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Topic: Historical revisionism

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Historical revisionism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Historical revisionism is the reexamination of historical facts, with an eye towards updating histories with newly discovered, more accurate, or less biased information.
The term historical revisionism has a second meaning, the illegitimate manipulation of history for political purposes, for example Holocaust deniers and Japanese historical revisionists.
Some of this historical writing is revisionist in the ideological sense of the word, such as in portrayals of Columbus which compare him to Adolf Hitler, which are arguably polemical and presentist.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Historical_revisionism   (1267 words)

 Historical revisionism (political) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Historical revisionism is often viewed as a legitimate effort in which historians seek to broaden the awareness of certain historical events by re-examining conventional wisdom.
Use of historical revisionism as illegitimate manipulation of history for political purposes is exemplified by Srebrenica genocide deniers who typically willfully misuse or ignore historical records in order to attempt to prove their conclusions.
In this novel, historical revisionism is one of the main policies of the propaganda arm ("The Ministry of Truth") of Oceania's government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Revisionist_history   (3726 words)

 Historical revisionism : Revisionism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Historical revisionism refers to the reexamination and reviewing of the stories told as history, with an eye to updating them with more recently discovered, more unbiased, or more accurate information.
The term historical revisionism is also, however, used by propagandists who wish to rewrite history to better support an ideological (and often less accurate) position.
Revisionism has also been accused of becoming a "trendy" pursuit, and indeed, bold revisionist theories often get a lot of attention from historians and the media.
www.termsdefined.net /re/revisionism.html   (948 words)

 Forgiving the Culprits: Japanese Historical Revisionism in a Post-Cold War Context - Ingyu Oh and Douglas ...
The underlying objective of historical revisionism is to blur the distinct line that exists between the victims and the aggressors.
Constitutional revisionism tries to achieve two things: (1) domestically, revising Article 9 means depriving the ordinary Japanese [minshû] of their rights to peaceful survival; and (2) to Japan's neighbors and other ethnic groups in Japan, it means the rearming of the master.
The combination of historical and constitutional revisionism becomes a very dangerous formula for the future of the ordinary Japanese people who will be deprived of their right to peaceful survival and Japan's neighbors who putatively have to join the bandwagon with Japan in a new East Asian arms race.
www.gmu.edu /academic/ijps/vol5_2/oh_grbi.htm   (5910 words)

 [No title]
Revisionism means the act of revising, correcting, improving or reinterpreting from new materials.
To claim the historical validity of the cause of Irish nationalism, that is the independence struggle, is also to accept its validity in that part of Ireland which has been forcibly severed from the rest of the country.
As those here tonight would obviously adhere to the historical philosophies of James Connolly, who was one of the most brilliant interpreters of 'historical materialism', I will use this viewpoint as a means of explaining differences in historical approach.
www.etext.org /Politics/INAC/historical.revisionism   (5351 words)

In considering Fujioka’s argument, one must determine the justifiability of the alteration of historical texts and the transmission to students of a biased education as means of fortifying Japanese nationalism.
Challenging the constitutionality of historical censorship in textbooks, Ienaga explained that the exclusion of certain events in texts was a “violation of the freedom of expression and scholarship and contrary to the Fundamental Law of Education,” for it was a “violation of the principle safeguarding education from no improper control.”
The concern is that inclusion of events such as the Nanjing Massacre or the acts of Unit 731 would sully this “privileged” historical nature, and lead to confusion in regard to the depiction of the national identity.
www.artsci.wustl.edu /~copeland/textbook.htm   (1914 words)

 Historical Revisionism and the Legacy of George Orwell
Accordingly, Holocaust revisionism is vilified with particular vehemence, almost invariably by individuals who have obviously never made the slightest effort to discover what revisionists have actually written.
While historical revisionism has always been strictly forbidden in Communist countries, now even some ostensibly democratic governments are trying to legally suppress "unacceptable" historical views.
One of the great strengths of historical revisionism in its struggle for public acceptance is that it holds the moral high ground.
www.ihr.org /jhr/v06/v06p--4_Weber.html   (1490 words)

 Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Obituaries / Wolfgang Mommsen, 73, historian
He taught at the University of Duesseldorf, led the German Historical Institute in London from 1977 to 1985, and chaired the German Association of Historians from 1988 to 1992.
It was triggered by publications by several historians who challenged what they portrayed as excessive German guilt about the Holocaust, arguing that the death of 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis was comparable to mass killings under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
Mommsen and his twin brother, Hans, also a well-known historian, were in a rival camp of academics who criticized what they saw as historical revisionism.
www.boston.com /news/globe/obituaries/articles/2004/08/15/wolfgang_mommsen_73_historian   (328 words)

 information concerning New History Textbook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
While historical facts are of course subject to interpretation, it is wrong to suggest that the only or the most important viewpoints are necessarily those of different nations, or that a common understanding of historical events among different peoples is impossible.
The result is to slight historical research, including the findings of Japanese researchers, and to reify, for example, Japan’s aggression in Asia during the Asia-Pacific War as if official views of that era constitute the correct way for Japanese today to assess it.
In short, the textbook negates truthful education through which younger generations are introduced to both the achievements and the mistakes of the past and gain understanding of the importance of building a new global community based on values of democracy, peace, and justice.
www.jca.apc.org /JWRC/center/english/appeal2.htm   (1972 words)

 wais: history: historical revisionism: holocaust: jews, gypsies, June 2005
I say for the umpteenth time that none of this justifies censoring them, nor is there any justification for making the historical facts of the Holocaust into an undiscussable, undebatable holy cow.
As to questioning the "mechanics of gassing", and whether or not some gas chambers on display are reproductions of units destroyed by retreating Germans, by all means, this is a legitimate topic of discussion, and I never said otherwise.
But to deny that the gassings took place at all, or to deny that human beings are "capable of such things" flies in the face of thousands of eye-witness accounts and a huge weight of historical evidence, and is worthy, probably, of derision as well as refutation.
www.stanford.edu /group/wais/ztopics/week060105/history_050601_revisionismholocaust.htm   (1296 words)

 The Essay, Erica Spinelli
As academic historians have incorporated these techniques into more of their work, the theorists of “Holocaust Revisionism” (as they call themselves) or “Holocaust deniers” (as professionals in Holocaust studies refer to them) have co-opted the historian’s tools to spread the erroneous belief that there was no systematic Nazi policy to exterminate the Jews.
As such, his reliance on revisionism and emphasis on his doctoral degree gave him an aura of credibility as he additionally applied “a veneer of scholarship” to his work by including the trappings of scholarly writing such as “source notes, long quotations, references to reputable scholarly books and a bibliography” in his book.17
The very methods of historical revisionism and history and memory studies designed to preserve and record historical memory have thus been co-opted to deprive a group of their common memory and to place reality in flux for the rest of us.
prizedwriting.ucdavis.edu /past/1996-1997/spinelli.html   (1979 words)

 The Talent Show: Heh Indeedy's Historical Revisionism
Historical revisionism is a skeptical approach to accepted historical views.
Historical revisionism may not necessarily be a theory in itself (as is Marxist historical theory, or Whig historical theory).
Historical revisionism is just another look at a thing.
www.thetalentshow.org /archives/002194.html   (2031 words)

 Christian Historical Revisionism
In order to claim historical legitimacy and doctrinal authority, a new history or mythology must be reconstructed in their favor.
There was no "gradual suppression of evangelical Christianity." The purpose of such revisionism is to make themselves the heroes of history and to offer a reason why the lay people should look no further than their present denomination.
I'm sure there are those who avoid the witness of the Church Fathers and spread the revisionism because they have too much at stake.
www.davidschneider.us /odox/historicalrevisionism.html   (579 words)

 Orcinus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Malkin's arguments have fueled Dombrowski's resolve that the internment is a complex, nuanced historical event and that the subject ought to be presented as such.
It would have reckoned with the mountain of overwhelming evidence, produced in historical text after text, that this was the case.
The truth is that Malkin's methodology in terms of historical analysis is identical in nearly every respect to that of Irving and his fellow deniers at places like the Institute for Historical Review and the Barnes Review.
dneiwert.blogspot.com /2004/09/malkin-and-historical-revisionism.html   (3167 words)

 "Historical Revisionism", by Noam Chomsky
I'm aware that there has been a lot of debate about my alleged opinions on "historical revisionism," but I don't agree with your assumption that there is interest in my opinions, for several reasons.
Anyone who was interested in my opinions about these matters would, surely, have looked up what I have written, from these earliest essays (long before "historical revisionism" of the kind to which you refer had become a cause celebre).
If you want to know something about the "historical revisionists," look at their work, or ask people who are interested enough in them to read their work; that would seem a plausible enough suggestion.
www.chomsky.info /letters/19920331.htm   (2117 words)

 Historical Revisionism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Research an historical topic and show how revisionism has changed the traditional interpretation of an event, person or group.
Tell them that you are going to have them analyze the lyrics from a song by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band entitled "Revisionism Street." They are to try to put into their own word what Bob Seger is singing about.
Whichever topic area you pursue, you will surely need to discuss the denigrating effect of revisionism and how it refutes some commonly held values and lessens the heroic proportions of American leaders and their actions.
esd.iu5.org /TeacherSecure/teacherLP/TP_revisionism.htm   (991 words)

 Revisionists.com -- What is revisionism?
Historically there seems to be something about the Jews that brings forth a plenitude of animosity on the part of people amongst whom they live.
One of the ways they do this is by purposely mischaracterizing revisionist scholars as "deniers." But the truth can't be suppressed forever: There is a very real and growing controversy about what actually happened to Europe's Jews during World War II.
Let this issue be settled as all great historical controversies are resolved: through free inquiry and open debate in our journals, newspapers and classrooms.
www.revisionists.com /revisionism.html   (3459 words)

 Historical Revisionism
But, thanks to the work of courageous and unsung historical revisionists back thru most of the 20th century, this message with proofs of this colossal racketeering which were printed and published but suppressed are getting loose at last, primarily on the Net, but also, increasingly, in print again.
Along with everyone else, of course, Historical Revisionists are going to face the choice of supporting the Zionist Christ-hating Kabbala/Talmud agenda (which--don’t forget--is empowered by Satan, according to the Bible: Rev.13:2,4); or the choice of supporting the Bible rightly divided on all teachings with Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Historical Revisionists who have been driven by a desire to see Truth prevail over deception have already been thru Boot Camp and are toughened for this battle of battles.
www.fixedearth.com /HISTREV.HTM   (5148 words)

 History Reinterpreted and Remodeled
This possible historical inaccuracy was begun in the 1700's by abolitionist politicians who were against the ownership of human beings on a purely philosophical level." "Instead of claiming they were treated badly, most of the ex-slaves longed for the days when their 'marsters' were with them.
Christian Historical Revisionism Documents that the proponent of "America's Godly Heritage," David Barton, made up a good many of his favorite supporting quotes and documents.
Christian Historical Revisionism Frederick Clarkson describes the right-wing theory of history.
my.execpc.com /~awallace/revision.htm   (1389 words)

 Examining Historical Revisionism
They are worth reading in order to better understand 'historical revisionism' and the controversy raging over it.
When I speak about the "holocaust", I do not mean a historical fact, as the extermination of the Jews in chemical slaughterhouses did not actually take place.
But in the mind of the populace, this extermination is as real as the Second World War or the Egyptian pyramids, while real genocides, such as the artificially provoked Ukrainian famine in which several million people were deliberately starved to death by the Communists in 1932/1933, are all but forgotten.
www.rense.com /general28/exam.htm   (2652 words)

 Christianity, Truth and Fantasy: The Holocaust, Historical Revisionism and Christians Today
To so-called Revisionists, it implies an honest search for historical truth and the discrediting of misleading myths that are a barrier to peace and goodwill among nations.
Actually, Revisionism means nothing more or less than the effort to correct the historical facts, a more calm political atmosphere, and a more objective attitude.
Revisionism has been more frequently and effectively applied to correcting the historical record relative to wars, because truth is always the first war casualty, the emotional disturbances and distortions in historical writing are greatest in wartime, and both the need and the material for correcting historical myths are most evident in connection with wars.
www.ihr.org /jhr/v09/v09p321_Otten.html   (14078 words)

 Christian Reconstructionism
Christian revisionism is important in understanding the Christian Right's approach to politics and public policy.
If one's political righteousness and sense of historical continuity is an article of faith, what appear as facts to everyone else fall before the compelling evidence of faith.
Christian historical revisionism is the premise of much Christian Right political and historical literature and is being widely taught and accepted in Christian schools and home schools.
www.holysmoke.org /hs00/recon.htm   (626 words)

 Historical Revisionism
Historical Revisionism will not go away where the assassination of President John Kennedy in November, 1963 is concerned either.
One of the most powerful pieces of historical truth that has been kept tightly gagged and almost totally off establishment media of all descriptions concerns the whole question of the lineage of people who call themselves Jews today.
  Along with everyone else, of course, Historical Revisionists are going to face the choice of supporting the Zionist Christ-hating Kabbala/Talmud agenda (which--don’t forget--is empowered by Satan, according to the Bible: Rev.13:2,4); or the choice of supporting the Bible rightly divided on all teachings with Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
www.fixedearth.com /the_bible/histrev.htm   (4960 words)

 Historical Revisionism, Education, Japan by net - JP Directory
Historical Revisionism, Education, Japan by net - JP Directory
Children and Textbooks - Japan Network 21 - Documents several cases of ultraconservatives pushing and the government's use of school textbooks that distort history, manipulate facts, ignore historical research and issues of Comfort Women and Unit 731, and glorify Japanese aggression during East Asia.
The War At Home - Article in Asiaweek detailing the uproar caused by ultranationalists and conservatives attempting to rewrite Japanese history texts.
jpby.net /Education/Historical_Revisionism   (236 words)

 Commentary Magazine - The Supreme Court; historical revisionism; affirmative action; etc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
To the Editor: Many of the contributors to your symposium [“Has the Supreme Court Gone Too Far?,” October 2003] bewail the imperial federal judiciary, so I was astonished that not one of them discussed what a meaningful possible response might include.
...Even if some of the journals and some of the leaders of the professional societies are pro-revisionist, as they point out here, this does not mean that revisionist interpretations are the “prevailing views of the historical profession” (as they write in their book), or that alternative versions of history are kept from seeing the light...
...For historical reasons, however, race preference is far more damaging to fls than athletic preference is to athletes...
www.commentarymagazine.com /Summaries/V117I1P5-1.htm   (3901 words)

 The Observer | Review | Hidden gems of the arts
And while it's not a piece of original historical research - and nor does it claim to be - it makes eloquent the bottomless horror that is often missing in academic studies.
The book's finest achievement is that it exposes this kind of intellectual evasion not as a 20th-century historical blip but a product of self-loathing that is deep in the human soul.
Today as the apologists for Islamic totalitarianism try to find their voice, Koba the Dread is a reminder that terror is not just a political means but, for the true zealot, the end itself.
www.guardian.co.uk /Observer/review/story/0,6903,1553059,00.html   (4865 words)

 Historical Revisionism Is Rampant In Our Culture By Doc Fennessy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
We as a culture and proud nation should preserve our factual history whether it is something that may embarrass some particular social, political, racial or geographic group of people.
There are social "Do Gooders" that believe that our "actual history" of a particular or multitude of events or attitudes are degrading and embarrassing and that may damage someone’s self-esteem if perpetuated in the annals of history.
Historical Revisionism is rampant in our culture, and is being perpetrated by the academia and multi-media.
www.montgomerycountynews.net /historical_revisionism_is_rampan.htm   (3566 words)

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