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Topic: Honeybee life cycle

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  Among the Honey Bees
The honeybee was the symbol of Lower Egypt and papyri dated 256 BC tell of a beekeeper with 5000 hives.
By the mid 1600's, records show that the honeybee population was widespread on the East Coast and the bees spread to the West Coast before the settlers.
Honeybees are social insects with a marked division of labor among the various bees in the hive.
www.herbsnhoney.com /bees.htm   (2316 words)

 Life cycle Summary
Life cycle refers to the series of changes that the members of a species undergo as they pass from the beginning of a given developmental stage to the beginning of that same developmental stage in a subsequent generation.
The life cycle is the socially defined, age-related sequence of stages individuals pass through beginning with birth and ending with death.
Underlying the life cycle is the recognition that humans are biological organisms that are born, mature, and die....
www.bookrags.com /Life_cycle   (172 words)

 Mining, mason, carpenter and leafcutting bees
There are some very important differences between the bumblebee life cycle and the honeybee life cycle.
As yet no equivalent to the honeybee "queen substance" has been found; in honeybee hives workers licking the queen and each other pass the "queen substance" throughout the hive, and this pheromonal control enables the queen to maintain dominance.
Honeybee queens never forage, they live their lives inside the hive only emerging to found a new colony when they swarm with a full compliment of workers.
www.bumblebee.org /OTHERbees.htm   (0 words)

 New behavior may use old genes
The recently completed honeybee genome sequence is aiding that effort by providing DNA sequences of genes that may be involved in social behavior, according to ASU assistant professor Gro Amdam.
Amdam explained that the honeybee is a particularly well-suited organism for studying the genetic basis and evolution of social behavior.
Foraging behavior is just one aspect of the complex social network developed in honeybee colonies, but the ASU scientists have found that preferential foraging of pollen rather than nectar is associated with a complex system of physiology, behavior and longevity that affect bees throughout their life, Amdam said.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/2006-10/asu-nbm102406.php   (782 words)

A honeybee queen may lay 2000 eggs per day during spring buildup, but she also must lay 1000 to 1500 eggs per day during the foraging season, simply to replace daily casualties.
Except a brief mating period when she may make several flights to mate with drones, or if she leaves in later life with a swarm to establish a new colony, the queen rarely leaves the hive after the larvae have become full grown bees.
Honeybees queens generally begin to slow egg-laying in the early-fall and may even stop during the winter.
www.savage-comedy.com /_Bee   (2896 words)

 The Honey Question
Honeybees, both feral and "domestic", feed on nectar and pollen and studies have shown that they have a considerable impact on these resources which they share with thousands of species of native animals, including about 100 bird species, many mammals, and the 3,000 or so species of native bees.
With honeybees overlapping in resource use with so many native animal species, it is extremely likely that some of these native species are reduced in abundance by their presence.
The removal of pollen from flowers by honeybees may lead to a reduction in the amounts of pollen picked up on the bodies of the plants’ native pollinators, and the reduced availability of nectar and pollen may reduce the numbers of native pollinators actually visiting the plants.
www.vnv.org.au /Articles/Honey.htm   (0 words)

 Beemaster's Beekeeping Course Home Page
I hope this is a fascinating overview of the life of the queen.
Details from her birth through her long life as the ruler of the colony.
Honeybees are delivered through general mail delivery and here is where you will find information on ordering and delivery.
www.beemaster.com /honeybee/beehome.htm   (0 words)

 Life Cycle of a Honeybee - Associated Content
The farm, which produces its own brand of delectable pure honey and other organic products, have well-informed and engaging staff that revealed some interesting facts regarding the life cycle of the honeybee.
There are three types of honeybees; the queen, workers and drones.
Within their short lived life (up to 45 days!) they cycle through a series of different tasks until they ultimately die.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/21176/life_cycle_of_a_honeybee.html   (0 words)

 Honeybee Therapy - Bee Venom Therapy - Natural Pain Relief
Honeybee Therapy - Bee Venom Therapy - Natural Pain Relief
Our honeybee venom product line, Nectar Ease™, is a therapeutic blend of Manuka honey and bee venom available in a cream, capsule or honey!
Copyright © 2003 Honeybee Therapy LLC Privacy Statement
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 A Bee-bliography
Describes the appearance, life cycle, social order, and activities of honeybees that live in the meadow.
Describes in simple terms the life cycle of the honeybee.
The Clark family goes through all four seasons at their apple orchard, pruning dead branches at the end of winter, carrying the beehives among the trees in may, propping up branches heavy with summer fruit, and harvesting the apples in the fall.
www.queenbeejan.com /bibliog.htm   (334 words)

 Busy Bees
The honeybee hatchling is full-sized and ready to accept her responsibilities to the society of her home hive.
After emergence a honeybee’s first job is to turn-about and clean the cell which was her nursery.
A sting will prematurely end the honeybee’s life, but she will not hesitate to defend or protect that which she believes to be her own in spite of the consequences.
www.jonesbee.com /busybees.html   (550 words)

 U.S. Agencies Fund Project To Sequence Honeybee Genome
The honeybee is the third insect to have its genome sequenced and analyzed.
The honeybee genome is more similar to those of vertebrates than it is to the genomes of insects for genes involved in circadian rhythm – an in-born 24-hour cycle that controls biological processes like sleep and digestion and hormone activity -- and biological processes involved in turning genes on or off.
The honeybee is used widely in agricultural and biomedical research and is valued by farmers for its ability to produce honey and pollinate crops.
usinfo.state.gov /xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2006&m=October&x=20061030111101lcnirellep0.360943   (903 words)

 Animal Totems, discover the healing and teaching aspects associated with your totems,
This indicates that the life force of the bat is strong and is able to regenerate and replenish it when needed.
When the beaver swims into your life it is asking you to strengthen the foundation on which you stand or to build a new one.  If we continue to stand on old foundations new opportunities can pass us by.
To the Plains Indians it was a symbol of sacred life and abundance.
www.sayahda.com /cycle.htm   (3867 words)

 NTU Info Centre: Honeybee life cycle   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Honeybees are social insects that live in a colony.
Unlike a bumble bee colony or a wasp colony the life of the honeybee colony is perenial.
Swarms of bees sometimes frighten people, though they are usually not aggressive at this stage of their life cycle.
www.nowtryus.com /article:Honeybee_life_cycle   (396 words)

 Aacute Pest Control - Honeybees
The Honeybee is best described as small, gold, brown and fuzzy as compared to other types.
Much of what people think is common knowledge about Honeybees and alike is actually not true, or confused with other types.
When the Queen returns she may be fertilized for life, which is many years.
www.aacutepestcontrol.com /honeybees.htm   (1049 words)

 A Honey of a Bee, KCTS Learns
Tell students you are going to read a book about honeybees and you want them to listen to see if any of the items we have listed on the chart are also in the book.
Say, "Listen to the tape again to see the second stage of a bee's life." Play tape and pause after, "She'll deposit some food, nectar and pollen to the larva." Ask what the second stage of a honeybee's life is called (larva) and what it looks like (white, curved, slightly swollen).
Honeybees are the same--you can't see the pupa stage since the worker bee covers it with wax.
www.kcts.org /learns/resources/lessons/96sci3Honeybee.asp   (2499 words)

The parasite passes its active reproductive life cycle within the digestive cell lining in the mid-gut of the adult bee.
Her life span is also reduced, and the result may be a queenless colony or one in which the old queen is replaced by supersedure.
The beekeeper and the honeybee are the two main agents that spread diseases among bees and between colonies and apiaries.
www.fao.org /docrep/t0104e/T0104E0d.htm   (2527 words)

 CM Magazine: The Life Cycle Series.
Part of the 18-volume “The Life Cycle Series,” these titles, with their fairly large text, simple explanations and fabulous photographs and illustrations, are perfect for beginning researchers.
All of the books describe the featured organism’s life cycle and life span as well as the threats to its survival - loss of habitat, for example - and how humans can help the species to thrive.
In The Life Cycle of a Mosquito, the various stages of a mosquito’s development are thoroughly explained.
www.umanitoba.ca /outreach/cm/vol10/no19/thelifecycleseries.html   (451 words)

 The Cape honeybee (Apis mellifera capensis)
This social parasitic strategy caused havoc in the beekeeping industry and its impact on native honeybee populations is very unclear.
Thelytoky is common in the Cape honeybee (Apis mellifera capensis Escholtz), but it occurs with considerably lower frequency in European honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) (Onions 1912; Jack 1917; Anderson 1963; Ruttner 1976).
MORITZ, R. Equilibrium of thelytokous and arrhenotokous parthenogenesis in populations of the honeybee (Apis mellifera).
www.nebraskabeekeepers.org /thelytoky.htm   (4955 words)

 Africanized bee Summary
However, allergic reaction to bee venom from any honeybee can kill a person, and it is difficult to estimate how many more people have died due to the presence of Africanized bees.
As of 2002, Africanized honeybees had spread from Brazil south to northern Argentina and north to South and Central America, Trinidad (West Indies), México, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern California.
As the Africanized honeybee migrates further north through Mexico, colonies are interbreeding with European honeybees.
www.bookrags.com /Africanized_bee   (2529 words)

 Welcome to New Life Journal
The honeybee populations were devastated by mites--a catastrophe from which they’ve yet to recover.
Honeybees, always bred for honey production and gentleness, are now being selected for ‘mite resistant’ and ‘hygienic’ traits.
Small cell bees may disrupt the mite’s life cycle by hatching sooner, depriving mites the opportunity to build overwhelming populations.
www.newlifejournal.com /Aug06/chesick.shtml   (1025 words)

 Life Cycle of the Honeybee Apis mellifera
A colony of honeybees at the height of the summer contains <50,000 bees.
In the autumn the drones are evicted, and the colony gradually forms a cluster and the cycle continues.
Only honeybees survive the winter as a colony - wasps and bumblebees rear queens to overwinter and the colonies die.
www.bbka.org.uk /articles/life_cycle_apis_mellifera.php   (1113 words)

 Tennessee State Seals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The life cycle is about four weeks as the ladybug larvae passes through four growth stages feeding on insects and insect eggs.
The official state agricultural insect is the honeybee and was designated by Public Chapter 725 of the Acts of 1990.
The honeybee is the only insect that can be moved for the express purpose of pollination.
www.blountweb.com /tennesseewebs/state_symbols/state_insects.htm   (400 words)

 Visitor Centre   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Honeybee exhibits - including honeybee life cycle, beekeeping activities, beekeeping equipment, and honey from around the world.
Colouring - for those younger members of the family, we have honeybees to colour and a beehive maze to navigate.
Our knowledgable staff will be happy to give you insights into the amazing and sometimes mysterious world of the honeybee.
www.honeybeecentre.com /visitor_attraction.htm   (131 words)

 TPWD: Animal Life Spans -- Young Naturalist
Zoologists once believed whales lived 150-200 years, but the waxlike earplugs from hundreds of whales caught in the Antarctic fishing grounds show that none of the whales was more than 60 years old.
Many cannot endure cold weather except during their egg stage, so they live their entire life cycle between spring and fall.
The queen honeybee, who spends her time laying eggs for the hive, may live as many as five years.
www.tpwd.state.tx.us /publications/nonpwdpubs/young_naturalist/animals/animal_life_spans   (1211 words)

 Reuters Books - Book Detail   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Life Cycle of a Frog (The Life Cycle)
The Life Cycle of a Flower (The Life Cycle)
The Life Cycle of a Tree (The Life Cycle)
about.reuters.com /books/bookDetail.aspx?ISBN=0778706885   (64 words)

 Biology Exam #3 Hints
This link explains animal & plant mitosis, the cell cycle, the structure of an unraveled chromosome doublet, and the difference between homologous chromosomes and materenal/paternal sets of chromosomes.
In the life cycle comparison, the only cells that are triploid are in the endosperm of a seed plant.
Note: Where I have used the term "chromosome complement," I am simply referring to the "complete" chromosome makeup of the nucleus of a cell in the flowering plant life cycle.
waynesword.palomar.edu /biex3hnt.htm   (2334 words)

 Honey, Natural, Pure, Raw, and Organic,   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Honeybees also release nasonov pheromones at the entrance to the hive, which enables returning bees to return to the proper hive.
This was meant to ensure sweetness in her married life, especially in her relationship with her
This may be due to the fact that most seasonal allergies are caused by tree and grass pollens, which although honeybees do not actively collect these pollens, they may circulate within the hive when the bees are fanning at the end of a day's work, when airborne pollen concentrations are usually at their highest.
www.organicandnaturalfoodsolutions4u.com /honey   (3861 words)

 NSTA - Products and Reviews
Whether you want to illustrate key concepts with the story of a sea horse, mosquito, flower, honeybee, earthworm, or beetle, you will find a readable text enhanced by quality photographs and fine sketches.
Students will be captivated by the photographs of honeybees, which reinforce the written content and enhance this fine resource book.
It could also be used as a textbook for classes if the teacher developed a set of questions for students to answer as an in-class reading assignment or for homework.
www2.nsta.org /recommends/product.asp?id=15045   (147 words)

 Reading Rainbow . The Life Cycle of the Honeybee | PBS Kids   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This book describes, in simple terms, the life cycle of the honeybee.
Describes the parts of a flower, the ways pollen is transferred by animals and insects, and the flowers' purpose of producing seeds of many types.
A spider who lives in a head of lettuce is saved when the lady who finds her puts her back into the garden instead of destroying her life.
pbskids.org /readingrainbow/books/episode36.html   (92 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The honey bee life cycle, here referring exclusively to the domesticated Western honey bee, depends greatly on their social structure.
Unlike a bumble bee colony or a paper wasp colony the life of a honey bee colony is perennial.
There are three castes of honey bees: queens, which produce eggs; drones or males, which mate with the queen and have no stinger; and workers, which are all non-reproducing females.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Honeybee_life_cycle   (412 words)

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