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Topic: History of British Columbia

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  History of British Columbia, Canada - BritishColumbia.com
The modern history of British Columbia begins with the First Nations people who have lived and flourished on the lush natural resources of these lands for over ten thousand years, since some time after the end of the last Ice Age.
To the east, in the region now known as the British Columbia Rockies, the Kootenay were the original keepers of the land, having fought fiercely for possession of the precious hot springs found in these mountains.
In 1866 the colony of Vancouver Island was combined with the colony of British Columbia, with Victoria becoming the provincial capital of British Columbia on April 2 1868.
www.britishcolumbia.com /History   (0 words)

 British Columbia
British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province and one of North America's most mountainous regions.
British Columbians of Asian heritage have contributed tremendously to the province's economic and cultural vitality.
The Aboriginal population of British Columbia, which began to decline with the arrival of the first European settlers, is enjoying new strength.
www.english-vancouver.com /british-columbia   (1082 words)

 British Columbia History - Canadawiki Canadian History Timeline Biography Library Quotes Aboriginal Society Culture ...
Among the places in British Columbia that began as fur trading posts are Fort St. John (established 1794); Hudson's Hope (1805); Fort Nelson (1805); Fort St. James (1806); Prince George (1807); Kamloops (1812); Fort Langley (1827); Victoria (1843); Yale (1848); and Nanaimo (1853).
The interior region south of the Thompson River watershed and north of the Columbia was organised into the Columbia District, administered from Fort Vancouver (present-day Vancouver, Washington).
Population in British Columbia continued to expand as the province's mining, forestry, agriculture, and fishing sectors were developed.
canadawiki.org /index.php/British_Columbia_History   (0 words)

 History of British Columbia, Canada - Historical Dates
November 19: The Colony of British Columbia was formed at a ceremony in Fort Langley.
July 20: British Columbia became the 6th province of the Dominion of Canada.
The first Governor of the United Colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island was Frederick Seymour, from 24 October 1866 to 10 June 1869.
www.vancouverisland.com /023hist&her/history2.htm   (0 words)

 Canadian Genealogy and History Links - British Columbia
British Columbia Archival Union List A database of fonds and collection level descriptions of records held at 156 publicly-accessible archival repositories in the province.
1881 and 1891 Census of Vancouver Island Searchable database for the 1881and 1891 census of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.
Electoral History of British Columbia 1871-1986 An historical overview of electoral activities in the Province of British Columbia during the 115 year period from 1871 to 1986.
www.islandnet.com /~jveinot/cghl/british-columbia.html   (0 words)

 Victoria British Columbia Canada: National Geographic IMAX Theatre
The Royal British Columbia Museum is pleased to bring its collection of bird calls, images and top scientific information to the public through the creation of the Grace Bell Collection Web site.
The Friends of the Royal British Columbia Museum is comprised of approximately 17,000 members, 25 full-time and part-time staff and 130 volunteers.
British Columbia schools receive complimentary admission to the Royal BC Museum exhibits, so many teachers use the museum exhibits as a learning resource for their class.
www.imaxvictoria.com   (0 words)

 Comox Bay Marine History with pictures and notes about old sailing ships, steamers, freighters, and poineer vessels.
HBC commissions the "Otter", which arrives from England in 1853, and becomes the 1st propeller driven steam boat on the BC coast.
The British frigate "H.M.S. Tribune" is in the area as a territorial presence.
British Navy Gunboats and the Hudson Bay Co are expected to supply regular boat service of mail and supplies to the area.
www.comoxfishermanswharf.com /marine_history/index.htm   (0 words)

 British Columbia Canada: an overview of BC's geography and history
British Columbia is the western-most province of Canada.
The history of the first settlers to British Columbia can be seen in the beautiful and artistic totem poles found in a variety of locations along the coast.
British Columbia joined the rest of Canada in 1871 when promised a rail link that would eliminate their isolation.
www.canadianaconnection.com /cca/british_columbia.htm   (448 words)

The BC Archives is the archives of the government of British Columbia, and provides research access to records of enduring value to the province for both the provincial government and public clientele.
The Oversize Photographic Copying Pilot Project is a six-month pilot project which will allow researchers at the British Columbia Archives to use their own photographic equipment (either digital or non-digital) to photograph oversize materials from the BC Archives textual records holdings for the purposes of research or private study.
In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee as Queen of Canada and her visit to British Columbia in October of 2002, the BC Archives presents on-line exhibit on previous royal visits to the province titled: Welcoming the Royals: The Archival Legacy.
www.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca /index.htm   (835 words)

 British Columbia Facts - economic history
British Columbia has a land and water area of 948,596 square kilometres.
The colony of British Columbia, an amalgamation of Vancouver Island with the mainland, was formed in 1866.
Fur traders introduced agriculture to British Columbia in the first quarter of the nineteenth century in order to reduce their dependence on distant and costly sources of foodstuffs.
www.bctop100.com /facts.htm   (0 words)

 British Columbia Tourism: History - SideStep
The HBC and Britain withdrew to the north of the Columbia River, which included most of Washington and British Columbia.
In order for British Columbia to have greater freedom and self-determination, the growing colony had two choices: join the prosperous United States to the south, with which it shared many historic and commercial ties, or join the new Dominion of Canada far to the east.
Canada's transcontinental railway needed a mainland coastal terminus in British Columbia, as the new province's population center and capital, Victoria, was on an island.
www.sidestep.com /travel-info-g11053-t34467-history_british_columbia_canada   (3112 words)

 Curricular Resources in Canadian Studies:British Columbia
British Columbia Archives presents 11 curricular units (galleries) drawing heavily from archival information on BC History.
The Homeroom is a gateway to resources and information relating to the history of schools and the development of education systems in British Columbia.
It was launched in 1997 to mark the 125th anniversary of public education in the province of British Columbia.
www.cln.org /subjects/can-bc_cur.html   (0 words)

 Lossing's Field Book of the War of 1812, Contents.
– the British forewarned – Passage of the Niagara River.
– the British retreat to the Beaver Dams and Burlington Heights.
– the British attack, are repulsed, and withdraw.
freepages.history.rootsweb.com /~wcarr1/Lossing2/Contents.html   (3892 words)

 Museums in British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia proudly offers many fabulous museums, including the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, one of the top museums in the world.
Learn how nature has shaped and cared for the people who have lived in British Columbia for thousands of years, and how that all changed with the arrival of European settlers just over 200 years ago.
The larger museums are certainly fascinating to visit, but almost every small town in BC has a museum showcasing the history and heritage of the surrounding region, and it is often the museums and historical societies in these smaller communities that are the most rewarding to visit.
www.britishcolumbia.com /attractions/?id=35   (0 words)

 British Columbia Magazine
Whether you live in British Columbia or any other place in the world, British Columbia Magazine will surprise and delight you with the many reasons why B.C. is among the best places on Earth to live and to visit.
From Tofino to Kaslo, Fernie to Telegraph Creek, British Columbia is chock-full of small towns that are a delight to explore.
The province's colourful history comes alive through the eyes of famous, infamous, and little-known British Columbians who witnessed historic events, lived extraordinary lives, or whose personal observations evoke a singular place in time.
www.bcmag.ca   (0 words)

 British Columbia : In Depth : Recommended Books | Frommers.com
Canadian History -- A basic primer on the country's complex history is The Penguin History of Canada, by Kenneth McNaught.
British Columbia: A Natural History, by Richard Cannings (Douglas & McIntyre), is an in-depth guide to the province's plants, animals, and geography.
Read about the natural history of extinct wildlife in A Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History, by Stephen Jay Gould (Norton), which details the discovery and scientific ramifications of the fossil beds found in Yoho National Park.
www.frommers.com /destinations/britishcolumbia/1236020052.html   (1116 words)

The BC Archives is the archives of the government of British Columbia, and provides research access to records of enduring value to the province for both the provincial government and public clientele.
The Photographic Copying Pilot Project II is a six-month pilot project which will allow researchers at the British Columbia Archives to use their own photographic equipment (either digital or non-digital) to photograph materials from the BC Archives holdings for the purposes of research or private study.
In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee as Queen of Canada and her visit to British Columbia in October of 2002, the BC Archives presents on-line exhibit on previous royal visits to the province titled: Welcoming the Royals: The Archival Legacy.
www.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca   (0 words)

 British Columbia bed and breakfast accommodation lodging
Freshwater lakes and rivers are far and wide in British Columbia, free-flowing fresh water amongst exquisite natural settings.Experience the excitement of fishing in lakes, rivers and streams with hundreds rivers and creeks that attract anglers from all over the world.
British Columbia is a golfer`s paradise, with snow-capped mountains, a coastline sculpted by the Pacific rainforests, vast stretches of land, sparkling lakes, rushing rivers and lush valleys, ensuring some of the most scenic and challenging golf courses available.
British Columbia is a diverse province where experiences are only limited to your imagination.
www.bedandbreakfastbc.ca   (0 words)

 British Columbia History Portal - Home
BC2008 is a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Crown Colony of British Columbia in 1858.
The British Columbia Museums Association, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, provides a unified voice for the B.C. museum and gallery community and serves "to foster the preservation, interpretation and appreciation of, and access to, all aspects of British Columbia's heritage."
Produced with the Maritime Museum of British Columbia for the Virtual Museum of Canada, this Web site examines the European colonization of the Pacific Northwest, the effects which it had on the First...
bchistoryportal.tc.ca /index.php   (0 words)

 Revelstoke History - Revelstoke - British Columbia - Canada
As with many communities in south-eastern British Columbia, Revelstoke began in the 1880s as a transportation and supply center for the mining industry.
The natural environment; summer and winter recreational activities; history and heritage of the area; and, location on major transportation routes; provide opportunities for further significant tourism development.
Revelstoke is the service center for a large geographic region and accordingly public services and government offices are located in the city and the employment generated contributes significantly to the economic base.
www.griffinlakelodge.com /history.htm   (0 words)

 The Ultimate Surrey, British Columbia - American History Information Guide and Reference
Surrey is a Canadian City in the province of British Columbia (BC).
It is one of the cities within the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), and geographically, it is at the center of the larger region known as the Lower Mainland of BC.
In the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (2001 elections), all 7 Surrey's seats were won by the British Columbia Liberal Party, in a by-election in 2004, one was won by the New Democratic Party of British Columbia and also during 2004, a Liberal member left the Liberal party to join the Democratic Reform British Columbia.
www.historymania.com /american_history/Surrey,_British_Columbia   (0 words)

 History of Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver is a relatively new city, but the city’s history is rich.
Modern day history all began in 1792 when Captain George Vancouver, searching the waters for the Northwest Passage, sailed into Burrand Inlet and landed here, beginning a great change in the lives of the First Nations.
The first pavement in British Columbia was the Stanley Park ring road, and was made out of the crushed shells of the large midden at the old native village of Qwhy-qwhy (Lumberman's Arch); it was paved for use by bicycles.
www.vancouverkiosk.ca /history.php   (0 words)

 Civilization.ca - Canada's Visual History - British Columbia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The region now known as British Columbia was one of the last mid-latitude areas of the world to be discovered by Europeans, little more than two hundred years ago.
Indeed, those who bemoan a "lack of history" in western Canada are really referring to the shallowness of European roots in the land; the total human history of British Columbia is at least as long as that of much of northern Europe.
It is a story revealed mainly through archaeology (the study of material cultural remains), since the Indians of British Columbia had no written languages, and the old oral traditions are fading quickly.
www.civilization.ca /cmc/archeo/cvh/bc/ebc.htm   (301 words)

 British Columbia Courthouse Library Society - How To Compile a British Columbia Parliamentary History
Compiling a parliamentary or legislative history includes tracking the changes to a particular statute and gathering commentary about those changes, primarily from government sources, in order to try to determine legislative intent.
First reading bills from 1992 to the present are also available on the Internet at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia website.
This publication may be freely reproduced or quoted from with acknowledgement to the British Columbia Courthouse Library Society.
www.bccls.bc.ca /cms/index.cfm?group_ID=2643   (0 words)

 British Columbia History
This illustration shows the archway in Victoria, British Columbia, prepared for the visit of Lord Dufferin in 1876, to placate British Columbians, angry at the federal government for not living up to their promise of a transcontinental railway to the West coast.
The Maritimes wanted nothing to do with Canada and their confederation ideas, however, the economic motives of Canada were the issue and confederation with the Maritimes was necessary as a prelude to the acquisition of the West, which offered an Empire for them to settle and exploit.
In doing so, I am deeply impressed with the momentous character of the discussion into which we are about to enter, the grave importance of decision by which the fate of this our adopted country, British Columbia, must be influenced for better, for worse, for all time to come.
www.westcan.org /westcan/bchist.htm   (0 words)

 BCpl8s.ca - A Pictoral History of British Columbia License Plates
The 29th of February 2004 marked the 100th anniversary of the first motor vehicle registration in British Columbia, Canada.
As a result of this work, I believe that I now have one of the most comprehensive license plate history's to be found anywhere on the web.
Each number plate must bear the licence number of the motor vehicle or trailer for which it is issued, and shall be of a material and design determined by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, and is and remains the property of the corporation.
www.bcpl8s.ca   (0 words)

 Living Landscapes
Our goal is to encourage and facilitate the exploration and appreciation of the human and natural history of British Columbia from regional perspectives.
With the successful completion of the Northwest region in March 2006, we have achieved our goal of facilitating the exploration and appreciation of the human and natural history of the northern, central and southern interior of the province.
If you have a research or educational project that provides new regional views into the human and natural history of BC, we would be pleased to hear from you.
www.livinglandscapes.bc.ca   (0 words)

 British Columbia History - BC Coast
Transportation was key to opening up the sparsely populated southern Interior of British Columbia, which was rich in resources and ready for settlement in the late 1800s.
In a province where mountain ranges are at odds with road and rail builders, and its capital city and a large portion of its population are on an island, it’s no surprise that the provision of an effective transportation system has been a challenging undertaking—or that mistakes have been made.
Royal City is intended to be a treasured keepsake for current and past residents as well as useful tool for anyone interested in the history of British Columbia's first capital city and early photographers.
www.bcbooks.com /regbccoast.html   (0 words)

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