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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Hoelun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hoelun was the mother of Mongol Khan Genghis Khan and the grandmother of Ogedei Khan, first emperor of Yuan Dynasty.
Hoelun and her sons including Genghis Khan (Temujin by birth).
Therefore Genghis Khan was raised in the harsh environment of the Mongolian steppes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hoelun   (155 words)

 Genghis Khan's Mongolia History: Nomads of the Steppe | The Way People Live
Temujin's mother, Hoelun, was a member of the Tatar tribe, hereditary enemies of the Mongols.
Following an age-old custom of the steppe, she became Yesugei's obedient wife after he abducted her from the Tatar man to whom she was betrothed.
Hoelun put up a spirited defense of her family, but her pleas fell on deaf ears and she was forced to feed them by grubbing for roots and snagging fish from the Onon River.
www.bookrags.com /history/genghis-khans-mongolia/02.html   (762 words)

 Hoelun - Wikipedia
Hoelun is de moeder van de grootste veroveraar in de geschiedenis: Temüjin (later bekend als Dzjengis Khan).
Hoelun kreeg samen met Yesükhei (stammenleider van de Borjigin) nog vier andere kinderen: Kasar, Khaji'un, Temuga en Temulin.
Hoelun ontmoette Yesükhei overigens niet op een gewone manier, ze werd door hem ontvoerd tijdens haar weg terug naar de Merkitkamp (waar haar man woonde).
nl.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hoelun   (142 words)

 Savitri Devi — The Lightning and the Sun — Chapter 4
But Hoelun, to whom the splendour of the moistless Mongolian sky was an everyday sight, paid little attention.
And while Hoelun busied herself with the monotonous everyday tasks of life — while she tended her new husband’s yurt and cooked his food, or slept at his side — the child of Destiny took shape within her body.
He was born in the year of the Hare according to the Calendar of the Twelve Beasts — the year 1157 of the Christian era, — clutching a clot of blood within his right hand.
www.vaidilute.com /books/savitri/savitri-04.html   (1297 words)

 Genghis Khan
Hoelun went up and down the Onon River day and night collecting plants and digging up roots to feed seven children, the oldest one under ten and the youngest one still an infant (Weatherford).
Begter saw them just as they were about to kill him and, instead of trying to run, he sat still and waited for their arrows, refusing to exhibit any fear in the presence of his younger brothers.
Borte interrupted Hoelun before she could speak and mentioned a rumor she had heard that Jamuka often took new friends and grew tired of old ones.
www.louisville.edu /~dnmahl01/genghiskhan.html   (7837 words)

 Fictionwise eBooks: Eye Of Flame by Pamela Sargent   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Hoelun Ujin rested her hands on her swollen belly and smiled at her sons.
Khokakhchin would be with Hoelun during her labor, as she had been when Temujin and Khasar were born.
Hoelun had suffered in labor, but her son was born whole and healthy and clutching a clot of blood in his fist, a sign that he would be a great leader.
www.fictionwise.com /servlet/mw?t=book&bi=1723&id=52221   (1054 words)

Hoelun versuchte die Stämme zusammenzuhalten und die Führung für ihren minderjährigen Sohn wahrzunehmen; aber als Frau hatte sie einen schlechten Stand.
Als Hoelun noch einmal versuchte die aufbrechenden Massen zurückzuhalten, wurde ein alter Krieger, welcher sich ihr zur Seite stellte, kurzerhand niedergestochen und schließlich auch die Herden Yesügeis entführt.
Hoelun schritt nur bedingt ein, da sie der Meinung war, daß Temudschin es lerne müsse sich durchzusetzen - schließlich war er der Erbe Yesügeis und nichts sprach dagegen, daß er als Erwachsener wieder Ansprüche geltend machen konnte.
www.layline.de /geschichte/Dschingis_1.html   (1947 words)

 Talk History - Resource
Genghis Khan was born by the name of Temujin sometime between 1162 and 1167, the second son of Yesükhei, a tribal chief of the Kiyad (singular: Kiyan).
His mother Hoelun taught him many lessons from surviving in the harsh climates of Mongolia, especially the need for alliances with others, which would shape his understanding in his later years for unification.
Around the age of 16, Temüjin married his Börte of the Konkirat tribe, and received a fl sable coat as a dowry; this was the foundation for his increased wealth from conquest.
www.talk-history.com /resource.php?id=35   (4739 words)

 Savitri Devi — The Lightning and the Sun — Chapter 5
Hoelun also told him of his ancestors, the Borjigin, the Blue-eyed heroes, sons of the legendary Blue-Wolf.
The forest Merkit had never forgotten the insult done to them by Yesugei when he had snatched Hoelun away from one of their men.
They raided the small camp on the border of the Orion, carried off newly-wedded Bortei to avenge upon her the old wrong, and pursued Temujin as long as they could — until he reached Burkan Kaldun, the “mountain of Power,” and took refuge in the thick woods upon its slopes.
www.vaidilute.com /books/savitri/savitri-05.html   (7331 words)

 Strange Horizons Fiction: Love Among the Talus, by Elizabeth Bear
Hoelun Khatun arranged for him to watch the butchering of the talus from whose guts the tribute would be harvested, as a treat.
Hoelun Khatun rose from her cushions, a gold-rimmed china cup of fragrant tea in her right hand.
Hoelun Khatun caught Nilufer's sleeve, heedless of the paper that crinkled in the sleeve-pocket.
www.strangehorizons.com /2006/20061211/talus-f.shtml   (5092 words)

 The Secret History of the Mongols - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Genghis Khan was born to Hoelun and Yesugei in the Spring of the year 1162; although there is debate on the exact year Genghis was born, 1162 is generally agreed by most scholars.
Hoelun was kidnapped by Yesugei on the eve of her wedding and taken as his first wife.
Temujin was recalled to his father’s burial, and then when his claim to clan leadership was rejected, his mother, Hoelun, and his family were abandoned by their band.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Secret_History_of_the_Mongols   (1145 words)

 Mongolian women
When the authority of the wife of Yesugei and mother of Temuchin, Hoelun, was challenged by some of her deceased husband's rivals, the Tayichi'ut clan, which had been part of the congregation of tribes for whom Yesugei had been the leader.
The Secret History describes mother Hoelun as holding the banner of her husband and shouting to them to return to her.
The crucial role of Hoelun is additionally confirmed when the Secret History relates how the Great Mongol himself acknowledges how his career was facilitated by the skills and labor of his mother.
www.coldsiberia.org /monwomen.htm   (2630 words)

 From The Secret History of the Mongols
Kuchu and Kokochu, the first two boys, now men, that he had given to Hoelun, went to her and told her that the Khan had ridden to arrest Kasar.
Though it was nighttime, Hoelun had a white camel harnessed to a fl covered wagon, and drove after the Khan to Kasar's tents.
When Hoelun came to know of this, she took it so much to heart that her strength failed, and age and death came rapidly down on her....
www.macalester.edu /~cuffel/mongols.htm   (5208 words)

 Genghis Khan - Geoworldonline.com
Yesükhei's clan was called Borjigin (Боржигин), and his mother, Hoelun, was of the Olkhunut tribe of the Mongol confederation.
This gave Temüjin a claim to be the clan's chief, although his father's clan refused to be led by a mere boy and soon abandoned him and his family including his mother Hoelun.
His mother, Hoelun, taught him many lessons about survival in the harsh landscape and even grimmer political climate of Mongolia, especially the need for alliances with others, a lesson which would shape his understanding in his later years.
www.geoworldonline.com /Profiles/personsDetail.php?pID=533   (8538 words)

 Mongolian Language Project
Women are presented in The Secret History generally in three different ways: as developed characters with relatively large roles in the narrative, as characters whose actions are described in a short anecdote, and as characters who are only briefly mentioned as being taken as a wife.
Among the women in the first group are Genghis Khan’s (Temujin's) mother Hoelun and his principal wife Borte, both of whom are portrayed as influential in numerous important decisions.
The women of the second group are to a great extent presented in a positive light, as strong, courageous, and a rallying influence.
www.macalester.edu /anthropology/mongolia/woman.html   (424 words)

 Books At Transworld - Book extract from Kublai Khan
It is a strange fact that the world's greatest land empire, the very image of masculine dominance, owed its existence and growth to extraordinary women.
As a child, young Genghis was a down-and-out, cared for by his widowed mother Hoelun, who was rejected by her clan and reduced to scrabbling on mountain flanks for juniper berries.
It was Hoelun who showed him what it took to survive; how to rebuild family links, call upon traditional friendships, create new ones, forge alliances and reward loyalty, never seeking personal gain, always looking out for ordinary people and their families.
www.booksattransworld.co.uk /catalog/extract.htm?command=search&db=twmain.txt&eqisbndata=0593054482   (1062 words)

 eReader.com: Excerpt from Genghis Khan
"But when you find another wife, please call her Hoelun, in remembrance of me." Then she slipped off her shift and gave it to him for a keepsake.
At last they returned to where Hoelun sat crying on the wooden cart, her head on the folded felt tent in which she and her husband had planned to live.
In Mongol legends it is said that she wept with such abandon that her breath stirred the waters of the Onon and fluttered the leaves in the forest.
www.ereader.com /product/book/excerpt/10066?book=Genghis_Khan   (879 words)

 GenghisKhanTheOpera: Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
On the intimate side: This is really a story about a boy and his mom.
The opera has just three characters: Genghis Khan, his mother Hoelun and a Taoist monk.
Tenor Edward Philip Kuntchef brought a softness and gentleness to Chang Chun that contrasted with the harder edges of the conqueror and his mother.
grahamreynolds.blogs.com /genghiskhantheopera/2004/06/sxsw_event_open.html   (297 words)

 Genghis Khan, the Universal Prince
Though still a boy, Temujin knew why the clans left and would likely have done the same in their place.
Shunned and isolated by their own people, Temujin, his mother Hoelun, and younger brothers Qasar and Bekter, survived by their own wits.
In a rage, Hoelun accused her sons of being unable to win back the leadership of their father's own clan; "Except for your shadows, you have no companions...
www.koreanhistoryproject.org /Ket/C05/E0505.htm   (2967 words)

 HOELUN: Genealogy Queries
HOELUN : GELON : HELON : HELON DNA SURNAME GENEALOGICAL PROJECT - All persons bearing the surname HELON (rendered GELON in the Ukrainian language and HOELUN in the Mongolian language) are encouraged to join the HELON Surname...
HOELUN search results at Ancestry.com - more than 1.5 billion records of all kinds
HOELUN search results at Interment.net - Burial records and tombstone inscriptions from thousands of cemeteries across the world.
www.cousinconnect.com /p/a/0/s/HOELUN   (201 words)

 The Great Cinggis Qahan
Cinggis Qahan was born with the name Temujin which means "flsmith" (National Geo.
1) Temujin’s father was Yesugei, and the great conqueror’s mother was named Hoelun (Ratchnevsky 15) Legend has it that Cinggis was born holding a clot of blood in his hand.
However, the men of the tribe did not want to be led by such a young child.
www.ccds.charlotte.nc.us /History/China/03/slaughter/slaughter.htm   (938 words)

 The Austin Chronicle : User Comments
Eager to see him succeed in this, as in all things, is Khan's mother, Hoelun, the person for whom Khan has done all he has done.
Min Kyung Lee's Hoelun truly beams with pride as she sings feelingly of her son, her broadly smiling face catching the illumination of Diana Duecker's lighting and radiating it like some celestial body.
The monk Chang Chun is by nature reserved, and Edward Philip Kuntchef keeps his countenance a mask of placidity, but his expressive tenor is ripe with emotion as he pleads with Khan to turn from war.
www.austinchronicle.com /gyrobase/ReaderComments/?ContainerID=264962   (735 words)

 TIME.com: Genghis Khan -- Dec. 31, 1999 -- Page 1
But such fantastical beginnings did little to ease the early life of the world conqueror--unless the myth was an omen for living like a wild animal in the steppes around Lake Baikal.
His father Yesugei was poisoned by enemies and his widowed mother Hoelun chased away from their tribe with her brood, including her eldest, nine-year-old Temujin.
The outcasts ate field mice and marmots even as they fought off thieves out for their horses, the most precious of nomad property.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,993031,00.html   (797 words)

 Genghis Khan (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
His mother was named Hoelun and she was of the Olkunut tribe.
Chingis Khan was named after one of the more powerful chiefs of a rival tribe.
His mother Hoelun taught him many lessons on how to survive in the harsh political climate of Mongolia, especially the need for alliances with others, which would shape his understanding in his later years.
genghis-khan.iqnaut.net.cob-web.org:8888   (3835 words)

 Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan - Comments, Rating, Information
Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan
Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan Information
Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan by Hoelun of the Olknut (using Blogger)
dir.blogflux.com /weblog/7469.html   (105 words)

 Mongol Trivia Facts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Dai Sechen presented Hoelun (Temujin's mother) with a magnificent sable cloak.
After Genghis Khan and Toghrul defeated the Tatars, at the behest of the Chin Emperor, he gave a small boy whom he had found in the Tatars' camp to his mother Hoelun.
The boy was well dressed when found, but too young to tell of his origin, so his captors concluded that he was well born.
www.healylaw.com /mongol.htm   (9027 words)

 Genghis Khan - Famous Ancient Chinese People - Chinese
Genghis Khan was born by the name of Tem?jin in 1162, the second son of Yesugay Ba'aturYes?khei, a tribal chief of the Kiyad (singular: Kiyan).
He later escaped with help from a sympathetic captor.
His mother Hoelun taught him many lessons on how to survive in the harsh climate of Mongolia, especially the need for alliances with others, which would shape his understanding in his later years.
www.famouschinese.com /people/Genghis_Khan   (4541 words)

 Blogs Related to Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan
Blogs Related to Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan
Blog Flux Directory Entry: Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan Blog Information
Back to: Notes from a Surreal Life: Hoelun's Adventures in Afghanistan Blog Information
dir.blogflux.com /related/7469.html   (63 words)

 KhanCon 2003 - Mongol History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Note: If you wish to print the history and want to save paper you should
1155 or 1167: Temuchin, the future Chingis Khan, the Father and Founder of the Mongol nation, is born into the Borjigin clan to his mother Hoelun and his father Yesugei at the bank of the river Onon, east of Lake Bajkal.
This momentous birth brought into earthly existence the man who was to establish the largest empire in all of human history, and in the process to conquer the most advanced civilizations of the era, those of China and Khwarezm.
daycon.users.btopenworld.com /kc03mongolhistory.html   (5169 words)

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