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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  ERIC Digest 151 - Homeschooling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The homeschooling population has grown from some 10,000 to 15,000 children in the late 1960s to perhaps one million children by 2001 (roughly 2 percent of the school-aged population).
Homeschooling families tend to have more children and be middle-class (Bielick and others 2001; Henke and others 2000; Rudner 1999).
Parents who homeschool their children are more likely to vote, contribute money to political causes, contact elected officials about their views, attend public meetings or rallies, or join community and volunteer associations (Smith and Sikkink 1999).
eric.uoregon.edu /publications/digests/digest151.html   (1686 words)

 HEM Online
Homeschooling in Alaska has always been closely tied to the public schools because many Alaska families are homeschooling simply because they live in such remote areas that their children cannot realistically attend a conventional school.
Tax credits for homeschooling expenses have been proposed in a number of states and at the federal level, but few have been adopted, partly because of the opposition of homeschoolers who do not want to surrender their freedoms for a few dollars.
Homeschoolers by and large have not become proponents of vouchers and the idea itself has not caught on in the homeschooling community.
www.homeedmag.com /HEM/HEM161.99/161.99_clmn_tch.html   (3700 words)

 The Ten Most Important Things you need to know about Homeschooling - Homeschooling Articles - Homeschool.com - Your ...
Homeschooling is legal everywhere in the United States, but homeschooling laws vary from state to state.
Homeschoolers have healthy relationships with people of all ages, including the new mother next door, the retired couple who loves to garden, their friends at ballet, 4-H and Karate and, most important, their parents.
Thousands of homeschooling families are able to make the money they need and homeschool their children at the same time.
www.homeschool.com /articles/mostimportant/default.asp   (618 words)

 1.1 Million Homeschooled Students in the United States in 2003
Students are considered to be homeschooled if their parents reported them as being schooled at home instead of at a public or private school for at least part of their education and if their part-time enrollment in public or private schools did not exceed 25 hours a week.
In addition, the estimated homeschooling rate—the percentage of the school-age population that was being homeschooled—increased from 1.7 percent in 1999 to 2.2 percent in 2003 (not shown in tables or figures).
Nearly two-thirds of homeschooled students had parents who said that their primary reason for homeschooling was either concern about the environment of other schools or a desire to provide religious or moral instruction.
nces.ed.gov /nhes/homeschool   (1380 words)

 NHEN New to Homeschooling - main page - Beginning Considering Learning at home - Homeschooling Information from the ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Homeschooling is an increasingly popular educational alternative in which  children learn outside of conventional schools under the general supervision of their parents.
Homeschooling support can be just another family or two spending some relaxed time together or it might be a group of hundreds of families and involve many organized activities.
New homeschoolers often find that conference attendance is a way to quickly leap into the homeschooling world. Find homeschool events and conferences for your state.
www.nhen.org /newhser?id=227   (1940 words)

Choosing to homeschool or to traditionally educate a child is often a difficult and confusing decision for parents and guardians.
Although it appears to be true that children who are homeschooled spend less time with same-age children and more time with adults and children of different ages, research has not found that homeschooling harms children's social or psychological development.
Homeschooling teenagers should contact the colleges and universities they would like to attend and ask about their admission policies.
www.kidsource.com /kidsource/content2/homeschooling.k12.3.html   (1207 words)

I am often asked by the parents of a child with NLD if I would recommend homeschooling for their child, or if I think they should pull their child out of public school for a period of time, until an appropriate program is developed for their child within the system.
In fact, homeschooling could actually exacerbate your child's problems in these areas, if he is isolated from his peers and other adults for an indefinite period of time.
If homeschooling is not your first choice for your child's education, but your district's failure to provide an appropriate educational program or placement for your child has necessitated it, continue trying to work with your school district.
www.nldontheweb.org /thompson-7.htm   (5445 words)

 Homeschooling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Home education, also called homeschooling or home school, is the process by which children are educated at home rather than in an institution such as a public or private school.
Especially in the English-speaking nations, homeschooling can be an option for parents who wish to provide their children with a quality of education or social environment which they believe is unattainable in schools.
In Manitoba, homeschoolers are required to register with Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth, the department that regulates schooling in the Province.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Homeschooling   (4379 words)

 Homeschooling in the United States: 1999
This report, Homeschooling in the United States: 1999, presents an estimate of the number of homeschooled students, characteristics of homeschooled children and their families, parents' reasons for homeschooling, and public school support for homeschoolers.
Students were considered to be homeschooled if their parents reported them being schooled at home instead of a public or private school, if their enrollment in public or private schools did not exceed 25 hours a week, and if they were not being homeschooled solely because of a temporary illness.
Four out of five homeschoolers were homeschooled only (82 percent) and one out of five homeschoolers were enrolled in public or private schools part time (18 percent).
nces.ed.gov /pubs2001/HomeSchool/index.asp   (323 words)

As a homeschooling mother of 6 great kids, I have a strong interest in anything and everything relating to kids, education and homeschooling.
Homeschooled children learn to get along with others the way people always have - by dealing with family members, neighbors, extended family, shop clerks, fellow parishioners, and others in their communities.
There have been absolutely no studies that have ever shown homeschooled children to be poorly adjusted in any way, in comparison to their counterparts in government school.
members.tripod.com /janeand6-ivil/id1.html   (656 words)

The critics next assault on homeschooling is usually to question the ability of parents to educate their own children.
That homeschooling parents are more than adequately able to instruct their own children is proven out by the fact that homeschoolers, on average, consistently outperform their public school counterparts on standardized tests by at least thirty percentile points.
Finally, many critics of homeschooling would have the public to believe that homeschooling parents are incapable of giving their children the broad worldview which they deem necessary for success in a pluralistic society.
www.csj.net /~mkwoods/good.htm   (695 words)

 Homeschoolers Support Network: Home
The Homeschoolers Support Network is a non-profit, multi-denominational, volunteer network committed to the support and promotion of homeschooling in the Trenton - Princeton, NJ metropolitan area.
Homeschooling is a lot of work as you know or might imagine.
The Homeschoolers Support Network is designed to be a helpful group to those who want to be a part of it.
www.homeschoolsupport.org   (345 words)

 The Math Forum - Math Library - Homeschooling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Homeschooling information for everyone from the slightly curious to the veteran activist.
A site for the home-schooled and their parents, with newsletters, marketplace, gardening, crafting, cooking ideas and recipes, games and amusements, kids pages, IRC chat conferences, educational resources including math resources, home-ed help, special needs kids (see the page of ADD links for suggestions for teaching math), and small business support pages.
Articles and reports on homeschooling, in particular in the context of the education of gifted children.
mathforum.org /library/ed_topics/homeschool   (742 words)

 Homeschooling Toddlers
Homeschooling parents need schedules to keep the chores in their proper place so as to not take over the day and push aside time needed for direct instruction.
Since homeschooling is a matter of the heart for most us and the kitchen is typically the heart of the home, it should be natural for learning and fun to occur during those routine daily activities which take place in the kitchen.
After nearly two years of reading, browsing through catalogs, cruising the web, and talking to many homeschoolers in search of the "right" curriculum, I have come to the conclusion that educating myself about teaching, the learning process, etc. is a higher priority than purchasing a curriculum package.
www.suite101.com /welcome.cfm/7596   (573 words)

Homeschooling could be an option for parents of NLD children to consider for a variety of reasons.
It may be a temporary solution while a long-term program is being developed, used in conjunction with a traditional educational program, or for an extended period of time.
She explains the various situations in which homeschooling may be appropriate, and takes the fear out of the concept.
www.nldontheweb.org /homeschooling.htm   (853 words)

 Considering Homeschooling: Are you considering homeschooling?
Lowers and other advocates for Christian homeschooling say parents shouldn't delegate their God-given responsibility to "raise up a child in the way he should go" to godless schools with an increasingly anti-Christian curriculum.
Homeschoolers avoid harmful school environments where God is mocked, where destructive peer influence is the norm, where drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and homosexuality are promoted, and where school violence is on the rise.
In fact, a recent study found that 95% of the homeschool graduates surveyed were glad that they were homeschooled.
www.consideringhomeschooling.com   (934 words)

 Homeschooling Children with Special Needs
Homeschool Language Impaired Forum is a moderated list aimed at people who have an interest in educating language impaired children.
The Homeschool Page Chat is aimed at homeschoolers of young children (younger than 7 years), language-impaired or learning-disabled children.
Family Homeschool is a national organization that helps families to homeschool their children with special learning needs.
www.geocities.com /Athens/8259/special.html   (2613 words)

About’s Homeschooling provides access to lessons and unit studies in a variety of subject areas, gives information about getting started in homeschooling and state specific legal information on homeschooling.
Eclectic Homeschool provides support to homeschoolers by offering access to information on homeschooling methods, academic resources, reviews of resources and more.
Homeschool Central offers links to lessons, study resources, homeschooling organizations, information on homeschooling in individual states, and other homeschool sites.
www.lacrosselibrary.org /libchoice/homeschooling.htm   (285 words)

 Homeschooling Today® Magazine!
Find homeschool organizations, support groups, and events around the world.
Here is a list of colleges who welcome homeschool graduates, plus links to their home pages so you can further explore those that interest you.
Homeschooling Today is a Registered Trademark of Family Reformation, LLC.
www.homeschooltoday.com   (241 words)

 Especially for Parents
Homeschooling can be a wonderful way to meet both the gifted needs and other special needs of our children, as I discuss in the article Homeschooling Twice-Exceptional Children.
Real-Life Homeschooling: The Stories of 21 Families Who Teach Their Children at Home by Rhonda Barfield.
Homeschoolers of all methods and styles are welcome.
www.uniquelygifted.org /especially_for_parents.htm   (1495 words)

 Welcome - Jon's Homeschool Resources
I am a homeschooling Dad and you can find occasional references to what we do in this house scattered through the pages of this site, but I select resources on the basis of clarity and breadth, not politics or religion.
This site's size and neutrality is why it remains one of the most popular homeschooling sites on the Web, with a high Google rank, over fifteen hundred incoming links and five or six hundred visitors every day.
Read the homeschooling handbooks and the answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the Files section.
www.midnightbeach.com /hs   (391 words)

 Iowa Homeschooling Laws - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
I am Ann Zeise, your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about home education on the web.
When you do this please remember the freedom to home educate your children is a right that government often seeks to restrict.
Homeschooling: The Early Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8- Year-Old Child
homeschooling.gomilpitas.com /laws/blIA.htm   (1115 words)

Whether you are just discovering homeschooling, have already started on the homeschool journey, or are looking for support, encouragement and resources, you have come to the right place.
Home Educator's Family Times for up-to-the-minute articles on homeschooling, today's homeschool news, columns on education and family life, resources, reviews - supportive and encouraging.
Homeschool Support Network for online help, resources, support groups and more.
www.homeeducator.com   (205 words)

 Homeschooling: PreK-12 Christian Online Homeschooling Education
Private access to the Jubilee online homeschooling environment is subject to the terms and conditions in our Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, Terms of Use Policy and rules and conditions detailed in our online schooling website at www.thejubileeacademy.org.
Our team of visionary homeschooling curriculum specialists, educators and technologists have developed an online learning system that harnesses technology to do what many of us have attempted to do alone.
And, as homeschoolers, parents never lose control of the education process.
www.thejubileeacademy.org   (280 words)

 Wisconsin Parents Association - Homeschooling in Wisconsin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Individuals get their questions answered by calling the WPA voice mail at 608-283-3131 or one of the 15 Regional Coordinators who also put people in touch with homeschooling support groups in their area.
Over 1,000 homeschoolers attend the annual Home Education Conference which has 80 workshops, a Curriculum Fair, a used book sale, and various social events.
Since 1984, homeschoolers working together through WPA have succeeded in gaining and maintaining one of the most reasonable homeschooling laws.
www.homeschooling-wpa.org   (138 words)

 Homeschool - Homeschooling made easy and Homeschool Resources.
We are here to help you with all your homeschooling questions, contact us today.
Our accreditation and state-recognized diploma, allows your children to be eligible to receive scholarships, grants, financial aid and opens up job opportunities that a non-accredited homeschool certificate will not.
Upon enrollment you will be assigned a homeschool expert who will diligently and creatively encourage, assist, track and support you and your child throughout the homeschooling years.
www.homeschoolacademy.com   (323 words)

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