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Topic: Homoeroticism

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  Homoeroticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Homoeroticism refers to same-sex love and desire, most especially as it is depicted or manifested in the visual arts and literature.
Homoeroticism thus differs from the interpersonal homoerotic; because homoeroticism is a set of artistic and performative traditions, in which such feelings can be embodied in culture and thus expressed into the wider society.
It may, however, still be valid to label the work as part of the tradition of homoeroticism; since the work may have been arousing for the homosexual portion of its audience, and an influence on future artistic production.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Homoeroticism   (984 words)

 Stefan George: Homoeroticism as Catalyst and Synthesis
On both a personal and a poetic level, George’s homoeroticism is ever apparent, but critics have for the most part eschewed any thorough analysis of the role it plays in his poetic philosophy.
This analysis of the interdependence of George’s homoeroticism and aesthetics would not be complete, of course, without reference to the contradictory nature of George’s expression of the matter itself.
While embracing and expressing homoeroticism on many different levels, from the religious cult of Maximin to the sensual language of his poems, George at the same time can be seen to veil these references in layer upon layer of artistic hermeticism and political elitism.
www.nthuleen.com /papers/dissabstract.html   (1295 words)

 Resources For Our Church
The condemnation of homoeroticism is extrinsic to the gospel of Jesus Christ, as classically expressed in the writings of the New Testament.
Homoeroticism does not receive so much as a single mention in the teachings of Jesus, as preserved in the Gospels.
As such, it is left to subsequent generations of Christians, not least ourselves, to bring homoeroticism (or homosexuality, in the modern conception) fully within the compass of Jesus Christ's gospel of love and care for the marginal and the outcast.
www.depts.drew.edu /tsfac/resources/nthomosexuality.htm   (814 words)

 "Apt Pupil"
The primary source of homoeroticism in the novella— the relationships binding Todd, Denker (Dussander in the film), and the homosexual derelict—remain prominent in the film.
One factor that accentuates homoeroticism in the film adaptation is the proximity between male bodies within both the storyline and imagery.
Homoeroticism in the film is further created by the camera’s gaze on Todd’s body, imagery conveyed in the novella (e.g.
www.ejumpcut.org /archive/jc45.2002/picart/aptpupil2.html   (4576 words)

 Drury University: Historical Homoeroticism and its Affect on Modern Society
Homoeroticism posed a threat to the sex roles that defined society in an honor-and-shame culture.
Biases against female homoeroticism are not concerned about the sex as much as the genders involved.
To summarize, although female homoeroticism was seemingly abundant in ancient communities, this lifestyle still came with its share of hate and misunderstanding.
www.drury.edu /multinl/story.cfm?ID=4335&NLID=166   (2804 words)

 Review Fall 2000
Published by a major Lutheran press, it is comprehensive and succinct in surveying the primary texts on homoeroticism from the world in which the Bible was written.
He is convinced – and convincing – that today’s discourse on homosexuality must not confuse modern phenomena with the various forms and perceptions of homoeroticism in the ancient Mediterranean world.
Chapter by chapter, Nissinen illustrates the contemporary observation that sexual categories and interpreted sexual experiences are socially constructed and are not the same from culture to culture and from age to age.
www.ecinc.org /Reviews/rvfall_2000.htm   (476 words)

 Homoeroticism & Electroacoustic Music
The absence of gay themes and homoeroticism in electroacoustic music is discussed within the context of issues of gender and music that have been raised in the last decade.
In proposing a discussion of the topic of homoeroticism and electroacoustic music, I am reminded of the 'politely sceptical' response that Roger Lonsdale received when he announced his interest in 18th century women poets, 'Were they any?'.
The video makes the homoeroticism of the text and the music much more explicit, but ultimately it is a visualization of the drama played out in the live performance version where the 'desired other' must be imagined by the listener.
www.sfu.ca /~truax/os6.html   (4764 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
In order to do so, she also looks at the institution of homoeroticism on the whole, and diverges from my opinion in that she believes the Aristophanes in Symposium is making a satirical speech as opposed to an honest one.
This debate of whether homoeroticism was seen as laughable or noble brings to mind the elusive nature of Catullus and his poems regarding Iuventius and other aspects of male-male relationships.
Newman does an excellent job of raising the issue that homoeroticism was unmanly and laughable to an average Greek citizen, yet also that the upper classes did not subscribe so thoroughly to those stereotypes.
www.acad.carleton.edu /curricular/CLAS/courses/CL114/special/alma_jodi.htm   (483 words)

 Article - Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: Biblical Texts in Historical Contexts, by Mary Ann Tolbert
The reason that the passive role in homoeroticism was disgraceful or shameful was because it was the role assumed to be natural for women.
Since idolatry is the actual cause of homoeroticism, same-sex erotic acts were simply not encountered among those who worshiped the true God.
This assumption of a necessary connection between idol worship and homoeroticism may be the reason it is so rarely mentioned in Paul's letters and never mentioned at all elsewhere in the New Testament.
www.clgs.org /5/5_4_4.html   (4919 words)

 [EMLS 8.3 (January, 2003]: 6.1-6 Review of Andrew P. Williams, ed., The Image of Manhood
The issue of homoeroticism figures prominently in Goran Stanivukovic's and Lisa Hopkins' essays on Fletcher.
Homoeroticism within the play's context of male bonding, therefore, prompts no anxiety in its celebration of the central characters' masculinity.
This prompts an anxiety which manifests itself in a masculine identity which is contingent on possessing and controlling women as well as singling out the effeminate male as an inferior masculine subjectivity.
www.shu.ac.uk /emls/08-3/daemsrev.htm   (939 words)

 Table of Contents and Excerpt, Rabinowitz and Auanger, Among Women
Her claim that certain versions of female homoeroticism were acceptable and indeed normative is supported by her analysis of representations of women's groups in myth and the arts.
The problem of studying female homoeroticism is made clear by the striking asymmetry between male and female: while some of the language correlates male and female friendship groups, there was a specific term for men sleeping together, which did not apply to women.
Thus, the sinfulness of female homoeroticism is correlated with the sin of challenging the authority of the monks to teach.
www.utexas.edu /utpress/excerpts/exrabamo.html   (7887 words)

 Male intimacy or homoeroticism? 'Friends'
Secondly, one may conceptualise Joey and Chandler’s relation as denoting homoeroticism, that is, an interest in each other that exceeds normal friendship, (usually sexual interest).
In contrast, the main reason for using the concept of homoeroticism is because it recognises the difficulty of differentiating liking and desiring.
This is reflected in how none of them avoid directly raising issues of commitment, but communicate through using metaphors such as the flat and preparing food as representing their relationship.
www.angelfire.com /electronic/vegard/joey.html   (5075 words)

 Homoeroticism and Homoemotionalism
Examining the role of eroticism in citizenship and why only normalizing constructions of homosexuality enable inclusion, Clarke reconsiders the work of Habermas and Foucault in relation to contemporary visibility politics, Kant’s moral and political theory, Marx’s analysis of value, and the sexualized dynamics of the Victorian cultural public sphere.
As a critique of the claim that equal representation of gays and lesbians necessarily constitutes progress, this significant intervention into social theory will find enthusiastic readers in the fields of Victorian, cultural, literary, and gay and lesbian studies, as well as other fields engaged with categories of identity.
If you have written on homoeroticism and homoemotionalism in any of their varied and magnificent forms, we would like to promote your work.
www.queertheory.com /identities/homoeroticism.htm   (443 words)

 Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: by Martti Nissinen - BooksoftheBible.com
Nissinen's award-winning book surveys attitudes in the ancient world toward homoeroticism, that is, erotic same-sex relations.
Homoeroticism is examined as a part of gender identity, i.e., the interplay of sexual orientation, gender identification, gender roles, and sexual practice.
For readers interested in the ancient world or contemporary debates, Nissinen's fascinating study shows why the ancient texts -- both biblical and nonbiblical -- are not appropriate for use as sources of direct analogy or argument in today's discussion.
www.booksofthebible.com /p1059.html   (185 words)

 Zeek | Hasidism and Homoeroticism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Likewise, the homoeroticism of American sports is simultaneously denied and displayed.
To find out more about the 'manly love of comrades,' look into the social dynamics of any baseball team, a phenomenon explored by the recent Broadway show "Take Me Out." In these environments, where locker room nudity is part of the job, homophobia runs extremely deep.
Such cultural practices, combined with the Jewish ideology favoring the effeminate man over the masculine one, and combined in the haredi case with the near-total single-sex society, change the rules.
www.zeek.net /jay_04074.shtml   (669 words)

 Historicizing the Homoeroticism in "The Secret Sharer"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Critics are increasingly willing to explore homoeroticism in canonical literature, moving beyond the obvious candidates, such as Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde, to Herman Melville, Alfred Tennyson, D.H. Lawrence, and others.
This has certainly created challenges for those of us teaching it to undergraduates today - some of whom are intensely, if often superficially, homophobic, while others may be in the process of discovering their lesbian or gay identities.
One way to navigate this minefield is to create a historical context for the story's homoeroticism by drawing on Conrad's other works, his letters and biography, and on more general historical sources to situate British attitudes toward homosexuality at the turn of the last century.
www.viterbo.edu /personalpages/faculty/RRuppel/SecretSharer.htm   (2592 words)

 They Dream Not of Angels But of Men Homoeroticism, Gender, and Race in Latin American Autobiography-Robert Richmond ...
Each chapter is an intriguing study of a different way of reading the sexually oppressed within a wider social context, including slavery, immigration, imperialism, fascism and communism, and AIDS.
Ellis breaks from traditional studies of gay men by showing how male homoeroticism can function as an expression both of resistance and oppression, especially through the dynamics of Latin American machismo.
One of his important discoveries is that homosexuality in Latin America is constructed differently and is therefore experienced and known differently than in North America and Europe.
www.upf.com /Spring2002/ellis.html   (323 words)

 Out In The Mountains : Arts & Entertainment - Paragraph 175   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
We hear about love relationships between Jews and Christians, the homoeroticism inherent in the homosocial relationships of the Boy Scouts or the Hitler Youth and the military in general, secret encounters in parks and bedrooms, and the realization of the homoerotic nature of sports.
They are tied intimately to the experience of separation and death, which in turn shapes the rest of the lives of the survivors.
We also learn about the connection between homoeroticism and the body cult of the SS and SA, the ties between Ernst RÃhm’s homosexuality and his death, and the work of the psychiatrist Magnus Hirschfeld.
www.mountainpridemedia.org /oitm/issues/2001/aug2001/ae01_p175.htm   (875 words)

 Book.ie - Homoeroticism ($11.89 USD, £6.59 GBP)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Brooten's extraordinarily well-researched and breathtakingly argued book proves that female homoeroticism was well-established and thriving 2,000 years ago.
Since Nissinen is from Finland, his approach to the issue of homoeroticism is different than many of the authors currently researching this area.
Whether or not you agree with Nissinen's conclusions you will agree that he has done a remarkable job of presenting this history in a concise manner.
www.webtropy.com /book/book.aspx?Homoeroticism   (351 words)

 In looking through the comic lens at Agathon in Aristophanes’ The Women at Thesmophoria, the reader is presented ...
In Ancient Greece, although homoeroticism was accepted, it was seen as a disgrace and a joke to be a passive male in a homoerotic relationship after one is considered a man. Therefore, this portrayal of Agathon as a lady-like homosexual is one that presents Agathon as a character to be lampooned and satirized.
This more satirical approach can be taken in two manners: the first that Aristophanes is being completely sarcastic and doesn’t believe that homoeroticism is moral, going along with his play, or secondly, that it is more satirical in the fact that although society does not see homoeroticism as moral, it is societies’ misunderstanding.
If this statement is taken in the same vein that Aristophanes’ view of homoeroticism is taken, it shows that although Aristophanes approves of Agathon’s long-term homoerotic relationship, he does not believe Agathon to be masculine and manly, as this fact is historically disputed.
www.acad.carleton.edu /curricular/CLAS/courses/CL114/special/jodi.htm   (1479 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
If one is to accept the myth that certain people are born to pursue homoeroticism, it is a logical step to argue that individuals in certain ethnic groups are more likely to pursue homoeroticism than individuals in other ehtnic groups.
The argument that homoeroticism is natural (because nature allows it) and, therefore, justified is also pernicious.
Censuring homoeroticism and other forms of promiscuity is not a declaration of personal purity in other matters.
www.frontpagemag.com /GoPostal/commentdetail.asp?ID=8037&commentID=98859   (1007 words)

 News/Features | Comic relief (continued)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Although Wertham was wrong in suggesting that superhero comic books were turning boys queer, he was surely correct in pinpointing how their unspoken and lightly coded homoeroticism was an essential part of the sexual imagination and psychological make-up of young boys.
But because we live in such a homophobic culture, the homoeroticism in comic books is always going to be one reading that raises anxiety as well as hackles.
But while his belief that homosexuality was a mental disorder was wrong, his analysis of the homoeroticism in comic books was astute.
www.bostonphoenix.com /boston/news_features/top/features/documents/02404907.htm   (1180 words)

 Mongoldyke / Theory: Early Church Responses to Lesbian Sex   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
A focus on female homoeroticism makes this continuity clearer than would a focus on male homoeroticism, since nearly all extant sources on sexual relations between women condemn such relations, whereas some Roman-period, non-Christian sources express tolerance toward male-male sexual relations, which masks the similarity between Christian and non-Christian understandings of masculinity.
Because the reasons for condemning female homoeroticism run deeper than the reasons for promoting marriage or celibacy (on which there was much debate in the Roman world), there is a cultural continuity of views of female homoeroticism.
In this schema, female homoeroticism constitutes one erotic orientation out of many, rather than a subcategory of two orientations (heterosexual and homosexual).
www.mongoldyke.org.mn /early_church_responses.htm   (1189 words)

 Homoeroticism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Everybody, male and female, seems to love Ganymede, the beautiful boy who looks like a woman because he is really Rosalind in disguise.
In drawing on the motif of homoeroticism, As You Like It is influenced by the pastoral tradition, which typically contains elements of same-sex love.
In the Forest of Ardenne, as in pastoral literature, homoerotic relationships are not necessarily antithetical to heterosexual couplings, as modern readers tend to assume.
www.sparknotes.com /shakespeare/asyoulikeit/terms/theme_5.html   (298 words)

 1996 AAS Abstracts: Japan Session 9   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
We propose four papers on the theme of homoeroticism, and how definitions, prohibitions and both inward and external pressures within that discourse shaped a Japanese modernity, and continue to shape the emerging Japanese politicized gayness.
This is a new area of study, and it will be apparent from this proposal that the members are all in their early careers: it is normal for at least the discussant to be a more senior scholar, but we have felt this panel required a different structure.
For in that historical conjuncture, the normative scripts for straightness whose hetero-normative identity is dependent on the a priori abjection of homoeroticism (Japanese sexology or seiyokugaku), will be shown to be in bed-although nervously and ambivalently-with an astonishingly gay positive discourse (Iwata Jun'ichi) in the production of modern Japanese masculinity.
www.aasianst.org /absts/1996abst/japan/j9.htm   (1152 words)

 Faculty Articles & Sermons - Pacific School of Religion
Indeed, there are only three possible references to homoeroticism in the entire New Testament, two from Paul and one in a Deutero-Pauline epistle; these are Romans 1:26-27, I Cor 6:9 and I Tim 1:10.
Since Paul's condemnation occurs in the context of his discussion of Gentile idolatry (see, Romans 1:18ff), it appears that Paul understands the origin of homoeroticism to lie in such idolatry, which may be why he does not consider it an issue for Jews or the nascent Christian community.
I prefer to use the term "homoeroticism" when discussing antiquity because "homosexual" and "heterosexual" are 20th century creations used to define one's "sexual orientation," a concept completely unknown in antiquity.
www.psr.edu /page.cfm?l=91&id=106   (2944 words)

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