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Topic: Historic houses in Virginia

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

Virginia is bordered by West Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia (across the Potomac River) to the north; by Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean to the east; by North Carolina and Tennessee to the south; and by Kentucky and West Virginia to the west.
Virginia is one of the states that seceded from the Union (on April 17, 1861) and operated independently until it joined the Confederacy during the Civil War when it turned over its military on June 8 and ratified the Constitution of the Confederate States on June 19.
Historically, as the largest and wealthiest colony and state and the birthplace of Southern and American culture, a large proportion (about half) of Virginia's population was made up of fl slaves who worked the state's tobacco, cotton, and hemp plantations.
articles.gourt.com /en/Virginia   (3546 words)

 Virginia information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Virginia is bordered by West Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia (across the Potomac River) to the north; by Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean to the east; by North Carolina and Tennessee to the south; and by Kentucky and West Virginia to the west.
Virginia is one of the states that seceded from the Union to become the Confederacy (on April 17, 1861) during the Civil War.
Historically, as the largest and wealthiest colony and state and the birthplace of Southern and American culture, a large proportion (about half) of Virginia's population was made up of fl slaves who worked the state's tobacco, cotton, and hemp plantations.
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/Virginia   (3623 words)

 Virginia Highland :: Atlanta, Georgia
Historic Virginia Highland is Atlanta's most popular neighborhood for shopping, dining and nightlife.
Locals and tourists alike mingle for brunch at charming sidewalk cafes, cocktails at lively night spots, and innovative cuisine at progressive restaurants and bistros.
Discovering the unexpected is part of the attraction where you may find world- famous musical entertainment at a tiny nightclub, an opening-night party at an art gallery or a gathering of fascinating people at one of the coffeehouses.
www.virginiahighland.com   (173 words)

 Bermuda's Historic houses
An historic house in typical Bermudian architecture, the official residence of the Premier of Bermuda, although not lived in by her (the Bermuda Government pays for her to live elsewhere).
The house served as a bakery in the 19th century and as a laundry and brothel at the turn of the 20th century.
The house was built in the early 1880s on some fifty acres of land (bought for $8,000 and known as Point Shares) by General Russell Hastings, a Union veteran of the American Civil War, and his wife Emily, the niece of U.S. President and Mrs.
www.bermuda-online.org /historichouses.htm   (6110 words)

 Travel: Refurbished historic home's welcome mat is out
Much of the Moses Myers House, built in the 1790s by the first permanent Jewish residents of this port city, now gleams like new because of an ongoing, $1.5-million project to restore it to its condition during the early 19th century.
The project is a scholarly assessment of "one of the great historic houses of Virginia," said Gary E. Baker, curator of decorative arts and houses for the Chrysler Museum of Art, which operates the house for the city.
Built in the 1790s, the house is one of the few early urban homes in Virginia with most of the furnishings - 70 percent - from its first occupants.
www.sptimes.com /2005/01/02/Travel/Refurbished_historic_.shtml   (847 words)

 OldHouses.com - Historic Preservation Organizations by OldHouses.com
Historic Homes Foundation, Inc. - A non-profit corporation chartered in 1957 for the purpose of purchasing, preserving and displaying historic buildings and their collections, as well as for furthering the advancement of education, culture and the arts in Kentucky.
Historic Houston - Historic Houston is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit dedicated to preservation and conservation of Houston's architecture and architectural resources through research, education, and advocacy for sustainable design.
Historic Houston operates a salvage warehouse open to the public to facilitate the renovation and restoration of historic structures and has moved 24 historic homes to prevent demolition.
www.oldhouses.com /old-house-preservation-organizations.htm   (1714 words)

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge, a National Historic Landmark, was the first bridge to cross the Ohio River.
Built in 1849, the magnificent structure spans 1010 feet and was the longest bridge of its type in the world at the time of its construction.
This National Historic Landmark is the "birthplace of West Virginia." Built and used as a federal custom house, it was the site of the constitutional conventions that led to the "Restored Government of Virginia" (aligned with the union) from 1861-1863.
www.historicwvnationalroad.org /gallary.htm   (411 words)

 : : Historic Houses Trust - Virginia Kaiser : :
Virginia Kaiser was awarded first prize in the 1999 Meroogal Women’s Art Prize for her woven basket One of the garden's secrets.
The regional prize was established by the Historic Houses Trust (HHT) in 1998 to maintain a continuing link between today’s women of the south coast and southern highlands of NSW and its heritage property, Meroogal.
Pine needles, jacaranda stalks, ivy cuttings, willow and lavender stalks are found in the bush, her garden and beside the sea.
www.hht.net.au /collections/art_at_the_properties/virginia_kaiser   (472 words)

 Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Virginia was the first part of the Americas to be continuously inhabited by English colonists from its founding as a European colony up to the American Revolution.
Virginia's current streak of voting for Republicans in ten consecutive presidential elections since 1968, when Richard Nixon began the Southern Strategy, is the longest among the former Confederate States.
Despite Virginia's support of Republican presidential candidates and reputation as a conservative state, Democrats won all three gubernatorial elections in the 1980s and maintained large majorities in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly, however many Democrats from rural and suburban districts had conservative stances on various issues.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Virginia   (5753 words)

 Historic Properties - Virginia Real Estate - Shenandoah Valley - Northern Virginia - Winchester - Real Estate For Sale
Historic Properties, Inc. is a Winchester, Virginia real estate firm dedicated to presenting and preserving historic homes and properties.
The company was began in 1998 when Judy Bogner and Mary Gilpin decided to put their love of historic homes to the test.
Membership and leadership in historical and preservation organizations has served to not only increase our knowledge, but to confirm personal commitments to protecting and extending the provenance of older structures and properties.
www.historicpropertiesva.com /aboutus.htm   (414 words)

 Colonial Houses and Historic Houses on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland
Queen Anne style house in the historic district of Crisfield, MD built in 1892 by grocery wholesale merchant, Orrie Lee Tawes.
House is situated on "Millionaire Row" a street lined with Victorian Houses, built during the strawberry and seafood boom.
Behind the house are many old trees and shrubs and the bones of a nineteenth century garden.
www.lowershore.net /houses.htm   (802 words)

 Historic Garden Week in Virginia - www.vagardenweek.org
Sponsored by The Garden Club of Virginia, local events are scheduled from the Atlantic Ocean to the Allegheny Mountains and will span the centuries from the early 17th through the early 21st.
Historic Garden Week is the oldest and largest statewide house and garden tour event in the nation.
The National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places in partnership with the James River Plantations of Charles City County, Virginia, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, invite you to explore the James River Plantations.
www.vagardenweek.org   (602 words)

 Historic Houses in Virginia | Virginia Travel Planning
Virginia, with its rich history and heritage, is home to eight presidents, including four of the first five US presidents as well as the many important leaders of the confederacy.
Mount Vernon, located near Alexandria, Virginia, on the banks of the Potomac River is the home of the First President of the United States of America, George Washington.
The property was sold numerous times, but the last owner, Jay Winston Johns of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, opened the house to public tours and after his death in 1974, on his will, he gave the property to Monroe’s Alma Mater, the College of William and Mary.
www.virginiatravelplanning.com /history-tourism/historic-houses-in-virginia   (469 words)

 Historical Houses of Bramwell,
This is a view of the Historic "Philip Goodwill" House with the "Thomas" House in the background.
The Historic Perry House B and B is located on Main Street in Historic Bramwell and was built in 1902 by the Bramwell Bank's first cashier, J.B. Perry.
McGuffin House was incorrectly reported to be the oldest frame house in Bramwell.
www.bramwellwv.com /historichouse.html   (513 words)

 Old House Property Specialists - Antique & Historic Homes for Sale in Virginia - Max Sempowski - Realtor
We track antique and historic homes for sale in Virginia built prior to 1920 from Fredericksburg to the North Carolina border and from Charlottesville to the Chesapeake Bay including all of the Northern Neck and the Middle Peninsula.
This Sears Roebuck style house built in 1919 is nestled way back off the road on 130 gently rolling acres with two ponds.
The elegent Williamsburg style guest house is flanked by a circa 1800 smokehouse and dependency building.
www.oldhouseproperties.com /properties   (765 words)

 Historic Houses to Visit in Virginia Beach
The house is the only historic house that is still privately owned and functioning in this area.
Admission to the house is $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children 5-17.
Adam Thoroughgood House – museum, one of the oldest houses from the Colonial period 1636 Parish Road, Virginia BeachContact: 757-431-4000
www.explorevirginiabeach.com /virginia-beach-houses.shtml   (247 words)

 Historic Houses of Worship | Issues | National Trust for Historic Preservation
Religious buildings play a fundamental role in their communities: they define our local history, are an important source of our artistic patrimony and provide vital space for many local social services, in addition to their religious contribution.
The continuing shift of people and wealth to the suburbs, the shortage of priests in Catholic parishes, and decades of deferred maintenance of buildings are all factors that may spell doom for historic houses of worship.
The National Trust and Partners for Sacred Places are working together to show models for reusing houses of worship after their religious use is discontinued.
www.nationaltrust.org /issues/houses_of_worship   (277 words)

 Historic houses in Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As home to many of America's Founding Fathers, four of the first five U.S. presidents, as well as many important figures of the Confederacy, Virginia has many historic houses.
List of National Historic Landmarks in Virginia, many, but not all, of these are houses
List of Historic Homes from the State Tourism Office Virginia is for Lovers
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Historic_houses_in_Virginia   (375 words)

 A Field Guide to American Houses by Virginia and Lee McAlester - Hardcover - Random House
It tells you -- and shows you in more than 1,200 illustrations -- what you need to know in order to be able to recognize the several distinct architectural styles and to understand their historical significance.
Virginia and Lee McAlester have both avocational and professional interests in architecture.
She is a founding member and past president of the Historic Preservation League, Inc. (Dallas), and for nine years was Texas Advisor and a member of the Administrative Committee of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
www.randomhouse.com /catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780394510323   (401 words)

 Virginia Celebrates 75th Historic Garden Week
Historic Garden Week is the oldest and largest statewide home and garden tour event in the country.
Several of Virginia’s historic BandBs and hotels are offering special Garden Week Travel Packages in honor of the 75th anniversary event and are available at www.Virginia.org.
To begin planning a trip to Live Passionately in Virginia for Historic Garden Week and learn more about Garden Week travel packages, go to www.Virginia.org or call 1-800-VISITVA to request a Live Passionately – Virginia is for Lovers Travel Guide.
www.prweb.com /releases/Virginia/75th-Historic-Garden-Week/prweb791204.htm   (694 words)

 Historic Culpeper Houses
Located on South Main, this house is said to be the oldest in the county.
Located at 501 South East Street, this house was built by Major Thomas Hill for his son, Major Edward Baptist Hill.During the Civil War, it was a gathering place for Confederate officers, including General A. Hill, brother of the owner.
The house was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers, and General Robert E. Lee visited his son there while he was recovering from wounds received in the Battle of Brandy Station.
www.fortunecity.com /skyscraper/carlton/1069/histhouses.html   (357 words)

 Colonial Houses-Historic Lodging, Historic Hotels of America
The 28 buildings with a total of 76 guest rooms that comprise the Colonial Houses are scattered among the more than 500 recreated and restored structures that make up the town, amid the taverns and shops of the 300-year-old neighborhood.
Among the houses available are the Market Square Tavern and Kitchen, frequented by Patrick Henry and home to Thomas Jefferson as a law student; the Quarter, a dwelling typical of those that housed indentured servants or slaves and the Nicholas-Tyler Office and Laundry, once owned by U.S. President John Tyler.
Guests to the Colonial Houses can be sure that there is no other lodging property in the world such as this collection of homes that America's founding families once inhabited, thus making the stay a most treasured one of a lifetime.
www.historichotels.org /hotel/Colonial_Houses_Historic_Lodging   (282 words)

 History of Jamestown
In June of 1606, King James I granted a charter to a group of London entrepreneurs, the Virginia Company, to establish a satellite English settlement in the Chesapeake region of North America.
Recent historical and archaeological research at the site of Jamestown suggest that at least some of the gentlemen and certainly many of the artisans, craftsmen, and laborers that accompanied them all made every effort to make the colony succeed.
On May 14, 1607, the Virginia Company explorers landed on Jamestown Island, to establish the Virginia English colony on the banks of the James River 60 miles from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.
www.apva.org /history   (904 words)

Stone Houses is a unique presentation of a beloved building tradition in one of the most charming and historically significant regions in the nation.
With its authoritative text and stunning full-color photography, Stone Houses of Bucks County is a beautiful record of a historically rich building tradition.
Stern Architects, was first recognized for its distinguished houses, and residential design remains the cornerstone of the practice.
www.explainingmortgages.com /a-residential-building-2.htm   (570 words)

 West Virginia Preservation Plan Profile
The mission of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, State Historic Preservation Office is to encourage, inform, support, and participate in the efforts of the people of West Virginia to identify, recognize, preserve, and protect West Virginia's prehistoric and historic structures, objects, sites and landscapes.
West Virginia has a wealth of prehistoric and historic properties that embody our state's culture and history and represent our shared heritage.
The people of West Virginia will benefit immeasurably from a greater awareness of and involvement in the preservation of the cultural environment that connects us to our historic past.
www.nps.gov /history/hps/pad/stateplans/westva.htm   (798 words)

 The Historic Structures of Clifton Virginia
Although the station was removed in 1958, the town continued to thrive and remains noted for its late-19th-century architecture.
Clifton was recognized as a state historic landmark and declared a National Historic District by the U.S. Department of Interior in 1985.
Affectionately dubbed the "Brigadoon" of Virginia, the tiny Village of Clifton is elusive to most who travel through Fairfax County.
historicclifton.org /index.htm   (314 words)

 New York City Walking Tours and Bus Tours | Justin Ferate   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alice Austen House Historic home of one of America's first female photographers.
Alice Austen House Museum The gingerbread cottage of one of America's first female photographers.
Historic Richmond Town The site of Staten Island's remarkable collection of very historic houses.
www.justinsnewyork.com /websites.aspx?traverse=13,5   (152 words)

 Historic District Lawsuits
A group of individuals operating within the Town government under the guise of historic preservation are self-empowered to judge what a property owner can and cannot do with their property within this district according to their own subjective opinion of what they like and don't like.
They have aborted any legitimacy of this district allegedly formed for historic preservation by their unprofessional, capricious, and self-serving decisions to allow or not allow development within the district.
The historic district is not about history; it is about select property owners being allowed to control what gets built next door.
www.historicvienna.com /2005/11/historic_district_lawsuits.html   (499 words)

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