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Topic: Hockey at the 1928 Summer Olympics

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  CBC Olympics | History
The Olympic Games returned to their classic origins in Greece on August 13, 2004, when 10,625 athletes from 201 countries descended upon Athens to compete for global athletic supremacy in world dizzy with post-9/11 madness.
The modern Olympics have had their share of boycotts, but nothing approaching the magnitude of the Moscow Summer Olympics in 1980.
Olympic godfather Pierre de Coubertin may well have wished the Greeks had gotten their wish, once he took stock of the fiasco his on country, France, made of the Games.
www.cbc.ca /olympics/history   (3081 words)

  1928 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 1928 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the IX Olympiad, were held in 1928 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
For the first time, the Olympic Flame was lit during the Olympics.
India took its first ever gold in field hockey, the beginning of a winning streak which continued until 1956 with six gold medals won during the period.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1928_Summer_Olympics   (381 words)

 World Almanac for Kids
The winter Olympics were begun in 1924 and were held in the same year as the summer games until the 1994 winter games in Lillehammer, Norway, when the alternating cycles began.
A total of eight sports were included in the winter Olympics in 1998: biathlon (cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship), bobsled, curling (for the first time), ice hockey (which included women’s hockey for the first time), luge (toboggan), figure skating, speed skating, and skiing (which, for the first time, included snowboarding as a medal sport).
The Olympic games are competitions of individual athletes, not of nations, and the IOC does not keep national scores; however, the media of all nations report national standings according to one of two scoring systems.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/sports/olympics.html   (1093 words)

 1984 Summer Olympics Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ LocalColorArt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 1984 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXIII Olympiad, were held in 1984 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
In the wake of the American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, 14 Eastern Bloc countries and allies including the Soviet Union, Cuba and East Germany (but not Romania), boycotted these Olympics.
Olympic soccer was unexpectedly played before massive crowds throughout America, with several sell-outs at the 100,000+ seat Rose Bowl.
www.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/1984_Summer_Olympics   (1017 words)

 Highlights of individual Olympic Games
The 1916 Olympics were scheduled to be held in Berlin, but were canceled because of what came to be known as World War I. The 1920 Games were awarded to Antwerp to honor the suffering that had been inflicted on the Belgian people during the war.
The 1932 Olympic Games saw the introduction of automatic timing to one hundredth of a second and of the photo finish, as well as the appearance of the national anthems and the raising of flags in honour of the victors during the medal ceremonies.
The International Olympic Committee had a great political success in managing to bring together the two Germanys (East and West) within a combined team (EUA) competing under a fl, red and yellow flag with the Olympic rings and with "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's IX Symphony as their anthem.
www.mapsofworld.com /olympic-trivia/olympic-games-highlights.html   (5121 words)

 TSN : olympics - Canada's Sports Leader
The International Ice Hockey Federation had initially agreed to consider a request to award the Canadian team world championship bronze medals, not Olympic medals.
However, the IIHF changed its mind after discovering the minutes of a meeting held in 1964 which they claim shows the required number of council members had indeed voted in favour of changing the rule which ultimately decided how ties were broken in the final standings.
Hockey Canada officials appealed but according to the Globe and Mail were informed a few days ago that the appeal was denied and the results would remain unchanged.
www.tsn.ca /olympics/news_story.asp?ID=137086&hubName=olympics   (394 words)

 KIAT.NET - Olympic Winter Games Ice Hockey
The origins of ice hockey are unclear, but it's widely accepted that the British are responsible for bringing hockey to North America.
Four years later, men's hockey made its winter debut in Chamonix with the current standard of six men on the ice at a time and has been part of every winter program.
Women's ice hockey was approved as an Olympic sport in 1992, and debuted in Nagano in 1998.
www.kiat.net /olympics/sports/winter/icehockey.html   (726 words)

 NHL History
The Amateur Hockey Association of Canada is formed, with four teams in Montreal, one in Ottawa and one in Quebec City.
The game of hockey wasn't invented; it evolved and grew slowly and as a result, pinpointing exactly where the game was "born" is impossible.
Hockey was a strictly amateur affair until 1904, when the first professional league was created - oddly enough in the United States.
www.tmlfever.com /TheGame.html   (4333 words)

 GBROLYMPICS.COM / LONDON-OLYMPICS.COM - Olympic Games Medallists   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The modern Olympics were first held in 1896.
Nevertheless all those competitions reported, at one time or another, as Olympic medal events have been included here for the record, with those no longer regarded as official footnoted.
Nationalities given are those of the countries the medallists were representing at the time of the event.
www.gbrathletics.com /olympic   (336 words)

Until 1994, the Winter and Summer Olympics were held in the same year, but in 1986 the International Olympic Committee, which organises the Olympics, decided to separate them, so as to spread costs for all involved parties.
As with the Ancient Olympics, once the flame has been lit, it is kept burning throughout the celebration of the Olympics, and is extinguished at end of the closing ceremony of the Games.
Olympic medals are awarded to those individuals or teams placing first, second, and third in each event.
www.nalis.gov.tt /olympics/Olympics.htm   (1089 words)

 'Indian hockey needs to start from scratch'
Eight-times Olympic champions India have already been eliminated from the 2008 Beijing tournament, marking the first time they will miss the Summer Games since first sending a squad in 1928.
Pillay, the face of Indian hockey for over a decade and who was recently appointed a national selector, said India should use the Olympic disappointment to spur a revival.
India's Olympic Association (IOA) and the sports ministry needed to take a more active role and make it worthwhile for the players to be involved, he said.
www.indiaabroad.com /sports/2008/may/26hock.htm   (471 words)

 Learn more about 1936 Summer Olympics in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although awarded before the Nazi Party came to power in Germany, the government saw the Olympics as a golden opportunity to promote their fascist ideology.
Rower Jack Beresford won his fifth Olympic medal in the sport, and his third gold medal.
For the first time the Olympic Flame was brought to the Olympic Town by a torch relay, with the starting point in Olympia, Greece.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /1/19/1936_summer_olympics.html   (481 words)

 When Falcons Fly - A Novel by David Square About the Winnipeg Falcons Olympic Glory
Fredrickson was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1958 and the UBC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in 1983.
Goodman was honored at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary as the last surviving member of the world's first Olympic gold hockey team.
At the Antwerp Games, the Swedish hockey team was so impressed by Sigurjonsson's ability as a trainer they hired him to develop their track and field team at the Summer Olympics in Antwerp.
www.whenfalconsfly.com /playerbios.php   (1332 words)

 BBC SPORT | Winter Olympics 2002 | Front Page | How the Winter Games were born
By 1908 figure skating had been included in the Summer Olympics and from there it seemed a matter of time before winter sports got their own Games, which arrived in 1924.
The 1928 Winter Olympics in St Moritz, Switzerland, attracted an 84 percent increase in participants.
Ice hockey was again the centre of attention when the US Olympic Association and the Amateur Hockey Association both sent teams.
news.bbc.co.uk /winterolympics2002/low/english/front_page/newsid_1628000/1628703.stm   (408 words)

 2004 Summer Olympics - Gurupedia
Athens was chosen as the host city in 1997, after surprisingly having lost the bid to organize the 1996 Summer Olympics, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympic Games.
After that, the International Olympic Committee expressed its concern over the status of the progress of construction work of the new Olympic venues.
Olympic Stadium, the designated facility for the opening and closing ceremonies, is still currently under construction, with an estimated completion date of July 20, some three weeks before the games open.
www.gurupedia.com /2/20/2004_summer_olympics.htm   (442 words)

 EdGate Summer Games
The Olympic all-around champion is the competitor with the highest cumulative score.
This newest Olympic gymnastics discipline may be best described as a cross between a floor exercise and classical ballet.
The International Olympic Committee site is so descriptive that it has special pages for artistic, rhythmic, and trampoline gymnastics.
www.edgate.com /summergames/spotlight_sport/gymnastics.php   (1595 words)

 The Sports Network - Olympics
Field hockey dates back more than 1,200 years before the first modern Olympics were held in 1896.
Field hockey was not a part of the Summer Games until 1908 when Great Britain took the first of two straight men's titles.
India was known as an Olympic dynasty at the Olympics when it won 30 consecutive games and six gold medals from 1928 to 1956.
www.sportsnetwork.com /?c=sportsnetwork&page=olymp/news/bon3350016.htm   (534 words)

 Winter Olympics 2002 | Salt Lake City
At an IOC meeting in 1923, the Dutch, who had been selected to host the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam, declared they would be geograpically unable to stage a "winter sports week" as well (remember, it wasn't the "Winter Olympics" yet).
It was the first Winter Games in a capital city instead of a small resort town, and in the eyes of one Norwegian chronicler, the urban setting and large crowds gave the Winter Olympics the kind of boost that Stockholm had given the then-struggling Summer Olympics in 1912.
The first Winter Olympics in the western United States were the inspiration of a transplanted Easterner named Alex Cushing, who saw Squaw Valley for the first time in the late 1940s and decided he was going to move there and build a ski resort.
web.knoxnews.com /web/kns/sports/olympics/thepast.shtml   (2107 words)

 1972 Summer Olympics
In the bid to organise the Olympics, Detroit, Madrid and Montreal were beaten.
Lasse Virén of Finland won the 5000 and 10000 m (the latter after a fall), a feat he would repeat in the 1976 Summer Olympics.
For the first time, the Olympic Oath is also taken by a representative of the referees.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/1/19/1972_summer_olympics.shtml   (395 words)

 Olympics - EnchantedLearning.com
The Greeks held the first Olympic games in the year 776 BC (over 2700 years ago), and had only one event, a sprint (a short run that was called the "stade").
For each Olympics, a new flame is started in the ancient Olympic stadium in Olympia, Elis, Greece, using a parabolic mirror to focus the rays of the Sun.
The events in the Summer Olympics include: archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, football (soccer), gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, kayaking, marathon, pentathlon, ping pong, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, taekwando, tennis, track and field (many running, jumping, and throwing events), triathlon, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman).
www.enchantedlearning.com /olympics   (1311 words)

 The Sports Network - Olympics
Hockey: (Jan. 30) USA Hockey will offer availability for the media during the 2004 NHL All-Star Weekend, related to Team USA’s participation in the World Cup of Hockey 2004, at approximately 3:30 p.m.
Any inline hockey players 19 years of age and older are invited to participate in the three-day camp, which will include practices and games each day.
In the adidas men’s 3,000 meters, the two-time Olympic 10,000m gold medalist, eight-time world indoor and outdoor champion, and 17-time world record breaker kept the crowd on its feet as he raced to a winning time of 7:35.24.
www.sportsnetwork.com /?c=sportsnetwork&page=olymp/news/bon3037421.htm   (3837 words)

 Mormon Olympics
In an effort to rekindle the spirit of the ancient Olympics of Greece, which had been abolished as a pagan cult by Christian Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I in 393 A.D., the modern Olympic Games were initiated in 1896.
The first Olympics in this modern era were held in Athens, Greece, as a result of the persuasive recommendation of Demetrius Vikelas, a Greek representative of the Pan-Hellenic Gymnastic Club who had come to Paris as a participant in the planning for the new Olympics.
It is ironic that these two years saw no Olympics, considering the fact that right before the war started, the 1936 Games were held in Berlin, where Adolf Hitler tried to exploit the event to justify his ideas about the alleged superiority of the Aryan race.
www.mormonolympians.org /mormon_olympians/history_modern_olympics.html   (713 words)

 Cool Attractions - Olympic History
As Salt Lake City prepares for the 19th Olympic Winter Games, constructing multi-million dollar venues, landing corporate sponsorships, and adjusting the city's infrastructure to accommodate the temporarily swollen population, all eyes are on the future.
The Olympics have always reflected the political goings-on in the world, and for this reason, the 1964 games in Innsbruck, Austria were particularly noteworthy.
Calgary's Olympics in 1988 were well received by both athletes and spectators, however, there were some concerns regarding the facilities, and the choice of competition sites.
www.saltlakecity.coolattractions.com /history.html   (862 words)

 Hockey - World Of Sports - Fun And Learning Place For Indian Kids
Although hockey is an ancient game, the earliest mention of the sport goes back to 1527, when the Galway Laws mention that 'hokie' was one of the games banned by law (hockey being a popular game, the rulers were afraid it would interfere in the performance of duties!)
Olympic games that year, the Indian team, competing for the first time, won the gold medal without conceding a goal in five matches.
There are two umpires for every hockey match (one for each half of the field) who are on the lookout for any sign of foul play during the game.
www.indiavilas.com /kidscorner/defaultmain.asp?k=hockey   (1894 words)

 Dhyan Chand
In the year1928 to represent the Indian hockey team in the 1928 Summer Olympics, Dyan Chand was selected to the team.
The 1928 Summer Olympics was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
At the interval of summer olympics, India was leading with 1-0.
www.indianetzone.com /9/dhyan_chand.htm   (1657 words)

 Augsburg College - Augsburg Now
By 1956, when he qualified for an Olympic team for the third time and competed in Cortina, Italy, Johnny could tell that his competitive career was nearing the end.
The only condition that the AAU set for the Auggie team to be American representatives to the Olympics was that the team would have to raise $4,500—half of the cost of sending the team to Europe.
Or the Olympic committee was influenced by a protest from a Boston amateur hockey group that wanted to face Augsburg in a challenge match.
www.augsburg.edu /now/archives/winter01/werket.html   (2376 words)

 Wikinfo | 1928 Summer Olympics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Games of the IX Olympiad were held in 1928 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
The torch relay was however not started until the 1936 Summer Olympics.
For the first time, the parade of nations started with Greece, which holds the origins of the Olympics, and ended with the host country, a tradition still continued until this day.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=1928_Summer_Olympics   (293 words)

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