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Topic: Homosexuality in animals

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In the News (Fri 14 Jun 19)

  The Natural "Crime Against Nature": Homosexual Behaviors In Animals
Homosexual couples have been surveyed to determine just how pair-bonding compares to heterosexual couples, and it has been found that they tend to bond between pairs (though bonded groups of more than two are not unknown), and those bonds tend to compare to those of heterosexual couples for longevity and depth of bonding.
In animals in which "bachelor groups" form, such as bison, gazelles, antelope, sage grouse and Guinean cocks-of-the-rock, it is not uncommon for same sex pair bonds to form and last until one or the other member of the pair departs the relationship and breeds.
Homosexuality in the animal kingdom is an undeniable fact.
www.bidstrup.com /sodomy.htm   (2273 words)

 Christianity and Homosexuality, CARM
Homosexuals argue that homosexuality is natural since it occurs in the animal world.
Homosexuality is a sin and like any other sin, it needs to be dealt with in the only way possible.
If homosexuality is made acceptable because the homosexual couple "loves" each other and are committed to each other, and by that logic we can say that couples of the same sex or even of different sexes who love each other and are committed to each other in a relationship automatically make that relationship morally correct.
www.carm.org /issues/homosexuality.htm   (2507 words)

  Non-human animal sexuality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Animal sexual behavior takes many different forms; even within the same species, researchers have drawn parallels between this and homosexuality, bisexuality, intersexuality and transgender behavior in humans.
Although most people believe animals sexuality is instinctive and therefore (it is implied) almost mechanistic, in fact research regularly records that many animals are sexual opportunists, and may show an interest in partners other than their own or related species.
The bonobo, which has a matriarchal society (unusual amongst apes), is a fully bisexual species -- both males and females engage in sexual behaviour with the same and the opposite sex, with females being particularly noted for engaging in sexual behaviour with each other.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Homosexuality_in_animals   (1292 words)

 Homosexuality among Animals and Humans   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yes, animals can be forced to perform "homosexual" acts, by depriving them from the possibility to perform their reproductive functions in the natural way.
This explains why homosexual behaviour among humans is common when people are forced to live among people of the same sex and deprived of contact with people of opposite sex, such as prisons, boarding schools, orphanages, convents, etc. This is like animals living in captivity.
Homosexuality was decriminalized, sex outside of marriage became a norm, and marriages between persons of the same sex became lawful.
www.shamsali.com /taj/gay-animals.html   (2114 words)

 The Two Views of Homosexuality
I have heard it said that homosexuality is natural in nature and that in fact there are homosexual animals.
If a breeder of select animals had some that would not perform their mating but preferred to run or herd with animals of the same sex, they would likely destroy or neuter them because they just are not sexually normal.
So it seems the difference between pedo-philes and homosexuals is only the difference in the ages of their objects of affection, and of course the current level of social unacceptability.
www.shieldoftruth.org /two_views_of_homosexuality.htm   (1041 words)

 A Paradox of Evolution
Homosexuality the side effect: As Alcock describes (1984 and 1989) the side effect model of the evolution of homosexuality proposes that homosexuality is a result of the intense drive to have sex.
Animals clearly have powerful sex drives which may cause their copulatory behavior to be somewhat indiscriminate, an understandable side effect because animals don't copulate having made a conscious decision to pass on their genes.
Homosexuality the adaptive behavior: One reason the side effect model is inadequate by itself is that homosexual behavior is clearly intentional for adaptive reasons in some animals (not merely accidental during the fervent reproduction-maximizing pursuit of partners as the side effect model suggests).
www.adherents.com /misc/paradoxEvolution.html   (5331 words)

 Homosexuality in animals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The presence of same-sex sexual behavior was not 'officially' observed on a large scale until recent times, possibly due to observational bias caused by social attitudes to same-sex sexual behavior.
Whip-tailed lizard females have the ability to reproduce through parthenogenesis and as such males are rare and generally disdained (from a Darwinian standpoint the females are passing their full genetic code to all of their offspring and do not want it compromised by sexual reproduction), the females engage in sexual behavior to stimulate ovulation.
In October 2003 a study [1] was released, stating, that homosexual behavior in sheep is related to a region in their brain (called "ovine sexually dimorphic nucleus" or oSDN).
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/homosexuality_in_animals   (461 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Oslo gay animal show draws crowds
It says homosexuality has been observed among 1,500 species, and that in 500 of those it is well documented.
It says sex between animals - as between humans - is often a matter of enjoyment, rather than procreation, and that this applies to animals of the same sex as well as opposite sexes.
While homosexuality would appear to contradict evolutionary imperatives, scientists involved in the exhibition say it appears to do no harm and may actually help in some circumstances.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/6066606.stm   (484 words)

 A Catechesis* On Homosexuality
Homosexual people have been killed, beaten, fired from their jobs, expelled from their homes and families just for being what they are.
For those who believe that homosexuality is a sinful deviation from the heterosexual norm, the answer is clearly no. One does not ordain a style of life that is deviant and not normal.
We urge those bishops who believe that homosexuality is evil to take the time to meet and to know those gay and lesbian Christians who are sometimes made to feel that they knock on the door of a rejecting Church that still calls itself the body of Christ.
www.dioceseofnewark.org /jsspong/catech.html   (4403 words)

 Nature, Evolution and Homosexuality
And if Homosexuality were present in social and cultural life in a degree which is true to fact and would express its innate possibilities (which would mean not as isolated as now) this would be of great help in the evolutive development.
Homosexuality was and is presumably persecuted because it doesn't fit into the innate to acquired instinct patterns of some Hetero heads.
Animals are embedded in a kind of group consciousness with kind of ritualistic behaviour patterns, a strong dependence on instinct and a small range of individuality.
www.mirapuri-enterprises.com /Anand/NatHomoE.htm   (5256 words)

 Homosexuality and the Church   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Just as a self-identified homosexual person is likely to be treated as if that were his or her whole identity, so a person who takes a stand on one side of the issue or the other is apt to become so identified with the issue, no other conviction or commitment will be heard.
We addressed certain pernicious myths concerning homosexual persons, that they are all in some political conspiracy together, that they are all pedophiles, that they are all hostile to the church or family, that they have all chosen their sexual orientation.
I know other homosexual persons who are miserable, maladjusted, struggling, not just because of their struggle with their sexual identity, but because of all the issues homosexual orientation entails, or sometimes because of the same kind of human struggles anybody has, not related to sexual orientation at all.
www.ubcaustin.org /news/sex_orientation_pres.htm   (18931 words)

 Encyclopedia: Homosexuality in animals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The presence of same-sex sexual behavior was not 'officially' observed on a large scale until recent times, possibly due to observer bias caused by social attitudes to same-sex sexual behavior.
The bonobo, which has a matriarchal society (unusual amongst apes), is a fully bisexual species -- both males and females engage in heterosexual and homosexual behavior, being noted for lesbianism in particular.
(Oregon Health and Science University) states that homosexuality in male sheep (found in 8% of rams) is associated with a region in the rams' brains which the authors call the "ovine Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus" (oSDN) which is two times smaller than the corresponding region in heterosexual male sheep.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Homosexuality-in-animals   (935 words)

 Welcome Committee Booklet 5: Does Homosexuality Have a Biological Basis?
Homosexuality is "induced by a parental constellation of a close-binding, seductive mother and a distant, unloving father," a view fostered by Bieber and his associates (Bieber et al.
For some male homosexuals, a gene (or genes) may be located in the X chromosome and is thus inherited via the mother (males inherit their "X" chromosome from their mothers, their "Y" chromosome from their fathers).
However, animal ethologists have observed that "animals with 'different' sexualities and/or genders are completely integrated into the social fabric of the species, eliciting little of the attention, hostility, segregation, or secrecy that we are accustomed to associating with homosexuality in our society" (Bagemihl 1999, 54).
www.welcome-committee.org /booklet-5-keener.html   (9348 words)

 Animals and Homosexuality - Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)
Animal activities like those you refer to may or may not be evidences of all of creation being subjected to imperfection because of the fall of mankind into sin.
It is conceivable that the kind of animal activities you mention have a biological root, at least in part.
First, there is evidence to allow us to say that homosexuality may stem from a combination of genetic influence, prenatal hormonal differences, environmental factors such as difficulty in relating to peers, familial influences such as conflicting relations with parents, homosexual experimentation or seduction, and finally (maybe especially) habit formation.
www.wels.net /cgi-bin/site.pl?1518&cuTopic_topicID=29&cuItem_itemID=9810   (507 words)

 Homosexuality and the Truth: Is it Natural and Normal? Part 2
Many people with a homosexual orientation are outstanding in various fields, and there is even the possibility that they, because they are limited in some areas, excel in others.
Thus homosexuality and heterosexuality could be viewed not as absolutes, but as variations in the human condition.
The truth about homosexuality is that it is an aberration, a distortion, a dysfunction, one in which a man or woman finds it difficult or impossible to act according to the natural functions of his or her physical body.
www.messiah.edu /hpages/facstaff/chase/h/articles/regenera/2.htm   (1168 words)

 Salon Ivory Tower | The fabulous kingdom of gay animals
While some captive animals adopt an "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" philosophy, others decline to have sex with animals they don't care for.
Zoology adheres to a "folk model" of homosexuality as perverse, unnatural and bad, Bagemihl argues, and is far behind the humanities in recognizing it as a legitimate subject of inquiry.
In support of this view, Bagemihl cites celibate animals, animals that exhibit shocking indifference to reproduction and species where sex is rare and difficult.
www.salon.com /it/feature/1999/03/cov_15featurea3.html   (1281 words)

 Life & Liberty Ministries: The Truth about Homosexuality
Homosexuals say that the slaves have been freed and women have been liberated, so gay rights are long overdue.
The homosexual historical footprint is large when it comes to the rape and murder of children.
Homosexuals contend that their relationships are the equivalent of marriage between a...
www.lifeandlibertyministries.com /archives/cat_the_truth_about_homosexuality.php   (1250 words)

 "Animals prefer Homosexuality to Evolutionism"
Wolfe was convinced she was witnessing homosexual behaviour, but most researchers were sceptical.
Sometimes, preliminaries to homosexual encounters closely resemble heterosexual courtship, as in the "mutual ecstatic" displays of male humboldt penguins and the castanet-like teeth chattering of male walruses.
But while bonobos may remain the most spectacular example of animal homosexuality, Bagemihl is convinced that the case studies in his book represent only the tip of the iceberg that is homosexual life on Earth.
www.subversions.com /french/pages/science/animals.html   (2277 words)

Homosexuality is Satan's diabolical attack upon the family that will not only have a corrupting influence upon our next generation, but it will also bring down the wrath of God upon America.
Whether homosexuals are 1% of the population or 10% or some figure in between, they are beyond any argument or cavil 100% entitled to the same protection under the law and the enjoyment of the same rights that everyone else is guaranteed.
To suggest that Paul's references to excesses of sexual indulgence involving homosexual behavior are indicative of a general position in opposition to same-sex eroticism is as unfounded as arguing that his condemnation of drunkenness implies opposition to the drinking of wine.
www.mcwilliams.com /books/aint/309.htm   (8469 words)

 homosexuality: Theories of Homosexuality — FactMonster.com
Psychiatric theories of homosexuality have included the following: that homosexuality is a regression to the earliest (oral) stage of development; that most families of homosexuals are characterized by an overprotective mother and an absent father; or that homosexuals fear engulfment by a dominant mother in the pre-Oedipal phase.
Some authorities have suggested that homosexuality may be an expression of nonsexual problems, such as fear of adult responsibility, or may be triggered by various experiences, such as having sexual relationships with members of one's own sex at an early age that prove to be very satisfying.
Substantially fewer studies of homosexuality have been performed among lesbians, perhaps because of the greater stigma which is often attached to male homosexuality in many Western cultures.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/society/A0858658.html   (450 words)

 Hinduism - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Hinduism   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This animal is historically associated with certain Hindu deities, and is also symbolic of the sanctity of all life.
In modern Indian society, the slaughter of cattle is frequently raised as a political issue.
Religion originating in northern India about 4,000 years ago, which is superficially and in some of its forms polytheistic, but has a concept of the supreme spirit, Brahman, above the many divine manifestations.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Hinduism   (1025 words)

 Global Voices Online » Africa: Is Homosexuality a Religion?
Mister the President doesn't watch as many documentaries on animals as I do, he would have seen that all that we humans call perversion is lived by certain animals according to nature's decrees.
Homosexuality in Africa should not be perceived as a habit that is learned or a religion.
If homosexuality remains illegal in Cameroon, people will continue to be charged and for being themselves, and living the life that God has given them.
www.globalvoicesonline.org /2006/07/02/africa-is-homosexuality-a-religion   (1824 words)

 Science News : Animals' fancies: why members of some species prefer their own sex. (homosexuality among animals; ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Animals' fancies: why members of some species prefer their own sex.
Many domestic and wild animals engage in sexual activity with members of both the same and the opposite sex; a smaller number have eyes only for their own sex.
For example, in some species, animals are more willing to share food with a member of their own sex after sexual activity with him or her.
static.elibrary.com /s/sciencenews/january041997/animalsfancieswhymembersofsomespeciesprefertheirow/index.html   (272 words)

 Amazon.de: English Books: Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bruce Bagemihl writes that Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity was a "labor of love." And indeed it must have been, since most scientists have thus far studiously avoided the topic of widespread homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom--sometimes in the face of undeniable evidence.
An overview of biologists' discomfort with their own observations of animal homosexuality over 200 years would be truly hilarious if it didn't reflect a tendency of humans (and only humans) to respond with aggression and hostility to same-sex behavior in our own species.
For many animals (e.g., hyenas, bears) a significant percentage of their population at any time is made up of intersexed individuals.
www.amazon.de /exec/obidos/ASIN/0312192398/macinsearch0c-21   (1175 words)

 Gay animals out of the closet? - LiveScience - MSNBC.com
From male killer whales that ride the dorsal fin of another male to female bonobos that rub their genitals together, the animal kingdom tolerates all kinds of lifestyles.
"Homosexuality" and "heterosexuality" are terms defined by societal boundaries, invisible in the animal kingdom.
The argument that a homosexual way of living cannot be accepted because it is against the "laws of nature" can now be rejected scientifically, said Geir Soli, project leader for the exhibition.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/15750604   (671 words)

 Penguins Revive Debate of Homosexuality in Animals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The remaining six males formed three homosexual pairs, which in their fruitless attempts to produce offspring have attempted to incubate rocks that they have confused for eggs.
Beyond the protests, the experience could reinforce the biological thesis which suggests that homosexuality among animals is not a circumstance derived from the relative number of members of the opposite sex.
If that is true, the Bremerhaven penguins are homosexual, and even though the females brought in from Sweden show all their charm, their efforts will be futile.
www.tierramerica.net /2005/0226/iacentos2.shtml   (1017 words)

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