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Topic: Hippolytus (writer)

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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Hippolytus (Writer) - LoveToKnow 1911
Hippolytus must have been born in the second half of the 2nd century, probably in Rome.
Hippolytus and Pontius, who was then bishop, were transported in 235 to Sardinia, where it would seem that both of them died.
Of the historical Hippolytus little remained in the memory of after I According to the legend St Hippolytus was a Roman soldier who was converted by St Lawrence.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Hippolytus_(Writer)   (1173 words)

  Hippolytus (writer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Saint Hippolytus of Rome was a writer of the early Christian Church.
Hippolytus must have been born in the second half of the 2nd century, probably in Rome.
Hippolytus and Pontian, who was then pope, were transported in 235 to Sardinia, where it would seem that both of them died.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hippolytus_(writer)   (1214 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Hippolytus of Rome
Hippolytus at Bostra, the chief city of the Arabs.
Hippolytus was a presbyter of the Church of Rome at the beginning of the third century.
Hippolytus was a schismatic Bishop of Rome and yet was held in high honour afterwards both as martyr and theologian, explains why as early as the fourth century nothing was known as to his see, for he was not on the list of the Roman bishops.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/07360c.htm   (1770 words)

The mystery which enveloped the person and writings of Hippolytus, one of the most prolific ecclesiastical writers of early times, had some light thrown upon it for the first time about the middle of the 19th century by the discovery of the so-called Philosophumena.
Pope Damasus I dedicated to him one of his famous epigrams, and Prudentius (Peristephanon, 11) drew a highly colored picture of his gruesome death, the details of which are certainly purely legendary: the myth of Hippolytus the son of Theseus was transferred to the Christian martyr.
It was the statue of Hippolytus, a work at any rate of the 3rd century; at the time of Pope Pius IX it was placed in the Lateran Museum, a record in stone of a lost tradition.
www.nndb.com /people/838/000103529   (919 words)

 Hippolytus (d. 240 AD)
He says Hippolytus was regarded as a martyr by the Roman Church, and suffered martyrdom at Portus, being torn to pieces by horses.
From the fact that Hippolytus looks back upon the administration of Callistus (217-222) as belonging to the past, the date of composition may be assigned pretty confidently to the year 234.
C.M. Edsman, "A Typology of Baptism in Hippolytus Romanus," Studia Patristica 2 (1957): 35-40.
www.earlychurch.org.uk /hippolytus.php   (1186 words)

 Prophecy Teaching from PWMI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Hippolytus has sometimes been described as the Bishop of Rome, but in fact his see was that of Porto, or Portus Romanus, approximately fifteen miles to the north of the city.
Hippolytus was active in resisting the Sabellian heresy which failed to distinguish the persons of the Godhead, regarding the Son and the Spirit simply as modes or aspects of the divine Being.
Hippolytus sets them side by side and provides a combined exposition of the dream and the visions together in order to demonstrate ‘how concordant they are with each other, and how true.
www.pwmi.org /pwp003.htm   (1863 words)

 Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. V
Thus Le Moyne, in the seventeenth century, a French writer resident in Leyden, ingeniously argues that Hippolytus was bishop of Portus Romanorum (Aden), in Arabia.
Thus the mode of Hippolytus' death is stated by Prudentius to have been identical with that of Hippolytus the son of Theseus, who was torn limb from limb by being tied to wild horses.
Hippolytus, however, is known on historical testimony to have been thrown into a canal and drowned; but whether the scene of his martyrdom its Sardinia, to which he undoubtedly banished along with the Roman bishop Pontianus, or Rome, or Portus, has not as yet been definitively proved.
www.ccel.org /fathers2/ANF-05/anf05-04.htm   (2598 words)

 Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus - Saint of the Day - American Catholic
As a presbyter in Rome, Hippolytus (the name means “a horse turned loose”) was at first “holier than the Church.”; He censured the pope for not coming down hard enough on a certain heresy—calling him a tool in the hands of one Callistus, a deacon—and coming close to advocating the opposite heresy himself.
Hippolytus was a rigorist, a vehement and intransigent man for whom even orthodox doctrine and practice were not purified enough.
Hippolytus was a strong defender of orthodoxy, and admitted his excesses by his humble reconciliation.
www.americancatholic.org /Features/SaintOfDay?id=1106   (673 words)

 Clement of Rome (d. 101 AD) - ReligionFacts
Hippolytus being apparently the first scientific chronologer in the Roman church, his authority there naturally ranked very high, and his order of the succession seems to have been generally accepted in the West for a considerable time.
Apparently it was Hippolytus who devised the theory stated in the Apostolic Constitutions, that Linus held the bishopric during the lifetime of Peter; for this seems to be the interpretation of the dates assigned in the Liberian Catalogue, Peter 30-55, Linus 55-67.
The writer is distinctly a Gentile, and contrasts himself and his readers with the Jewish nation in a manner quite unlike the genuine Clement; and his quotations are not, like Clement's, almost exclusively from O.T.; the gospel history is largely cited, and once under the name of Scripture.
www.religionfacts.com /christianity/people/clement_rome.htm   (5074 words)

 Hippolytus - TheBestLinks.com - Euripides, Greek mythology, Theseus, Hippolyte, ...
In Greek mythology, Hippolytus was a son of Theseus and either Antiope or Hippolyte.
Hippolytus is the title of a tragedy by Euripides based on the myth.
Hippolytus was a writer of the early Christian Church.
www.thebestlinks.com /Hippolytus.html   (143 words)

 Hippolytus - Free Encyclopedia of Thelema
Hippolytus, was a writer of the early Church.
He was apparently elected as the first Antipope in 217, but died reconciled to the Church in 235 as a martyr, so that he is honored as a saint.
The mystery which enveloped the person and writings of Hippolytus, one of the most prolific ecclesiastical writers of early times, had some light thrown upon it for the first time about the middle of the 19th century by the discovery of the so-called Philosophumena (see below).
www.egnu.org /thelemapedia/index.php/Hippolytus   (1138 words)

 The Apostolic Fathers by J.B. Lightfoot: Part I, Volume 2: Hippolytus of Portus: Hippolytus the Presbyter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Hippolytus, the famous writer, unmistakeably describes himself as a bishop.
Assuredly Hippolytus does not confuse the presbyterate with the episcopate; still less does he deny that Irenaeus was a bishop, which everyone allowed him to be.
But, though this was the meaning of Hippolytus' contemporaries, it does not follow that later generations understood the terms in the same sense.
www.preteristarchive.com /Books/1889_Lightfoot_1-2/hippo13.html   (775 words)

 The Apostolic Fathers by J.B. Lightfoot: Part I, Volume 2: Hippolytus of Portus: Was Hippolytus a Novatian?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Hippolytus was by far the most learned man and the most prolific writer which the Roman Church produced before Jerome.
Eusebius, describing the chief writers of a particular period, mentions that Beryllus was bishop of the Arabians in Bostra, adding 'in like manner Hippolytus presided (as bishop) over some other church' (`ετερας που;).
Erat nihilominus et Hippolytus, qui et ipse aliquanta scripta dereliquit episcopus.' This might imply to a casual reader who had not the original before him that Hippolytus was a predecessor or successor of Beryllus in the same see of Bostra.
www.preteristarchive.com /Books/1889_Lightfoot_1-2/hippo12.html   (2879 words)

 HIPPOLYTUS - Online Information article about HIPPOLYTUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Irenaeus, and from the context of this passage it is supposed that we may conclude that Hippolytus himself so styled himself.
Zephyrinus (199-217), Hippolytus was distinguished for his learning and eloquence.
Neumann, Hippolytus von Rom in seiner Stellung zu Staat and Welt, part i.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /HIG_HOR/HIPPOLYTUS.html   (1348 words)

 The Invisible Basilica: Hippolytus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Greek ecclesiastical writer, Bishop of Portus, and the first "Antipope." He was an orthodox Father of the Christian Church, a Roman Catholic Saint, and a disciple of Irenaeus.
What makes Hippolytus unique, however, among the early anti-gnostic writers is that he quotes extensively from the condemned writings of the heretics in framing his arguments against them.
Hippolytus is also remembered as a leader of the opposition against the corruption, viciousness, and doctrinal wanderings of the early Bishops of Rome (who were later to be re-named "Popes").
www.hermetic.com /sabazius/hippolytus.htm   (472 words)

 Hippolyte (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hippolyte or Hippolyta, an Amazon queen whose girdle is the object of one of the labours of Herakles
Hippolytus, a son of Theseus and either Antiope or of queen Hippolyte/Hippolyta (see above)
Saint Hippolytus, a writer and the first antipope of the Roman Catholic Church
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hippolytus   (196 words)

The Latin name is written by Hippolytus in Greek letters, and means "the public fish-market." The Piscina, one of the fourteen quarters of Rome, was the resort of money-dealers.
Hippolytus himself, along with the Roman bishop Pontianus, was banished thither.
Hippolytus' text sometimes varies from the text of Josephus, as well as of Porphyry, who has taken excerpts from Josephus work.
www.bible.ca /history/fathers/ANF-05/footnote/fn22.htm   (633 words)

 "Why Were the Montanists Condemned?" by David F Wright
But Hippolytus accepted that in the main the Montanists were orthodox regarding the Father and Son, a verdict that was extended to cover the Spirit also by Epiphanius, a later writer dependent on much earlier sources (Sources, pp.57, 115).
For the Anonymous catholic writer the spurious character of the New Prophesy is further demonstrated by the non-fulfilment of specific predictions.
Despite the catholic writers' protestations that authentic spiritual gifts had the church's blessing, the life of the Spirit was for centuries, even millennia, to come to flow in well-regulated and largely clerical channels.
www.earlychurch.org.uk /article_montanists_wright.html   (4957 words)

 Newman Reader - Causes of Arianism - Section 14
Within a century of his death a church had been erected near the Basilica of St. Laurence in honour of a martyr of his name, and it became a popular shrine and resort of pilgrims; and there is reason for concluding that he was the Hippolytus to whom it was dedicated [Note 1].
I say so, because there it was that in the 16th century a marble statue of him was found, which is still to be seen in the Vatican, an historical portrait, as some consider, with a list of his works engraven upon the episcopal chair on which he is seated.
I find one passage in Hippolytus in which he makes a statement which I had not found elsewhere except among the Alexandrians, and which ought to be recorded.
www.newmanreader.org /works/tracts/arianism/section14.html   (6450 words)

 Dionysius Syrus (=Dionysius Bar Salibi, =Jacob Bar Salibi), Commentary on Revelation (extracts). Hermathena vol. 6 ...
Hippolytus in reply to him: It is not of angels he says that they are to go to war, but that four nations are to arise out of the region which is by Euphrates, and to come against the earth, and to war with mankind.
Hippolytus of Rome states that a man named Gaius had appeared, who said that neither the Gospel nor yet the Revelation was John's; but that they were the work of Cerinthus the heretic.
Bishop Irenaeus and Hippolytus of Bosra say that the Apocalypse is by John the Evangelist and was revealed to him at the end of the reign of Domitian.
www.tertullian.org /fathers/dionysius_syrus_revelation_01.htm   (13269 words)

 AthensNews onLine SEARCH
His script emphasises the "erotic and physical language" of the original, retelling the story of Hippolytus' tragic death contrived by his father Theseus in the false belief that his son had seduced his new wife Phaedra.
Hippolytus, Phaedra, Theseus, Aphrodite and Artemis do not appear only when it is their turn to recite lines, but they are drawn out of the chorus, which remains on stage throughout the performance.
'Hippolytus' is on at the Roes Dance Theatre (14-16 Iakhou St, in Gazi, tel 210-347-9426) till December 21.
www.athensnews.gr /athweb/nathens.print_unique?e=C&f=13043&m=A37&aa=1&eidos=S   (756 words)

 04-22mil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Well yes, this is relevant to the anapaests in which she expresses, while mad, the desires her waking mind suppresses, but it seems tendentious, if not a contradiction of the earlier point, for Mills to apply it to Phaedra's conscious and principled capitulation to the nurse's supplication for an explanation of her mistress' condition.
Mills criticises Kovacs' failure to acknowledge the wrongness of Phaedra's false denunciation, and to explain Hippolytus' destruction (her own view is that it was for overweening arrogance, p.
Overall, this relatively conveniently packaged handbook might be useful for students new to tragedy and starting with the Hippolytus, or a general reader in the same position, but only if they were prepared to follow up some of the references and reflect on the text themselves.
www.classics.und.ac.za /reviews/0422mil.htm   (1212 words)

 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.10.02
Hippolytus is known as an early Christian martyr, bishop of Rome, even an anti-pope, and a prolific writer, who left to posterity a large corpus of writings.
According to Saint Jerome: 'Hippolytus was the bishop of a certain church.
The supposition of an eastern writer represented in the traditional corpus is supported by early patristic witness.
ccat.sas.upenn.edu /bmcr/2003/2003-10-02.html   (3007 words)

 Thoroughly Modern Myths
Among the plays tackled by students this semester were two by Euripides, "Medea" and "Hippolytus," that trump most anything offered by Hollywood today in the way of passion, revenge and the caprice of the gods.
While the youthful Hippolytus is blameless in the affair, a grieving Theseus prays to the sea god, Poseidon, to kill his son.
In presenting "Hippolytus" with a "Godfather" spin, Tynan said, he was struck by the timelessness of the themes presented by the playwrights of ancient Greece.
www.bc.edu /bc_org/rvp/pubaf/chronicle/v8/a27/follies.html   (847 words)

 Term Papers 2000, Term papers, Pg.4, 070904
The writer of this paper details the history of the Hula dance and its significance as a ritual of religion, celebration, mourning and communication.
This brief, yet concise paper, examines how, in ancient times, dancers were selected for hula training in childhood, spending their formative years under the care of a hula master, separated from the outside world and dedicated to the goddess Laka, patron of the hula.
The chorus was a crucial part of theater during that time and was used to narrate the story, give their opinion of the plot, and keep a rhythm for the play.
www.termpapers2000.com /lib/essay/81_4.html   (2945 words)

The writer from whom Eusebius quotes is certainly strong enough in his denunciations to suit Eusebius or any one else.
As described by Hippolytus they appear to have been mainly orthodox in doctrine but heretical in their manner of life, and we may perhaps gather the same thing from Clement's references to them.
Of course the later writers may have supposed that they all belonged to one compact sect, but it is certain that they did not.
www.bible.ca /history/fathers/NPNF2-01/footnote/fn26.htm   (8140 words)

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