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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Home Computer Security
Home computers are typically not very secure and are easy to break into.
While intruders also attack home computers connected to the Internet through dial-in connections, high-speed connections (cable modems and DSL modems) are a favorite target.
While an anti-virus program alerts you to many viruses that may find their way to your home computer, there will always be a lag between when a virus is discovered and when anti-virus program vendors provide the new virus signature.
www.cert.org /homeusers/HomeComputerSecurity   (12031 words)

  Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer
The instruction/data bus is the pathway for data communications between the computer's processor and the various components in the computer and is analogous to the buses that run in the city.
The cache in a computer is similar to the browser's cache in that it is used to store information temporarily so that the computer doesn't have to search around for it the next time that it is needed.
By just saying that their computer is essentially the same as the brand name computer, most people assume that all of the specifications associated with the brand name computer apply to the in-house computer and leave it at that.
www.css.msu.edu /PC-Guide/PC-Guide1.cfm   (12336 words)

  Home computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TRS-80 Color Computer II The home computer is a consumer-friendly word for the second generation of microcomputers (the technical term that was previously used), entering the market in 1977 and becoming common during the 1980s.
The home computer largely died out at the end of the decade (in the U.S.) or in the early 1990s (in Europe) due to the rise of the IBM PC compatible personal computer (the IBM PC and its clones are not covered in this article).
Home computers were mostly based on 8-bit microprocessor technology, typically the MOS Technology 6502 or the Zilog Z80.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Home_computer   (1325 words)

 Home computer: Tutte le informazioni su Home computer su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quello di home computer รจ un termine usato soprattutto da parte dei consumatori per indicare la seconda generazione di microcomputer (il termine tecnico usato in precedenza), che fece il suo ingresso nel mercato nel 1977 e divenne comune nel corso degli anni 1980.
La categoria degli home computer si estinse tra la fine della decade e i primi anni 1990, a causa dell'ascesa dei personal computer IBM PC compatibili (il PC IBM e i suoi cloni non sono trattati in questo articolo, vedi storia del Personal Computer).
Durante questo periodo vide la luce una pletora di home computer, ma la maggior parte di questi non ebbe un significativo impatto sul mercato o sulla storia, pertanto non sono menzionati qui.
www.encyclopedia.it /h/ho/home_computer.html   (883 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Does Not Compute
Scientists from RAND Corporation have created this model to illustrate how a "home computer" could look in the year 2004.
Predictions from several decades ago failed to foresee that computers would become much smaller and cheaper; that these changes would enable nearly every business and home to have its own computer to be used for a variety of applications, and that those machines would be linked together in a world-wide network.
Instead, futurist scenarios frequently presented a world of very few, very expensive all-powerful computers the size of large buildings, used only for divining answers to complex problems beyond the ability of man to solve on his own.
www.snopes.com /inboxer/hoaxes/computer.asp   (393 words)

 office furniture & desks - computer furniture & desks - office seating
Home computer furniture has been engaged in quality office furniture for over twenty years.
Computer desks and office furniture that is scratch resistant that has stain repelling laminate tops and is supported by powder coated steel supporting legs and parts.
Computer furniture that is compatible to our ergonomic office chairs and office furniture that is functional and sturdy of design.
www.homecomputerfurniture.com   (233 words)

 HCM: East-European Home-Computer ...
This was the first "home-brew" computer in the USSR but it was very difficult to built because it consits of more than 200 microcircuits.
Only ~2000 computer were released because it came in beginning of 1994 when 8-bit machines started to loose its positions when cheap games consoles (NES) flooded shops.
It may be used as stand alone computer and as part of УК/НЦ class connected via LAN to DVK machine (used as print and FDD server).
www.homecomputer.de /pages/easteurope_ussr.html   (4315 words)

 Free Computer Help, Tips and Tools to Help You Get the Most Fun and Use from Your Home Computer
Our Computer Help A to Z Web site offers free tips, articles and resources designed to help you discover and master the power of your personal computer without all the technical jargon.
Now that you have a computer you have probably experienced a program or piece of hardware that all of a sudden stop working.
Now that you have a computer, move to the next step and learn how to do some basic things with it yourself.
www.computerhelpatoz.com   (669 words)

 Mobile Phone As Home Computer
As far as the consumer is aware, the only computer that he or she owns is the handheld mobile phone.
Various attempts at doing simpler computing have foundered and one of the reasons may be that people who are willing to be early adopters of technology only want the greatest possible function.
A deeper problem that is hinted at by the failure of the network computer is that the Appliance is a new technology and therefore must by definition be sold to early adopters.
philip.greenspun.com /business/mobile-phone-as-home-computer   (3663 words)

 home computer Jobs Computer, Tech & IT Jobs: Search home computer Jobs Careers, Employment, Postings, Listings
Search home computer, tech Jobs for free and find matching your requirements.
Our client is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of wireless video cameras, home automation, home security, and home entertainment consumer electronics.
Prefer individual who demonstrates computer terminology, proven ability to set up a home network and can type 25 wpm.
www.tech-centric.net /home-computer-jobs.aspx   (446 words)

 Geek to Live: How to control your home computer from anywhere
VNC requires two components for a successful connection: the server on your home computer, and the viewer on the remote computer.
Enter your home computer's IP address [3] and password to connect.
[2] If your home computer is behind a home network router with a firewall, remote computers will not be able to connect.
www.lifehacker.com /software/feature/geek-to-live--how-to-control-your-home-computer-from-anywhere-125607.php   (1203 words)

 in_home_computer_service39's Xanga Site
We'll fix pesky computer problems in the comfort and convenience of your own home...
In Home Computer Services Networking small business network security howell detroit lansing michigan repair new builds upgrades RAM installation...
Home Computer Services experienced technicians can help you navigate through the many choices involved, help you obtain and install the pieces,...
xanga.com /in_home_computer_service39   (181 words)

 Home Computer Repair by Gurus2Go! Get a Home Computer Repair GURU to come to you for just 19.99!
Expertise - when you fill out a service request, we will send a home computer repair Guru with experience in the type of problem you are having - the most qualified home computer repair Guru for your specific requirement.
Each of our home computer repair Gurus is selected for qualifications and experience, and each must maintain high standards in our customer satisfaction program.
Gurus2go is proud to be one of the lowest priced national computer repair services.
www.gurus2go.com /personal.htm   (299 words)

 Computer Repair by Gurus2Go!
As owner or manager of a small company or home office you know only too well how a computer glitch can have a major effect on your business performance and revenues.
Gurus2go puts you in control of your business computing environment with a professional-quality computer repair service.
If you are at your home, office or on the road, and you need help with a PC application, operating system, peripheral, handheld device or other computer repair-related problem.
www.gurus2go.com   (308 words)

 tom-cat.com :: Online Security
The information here may seem like a lot to absorb, especially for novice computer users, yet if you are patient and take each item one at a time you will soon realize how uncomplicated this really is. Following these protection guidelines is an absolute must in today's online world.
Since this computer does not belong to you, you cannot be certain it is secure or free of malware or keyloggers.
Avoid sending highly personal e-mail to anyone, and keep sensitive files on your home computer, not at work.
www.tom-cat.com /security.html   (3909 words)

 Moms Work at Home Site. Work from Home Computer Work, Administrative and More.
is professional association and online community of parents who work at home and those who would like to.
"Home Tutoring Business is a business opportunity that teaches you how to run a tutor referral business.
Your job is to "match" qualified teachers, tutors and educators with students in need of private in-home, one-on-one tutoring.
www.momsworkathomesite.com   (419 words)

 Home Computer Repair Online - Volunteer-Driven, Free Computer Support
We built this site for one reason, to help people use and fix their computers.
A place where they could ask real computer technicians questions that would allow them to fix and maintain their own computers.
Powerful computers, handy services, tiny utilities, mammoth HDTVs--our editors' top picks include all these and a whole lot more.
www.homecomputerrepaironline.com   (824 words)

 Home Computer Magazine
The website has been taken down temporarily while we redesign both it and the magazine.
Home Computer Magazine will be relaunched in 2007 using our new design and improved functionality that you can find in the Gamerzines.
You will be re-directed to the new Gamerzines site automatically in 20 seconds.
www.homecomputermagazine.com   (117 words)

 IEEE Computer Society
Security and privacy concerns create challenges and opportunities in several aspects of pervasive computing, including hardware, operating systems, networks, databases, user interfaces, and applications.
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library delivers quality and quantity.
Find guidelines for contributing to IEEE Computer Society magazines, transactions, and books.
www.computer.org   (284 words)

 Lockdown.co.uk - The Home Computer Security Center
LockDown is the source for security information and resources for the home computer user.
Instead of these approaches, consider using steganography, a method for hiding sensitive information inside some other object, typically a JPEG picture or a sound file.
Escaping the data panopticon: Prof says computers must learn to “forget”
www.lockdown.co.uk   (636 words)

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