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Topic: Hokkien

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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

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Hokkien borrowings are present in extent limited to certain semantic and cultural fields, including value judgments and emotive terms.
The Hokkien of Kelantan that is spoken by the "village Chinese" is also dialectically distinct in intonational patterns, due to the alleged influence of Malay and Siamese.
Hokkien loan words are more salient in areas of customs, religion and kinship, for things related to the house, furniture, food, utensils, personal effects and other things.
www.lewismicropublishing.com /Publications/BabaNonya/BabaNonya6.htm   (6197 words)

 Hokkien Martial Arts
Hokkien Martial Arts has instructors who have lived and studied martial arts in the Rockies, Midwest, Hawaii and both coasts.
Hokkien Martial Arts is not for everybody and specializes in getting people combat effective in an extremely short period of time.
Hokkien Martial Arts is very grateful for the assistance of those who helped make this website possible.
hokkien.uuft.org /main.html   (516 words)

 [No title]
Taiwanese is spoken by 80 percent of the population.
Although no population statistics are available specifically for the Hokkien in Taiwan, they are included in the Taiwanese category (along with the Hakka), which comprises 86 percent of the total population (Barnett 1971: 62).
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the population has been increasing, due to a high birth rate (which is now decreasing), and also due to a dramatic decline in the mortality rate, attributed primarily to better public health facilities and improved sanitation.
lucy.ukc.ac.uk /EthnoAtlas/Hmar/Cult_dir/Culture.7871   (1183 words)

 Penang Hokkien - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Minnan is one of the sub-languages of the Chinese language and is mainly spoken in southern Fujian, Taiwan, Hainan and parts of Guangdong, with the main standard dialects being that of Amoy, Teochew and Hainan.
Strictly speaking, it should be known as Southern Hokkien to distinguish it from Minbei (Northern Min) and Mindong (Eastern Min), the language of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province.
Hokkien has not been taught in schools in Penang since the establishment of the Republic of China in 1911, when Mandarin was made the Chinese national language.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Penang_Hokkien   (1170 words)

 Taipei Times - archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In a bid to preserve the Hokkien language, educators yesterday urged the Ministry of Education to tightly regulate Hokkien textbooks for elementary and junior high schools.
Hokkien (河洛語), the language of the southern region of Fujian Province -- more commonly known as Min Nan Hua (閩南話) or Taiwanese -- is the first language of about 14.35 million people in Taiwan, or 67 percent of the population.
Writing of Hokkien has been distorted during this past century because of Japan's colonization and then the KMT's rule, during which the use of Hokkien was discouraged or banned, Chu said.
www.taipeitimes.com /News/taiwan/archives/2002/04/28/133691/print   (378 words)

 Hokkien/Minan People - China History Forum, chinese history forum
Historically it was claimed that Hokkiens originated from tribal groups inhabiting the Central Yangtze Valley who were pushed south-east towards the Fujian Province by the Northerners who subsequently subdued them and imposed their culture and character-writing on them as well as considered them as part of Han Chinese.
Hokkien therefore was essentially one of the languages spoken by northern Han Chinese but also had some influences from the southern tribal languages.
The Min (Hokkien) is a han dialect that was evolved from the Wu dialect (and indirectly originated from the ancient han chinese language of the north).
www.chinahistoryforum.com /index.php?showtopic=3788   (8956 words)

 Who Are the Hokkien People?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Hokkien is one of these eight major languages and is spoken by forty-nine million people worldwide.
The Hokkien language emerged from China's Fujian province in the area surrounding the Min River.
Hokkien Harvest is uniting missionaries and national believers throughout Asia and around the world, mobilizing them to pray for a harvest among Hokkien people, challenging them to join what God is doing among the Hokkien people.
www.hokkien.org /whatis/whoare.htm   (361 words)

 Jordan: Gods, Ghosts & Ancestors, Prefaces
Interviews conducted in Hokkien were not simultaneously interpreted, but either conducted by an assistant and later written out from his notes and from memory, or else tape recorded and later written out.
Hokkien dialects are spoken not only in Fújiàn, but also in Táiwān and in numerous Asiatic overseas Chinese communities.
Hokkien words continue to be written in the unofficial but standard "Christian" romanization, familiar to all students of Hokkien.
weber.ucsd.edu /~dkjordan/scriptorium/gga/ggach00.html   (3153 words)

 WEST-MALAYSIA.COM :: Penang Hokkien   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Minnan is one of the sub-languages of the Chinese language and is mainly spoken in southern Fujian and Taiwan.
Strictly speaking, it should be known as Southern Hokkien to distinguish it from Minbei (Northern Min), the language of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province.
Like in other Minnan dialects, the tone of a syllable in Penang Hokkien depends on where in a phrase or sentence the relevant syllable is placed.
west-malaysia.com /hokkien.html   (300 words)

 What's the difference between these 2? - Asia Finest Discussion Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
I'm going to assume that you mean Taiwanese the language, so the quick answer is that Hokkien and Taiwanese are not Mandarin but actually at all but languages in the Min family (Min Nan dialect to be precise), and they are very similar dialects to each other.
Hokkien is a part of Min Nan, a branch of the Min languages.
Hokkien and Taiwanese are classified as Min Nan, which is a dialect of the Min language cluster.
www.asiafinest.com /forum/index.php?act=findpost&pid=645368   (1675 words)

 Brudirect.com - News Updates
The Hokkien community, with its wide experience in business, was urged to link up in cooperation with the Malay community in guiding as well as to upgrade their ability for a joint contribution to the country's economy.
This not only reflected a good entrepreneurial image among the Hokkiens but also the Tiong Hwa community at large in the field of business and who have shown their responsible duty as subject and resident of the country.
The Hokkien inauguration was attended by more than 500 guests including senior government officers as well as foreign diplomats and other oversea associations, including those from China, Singapore, Sarawak, Sabah and also from other Chinese associations in the country.
www.brudirect.com /DailyInfo/News/Archive/Oct01/281001/bb13.htm   (382 words)

 Hokkien: See what people are saying right now on Technorati
The Singapore Hokkien Festival, organised by the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, was was held at Bras Basah Complex last weekend.
This is what happens when a Hokkien fella invested in a good camera and get firsthand on photography struggling to take a good shot only to be...
Seriously I'm not a hokkien mee lover but this is the best hokkien mee that I had ever tried in Klang Valley.
technorati.com /tag/hokkien   (387 words)

 RecipeCenter - Stir-fried two noodles - hokkien mee
Hokkien is the local pronunciation of fujian (fukien) province in southeast china, the origin of many chinese emigrants over the years.
In a typical noodle-vendor"s stand, the pork and shellfish are cooked in a stock that simmers for hours, picking up more flavor all the time.
Note: the authentic rice noodle for this dish is a thicker rice stick called laifen in china and pancit luglug in the phil- ippines, but ordinary thin rice sticks may be used
www.recipecenter.com /Recipe.asp?code=62611   (246 words)

 Fried Hokkien Mee - Singapore Lifestyle Wiki
This Singapore dish is served with slices of squid, prawns, slices of fish cake, vegetables and very small strips of pork.
Small amounts or fried pork lard is added in to increase the tastiness of the Hokkien Mee.
Fried Hokkien Mee was last modified 17:49, 22 July 2006 and has been accessed 792 times.
www.lifestylewiki.com /Singapore/Fried_Hokkien_Mee   (256 words)

 Ethnologue report for language code:nan
Population includes 736,000 speakers of Hokkien, 28.8% of the population (1993), 360,000 speakers of Teochew (1985), 14.2% of the population (1993); 74,000 speakers of Hainanese (1985), 2.9% of the population (1993).
Hokkien (Fukienese, Fujian, Amoy, Xiamen), Teochew (Chaochow, Chaozhou, Taechew), Hainanese.
The Hokkien dialect is the most widely understood in Singapore (Kuo 1979).
www.ethnologue.com /show_language.asp?code=nan   (407 words)

 New Page 1
The Hokkien Chinese dialect as it is spoken on Penang Island is an "oral" language.
The Hokkien Chinese dialect as it is spoken in Penang and upon the Jetty is differs from the Hokkien dialects found in Singapore, Taiwan and the province of China in which Amoy is situated.
To underscore this facet of Hokkien is not to belittle the language--such elaboration and sophistication is possible and probably has been worked out by some people--but it is not commonly found among the average speaker.
www.lewismicropublishing.com /Publications/HokkienEnglish/HokkienEnglishFrames.htm   (2499 words)

 Penang Hokkien Podcast 檳城福建
This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from the Penang Hokkien Podcast group pool.
Hiao Lok is a frequent guest on Penang Hokkien.
Penang Hokkien Podcast 檳城福建 is © 2005-2006 Miku John.
penanghokkien.com   (1365 words)

 Lily's Wai Sek Hong: Fresh Homemade Hokkien Mee
The hokkiens are noted to make this type which is made with wheat flour.
It differs from the 'sang mein' or 'wantan mein' which is uncooked and hokkien mee is thicker, size of spaghetti.
I bought the pasta machine in States and I have tried the Hokkien mee and it is a sucessful experience.
lilyng2000.blogspot.com /2005/07/fresh-homemade-hokkien-mee.html   (439 words)

 Hokkien (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.umd.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Hokkien (dialect): a Chinese dialect, often called Minnan or Minnanhua (Southern Min), a member of the Min dialect branch, similar to Taiwanese
It derives from the pronunciation found in the Fujian language of Hokkien (dialect).
An ethnic-cultural group, much of which is now in diaspora, originating in Fujian: there are large numbers of Hokkien descendants in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.
hokkien.iqnaut.net.cob-web.org:8888   (117 words)

 Daily Prayer Guide for Taiwan's Hokkien   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
is currently on stateside assignment, representing the needs of Hokkien people to churches in the northern midwest states of the US.
are currently on stateside assignment, representing the needs of Hokkien people to churches in the southeast United States.
I ask that your minds may be opened to see God's light, so that you will know what is the hope to which He has called you, how rich are the wonderful blessings He promises His people, and how very great is His power at work in those who believe.
www.hokkien.org /concerns/taidaily.htm   (981 words)

 sixthseal.com: Mun Wah Hokkien Mee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Hokkien mee is a sticky, slightly sweet noodle preparation.
Mun Wah Hokkien Mee is very clear about what its flagship dish is, by this sign prominently stuck on every single table.
It was translated as "People ordering Hokkien Mee may have their meal served faster due to this eating establishment's specialty.
www.sixthseal.com /2005/05/mun_wah_hokkien_mee.html   (778 words)

 Jordan's China Handbook: The Chinese Language(s)
Because Hokkien speakers in Táiwān have origins in a number of different dialect areas of southern Fújiàn, Taiwanese Hokkien reflects both dialectical differences found in Fújiàn and dialectical differentiation developed in Táiwān itself during the three centuries that Hokkien speakers have lived there.
And because Hokkien is the native language of the vast majority of the population, most people are also able to use Hokkien.
In fact it is not clear that the Hokkien expression bú-chhin was ever a colloquial term of address in Hokkien during the period of her three incarnations.
weber.ucsd.edu /~dkjordan/chin/hbchilang-u.html   (6780 words)

 Penang Hokkien Podcast 檳城福建 » Penang Hokkien #17 Jamban Talk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Ironic as it is, Amoy Hokkien is actually as rojak as Penang Hokkien is. Immigrants from two neighbouring préfectures, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, migrated to Amoy starting 16th century.
I am not against the use of “foreign” words in Penang Hokkien, but it should not be too prevalent to the extent of Penang Hokkien being a pidgin of English or Malay or Mandarin.
We have hokkienized it pronunciation and used it for generations and I say that it should be considered native.
penanghokkien.com /?p=51   (2904 words)

 Hokkien Translation Service - English to Hokkien Translation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
You probably don't speak Hokkien yourself, so there are a few questions you'll need to consider when choosing a translation company.
To ensure our translators keep abreast of the language our Hokkien translators live in-county and translate into their mother tongue.
Professional translators whose native language is English and speak fluent Hokkien perform our Hokkien to English translation.
www.appliedlanguage.com /languages/hokkien_translation.shtml   (563 words)

 MASTERFOODS : Stir Fry Hokkien Noodles with Prawns Recipe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Place KANTONG Hokkien Noodles in a large bowl and cover with boiling water.
Continue to stir fry until KANTONG Hokkien Noodles are heated and prawns are pink.
To shell and devein prawns: Remove the shells, then devein by slitting the centre back with a sharp knife and carefully remove the fl vein.
www.masterfoods.com.au /cookbook/getrecipe.asp?recipe=10309   (232 words)

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