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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Hockey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hockey is any of a family of sports in which two teams compete by trying to maneuver a ball, or a hard round disc called a puck, into the opponent's net or goal, using a stick.
While modern field hockey appeared in the mid-18th century in England, primarily in schools, it was not until the first half of the 19th century that it became firmly established, the first club being created in 1849 at Blackheath in south-east London.
Broomball is played on an ice hockey rink, but with a ball instead of a puck and a "broom" (actually a stick with a small plastic implement on the end) in place of the ice hockey stick.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hockey   (1200 words)

 Ice hockey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Hockey League was formed in November of 1917, when members of the former National Hockey Association were engaged in a dispute with one of their fellow owners over insurance proceeds.
Sledge hockey was invented by three Swedish wheelchair athletes on a frozen lake at a rehabilitation centre in Stockholm in 1961.
Hockey also frequently shows up in American television, particularly in shows set in the colder regions of the US such as the Northeast where the sport is on an almost equal footing to basketball.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ice_hockey   (5905 words)

 MCQ : Facts about society : Mad about hockey
The passion for hockey is the passion for victory.
Hockey is part of our culture and our daily lives.
testimonies from ordinary people, relating their memories of hockey - because almost everyone, at some time or another, has had a memorable experience connected with the game.
www.mcq.org /hockey/aaindex.html   (343 words)

 Hockey Fans - NHL Team History and Player Biographies
As Hockey spread across the continent, there was a marked increase in the number of organized hockey leagues.
In 1917, the National Hockey Association (NHA) was re-organized and eventually led the birth of the National Hockey League (NHL).
Hockey in the 1950s and '60s is considered by many to have been at its best.
www.hockey-fans.com   (853 words)

 Lifetime Hockey
Lifetime Hockey tries to be as helpful as possible for no-check players so we have quite a number of web pages in our handbook with advice and instructions on everything from buying equipment to taking the shot that scores.
Hockey is a fluid and spontaneous game but all players need to know at least a few basic plays.
Lifetime Hockey is devoted to the education and support of the adult beginning and intermediate no-check hockey player.
www.lifetimehockey.com   (429 words)

 Hockey St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture - Find Articles
North American hockey is a fast and violent game, played on ice,; which began in Canada in the mid-nineteenth century.
It is thought that hockey derives its name from the French word for a shepherd's crook, in reference to the shape of the sticks with their curved playing end.
In 1917 the NHA gave way to the National Hockey League, which was to become the dominant professional league in the world.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_tov/ai_2419100589   (915 words)

 Home Ice
The first 11 of "101 Hockey Tips." These tips are included in further visual detail and with more explanation in the "101 Hockey Tips" instructional DVD on sale in the Hockey Player store.
When I teach the hockey skating clinics and schools around the world, I feel one of my top priorities as a teacher is to present you, the student, information in such a way so that you can retain it...
In close hockey matches, there are plenty of reasons for staying until the final buzzer.
www.hockeyplayer.com   (498 words)

 INSIDE HOCKEY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Hockey history is filled with notable families – brothers, fathers and sons who have made their surnames synonymous with traditions of skill, character and winning in the NHL.
The latest band to participate in Hockey Rocks, is The States, a Brooklyn-based band that was recently named the #1 pick at PureVolumne.com.
This week, INSIDE HOCKEY sits down with The States' drummer Joe Stroll to discuss everything from his hockey-playing days to the playoffs to the band's recent exploits.
www.insidehockey.com   (920 words)

 USA Hockey
Often rivals on the ice, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada, among many industry leaders, including the NHL and its Players' Association, have teamed up to create OneGoal, which aims to show parents and youngsters how easy it can be to play hockey.
On Aug. 11, USA Hockey announced the U.S. National Under-18 Team's schedule and roster for the 2006-07 season, beginning with the 2006 NAHL Showcase in Blaine, Minn.
USA Hockey members who wish to submit a playing rule change to be considered at USA Hockey's 2007 Annual Congress must do so prior to Nov. 1, 2006.
www.usahockey.com   (931 words)

 Ontario Hockey Federation
The Ontario Hockey League has an immediate opening for the position of OHL Director of Officiating to work in the Scarborough office.
Hockey Canada is hiring for two positions in the Ottawa and Calgary Offices.
Hockey Canada’s 2006 Annual General Meeting concluded with some decisions made on key issues that affect amateur hockey across Canada.
www.ohf.on.ca   (240 words)

 Organize a Fantasy Hockey Team
Fantasy hockey teams are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for die hard hockey fans to enjoy the game.
Before you organize your first fantasy hockey team; however, there are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure you plan the best team with the best chances of winning.
In the game of hockey, it's important to know whether you're willing to step outside of the box and go with someone who is more high risk.
www.nwhlhockey.com   (533 words)

 Ice Hockey Glossary
when a hockey player bumps or slams into an opponent with either his hip or shoulder (the only legal moves) to block his progress or throw him off-balance; it is only allowed against an opponent in control of the
on which the game of hockey is played; it is 200 feet long by 85 feet wide with rounded corners.
used by professional ice hockey skaters; the gentle curve in a very sharp blade of an ice skate produced by rounding the toe and heel of the blade to make it easier for hockey players to turn quickly.
www.firstbasesports.com /hockey_glossary.html   (2965 words)

 Ontario Hockey Association
COLLINGWOOD – The Ontario Hockey Association held its annual general meeting the weekend of June 16-18 at the Mountain Springs Lodge near here.
Hockey Canada adopted a move towards stricter enforcement of rules at its annual meeting in May and the Ontario Hockey Association embraced the direction from Hockey Canada and will begin implementation of the new-style game for the upcoming season beginning the fall of 2006.
National Hockey League Senior Director for Officials Development, Terry Gregson was on hand to discuss the NHL’s experience to date with the rules emphasis, and cautioned the OHA to support the standard but cautioned against referring to it as the NHL standard, or promoting it as a zero tolerance initiative.
www.ohahockey.org   (277 words)

 Science of Hockey
The Science of Hockey is the first in a series of "Sports Science" resources developed by the Exploratorium.
To learn about how the Science of Hockey was put together, read the credits.
The Science of Hockey was made possible with the assistance of the NHL's San Jose Sharks.
www.exploratorium.edu /hockey/index.html   (158 words)

It is the philosophy of BSA Hockey is to provide an arena where an individual can play ice hockey from childhood to adulthood.
At the adult level, emphasis is placed on providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all to continue to appreciate ice hockey.
USA Hockey is the governing body for ice hockey in the United States.
www.bsaarena.com /Hockey/hockey.html   (507 words)

 HockeyMonkey.com - #1 Online Hockey Equipment - Ice Hockey Skates, Hockey Stick, Inline Hockey Skates, Hockey Gloves, ...
Whether you are an ice or inline hockey player, we carry everything you may need, including ice hockey skates, inline roller hockey skates, replica NHL hockey jerseys, hockey bags, hockey sticks, hockey gloves, hockey pants, hockey helmets, and various accessories for your hockey gear.
Hockey Monkey has the absolute best prices on equipment for men, women, and youth of any online hockey equipment retailer around.
Hockey Monkey™, Hockeymonkey.com® and Ice Hawk™ are operated by and are trademarks of Hawk Hockey Inc.
www.hockeymonkey.com   (323 words)

 Hockey on MLN Sports Zone - A Minor League Sports News Magazine
We take a look back at the stories that graced the cover of MLN Sports Zone, in a year of change that saw a major strike, one major league commissioner's visions dashed and another commissioner's blueprint for the future of his sport reborn in the minor leagues.
Hockey goes Havana in Hartford as the Rangers Groom Someone Who Could Be the First Cuban-American Goaltender in NHL History.
They made hockey bloom in the desert in the last decade.
www.minorleaguenews.com /hockey/hockey.html   (743 words)

Hockey Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the rosters for the upcoming Atlantic Challenge Cup which will take place in Dieppe, NB from October 6-9,2006.
This volunteer position was one that he took quite seriously and one which he show great dedication.
Hockey Nova Scotia is currently inviting applications for the volunteer positions of Hockey Nova Scotia Provincial Skills Clinic Instructors.
www.nshockey.org   (149 words)

 Planet Field Hockey.com - International
The sport of hockey has been given a boost with the successful hosting of the recently concluded 20th Banks Interna-tional Hockey Festival.
This year’ s Banks International Hockey Festival, from August 21st — 27th, 2005 is perking again with its 20th edition of sun, fun and a little bit of hockey thrown in for good measure.
India's men's hockey team may be down in the dumps but their women counterparts are faring better.
www.planetfieldhockey.com   (595 words)

 HockeyResearch.com - Home page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Through this column and supporting research, they hope to bring hockey stats in line with other sports statistics.
The Hockey History Mailing List was created because there existed a need for hockey historians to network among one another as a means of facilitating their research.
Among other things, it is also a place for members to display their research efforts and find the help that they need...
www.hockeyresearch.com   (324 words)

 Main Index - Fried Chicken's Hockey Fight Site
Derek Boogaard, wearing a sport jacket and slacks, was standing outside the dressing room at the Xcel Energy Center, engrossed in a conversation, when one of the Columbus players passed by on his way to the team bus.
Italy's Tony Iob was suspended from the world ice hockey championships on Thursday for his part in a fight near the end of a preliminary round game against Ukraine.
Ukraine advanced to the second round of the world ice hockey championship by edging Italy 4-2 in a game that ended in a frightening hit and ugly brawls on Wednesday.
www.hockey-fights.com   (3836 words)

 American Hockey Coaches Association
The Officers and Governors of the American Hockey Coaches Association were saddened to learn of the abrupt release of Tim Taylor from his duties as head coach of men’s ice hockey at Yale University.
John Mayasich, considered by many to be the greatest American-born hockey player of alltime, has been chosen as the recipient of the 2006 Lou Lamoriello Award.
The American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) is pleased to announce the individuals who will receive the 2006 AHCA Major Awards in April in Naples, FL, at the 2006 AHCA Annual Convention (01/19).
www.ahcahockey.com   (1012 words)

 Welcome to the Minnesota Hockey Website
Minnesota Hockey is the statewide governing body of amateur hockey in Minnesota and an affiliate of USA Hockey.
Since 1947, Minnesota Hockey (formerly known as the Minnesota Amateur Hockey Association) has been providing volunteer services for the development and promotion of all youth hockey in Minnesota.
As president of Minnesota Hockey I would like to thank all of those presidents and association board members that attended the meetings the past week.
www.minnesotahockey.org   (346 words)

This is a forum to talk about 1991 AAA hockey
I have made this forum to discuss all 1992 AAA hockey
Intelligent and/or impassioned discussions on the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team.
www.network54.com /Browse/Sports/Hockey   (55 words)

 New England Bruins Sled Hockey by All Metals, Ford, Verizon Wireless
Sled hockey is the fast, exciting, rough n' tumble version of ice hockey played primarily by people with mobility disabilities.
The game is essentially the same as any “stand-up” ice hockey game with the major difference being that all of the players sit in a sled which is attached to two hockey skate blades under the seat.
In the most competitive games, hard checking, raised puck shooting, and penalty killing are as much a part of sled hockey as they are in “stand-up” hockey.
www.sledhockey.org   (262 words)

 Hockey Statistics Archive at the Internet Hockey Database
We have compiled statistics for nearly every hockey player to play since 1926, in addition to NHL statistics going back to 1917.
You can enter in a player's name (or even a partial name) and that player's career statistics will be displayed.
Most sites only focus on the NHL, but we have information on nearly every league, from the All-American Hockey League to the World Hockey Association.
www.hockeydb.com /ihdb/stats/index.html   (215 words)

 Novi Hockey
To all returning Varsity Hockey Players and all those interested in playing Varsity Hockey, there will be an informational meeting on Tuesday June 13 at 2:15 in room 131 at the High School.
To all incoming 9th graders interested in playing Varsity Hockey during the 2006-07 school year, there will be an informational meeting on Wednesday June 14 at 2:30 pm in room 522 at the Middle School.
While studying to receive his MBA, Todd was drafted and began a professional hockey career that led him to the Hartford Whalers, (1989-91) the Washington Capitals, (1991-94) the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, (1994-96) and finally back to Washington, where he competed against the Detroit Red Wings in the 1998 Stanley Cup Finals.
www.novi.org /arena.htm   (352 words)

Mountain View Ice Arena operates the youth house hockey league for ages 4-14 years of age using the USA Hockey guidelines.
The house league plays twice a week and is focused on players skill development both individually and in a team setting.
The Oregon High School Hockey Association plays their fall-winter season at Mountain View Ice Arena and Valley Ice arena (Beaverton, Oregon).
www.mtviewice.com /hockey.htm   (349 words)

 University of Massachusetts - Official Athletic Site - Ice Hockey
"Be a Bruin" gives all hockey players 18 and over a chance to participate in a reality/competition television series that will begin broadcasting on New England Sports Network in the fall of 2006.
Ten UMass hockey players were named to the 2005-06 Hockey East All-Academic team, as was announced this week by commissioner Joe Bertagna.
The University of Massachusetts Hockey program and The Pond Club will be holding their annual Golf Outing on Monday, June 12 at The Orchards in South Hadley, Mass.
umassathletics.cstv.com /sports/m-hockey/umas-m-hockey-body.html   (440 words)

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