop-elements.com /article/read/2/5848/1   (2214 words)

 :: Hip Hop Canada© ::
Cell Division's mission is to let people know that dj's are performing artists and deserve a lot more respect for their hard work and delivery of musical entertainment." NV and Vision are not your typical top 40 pop djs.
Cell Division are working on their own album consisting of collaborations with local talent (MC's, vocalists, tablists, producers) as well as featuring their own original production, tablism and strongly emphasizing our collective creativity.
Taking what we have learned from the amazing and influential hip hop artists of the past and looking towards the future, working hard until we get to the point were we are influencing people around the world."
www.hiphopcanada.com /_site/entertainment/interviews/ent_int149.php   (975 words)

 LATINO HIP HOP RADIO - Featured Artist
Full Nelson: Yeah, actually I took up Latino hip hop towards the end of 2000, probably till then I was just recording American Hip Hop and basically my decision was because I was invited to participate on an album called “Para Mi Gente” produced by Domingo Padilla.
Full Nelson: Unfortunately whoever was pioneering that movement thought that pop was the way, but pop wasn’t the way because hip hop is the way.
I really became acquainted with it in December of 2000 when I collaborated on the Domingo Padilla album and I started researching it.
www.latinohiphopradio.com /artist.html   (1386 words)

 Blue & White Online | Hip Hop
Language Arts, a group that features the classic setup of two turntables and two front-men, are word virtuosos with homemade beats to match.
The duo creates all of their own music with some collaborations and are focused on their careers in the business of hip-hop.
Pierce Freelon, a UNC senior and one of the two emcees that makes up Language Arts, said he is encouraged by the local growth of the hip-hop sound.
www.unc.edu /bw/apr_06/hiphop.html   (1360 words)

 >> Hip Hop Flow.com [Hip Hop Artistes]
Son talent le prouve encore avec son nouvel album "Princess Superstar Is", où elle collabore avec Company Flow, Kool Keith et Beth Orton, pour n'en citer que quelques-uns.
Le truc, c'est que je ne suis pas inspirée uniquement par le hip hop.
Et aujourd'hui j'écoute énormément de genres musicaux, mais aussi beaucoup de Hip Hop.
www.hiphopflow.com /artists/12/12.htm   (1065 words)

 Hip Hop Hot Spot - Hip Hop to a Higher Degree
Hip Hop Hot Spot brings hip hop and rap artists and their music to hungry hip hop and rap fans world wide.
We deliver hot hip hop music by providing exceptional promotion and exposure.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from HipHopHotSpot.Com Inc. is prohibited.
www.hiphophotspot.com /ReviewView.aspx?data=QprB7gkvt7ySlpysHHALUg==   (786 words)

 Africanhiphop.com :: Hip hop from the motherland :: African Rap
Africanhiphop.com :: Hip hop from the motherland :: African Rap
November/December 2006: tune in to African Hip Hop Radio for over SIX hours of the latest African hip hop tunes presented by our pan-African Hip Hop dj team from all over the Motherland!
Where no author is listed, copyright is with the African Hip Hop Foundation.
africanhiphop.com /index.php?module=subjects&func=listpages&subid=21   (569 words)

 Hip Hop - Forum - (2005 March) Phene   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Hip Hop - Forum - (2005 March) Phene
Mainstream hip hop as a whole is depressing, But I'm a fan of commercial hip hop.
People like Kiss, Nas, Jay Z, Budden, A-Team, State Prop, etc. So many people say that Hip Hop is dead.
bb.hiphop.org /showthread.php?t=4231   (635 words)

 J-ARTS » Hip Hop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
He and his family recently were granted a permit to stay by the government, but during that struggle, the top artists of the Israeli hip hop world joined forces with the band to record a protest song entitled “Fight Rebel Sun” that detailed the story.
Now, he melds the two seemlessly as his craft and as his identity: his hop hop is his story, his essence and the way he expresses himself, and that story of teshuvah is quintessentially Jewish, as heard in his lyrics:
Yuri Lane is a one man sound machine technique who takes the audience on a hip hop journey using only his mouth and a microphone.
kfarcenter.com /booking/category/hip-hop   (1510 words)

Experts in these media oriented fields will be contracted to teach youth working at the Southwest Youth Collaborative skills that the students will use to develop hip-hop based community activities, and which will ultimately enable these youth to teach others as they develop as future educators.
Through cultural exchanges on a local, regional, national, and international scale, youth will develop public arts projects and documentation of the hip-hop arts that can be used by youth, youth advocates, and educators worldwide.
Students will collaborate with sister organizations in the city of Chicago, in the three-state delta surrounding Illinois, in another city in the United States, and in another country; to create hip-hop community projects, evaluate their successes and challenges, and to educate others an how to repeat or adapt these processes for their own communities.
uhiphop.uchicago.edu /mission.htm   (795 words)

 AllHipHop.com : Alternatives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
As we take a trip down memory lane in the career of Nelly Furtado, it’s amazing to see the ground she has broken as an artist.
Now with platinum and gold plaques, Timbaland collaborations and a beautiful daughter, Nelly Furtado has come full circle with her new album, Loose.
Nelly spent some time with us to respond to the shock of her new record, her place in Hip-Hop, and how she got here.
www.allhiphop.com /alternatives/?ID=380   (1948 words)

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