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Topic: Home birth

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Home Birth Alternative | Pregnancy Weekly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Home births are on the rise as more parents wish to deliver their babies without drugs, in a familiar setting where they can be more in charge of the action.
Research on home births shows that mothers, whose babies have been born at home, seem to find that the home birth makes it easier for their older children to accept the new baby.
If you are considering a home birth, talk to other parents who have given birth at home and find out what they liked and did not like about their care giver but don't wait until a month before your due date to start your homework.
www.pregnancyweekly.com /pregnancy_information/home_birth_alt.htm   (1477 words)

 Home birth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most home births are assisted by midwives, but some home births are physician assisted.
In most Western countries, home birth declined over the 20th century, although there was some revival of the practice in 1970s.
Proponents of home birth prefer the atmosphere and safety of a home birth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Home_birth   (1311 words)

 Is Homebirth Safe? at StorkNet's Homebirth Cubby!
In the hospital births, there was greater incidence of fetal distress, lacerations to the mother, neonatal infections, forceps delivery, cesarean section, and nine times as many episiotomies.
In a study of births in the Netherlands in 1986, 41,861 women having their first babies in the hospital had a perinatal mortality rate of 20.2.
Birth is generally a slow process and there is usually ample time to transport even in the case of a true emergency.
www.storknet.com /cubbies/homebirth/homebirthsafety.htm   (1355 words)

 The Medical Literature on the Safety of Home Birth
In 1965 two-thirds of all births in The Netherlands occurred at home.
Planned home births were generally associated with less intervention than hospital births and with less maternal and neonatal morbidity, with the exception of third stage complications.
Births subsequently came under the control of the medical profession and the prevalent medical ideology continues to support hospitalised birth in the interests of safety for mother and child.
www.changesurfer.com /Hlth/homebirth.html   (5839 words)

 Natural Childbirth Classes
Many studies have confirmed that home birth is as safe or safer for both mom and baby than the hospital if the pregnancy is uncomplicated.
The birth of a child is the birth of a mother and father as well.
Birth is a rite of passage and transformational journey for all involved; preparing for an aware birth experience prepares you for your passage into parenthood.
www.drbraden.com /naturalchildbirth.htm   (502 words)

 HOME BIRTH - Breastfeeding, childbirth, and pregnancy online magazine: The Compleat Mother
"...Since home birth and direct entry midwifery are perfectly safe options, (a majority of) State legislatures have concluded that it is the right of each woman and her family to choose such options.
Birth in real life is not dramatic- it is sacred, moving, alive and earthy- but it's not something that would make a dramatic screenplay.
Birth has to be warped a bit to make it saleable to commercial interests.
www.compleatmother.com /homebirth.htm   (2788 words)

 BMJ No 7066 Editorial
Birth is an event of great importance in family life Although pregnancy and delivery are, under healthy conditions, normal social and physiological processes, childbirth has become hospital centred in most industrialised countries.
Yet the Cumberlege report sees home birth as a real option,(1) and the wishes of women to have home births must be viewed in that light.
This results in equal or better obstetric outcome compared with hospital birth, and fewer interventions, for a large number of women in the community.(7) Risk assessment is based on a protocol for referral(8) (the Kloostermanlist, named after its designer), which is used routinely in the community(7) and serves as the national reference of good practice.
bmj.bmjjournals.com /archive/7068e.htm   (715 words)

 Berkeley Parents Network: Home Birth
I gave birth at home five weeks ago, and don't have any regrets, (it was, in fact, empowering and peaceful as hoped) but I thought I'd share with you my awareness sometime into the pushing phase of labor that it would be really horrible to have to go to the hospital at that point.
It's in between a home birth and a hospital in that it is in a craftsman home and not a hospital setting, but is a couple of miles from the hospital.
It is wonderful especially after the birth to be at home, in your known environment, and to relax and sleep in safety with the new baby.
parents.berkeley.edu /recommend/medical/homebirth.html   (10156 words)

 The Homebirth Choice - by Jill Cohen and Marti Dorsey
Birth is a well-designed process, and most women can give birth easily by trusting in themselves and in their practitioner.
Transport to the hospital during the course of the birthing process may be necessary for the health of either the mother or baby.
One of the benefits of homebirth is that after the birth and special bonding time, mom and baby can be tucked into their own bed in the comfort of their home to rest and sleep.
www.midwiferytoday.com /articles/homebirthchoice.asp   (2883 words)

 Home Birth Research Index
Birth at home By Chamberlain, Wraight and Crowley, 1997.
The Cost-Effectiveness of Home Birth By Anderson and Anderson, 1999
Home birth and hospital deliveries: a comparison of the perceived painfulness of parturition By Morse and Park, 1988.
www.homebirth.org.uk /homebirthindex.htm   (779 words)

 BBC NEWS | Health | Call for more help on home births
In England, 2.18% of births were at home - only a slight increase from 2.15% in 2002.
Home births remain relatively uncommon in Northern Ireland and Scotland, with 0.34% and 1% taking place at home respectively.
Mary Newburn, the NCT's head of policy research, said: "Many NHS trusts are still not providing a home birth service as a priority, or providing women with the kind of balanced information they need in order to be able to make an informed choice about where to have their baby.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/health/4033051.stm   (547 words)

 Homebirth - Safety and Benefits
He finds out-of-hospital births to be slightly safer and significantly superior in terms of economic costs ($13 billion annually) and social costs (reduced incidence of birth trauma and bonding disorders).
Conclusions: Planned home birth for low risk women in North America using certified professional midwives was associated with lower rates of medical intervention but similar intrapartum and neonatal mortality to that of low risk hospital births in the United States.
Studies of planned home births in developed countries with women who have had uncomplicated pregnancies have shown sickness and death rates for mother and baby equal to or better than hospital birth statistics for women with uncomplicated pregnancies.
www.gentlebirth.org /ronnie/homesafe.html   (1944 words)

 Maggie's Home Birth Page
There are some people who have their children born at home because they don't want the "negatives" such as medical intervention.
Some think about the positives of a home birth, the advantages of being able to dictate their surroundings, their choice of who is there, their style of birth.
Hopefully, people don't choose home birth because they feel forced by well meaning friends to "do the right thing." What you choose should be based on reasoning after learning all you can about it.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Ridge/5005/homebrth.html   (768 words)

Not all health professionals are convinced that home birth is safe although the evidence is clear that it is for most women.
In practice, opting early on for a home birth allows you the greatest possible flexibility, as you can decide to transfer to hospital right up to the delivery itself - possibilities vice versa may be limited due to practical considerations.
Once she thinks the birth is imminent, she'll stay with you and will call a colleague to assist during the birth itself.
www.babycentre.co.uk /pregnancy/labourandbirth/planningyourbabysbirth/homebirth   (1200 words)

 Home Birth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Health Service Executive Areas (formerly health boards) are having difficulty in providing services for home births because of the practice of hospital confinement over the last 30-35 years and the consequent shortage of experienced practitioners in home delivery.
Where a woman chooses to have a home birth in Ireland and the HSE Area cannot provide the service, some HSE Areas provide a home birth grant towards the cost of contracting the services of a private midwife.
Where a woman engages the services of a private midwife for the purpose of a domiciliary birth, her HSE Area may make a contribution towards the costs incurred.
www.oasis.gov.ie /birth/before_your_baby_is_born/home_birth.html   (346 words)

 HOME BIRTH-The Compleat Mother Magazine
The death rate for babies born in the hospital was 5.6 and for those born at home was 11.1, which would seem to indicate that a hospital is a better bet for a baby's survival.
Hospital or institutional birth is a relatively new occurance which began to gain in popularity during the 1920's due to physician promotion and the increased use of the automobile.
They also felt that since the actual risk factors inherent in a home birth are very small, perhaps 1/1000, and the consequences of the birth decision will be borne exclusively by the parents, physicians should support parents who are willing to accept this risk so as to make the experience as safe as possible.
www.compleatmother.com /homebirth/hb_safety.htm   (1356 words)

 The Birth Centre for homebirth, waterbirth and natural birth
Born at home, a baby is treated with the utmost respect and looked upon as a human being with feelings.
At homebirths, there is a reduced amount of bleeding after birth because the cord is cut only after it stops pulsating and the placenta is born passively.
Hospital birth necessitates transport to the home environment.
www.homebirth.co.za /hbreasons.htm   (1161 words)

 Home Birth
Certainly if you plan to have a waterbirth (link to page), then in order to guarantee access to a birthing pool, you may want to have a homebirth, as not all hospitals in the UK have enough for pools for every woman who would like one.
Obstetric Healthcare providers often claim that a hospital birth a safer than a homebirth, but there is absolutely no evidence for this with a normal risk pregnancy with no anticipated problems.
Even if a woman feels rationally that hospitals are “safer” places in which to give birth, her subconscious mind knows that this is not the case, and she feels insecure.
www.naturalchildbirth.co.uk /homebirth.shtml   (597 words)

 Is Homebirth for You?
A study of 3,257 out-of-hospital births attended by Arizona licensed midwives between 1978-85 shows a perinatal mortality rate of 2.2 per 1,000 and a neonatal mortality rate of 1.1 per 1,000 live births.
Birthing rooms and their homey furnishings are an effort to eliminate some of the stress and discomfort that comes from being in the strange surroundings of the hospital.
In her own home a laboring woman has "the home court advantage." She can move about freely, wear what clothing she chooses, sip on energizing juices, continue caring for other children as she is able, relax in a warm tub of water, have her feet rubbed by loving friends and try different birthing positions.
www.gentlebirth.org /format/myths.html   (4103 words)

 Childbirth Resources: Options for Birth
While birth centers do not provide any additional measure of safety than most planned homebirths with qualified midwives, they may provide the expectant couple with the psychological comfort necessary to enable the mother to relax; and wherever a woman feels the most comfortable, she will give birth the easiest.
Freestanding Birth Centers are an excellent choice for a woman who had a previous cesearean and wishes to maximize her chances of a vaginal delivery.
At home, the parents and midwife are in control of the birthing environment, and strict time perimeters for length of labor are not imposed, or routine medical interventions such as IVs done.
www.socalbirth.org /resource/options.htm   (2052 words)

 Home Birth : American Pregnancy Association
For centuries giving birth at home was the normal thing to do, but by the 1900's women slowly began changing their birth setting by going to hospitals.
As the desire for home birth grows, the number of studies and statistical data will continue to grow and give us a greater understanding of the risks and benefits.
Home birth allows you to be surrounded with those you love.
www.americanpregnancy.org /labornbirth/homebirth.html   (607 words)

 Home Birth
Many women expecting to give birth at home are subjected to a variety of tactics to persuade them into hospital, such as: 'we are short of midwives' or 'if you go into labour at the weekend/between 6pm and 8am' or 'midwife Bloggs will be on holiday' (and any number of similar alternatives).
Home birth midwives used to be employed by the local authority, which is under democratic control.
It is not designed to prosecute those who are present at a home birth when a woman decides that she is not going to call a midwife or a doctor.
www.aims.org.uk /homebirthUpdated.htm   (3167 words)

 Home Birth
Home birth may actually be the most sane way to bring a child into this world!
The countries with the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates are the countries where it is the midwives who deliver the majority of the babies, and also the countries where home birth is common.
Take a closer look at home birth and see if it is right for you and your family.
www.naturalfamilyboutique.com /Resources/HomeBirth.aspx   (270 words)

 George B. Elvove, M.D., P.C. / Home Birth FAQ
We specialize in natural childbirth in the home and birth center, infant breast-feeding and proper nutrition.
Since safety is of paramount importance, we bring IV fluids, medications, oxygen, surgical instruments and life support systems to the home in case the need for them should arise.
A: Since the cost of a home birth is 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of a hospital birth, most insurance companies will gladly pay our fee.
www.elvovemd.com /a/faq.htm   (944 words)

 Home Birth - Motherstuff
Home Birth A discussion on the American College of Nurse Midwives' site, giving a good basic overview from the perspective of having a nurse midwife at your homebirth.
Home Birth By Emergency Tips on dealing with this situation, some may be relevant in deliberate home birth.
Home Birth - an Introduction for Student Midwives Reprint of a brochure discussing homebirth in Ireland.
www.motherstuff.com /html/midwife-homebirth.html   (713 words)

 Planned home birth
For a sense of what a home birth can be like, read Julie Tilsner's funny and heartwarming journal entry describing how she delivered her son Jackson at home with the help of two wonderful midwives.
They also show that moms who planned to give birth at home (regardless of where they ended up having their babies) ended up with fewer interventions, such as episiotomies and c-sections, compared with a group of equally low-risk women who had planned hospital deliveries.
She is a true believer in home births and has fought a long hard battle to even get it recognised as a viable option in our area.
www.babycenter.com /refcap/pregnancy/childbirth/168.html   (1566 words)

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