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Topic: History of poetry

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www.arikah.com   (459 words)

 museum website
This room is dedicated to a bit of history from the Old English Period and the poetry studied in this course.
It is from Bede's An Ecclesiastical History of the English People that we studied Caedmon's Hymn, a poem about a man who lives to a rather advanced age without ever learning any songs.
His An Ecclesiastical History of the English People covers England's history and conversion to Christianity.
csis.pace.edu /grendel/proj4a/oldeng.htm   (835 words)

Latin American poetry -- 20th century -- History and criticism.
Latin American fiction -- 20th century -- History and criticism Latin American fiction -- 20th century -- Translations into Eng Latin American fiction -- History and criticism.
Hispanic American children's poetry (Spanish) search for Children's poetry, Hispanic American (Spanish) Hispanic American college teachers.
www.union.edu /PUBLIC/LIBRARY/guide/mclcshla.html   (835 words)

That includes, apart from great poetry, discussions about great poets, and poems, history of Urdu poetry, various poetry related discussions from Usenet and much more.
There is an archive here of interesting information about Urdu Poetry, great articles about it and also great poems.
This page intends to cover as many aspects of Urdu poetry as possible.
meltingpot.fortunecity.com /guam/385/links.htm   (177 words)

Hans-Friedrich Mueller, 'The Extinction of the Potitii and the Sacred History of Augustan Rome' (pp.
She argues that its closest parallels may be found in poetry of the Augustan period which reveal similar concerns with variation and careful attention to symmetry.
Levene and A. Nelis (edd.), Clio and the Poets: Augustan Poetry and the Traditions of Ancient Historiography.
www.classics.und.ac.za /reviews/0319lev.htm   (2332 words)

 Publisher description for Library of Congress control number 98010000
The story of how each age understood the nature biblical poetry, Kugel concludes, is a key to understanding the Bible's place in the history of Western thought.
He also offers a thorough history of the idea of biblical poetry, starting with Philo of Alexandria and Josephus in the first century C.E. and charting its development through the Church Fathers, medieval Jewish writers, the Christian Hebraists of the Renaissance, and on into modern times.
Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Hebrew poetry, Biblical History and criticism, Hebrew language Parallelism, Bible, O, T, Psalms Criticism, interpretation, etc, History
www.loc.gov /catdir/description/jhu052/98010000.html   (229 words)

 Entertainment In India,Indian Entertainment Websites,Entertainment Web Directory,Entertainment Resources In India
Abhinav Publications - Offers history books such as ancient india history & archaeology, history / culture of the palas of bengal / bihar, aspects of ancient indian administration, crime & punishment in ancient india, court procedure in ancient india, history and historians in ancient india and imperial guptas and their times.
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Singh Musical Instruments - Suppliers of harmonium, veena, guitar, electric mandolin, ektara, bongo drums, congo drums, chimta, been, flutes, shehnai & sundri, electronic tabla, dholak and sitar.
www.surfindia.com /entertainment   (1347 words)

 Ab-e Hayat: Shaping the Canon of Urdu Poetry, by Muhammad Husain Azad; translated by Frances W. Pritchett, in association with Shamsur Rahman Faruqi
The Urdu poets, considering it an easy task and deciding to make their poetry widely popular, adopted the themes of beauty and love, and so on, and there is no doubt that what they did, they did very well.
No Urdu prose composition can be found before A.H. 1145 [1732-33], although as for poetry, if we sift through oral tales and accounts in books, the conclusion emerges that when Braj Bhasha, with its wide courtesy, gave a place to Arabic and Persian guest-words, in people's temperaments this natural growth [of poetry] too sprang up.
At the beginning of [my account of] Urdu poetry, it is worth mentioning that in Sanskrit one word has quite a number of meanings.
columbia.edu /itc/mealac/pritchett/00fwp/published/txt_ab_e_hayat.html   (4863 words)

 GO BRITANNIA! Wales: Welsh Literature - Reading List
Welsh writing in English is also covered by Glyn Jones, "The Dragon has Two Tongues" (1968); Anthony Conran, "The Cost of Strangeness" (1982); M. Wynn Thomas, "Internal Difference" (1992); Roland Mathias, "Anglo-Welsh Literature: A Illustrated History" (1987) and John Harris, "A Bibliographical Guide to Twenty-Four Modern Anglo-Welsh writers" (1994).
The book also contains background articles on the history of Wales and its people, and much practical information for the traveler.
A most useful book that traces the main outlines of the history of Wales from the Celtic settlements to the political, social and economic life of the twentieth century is "A Pocket Guide: The History of Wales" by T. Graham Jones (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1990).
www.britannia.com /wales/lit/lit20.html   (4863 words)

 Oxford University Society: Illinois Branch - Events
In 1999 he was elected Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and was Oxford Professor of Poetry from 1994-99.
She taught at Ryerson University for 25 years where she also served a term as Chair of the History Department.
www.ousillinois.net /Events.HumanitiesFest2004.html   (4863 words)

 War Poetry Wartime Verse Poetry of War Questia.com Online Library
War poetry, American--History and criticism...profitably engage ourselves with Tates poetry, including that linked directly with the...
War poetry, American--History and criticism...interests in twentiethcentury lesbian poetry.
Poetry and the Modern World: A Study of Poetry in England between 1900 and 1939 (Chap.
www.questia.com /library/literature/poetry/war-poetry.jsp   (4863 words)

 Gender Studies Faculty
19th Century British Literature and Art History; Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic Movements; Victorian Poetry and Poetics; History and Fiction (history and theory of their relations since 1750); British Cultural Nationalism; Landscape (art, literature, criticism); Victorian Women Writers; Feminist Criticism and Theory.
She is finishing a book which interprets postwar confessional poetry and changing norms of self-disclosure in relation to Supreme Court decisions establishing the right to privacy and analyzes how shifting definitions of privacy transformed understandings of the citizen and public sphere.
Her currnet work is on Pre-Raphaelite Arts: Poetry, Painting, Collection, and Design in the 1860s [working title] (focusing particularly on William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and the interrelations among their poetry, prose, painting, and design work between c.
humanities.uchicago.edu /orgs/cgs/faculty.html   (4863 words)

 Loss Review 1
And it is here where another history crosses the history of the battle between print and digital text; that other history is the battle within poetry itself between innovative poetries and what by default are here referred to as non-innovative poetries (47).
Digital poetry, of course, is not the first instance of a poetry which engages its medium.
Then there is the battle between narrative hypertext and poetic hypertext, followed by the opposition of poetry which conforms to the narrative paradigm versus poetry which opens up a new one.
www.ibiblio.org /nmediac/winter2002/lossrev1.html   (414 words)

 The Flowering of Japanese Literature
The writers of early Japanese history are not concerned with verification in the same way the modern historians are; they are, rather, concerned with setting out the special character of Japanese culture in the Yamato and Nara periods.
In the Manyoshu poetry and all its derivatives, the whole world can be writ small in a single, inconsequential event, such as the falling of a leaf of the blossoming of a cherry tree.
This interpretation, however, is very narrow—the Manyoshu poetry and its derivatives betray the entire range of human experience and emotion.The style is simple and direct, evoking meaning not from florid language or elaborate metaphors, but from the object or event being described.
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~dee/ANCJAPAN/LIT.HTM   (1858 words)

 Norse-Icelandic Skaldic poetry of the Scandinavian middle ages: an electronic edition
Aside from its centrality and longevity in Scandinavia, skaldic poetry is of potential interest to scholars from many disciplines: medieval literature, orality-literacy studies, linguistics, poetics, myth studies, history, and the history of religions, to name only a few.
In origin, skaldic poetry seems to have been an elite oral court poetry, practised at the courts of regional kings and earls in ninth-century Norway.
Skaldic poetry had a 500-year history and survived a major religious and cultural change.
skaldic.arts.usyd.edu.au /docs/papers/drrh2001.html   (1858 words)

 Romantic Canons: A Bibliography
Curran explains the veritable "explosion" of publications of original poetry during the Romantic era as inspired by a new knowledge of poetic history and a desire "[t]o be 'among the English Poets'" (221): "For the first time there was an actual history not of literature per se, but of poetry in English.
In this chapter, I argue that distinctive differences between miscellaneous collections of poetry and anthologies, published in their modern form for the first time during the early 19th century, reveal that canonizing began during the romantic era, and that it is an activity structurally dependent upon the exclusion of women poets.
The generation [of poets] beginning in the 1780s and truly emerging into artistic leadership in the 1790s was the first ever to know that history.
www.orgs.muohio.edu /anthologies/canon.htm   (1707 words)

 Ryukyuan Culture: Links to Sites on Okinawan Culture
Ryukyuan Poetry Yard - A collection of Okinawan poetry based on the kunkunsi (Textbook of Okinawan song) translated into English.
Features history, songs/poetry in the original Ryukyuan language, as well as the translated words in English and Japanese.
Okinawan Lacquerware and Textiles - Photos and history about the traditional Okinawan arts of Lacquerware and Textiles from an October 1996 exhibit at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego, California.
www.okinawa.com /links-culture.html   (524 words)

 Spanish 375: Spanish Poetry (A Research Guide)
Spanish poetry -- 20th century -- History and criticism.
Spanish poetry -- Women authors -- History and criticism.
Spanish Poetry -- 19th Century -- History And Criticism.
www.stolaf.edu /library/instruction/biguides/spring2005/Span375.html   (1180 words)

Limericks are short and no great talent is necessary to compose one - Limericks are a form of poetry that everyone feels happy to try (especially when inebriated!).
And finally the somewhat dubious history of limericks have contributed to the critics attitudes.
The form of poetry referred to as Limerick poems have received incredibly bad press and dismissed as not having a rightful place amongst what is seen as 'cultivated poetry'.
www.poetry-online.org /limericks.htm   (803 words)

 WCML - Links
Poetry and History of the American Labor Movement
Exemplary trade union site, which includes history of the Council and a comprehensive list of published trade union histories and trades council histories as well as many other useful links.
History of Anarchist Communism from late c18th to 1970s
www.wcml.org.uk /wcml/links.htm   (803 words)

 Modern and Celtic Languages - What's Been Published
Irish poetry Early modern, 1550-1700 History and criticism.
Irish poetry Translations into English History and criticism.
Irish prose literature 20th century History and criticism.
www.pitbossannie.com /rp-pb-i.html   (803 words)

VHS/Color/50 mins./P.P. From the dawn of time to the epic sweep of the twentieth century, from the great conflicts to the inventions that changed the world, History Channel Video captures the glory, tragedy and drama of the human experience.
VHS/Color/100 mins./P.P. (A&E Home Video) From the dawn of time to the epic sweep of the twentieth century, from the great conflicts to the inventions that changed the world, History Channel Video captures the glory, tragedy and drama of the human experience.
Behind closed doors, the private meetings, arguments, anguish and personal battles will change the course of history.
www.vermilion.lib.la.us /lists/videos/vids4.txt   (20551 words)

 Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East
Just as the writing of history began from practical rather than literary motives, so the collection and preservation of Arabic poetry was undertaken by scholars with, at first, little interest in its artistic merit.
The history of modern Arabic poetry, with its many schools and contending styles, is almost impossible to summarize.
By the ninth century, the method of compiling history from hadith and carefully citing the authorities for each tradition - a process which had resulted in books of unwieldy length - was abandoned by some authors, like al-Dinawari and al-Ya'qubi, who omitted the chains of transmitters and combined hadith to produce a narrative.
www.islamicity.com /Mosque/ihame/Ref5.htm   (20551 words)

Bromwich "The Character of the Early Welsh Tradition" in N.Chadwick (ed) Studies in Early British History (Cambridge, 1959), pp 83-136.
Ford (ed and trans) The Poetry of Llywarch Hen (Berkeley, 1974).
Parry History of Welsh Literature (Oxford, 1955), esp pp 1-98.
www.chass.utoronto.ca /~klausner/2050RL.html   (20551 words)

 Warton, Thomas, The Younger --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
poet laureate from 1785 and author of the first history of English poetry, brother of the poet and critic Joseph Warton, and son of Thomas Warton the Elder (1688?–1745), professor of poetry at Oxford University (1718–26).
poet laureate from 1785 and author of the first history of English poetry, brother of the poet and critic Joseph Warton, and son of Thomas Warton the Elder (1688?–1745), professor of poetry at Oxford...
He is remembered less for his verse, however, than for his critical history of English poetry.
www.britannica.com /eb/article?tocId=9076158   (20551 words)

 Spanish 375: Spanish Poetry (A Research Guide)
Spanish poetry -- 20th century -- History and criticism.
Spanish poetry -- Women authors -- History and criticism.
Spanish Poetry -- 19th Century -- History And Criticism.
www.stolaf.edu /library/instruction/biguides/Span375.html   (20551 words)

 Poet Laureate Timeline (Library of Congress)
He wrote "Understanding Poetry" (1938), a textbook that widely influenced the study of poetry on the college level.
He received subsequent Pulitzers for two volumes of poetry, "Promises" in 1958 and "Now and Then" in 1979.
He taught at Vanderbilt, Louisiana State, the University of Minnesota and Yale.
www.loc.gov /poetry/laureate.html   (693 words)

 An introduction to Chinese literature
The spread of Buddhism from India, the invention of printing, and the flowering of poetry and prose illuminated the entire period and made it one of the most brilliant in Chinese literary history.
Chinese literature may be divided into three major historical periods that roughly correspond to those of Western literary history: the classical period, from the 6th century BC through the 2nd century AD; the medieval period, from the 3rd century to the late 12th century; and the modern period, from the 13th century to the present.
Wang Wei, a meditative philosopher and painter with Buddhist inclinations, depicted the serenity of nature's beauty; it has been said that poetry is in his pictures and pictures are in his poems.
www.china-on-site.com /literatu/intro.htm   (693 words)

 Teacher Lesson Plan - Enhancing a Poetry Unit with American Memory
To appreciate and recognize the elements of poetry and then to create "found poetry" from the stories and language recorded in American Life Histories, 1936-1940 from diverse geographic regions.
"Found Poetry" can serve as an antidote to an experienced poet's block, but it can also get a new poet rolling with the use of someone else's language, images, cadences, and, of course, observations about life.
Because the Life Histories are in the most basic sense the personal property of the people chronicled in them, poets and teachers of student poets would be well advised to approach them with the respect due any human being, and to use them for the good purposes of understanding history and creating art.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/ndlpedu/lessons/98/poetry/poem.html   (1007 words)

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