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Topic: Holyrood Park

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  Encyclopedia: Holyrood Park
Holyrood Park is a royal park in central Edinburgh, Scotland.
Below the foot of the cliffs is a large and steep talus slope falling to the floor of Holyrood Park with a track known as the Radical Road running in the space between the two.
Arthur's Seat is the main peak of the group of hills which form most of Holyrood Park, a remarkably wild piece of highland landscape in the centre of the city of Edinburgh, about a mile to the east of the castle.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Holyrood-Park   (1230 words)

 Holyrood Palace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Palace of Holyroodhouse, or informally Holyrood Palace, founded as a monastery by David I of Scotland in 1128, has served as the principal residence of the Kings and Queens of Scotland since the 15th century.
James VII and II lived at Holyrood between 1679 and 1682 in the aftermath of the Exclusion crisis.
There was formerly a separate Keeper of Holyrood Park, which surrounds Holyroodhouse, and the title was held on an hereditary basis by the Earls of Haddington.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Holyrood_Palace   (1054 words)

 Holyrood House   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Holyrood Palace in the Reign of Mary Queen of Scots A detailed, illustrated description of this palace built in 1501 beside Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, including plans and early images, from Lancaster University.
Holyrood Archaeology Project Excavation of the new Scottish Parliament Site at Holyrood, Cannongate, Edinburgh, by Headland Archaeology Ltd and the Scottish Urban Archaeological Trust.
Holyrood House An apartment complex featuring senior citizen living and access for the disabled.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Holyrood_House.html   (308 words)

 Panoramas :: Holyrood Park, Edinburgh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The palace is set against the incomparable backdrop of Holyrood Park, which extends to 650 acres and is one of Edinburgh's greatest blessings.
Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat make up a miniature highland mountain in the heart of the city, with its very own 350 million year old extinct volcano.
The park was first properly enclosed by James V and named after his palace beside it.
www.camvista.com /scotland/panoramas/holyrood.php3   (245 words)

 Park Rangers, Holyrood Park, Holyrood Park Edinburgh, Education Centre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Pavilion is home for the Royal Park Rangers, who protect and maintain the Park’s rich ecology, geology and archaeology, acting as doormen, guides, and education officers.
The big spaces (public, and Park Rangers' offices) are gathered along the front, and opened-out to Park and view by a deep, warm, timber veranda that acts as a big bench, shades the sun and contains shutters for night-time : a big frame and threshold.
Holyrood Park Education Centre, designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects received a Civic Trust Awards Commendation in 2004.
www.edinburgharchitecture.co.uk /park_rangers.htm   (386 words)

 Ediburgh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Holyrood Palace was built in 1529 for James V and his wife Mary of Guise.
Near Holyrood Park is the village of Duddingston, where Bonnie Prince Charlie held a council of war immediately prior to the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745.
With the failure of the Jacobites to regain the throne, Holyrood Palace was not occupied by British monarchs again until George IV held court in the palace (and adopted Highland dress).
www.cofc.edu /~mccandla/Edinburgh.htm   (509 words)

 Great Places to Stay - Holyrood Hotel
The Holyrood Hotel opened in 1999, the same year that the Scottish Parliament was officially declared open and ready for business in temporary premises.
The hotel faces on to the green expanse of the Queen's Holyrood Park (perfect for a pre-breakfast jog), the Dynamic Earth, one of the most popular science centres in the UK, Holyrood Palace down the road and a short stroll up to the Royal Mile and the Castle.
Within a year of opening The Holyrood Hotel was given the AA Award for Scottish Hotel of the Year and has quickly become renowned as one of Edinburgh's leading hotels for both the business and leisure traveller.
www.rampantscotland.com /stay/bldev_stay_holyrood.htm   (1076 words)

 Ancient Stones - Lothian - 019 Stone, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.
This large egg-shaped stone is situated to the west of the Iron Age hill fort on Dunsapie Hill in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.
Holyrood Park is located to the west of Edinburgh city centre.
The stone is impressive and sits alone on the side of Dunsapie Hill, to the east side of Holyrood Park, itself ringed by an Iron Age hill fort.
www.ancient-stones.co.uk /lothian/011/019/details.htm   (406 words)

 Edinburgh - Open Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Some 70 million years ago several volcanic vents in the area cooled and solidified to form tough basalt volcanic plugs, then later a glacier swept from west to east, exposing rocky crags to the west and leaving a tail of material swept to the east.
To the southeast of central Edinburgh stands the eminence known as Arthur's Seat, overlooking Holyrood House and the Old Town beside it.
Arthur's Seat is now part of Holyrood Park, originally owned by the monarch and part of the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
open-encyclopedia.com /Edinburgh   (1547 words)

 Holyrood Park House, Edinburgh, Holyrood, CDA Architects, Offices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Holyrood Park House is a new-build speculative office development in a city centre location next to the new Scottish Parliament.
The hard lines of the building frontage responding to the urban context of Holyrood Road are softened to the rear where the building shelves back to create terraces addressing the park.
Grosvenor is the main development partner for Holyrood Park House, but also for Fife Leisure Park; Grosvenor has key partnership roles in the Pacific Quay development in Glasgow and Edinburgh Technopole, south of Edinburgh
www.edinburgharchitecture.co.uk /oldtown_holyrood.htm   (367 words)

 Overview of Holyrood Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Holyrood Park, extending to 260 ha (650 acres), is located next to the Palace of Holyroodhouse to the south east of Edinburgh's Old Town.
Known also as the Queen's Park, because it is still owned by the monarch, however it is almost always open for the public to enjoy.
The park contains Arthur's Seat, the remains of an ancient volcano, together with the dramatic Salisbury Crags and three lochs, the largest of which is Duddingston Loch, a bird sanctuary, together with Dunsapie Loch and St. Margaret's Loch.
www.geo.ed.ac.uk /scotgaz/features/featurefirst251.html   (246 words)

 Holyrood Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
It encompasses Holyrood Palace Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags St Margaret's Loch and St Anthony's
Stephen Sondheim's popular 1984 musical "Sunday In the Park with George" is well-represented on this original cast recording.
Both Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters are in fine voice, and both are given ample opportunity to display their arti...
www.freeglossary.com /Holyrood_Park   (400 words)

 Town Of Holyrood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
olyrood Park is an excellent place to bring your family for a day of swimming, sunbathing and picnicing.
Sections of the parks trails have been levelled to provide better access for strollers and disabled individuals.
orth Arm River is a prime fishing spot in Holyrood and is a licensed salmon river.
www.nfcap.nf.ca /east/Holyrood/attractions   (444 words)

 Edinburgh: Climbing in Holyrood Park. Restrictions and access.
Kevin Howett, national officer for the council, said: "You should not have a permit system because that would set a dangerous precedent for other landowners." Many mountaineering clubs did not issue membership cards, he added, and many climbers were not members of clubs.
The restricted climbing would be in the interests of safety of all park users, a spokeswoman for Historic Scotland said.
South Quarry was safer for other park users because it was set back from the path along the bottom of the crags known as the Radical Road.
www.scotclimb.org.uk /holyrood_park.shtml   (469 words)

The Holyrood Church on Fort Washington Avenue and 179th Street is the second building that bears the name of this house of Worship.
When Holyrood was at the Broadway location it had a monthly newsletter which was by subscription for $1.
Holyrood is a part of the Episcopal Church.
www.hhoc.org /hist/holyrood.htm   (561 words)

 Edinburgh Evening News - Top Stories - Campers pitch up at Holyrood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
ILLEGAL campers pitching their tents in Holyrood Park are facing a clampdown after park rangers and police found them scattered around the historic beauty spot.
Tents have been spotted among the bushes and trees in the park near the Dumbiedykes housing estate while others were seen near St Margaret’s Loch and St Anthony’s Chapel.
Camping is outlawed in Holyrood Park - which is a scheduled ancient monument and a site of special scientific interest.
edinburghnews.scotsman.com /index.cfm?id=923402004   (590 words)

 L.L.Bean: Park Search - Butter Pot Provincial Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Butter Pot Provincial Park is on the Avalon Peninsula approximately 22 miles southwest of St. John's off the Trans Canada Highway.
The landscape of the park was sculpted by retreating glaciers thousands of years ago.
Black spruce and balsam fir with some tamarack and white birch dominate the park’s forest, while the abundant barren regions are covered by shallow, acidic soil that supports sheep laurel, labrador tea, rhoddora and blueberry.
www.llbean.com /parksearch/parks/html/1763llt.htm   (508 words)

 Macdonald Holyrood Hotel
The Holyrood Hotel offers all its guests a mix of modern luxuries and timeless good service.
Located next to the exciting Scottish Parliament and overlooking the ancient crags of Holyrood Park, the hotel is in the midst of it all.
The Macdonald Holyrood has an executive 6th floor with 23 bedrooms - there is private lift access, butler service and a private library for guests.
www.hotel-guides.net /hotel.html?50741   (79 words)

 BBC Scotland - Where I Live - Holyrood Park & Arthur's Seat
Facing Arthur's Seat at the Holyrood Palace car park, take the red paved path on the left and begin the gentle climb upwards into the heart of Holyrood Park.
Within the confines of the park lie Holyrood Abbey, built in 1128 by King David I and Holyrood Palace, the third official residence of the Queen, built in 1498 by King James IV.
Holyrood Park also plays an important role as one of Edinburgh's most important green spaces and is home to a variety of wildlife, including rare plants, molluscs, and birds of prey.
www.bbc.co.uk /scotland/whereilive/edinburghandlothian/walk/02.shtml   (428 words)

 Edinburgh rental accommodation next to Holyrood 25 Waverley Park
The Palace of Holyrood House is virtually next door, and from there you are on the Royal Mile which leads up to Edinburgh Castle.
Lesley's flat is on the 2nd floor in the centre of the photograph.
Photograph taken from the public park which you can walk to in less than sa minute from the apartment.
www.aboutscotland.com /edin/waverley.html   (351 words)

 Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat Edinburgh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A former hunting ground of the Scottish Monarchs is now preserved as a little bit of wilderness within a stroll of the centre of Edinburgh.
In the 650 acres of park are well worn paths to crags, lochs and the highest point at 251m, Arthur's Seat
There is also a road (Queens Drive) which circumnavigates the park and goes half way up in terms of altitude to Arthur's Seat.
www.edinburgh-hotels-toolkit.com /whattodo/holyrood_park.htm   (162 words)

 Holyrood Park | TutorGig.co.uk Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In recent years the Park Police under the auspices of the Royal Estate and now Historic Scotland, who have taken over management of the park, have attempted to regulate access to the cliffs for climbing.
Holyrood Park: A plan for the '90s (News release / Historic Scotland)
Holyrood Park: The archaeology of the Royal Park (RCAHMS broadsheet)
www.tutorgig.co.uk /ed/Holyrood_Park   (615 words)

 Holyrood Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
But when they reached Bruntsfield, she begged to be let out of the car.
Baby Gary, whose mother has not been traced despite police appeals, was found in Holyrood Park in August and is now with a foster family.
Baby Gary, whose mother has not been traced, was found in Holyrood Park in August and is now with a foster family.
holyrood-park.wikiverse.org   (186 words)

 Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Edinburgh - Women put best feet forward for charity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Race for Life is set to take place in Holyrood Park on Sunday, with 7193 participants registered to take part in the five-kilometre run.
The park will be closed to traffic from 8am in the morning, with the exception of the road between Holyrood Gait and Horse Wynd.
The youngest participant at the Holyrood Park event will be two months old - and in a pushchair - while the oldest registered participant is 80.
news.scotsman.com /edinburgh.cfm?id=608872005   (760 words)

 Edinburgh - Culture Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Six hundred and fifty acres of probably the most natural city centre park in all of Europe.
Arthur's Seat is the remnants of a volcano that erupted between 350 to 400 million years ago, but current residents and visitors have no need to worry since they've been extinct for a few million years now.
One of the best ways to experience the space is to walk from the north part of the park which provides a gentle climb from behind the Salisbury Crag's rockface.
www.firstcity.force9.co.uk /holyrood.htm   (270 words)

 kids: event details
Holyrood Park’s dramatic crags and hills give Edinburgh its distinctive skyline, and contains a wealth of history and archaeology spanning thousands of years.
A Royal Park probably since the 12th century, as well as its rich cultural heritage, the Park offers walks, solace, wildlife, volcanic geology and unparalleled vistas of the city.
There is an exhibition in Holyrood Lodge Information Centre and the Holyrood Park Ranger Service also provides visitor services.
www.s1play.com /kids/detail/36237-9.html   (154 words)

 The Holyrood Park Amendment Regulations 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
These Regulations may be cited as the Holyrood Park Amendment Regulations 2001 and shall come into force on 6th November 2001.
The Holyrood Park Regulations 1971[4] will be amended in accordance with the following regulations.
These Regulations amend the Holyrood Park Regulations 1971 which specifically ban commercial vehicles and the exhibition of advertising material in the Park.
www.hmso.gov.uk /legislation/scotland/ssi2001/20010405.htm   (743 words)

 South Side Views page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
To the left is the car park for the Commonwealth Pool.
Holyrood Park has three lochs: Duddingston, St Margaret's and Dunsapie which is quite high up the hill.
Amazingly, this area bounded by Holyrood Park, Holyrood Road and The Pleasance lay derelict for so long, the city fathers could possibly be forgiven for this scheme.
www.henniker.org.uk /html/ed_sth_v2.htm   (491 words)

 Holyrood Park Geology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The volcano has been tilted approximately 20 degrees to the East due to the immense forces which have acted on its in the millions of years since it was active.
He refers to the work of the Father of modern Geology, James Hutton, who taught in Edinburgh University and based his great theories of the formation of the Earth on the evidence he saw around him, not least in Holyrood Park.
We can see evidence of a number of different events around Holyrood Park, which must have occurred at different times.
www.geo.ed.ac.uk /arthurseat/geology/geology.html   (1141 words)

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