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Topic: Honda S2000

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  Honda S2000 Parts: Honda Car Performance Parts, A Breakthrough in the World of Racing
Continuing Honda’s tradition of lightweight roadsters, the Honda S2000 is believed to have begun when it was shown at 1995’s Tokyo Motor Show as a Honda SSM concept car.
It was a surprise to the enthusiasts and consumers alike that the S2000 is a rear wheel drive car when significantly, Honda’s latest models before the S2000 where all front wheel drives, although it did follow the tradition of Honda’s previous S cars which were the S600 and the S800.
Honda has a variety of Honda S2000 parts that are offered in case you need one for maintenance or for car wreck replacement, even for customization and all.
www.innerauto.com /Honda_Parts/Honda_S2000_Parts   (446 words)

  Honda S2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Honda S2000 is a roadster manufactured by Honda Motor Company since April 1999.
Continuing in the tradition of its predecessors, the S2000 is rear wheel driven, with power being delivered via a Torsen limited slip differential mated to a six-speed manual transmission.
The S2000 was the highest-ranked model in the J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Vehicle Dependability Study's "Premium Sports Car" class, and consistently holds one of the top three positions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Honda_S2000   (1179 words)

 ZDNet 2006 Honda S2000 Review & Comparison
Accordingly, most of the tech in the 2006 Honda S2000 is to be found under the hood, in the drive train, or in other parts of the performance infrastructure.
The 2006 Honda S2000 is a car that was designed to be revved all the way to its stratospheric 8,000rpm redline and driven at license-threatening speeds.
The 2006 Honda S2000 features some admirable performance technology to ensure the car stays on the road during this kind of spirited driving including: gas-pressurized progressive-valve shock absorbers, four-wheel double wishbone suspension, front and rear stabilizer bars, and a limited slip differential.
review.zdnet.com /convertible/2006-honda-s2000/4505-10870_16-31849267.html   (1788 words)

 Honda Canada
A connection to Honda's long heritage of racing success on the world's most demanding circuits, to the 70 Grand Prix victories in Formula 1 and the 65 victories in CART.
That's because the S2000 wasn't just "inspired" by racing, it was fine-tuned by Honda's racing engineers on the high-speed straightaways, breathtaking sweepers and tight hairpins of Suzuka.
Honda engineers used lightweight aluminum-alloy to create the S2000's engine block, cylinder head and oil pan.
www.honda.ca /HondaCA2006/Models/S2000/2006/default.asp?L=E   (268 words)

 Honda S2000 Roadster - Edmunds.com
The Honda S2000 is a two-seat roadster that features a high-performance, high-winding inline four-cylinder engine along with a superbly balanced chassis.
Introduced for the 2000 model year, the S2000 was the first sports car to roll out of a Honda factory since the tiny S500, S600 and S800 roadsters of the 1960s.
Among the more notable ones were a lack of low-end torque that made the S2000 a bit flat-footed around town, a sometimes persnickety shifter, a weak audio system and a plastic rear window.
www.edmunds.com /honda/s2000/review.html   (610 words)

 [No title]
The Honda designers based the car after the Honda SSM which debuted at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show and appeared at the Chicago and German Shows gaining excellent reviews.
The Insight is assembled at the Honda factory in Suzuka, Japan, where the Acura NSX and the Honda S2000 are...
The list of revisions and improvements to the Honda S2000 for the 2004 model year is substantial and does much to soften the car's sharp edges--but those edges are still there.
www.lycos.com /info/honda-s2000.html   (561 words)

 Honda S2000 - RSportsCars.com
Widely considered the quintessential roadster-style sports car, the S2000 is the performance icon for the Honda brand and combines uncompromising racetrack-ready performance with everyday usability.
Introduced in 1999, the S2000 rewards driving enthusiasts with a potent 237 horsepower, 2.2-liter, 16-valve DOHC VTEC 4-cylinder engine and a precise, short throw 6-speed manual transmission, along with tenacious handling and a perfect 50/50 weight balance.
Honda's VSA system makes the S2000 more stable and forgiving during street driving or in inclement weather conditions.
www.rsportscars.com /eng/cars/honda_s2000.asp   (538 words)

 Honda S2000 (2000)
The S2000 engine is only two liters in size but it puts out 240 horses at 8300 RPM, which gives it the highest horsepower rating per liter of any production car engine in the world.
It's an all-aluminum twin-cammer with four valves per cylinder and as it is with most Hondas, the valves don't use hydraulic lifters and have to be adjusted periodically.
Honda even listed the suspension settings for the S2000 in its press kit and I was somewhat amazed that they're typical of a competition car.
www.theautochannel.com /vehicles/new/reviews/2000/gap0035.html   (835 words)

 Honda S2000 - Road Test & Review - Automobile Magazine
When the S2000 debuted four years ago, it screamed its way into automotive enthusiasts' hearts with a racing-derived engine singing a 9000-rpm song, a hyper-alert chassis, and a driver-focused cabin equipped with bespoke if somewhat bizarre instruments.
Harsh is what happens to your eardrums after you drive the old S2000 for a couple of hours on the freeway, because the VTEC engine delivers the goods only between 6000 and 9000 rpm.
Honda claims a 0-to-60-mph time of less than six seconds, and the car feels as light and lithe as ever.
www.automobilemag.com /reviews/convertibles/0311_honda_s2000   (745 words)

 Honda S2000
According to Honda, the 2.0L is 10 percent lighter and 9 percent smaller than the 2.2L Prelude engine.
Honda claims that the S2000 is as rigid as a closed-body car.
Honda S2000 andgt;andlt; or = K20 Toyota Mr2 Spyder.
www.superstreetonline.com /roadtests/3316   (1523 words)

 Honda S2000 - Wikicars
The Honda S2000 is a roadster that was manufactured by the Honda Motor Company to mark their 50th anniversary.
The Honda S2000 is different than conventional sports cars because it uses a gimmicky but fun racecar inspired feature.
The S2000 CR’s biggest handling gain over the regular S2000 may come from gumball Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires similar to those used on the former Japanese-market NSX-R. The 215/45R-17 front and 255/40R-17 rear tires have a treadwear rating of 140, which means they’re barely able to be called conventional street tires.
wikicars.org /en/Honda_S2000   (2174 words)

 2004 Honda S2000 Road Test Review - Sport Compact Car Magazine
That said, Honda has made a long list of changes to the S2000 for 2004, including an increase of engine displacement, meant to make the car friendlier on the street.
Honda has dramatically changed the handling balance of the S2000 to give it a more fail-safe personality on the street.
No matter what Honda says, there isn't a shred of civilized insulation from its hyper-aggressive personality and as great as this car is on the right road, the awful, unmusical thrashing from the engine will tire you out, its cramped interior and the stiff-legged ride will wear you down.
www.sportcompactcarweb.com /roadtests/0403scc_2004_honda_s2000/index.html   (1053 words)

 10Best Cars: Honda S2000 - 10Best Cars - Car and Driver January 2004
The S2000 narrowly missed the cut for last year's 10Best list, largely because it represented a level of sports-car purity that was just a little too pure (read “intense”) for some.
Honda has addressed that problem for 2004 with a number of subtle cosmetic updates, a little more shoulder room inside, revised suspension tuning, 17-inch wheels, enhanced adhesion, and a reworked engine.
The result is an S2000 that's just as pure, just as quick, and just as involving as the original, but also just a little easier to live with on an everyday basis.
www.caranddriver.com /bestcars/7579/10best-cars-honda-s2000.html   (253 words)

 Honda S2000 Parts - Honda S2000 Accessories - Partstrain.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Honda S2000 Through the gas lines straight to the engine of the Honda S2000 flows the lifeblood of the prestigious Honda racing.
Track-inspired, street-admired, that is the essence of the S2000.
All our Honda S2000 collision parts are made from the highest quality of materials to ensure quality and durability.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByVehicle/HONDA/S2000   (516 words)

 Carpages.ca - 2004 Honda S2000 Overview
Honda claims that the new S2000 can do it in less than six seconds, but initial reports indicate that this number is conservative - five and a half seems to be about right, considering the original S2000 clocked in at 5.6 s.
The outgoing S2000 was known to be unpredictable at its limit, prone to enthusiastic oversteer, but its not a problem for the 2004 model.
These changes may not make the new S2000 any faster around a racetrack when in the hands of a professional driver, however, as a sports car used in the civilized world it is said to feel safer.
www.carpages.ca /go/roadtest/2004_honda_s2000_overview.aspx   (1416 words)

 2002 Honda S2000 - Review / Road Test
Also new for 2002: Honda has improved the transmission for smoother and quieter shifts, upgraded the stereo, added chrome rings around the tail lights, and introduced minor refinements to make the interior more convenient.
The S2000 features classic roadster proportions: a long hood, which permits the entire mass of the engine to sit behind the centerline of the front axle, and a short rear deck.
S2000 is even less practical than the Mazda Miata.
honda.jbcarpages.com /S2000/2002   (659 words)

 Honda S2000 Cloud 9000 - Featured Imports - Import Tuner
Honda releases a 9000-rpm screamer; a four-cylinder blast that is as close to a go-kart as any car can hope to be.
The "beautiful lines, high-revving VTEC motor, and brilliant projector HID headlights" of the S2000 were just some of the many features that drew him to the car.
Although the Honda S2000 is a car that most of us can only dream about, it is, in fact, a Honda...
www.importtuner.com /features/0402it_honda_s2000_cloud_9000/index.html   (1196 words)

 SportCar Motion Honda S2000 - Featured Cars - Honda Tuning Magazine
True to Honda form, the S2000 embodies the perfect blend of track-proven, race-inspired technology and daily driveability.
Developed in celebration of Honda's 50th anniversary as a testament to the company's multiple technology breakthroughs (as well as a spiritual successor to the S600 and 800 roadsters from the '60s), the AP1 leaves very little room for improvement.
The offset was altered to +42 and +45 for the front and rear, respectively, widening the S2000's stance and improving handling.
hondatuningmagazine.com /features/0507ht_2004_honda_s2000/index.html   (1196 words)

 Honda S2000 Performance Parts and Car Accessories
Honda S2000 full stainless steel exhaust system, Titanium exhaust system and high flow catalyst are found here at Modacar auto accessories.
Honda S2000 performance swaybar sets and bushing kits can be found here at modacar auto accessories.
Honda S2000 engine management from AEM are available at Modacar.com call us or visit our online store and shop 24/7.
www.modacar.com /car/Honda/S2000   (343 words)

 Honda S2000 - CarSpace Automotive Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
But when I got the S2000, I intended for it to be a fun car for 2 years and it served its purpose as good as a 360 Modena would have at about 20% of the price.
Thank goodness Honda makes enough money to be able to put all of their ground up engineering talent and craftsmanship into 6,000+/- copies annually and sell them at a price that's the best true sports car bargain on the planet.
Honda man through and through here but have been considering a Boxster or '04 S2000 and simply cannot decide.
townhall-talk.edmunds.com /direct/view/.ef18d98/67   (2117 words)

 Honda S2000, 1999-
Simmilar to all VTECs the S2000 delivers all it's power on the high revs, but acceleration at low- and mid-range is sluggish.
Honda S2000 has a traditional sports car's arrangement with engine in front and the rear driven wheels.
Also the S2000 is an easy candy for a thieves as there are some security gaps with it.
www.car-catalog.com /sports_cars/honda_s2000.htm   (425 words)

 Honda S2000 - CarSpace Automotive Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
In 2000 Honda announced only 5000 S2000's to be produced (or distributed in the U.S, I can't recall) in celebration of their 50th anniversary.
Honda is so secretive it's hard to find much information.
Unfortunately, the S2000 wasn't practical as MY only car and I could justify keeping it when it came time to replace my sedan.
townhall.edmunds.com /direct/view/.ef18d98/159   (884 words)

 Honda S2000 Reviews at CarReview.com
The S2000 is available with a 2.0-liter, 240 hp inline-4 paired with a 6 speed manual transmission.
Right now, Honda is practically giving these cars away (last year production around the corner), and they are a bargain to be had.
I have read all the reviews about the negatives of the S2000 and have found most of them not to be all that valid.
carreview.com /cat/automobiles/sports-cars/honda/PRD_13098_1528crx.aspx   (1951 words)

 Honda S2000 Hardtop
When the Honda S2000 came onto the scene and revitalized the affordable sports car.
While the convertible aspect of the S2000 is what might appeal to some owners, Honda does offer a hardtop for those owners who want to keep theirs.
Honda and the Honda marque are registered trademarks of America Honda Motor Company, Inc. Neither American Honda Motor Company nor its subsidiaries or affiliates shall bear any responsibility for HondaForum.com content, comments, or advertising.
www.hondaforum.com /Honda_S2000_Hardtop/m_429/tm.htm   (320 words)

 Welcome to Motorweek Online
In the Honda/Acura empire, the Honda showrooms are usually stocked with practical, mass market machines like this Accord or the CRV mini-ute, with serious performance hardware, like the Integra Type-R and NSX supercar, reserved for the upscale Acura brand.
The S2000 is built for handling on a rigid central backbone frame with extra diagonal braces supporting the front and rear suspension mounts, which anchor a compact double-wishbone suspension, similar to that used on the Acura NSX supercar.
Honda only plans to bring in about 5,000 of these delicious cars over the next year.
www.mpt.org /motorweek/reviews/rt1904.shtml   (851 words)

 S2K International - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Engineered around the expectations and needs of Honda performance enthusiasts, the S2000 CR will be available as a new trim level when the aggressively-tuned vehicle goes on sale in the fall of 2007.
The Honda fuel cell stack, which just a few years ago was the size of a refrigerator and weighed more than most cars, has been streamlined down to the size of a small suitcase while output has beenincreased by over 40%.
Honda has created a special new limited edition S2000 to honor their near 40+ year history in Formula One.
www.s2ki.com /Home   (1642 words)

 Honda S2000 | Pricing Guides and research information available at CarsDirect.com
The Honda S2000 is a two-seat roadster with the size of the small Mazda Miata and speed of the Porsche Boxster.
The S2000 has a short 162.2-inch profile and stiff suspension that allow it to have excellent handling.
The Honda S2000 is a carryover from 2006.
www.carsdirect.com /honda/s2000   (492 words)

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