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Topic: History of Greenland

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  History of Greenland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Greenland was considered a possession of the Norwegian Crown as late as the time of the Union of Kalmar.
The eastern coast of Greenland was not properly explored and described until the nineteenth century -- by Scoresby (1822), Clavering (1823), Graah (1829), the German expedition (1869), and the Danish expedition (1883-85).
Greenland was granted self-government in 1979 by the Danish parliament.
www.historyofnations.net /europe/greenland.html   (745 words)

 Greenland - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
It is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean in the north; the Greenland Sea in the east; the Denmark Strait in the southeast, which separates it from Iceland; the Atlantic Ocean in the south; and Davis Strait and Baffin Bay in the west, which separate it from Baffin Island, Canada.
Greenland became a bishopric c.1110, and ruins of churches of that period remain.
Bioarchaeological and climatological evidence for the fate of Norse farmers in medieval Greenland.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-greenlan.html   (1481 words)

 Culture and History in Greenland (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Greenland is blessed with a peaceable people that has never waged war with anyone, and people generally show great openness to visitors.
The population of Greenland is predominantly Inuit, a people bearing an affinity and solidarity with the Inuits of Canada, Alaska and Siberia.
Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but since the introduction of Home Rule in 1979 Greenland has moved towards relative independence based on parliamentary democracy.
www.greenland-guide.dk.cob-web.org:8888 /culture_history.htm   (314 words)

 History of Greenland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3 The Demise of the Greenland Norse settlements
Greenlander’s main commodity was the walrus tusk, which was used primarily in Europe as a substitute of elephant ivory for art décor, whose trade had been blocked by conflict with the Islamic world.
History of Greenland _ Traces the history of Greenland for 10th century to the present.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/History_of_Greenland   (3973 words)

 Greenland History & Information
Greenland enjoys more hours of summer than anywhere down south, but the weather is nowhere near as warm, even though the light is much more intense.
The climate of Greenland is generally dry, and this means that the same temperature feels very different in Greenland from what it does in Europe.
As Danish citizens, the Greenlandic people now had ordinary civic right and their general state of health and educational facilities was radically improved.
www.scantours.com /greenland_history__information.htm   (741 words)

 The History of Greenland - ExploreNorth
The year 2000 is extremely important to the people of Greenland, as it marks the approximate 1,000th anniversary of the arrival of the first Inuit, and also of Leif Erikkson's journey from Greenland to Canada.
At about the same time that the Norseman were settling the south of Greenland, the present Greenlanders, the Inuit, arrived and settled further to the north (some sources state that they arrived as late as 1200 AD).
In modern Greenland, culture and history are very visible parts of everyday life, from colourful clothing to sled dog races.
www.explorenorth.com /library/weekly/aa121799.htm   (1029 words)

 Colonialism in Greenland: An Inuit Perspective
The general history of colonialism may be very bloody, so the concept brings with it the idea of oppression by force, the use of military power, and economic exploitation.
The trade stations in Greenland were established to cope with the competition from Dutch whalers and tradesmen who operated in Greenlandic waters from the beginning of the seventeenth century.
Greenland had a seat in the negotiations, in due course of which any member may successfully argue its point of view in one case, and in another lose.
arcticcircle.uconn.edu /HistoryCulture/petersen.html   (6074 words)

 Greenland History | iExplore.com
Greenland is now an overseas territory in association with the EU, which provides certain trade privileges and access to EU aid.
Another source of conflict between Greenland and Denmark has been the presence of a major American military radar installation at Thule in the north, which may be involved in a future US missile defense system.
EU member states are allowed to fish within Greenland’s maritime exclusion zone in exchange for an annual cash payment; this compensates, in part, for the loss of development aid which Greenland would otherwise have received.
www.iexplore.com /dmap/Greenland/History   (608 words)

 Greenland, New Hampshire
Origin: One of the earliest settlements in the state, Greenland was a parish of Portsmouth originating in 1638.
The 2004 Census estimate for Greenland was 3,390 residents, which ranked 103rd among New Hampshire's incorporated cities and towns.
Greenland contains 10.5 square miles of land area and 2.8 square miles of inland water area.
www.nhes.state.nh.us /elmi/htmlprofiles/greenland.html   (335 words)

 Greenland - China History Forum, chinese history forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
China History Forum is an online chinese history forum, discussion board or community for all who are interested in learning and discussing chinese history from prehistoric till modern times, including chinese art of war, chinese culture topics.
Greenland was quickly settled by the Norse and two larger settlements established and numerous smaller ones, mainly along the South Western Coastline.
Greenland however remained a Royal Possession and as the Dynastic fortunes of The Scandinavian Royal houses waxed and waned, so did the National ownership of these territories.
www.chinahistoryforum.com /index.php?showtopic=14363   (682 words)

 The norse settlers in Greenland - A short history
Southern Greenland is settled by Erik the Red as he leads the first settlers from Iceland.
The supremacy and tax claims of Greenland are hereafter handled by the Danish court.
This is the last written record of Greenland's Norse population.
www.greenland-guide.dk /leif2000/history.htm   (571 words)

 Greenland Patrol
For most of the year Greenland is virtually surrounded by a 20- to 30-mile-wide belt that the Eskimos call the storis, a mass of floating icebergs ranging from a few yards to several city blocks wide.
In the spring and summer the climate of southern Greenland is relatively congenial, with temperatures warming to the 50s as chunks of glacial ice rumble down the fjords on their way out to sea.
Greenland was on the edge of the Battle of the Atlantic, the fight to the death between the German U-boat force and the American shipbuilding industry.
www.uscg.mil /hq/g-cp/history/h_greenld.html   (6929 words)

 Greenland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Greenland was home to a number of Paleo-Eskimo cultures in prehistory, the latest of which (the Early Dorset culture) disappeared around the year 200 AD.
Greenland was one of the Norwegian Crown colonies from the eleventh century until 1814.
Greenland has a population of 56,361, of whom 87% are Greenlandic, a mixture of Inuit and European races.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Greenland   (2370 words)

 A short history of Greenland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The island of Greenland is since the eight century inhabited by the Inuit.
In 1721 Greenland is recolonized by Denmark, leading in 1775 to the establishment of the Colony of Greenland.
Norway annexes the eastern part of Greenland in 1932 and names it Eric the Red's Land.
www.electionworld.org /history/greenland.htm   (213 words)

 Greenland - Country Profile - Greenland ( Grønland, Kalaallit Nunaat
Greenland is not a continent but the world's largest island.
In the 18th century Danes began to colonize the island and in 1953 Greenland was made an integral part of Denmark.
Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, governed by the Home Rule administration.
www.nationsonline.org /oneworld/greenland.htm   (669 words)

First telephone in greenland is installed at the Breakfast Hill railroad station to communicate with the resort hotels at Rye Beach several miles away.
At its founding, a cemetery for Greenland was set aside on a knoll overlooking the Winnicut River, "joining to Thomas Avery's and Leonard Week's land." Greenland formed its own Congregational Parish, separate from Portsmouth, in 1706, and the first church at Portsmouth Ave.
Greenland's first schoolmaster was William Allen (1676-1760), who was hired as the town's first minister in 1707, and seems to have been expected to do two jobs for one salary.
www.weekslibrary.org /history.html   (2827 words)

Because of the mild climate, the economic life is very different from the rest of Greenland with sheep farming and agriculture playing a major part.
But South Greenland is not just known for its fertility, mountains and flowers but also for its glaciers, icebergs in all shapes and colors and fantastic views of the Northern Lights from the end of August.
It is formed in the Arctic Ocean north of Greenland and carried down and around the southern cape and into South Greenland’s bays and fjords.
www.scantours.com /NARSARSUQ_NATURE_and_HISTORY_5_days.htm   (980 words)

 Greenland: History, Geography, Government, and Culture — Infoplease.com
Greenland: History - History The earliest Palaeo-Eskimo cultures had already arrived in Greenland from Canada by c.2,500...
Greenland: Government - Government A Danish colony until 1953, Greenland then became a province; it attained home rule in...
Greenland: Economy - Economy Fishing (shrimp, cod, halibut, salmon) is the main industry, and dozens of processing...
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0107466.html   (353 words)

 Greenland Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Greenland remains a land of fantastical and semi-mythical proportions.
Beneath a mesmerising aurora borealis lies a vast tundra and glittering columns of ice whose monstrous glaciers launch icebergs into the sea to form magnificent southern fjords.
Disclaimer: We've tried to make the information on this web site as accurate as possible, but it is provided 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/europe/greenland   (140 words)

 History of Medieval Greenland
The Stangarfoli (or Stangfolen), sailing from Bergen to Iceland is lost enroute and is shipwrecked on the Eastern Shore of Greenland, carrying the priest Ingimund [Norlund, Norse Ruins at Gardar, Viking Settlers in Greenland].
Bishop Jon dies in Greenland, and is buried in the cemetary at Gardar [Norlund, Norse Ruins at Gardar].
Bishop Arni of Gardar is consecrated as Bishop of Greenland [Norlund, Norse Ruins at Gardar].
www.personal.utulsa.edu /~marc-carlson/history/grontime.html   (3728 words)

 Early Greenland Kayaks - pg.1
Dutch whalers, plying the waters adjacent to Greenland in the late 1600s, brought back not only a wealth of whale oil and furs, but many artifacts acquired from the Greenlanders.
Lubbock continues: "By the year 1720, the Greenland whale had been chased away from the coast of Spitzbergen and even from the whaling banks.…" Finn Gad, in The History of Greenland, Vol.
Little is known about the histories of 11 Greenland kayaks thought to have been brought back by Dutch whalers between 1600 and 1800.
www.seakayakermag.com /2002/02Oct/greenland01.htm   (348 words)

 Oceanic Society - Natural History Expeditions: GREENLAND
The long days of the Arctic summer melt Greenland's winter collar of sea ice, the bays begin to open up, the wildlife emerges, and the wild flowers and berries begin to flourish.
Greenland in July and August is literally an awakening as the flora and fauna take advantage of the short but extreme summer.
Greenland is still one of the most uncommon destinations for travelers and many of our planned locations are pristine and rarely visited.
www.oceanic-society.org /pages/alltrips/trip16.html   (231 words)

 Icedrilling: History of Greenland Ice Drilling
Center for History of Physics), with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, formed a consortium to experiment with using the World Wide Web to locate, create, and preserve historical documentation in science and technology.
A continuation of this effort is the History of Recent Science and Technology Project.
The American Institute of Physics' effort was directed at the development of deep-core ice drilling, in particular the Greenland Ice Sheet Projects (GISP) and European counterparts, in which scores of scientists and engineers from dozens of institutions and several nations contributed to what has become a major source of insights into global climate change.
www.aip.org /history/sloan/icedrill   (394 words)

 History of Medieval Greenland
A Danish-Norwegian expedition sailed for Greenlands waters led by Didrik Pining and Hans Pothorst at the insistence of the Portuguese to look for new lands to the west.
Ellis Minns alleges in his preface to Norlund's Viking Settlers in Greenland that the Eskimos have legends of burning the last of the Nordic Greenlanders in their church.
John "Greenlander", blown off course between Hamburg and Iceland, reports finding empty settlements similar to those in Iceland, and the single body of a man in leather with a cloth hood in Greenland.
www.personal.utulsa.edu /~marc-carlson/history/grontime2.html   (2637 words)

 Greenland: History
The earliest Palaeo-Eskimo cultures had already arrived in Greenland from Canada by c.2,500 B.C. The Thule Eskimo culture first arrived in N Greenland c.
for Greenland and reached an agreement (1941) with the Danish minister at Washington that permitted the establishment of U.S. military bases and meteorological stations.
Tales from ice time: two holes through Greenland offer a glimpse of climates past and future.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0858501.html   (574 words)

 History of Greenland New Hampshire NH Genealogy Ancestry Ancestors Greenland Cemeteries, Greenland history, colonial ...
History of Greenland New Hampshire NH Genealogy Ancestry Ancestors Greenland Cemeteries, Greenland history, colonial new hampshire, early settlers, puritans, early new hampshire history, colonial politicians, first new hampshire settlers
Gravestones and History of Greenland, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire
I found it driving through Greenland, and haven't been able to find the name yet.
www.gravematter.com /cem-nh-greenland.asp   (218 words)

 Royalty.nu - History and Royalty of Greenland
The Frozen Echo: Greenland and the Exploration of North America, Ca.
He watched as their way of life began to come to an end with the construction of an American military base in the midst.
Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga by William W. Fitzhugh, National Museum of Natural History U.S., Elisabeth I. Ward.
www.royalty.nu /America/Greenland.html   (259 words)

 Greenland Covers & Postal History. Greenlandic philatelic literature.
Svendborg (dark red handstamp) on Greenland Arctic Supply mission (clear blue cachet) to Ohio, upper right front edge and a good deal of the back is lightly toned, never selaed.
Nanok S (violet handstamp) on Greenland Arctic Supply mission (clear rusty red cachet) to Ohio, mnor short-edge crinkling furthest from stamps hard to detect except from back, never sealed.
Two covers from the Army peregrine falcon survey of 1985: one bearing a 3.70 Greenland stamp and signed by numerous expedition members; the other a flight cover from Scotia NY to Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland, again signed multiple times.
www.judnick.com /LotsOfCovers/Greenland.htm   (3492 words)

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