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Topic: Hitlering

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  Gerald Peary - film reviews - Downfall
The familiar story, of the Nazi’s final battles against the invading Russians and the double suicide of Hitler and Eva Braun, is told efficiently; the 155 minutes pass quickly.
Hitler’s OK too, if a bit aged, stooped and sixtyish instead of straight-shouldered and fiftyish: the fine Swiss-German actor Bruno Ganz (Alice in the Cities, An American Friend).
Downfall strives for proper imbalance: Ganz’s Hitler can be kind to his secretary, Traudl Junge (Alexandra Maria Lara), friendly to those fiercely loyal to him, such as Magda (Corinna Harfouch) and Joseph Goebbels (Ulrich Matthes), and courtly toward his girfriend, Eva Braun (Juliane Kohler).
www.geraldpeary.com /reviews/def/downfall.html   (625 words)

 anglofritz; Out-Hitlering Hitler
Manifesting any of the traits, to any degree, that Hitler is famous for unlocks the option: solemnity, industry, moral vacuity, a certain fashion sense, fascism, pseudo-fascism -- anything negative, really.
The bizarre Hitler cult of the Anglos is really just an expression of their subconsciousness, an expression of their repressed sides and unfulfilled longings.
The bizarre Hitler cult in Anglo-land is best understood as denial of the continuing colonial aggression (including genocides), really bad education, and all kinds of vague resentments about somehow being "behind" the curve of history all of a sudden.
www.anglofritz.com /2006/07/outhitlering_hitler.html   (518 words)

 Hitlerism - LegalOwl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Hitler had no idea on Navy tactics and indeed was scared of the English Navy(and also the use of his own) which would have pounded a non existant invading force anyway.
Heil Hitler.” Richard Pratt is not saying he heard the words but, according to family legend, that’s how his 1934 birth in a Danzig maternity hospital called the Stork House was announced to his mother.
Destroy the memory of the Holocaust and it might just be possible, by relativizing the rest of history, to reconstruct the mythic Hitler who, in an article reprinted by Rimland, is described as "the most notable figure of the 20th century.
www.legalowl.com /topics/Hitler   (2972 words)

 JS Online:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
He says he used to work for Hitler as an SS officer back in the day.
Hitler thought his kampf was tough, but he never had to tangle with the Walworth County zoning board.
People can believe what they want, and Junker spent $200,000 to say Hitler was a great leader and nice guy.
www.jsonline.com /story/index.aspx?id=436471   (772 words)

 Can Slavs be Nazis? - The Phora
I think Hitler considered the Russians to be, by and large, subhuman mongrels, whose upper-crust had been destroyed by the Communist revolution; however, I don't believe that Hitler considered the Slavs, as a whole, to be subhumans, since they are essentially a language group.
Yeah I can't see why not, Hitler lived in a time when extreme Nationalist thinking existed to the point where Nations of Europe where claiming to be there own Race.
Swastika will always be associated with the Hitler era, and not with the Hindu context of using a swastika for religious purposes.
thephora.net /forum/showthread.php?t=1802   (1095 words)

 From Holocaust to German Unification
Hitler and the Nazis misused and manipulated the student body: Hitler wrote:
They carried terror into the lecture halls of liberal professors; thousands of students enrolled in the SA and the SS, they were very happy beating defenseless people on the street.
The biggest group of jubilants that marched on Jan. 30, 1933, and hailed Hitler as the new Reichchancellor were the becaped fraternity members.
www2.mcdaniel.edu /german/1125/studyguide3.htm   (3010 words)

 "Altruism" misconstrued
The Heil Hitlering crowds we have all seen on the newsreels of evidently wanted to give their lives to the Reich.
If you really care about preventing another horror like the Nazi empire, you will heed his letter and fight the idea that service to others is the moral justification for one's existence.
This article may be freely distributed electronically, provided it is distributed in its entirety and includes this notice, but may not be reprinted without the express written permission of The Tech.
www-tech.mit.edu /V105/N56/hunte.56o.html   (879 words)

 The Jews
It is actually a piece of disinformation written by a Russian in the employ of the Czar's Secret Police, and has been known to be a fraud by all serious historians for nearly a century.
Along with many crack-pot historical revisionists, Williamson subscribes to the big lie that Hitler had no intention, nor much success if he did have the intention of exterminating the Jewish race in Europe.
To believe that, you would have to believe in an impossibly far-ranging conspiracy of U.S. Army soldiers and officers; French and English soldiers and others; numerous investigating commissions, hundreds of thousands of faked reports, faked death camp records; faked photographs; faked testimonies; and faked dead bodies.
jloughnan.tripod.com /thejews.htm   (2733 words)

 TIME.com: -- Oct. 23, 1939 -- Page 3
hitler (hĭt´lĕr) n (G) A falsehood uttered or acted to deceive.
To affect by hitlering, as, he hitlered himself out of trouble.
Peace has got to be as exciting as war, it can't be just neutrality, it has got to go deeper and farther and become the motivating force behind every American living in this United States of America.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,772228-3,00.html   (594 words)

 Olympic scars
Like many Olympics enthusiasts around the world, I believed that the ritual carrying of the flame from the site of the original games to the modern site is an ancient tradition, begun by the Greeks.
The poster boy or role model for Hitler's master race was tall, blond and blue-eyed.
He used the Olympics as a showcase to convince the world that Germany had more than recovered from its defeat in the war, was hospitable and efficient at organizing the games and was competitive (and superior) in athletics.
www.press-enterprise.com /newsarchive/1999/07/02/930882366.html   (556 words)

 Beware Osama bin Saddam Hugo Chavez
I actually read it in the afternoon and wasn’t drinking anything and even if I had been, it wouldn’t have been coffee.
And then we saw most of those countries, with the exception of Cuba, for the most part move towards democracies.
This is why Rumsfeld should start reading history instead of making it (badly): Hitler was not elected chancellor, the position from which his evil destruction was truly unleashed; he was appointed to office.
onlinejournal.com /artman/publish/article_493.shtml   (1526 words)

 inanis et vacua
The question that these thoughts are leading to is this: circa 2006, has the figure of the anti-Semite also become for the most part an imaginary bugbear?
I’m sure there are some people around who harbor a traditional hatred for Jews just as there really are American Nazis who wear retro uniforms and go around Heil Hitlering each other.
In the America I grew up in, however, these coelacanths were already both scarce and old and bore very little resemblance to the international relations professors and leftist agitators who are routinely denounced as anti-Semitic by Alan Dershowitz.
vacua.blogspot.com /2006_04_09_vacua_archive.html   (683 words)

 Traditional Catholic Apologetics.net | Letters Hebrew-Catholic To Mr. Isaacs: Do Jews Proselytize?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Jews can no more be brow-beaten into hailing Jesus as their Messiah, than they can be brow-beaten into sincerely Heil-Hitlering Hitler in Nazi controlled territory.
I do not think your Orthodox friends suggested your dec­laration, for they know I have not been attacking the Judaism of our forefathers in Israel.
To ask Christians to cease "trying to convert Jews to Catholicism," is equivalent to asking them to stop doing what Jesus Christ did and instituted His Church to continue.
www.catholicapologetics.net /lhmi-19   (1301 words)

It is so easy to see insanity in others but impossible to see it in ourselves.
Did the 50 million Christian Germans goose stepping and Heil Hitlering at the 1936 Berlin Olympics realize that they were following a madman to their total destruction?
Do the 1 billion Muslims Zieg Heiling along with Hizbollah and their fl facemasks and green bandanas realize that they are following madmen to their complete and utter destruction?
www.indymedia.org /nl/2006/07/843218.shtml   (1466 words)

 Is Command & Conquer Generals The Best? - The OFFICIAL Pure Pwnage forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
After he said he is getting ZH cos he likes the demo is there any need for such an agressive reply?
Stating what you said sounds less like an opinion and more like Hitler.
His rush was pretty good but he expanded too quickly when he went for Poland.
www.purepwnage.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=1382   (901 words)

 Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?: More reviews!
The Smoking Room: "Hitlering It Out of the Park"
Cody Cox: "Feel free to put my email up for ridicule!!
After all, Hitler was responsible for the death of millions of innocent people who were slaughtered because they were jews.
jimtreacher.com /archives/001140.html   (931 words)

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