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Topic: Hot dog

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  Hot Dog Machines | Hot Dog Steamer | Hot Dog Cooker
Popcorn Machines Direct offers a great selection of professional quality Hot Dog Steamers and Hot Dog Cookers.
Glass Front Hot Dog Steamer & Bun Warmer
We also offer a large selection of concession equipment including snow cone machines, cotton candy machines, hot dog machines, chocolate fondue machines, and soda machines.
www.popcornmachinesdirect.com /hot-dog-steamer-machine-cooker.html   (111 words)

  kyw.com - 'Hot Dog Pete' Transforms Into Santa Claus
This year thieves stole his hot dog cart; however his sense of generosity is still intact.
Any other day of the year he goes by, "Hot Dog Pete," on Friday Peter Thang assumed the role of Santa Claus as he handed out food and toys to needy families in Camden.
One of Thang's hot dog carts was stolen last Friday and has yet to be found; however this setback didn't get in the way of Thang's holiday spirit.
cbs3.com /topstories/local_story_356201639.html   (316 words)

 Hot Dog Holidays - Pet Friendly hotels and holiday homes in Europe
Hot Dog Holidays selects charming hotels, castles, mansions, and many other special accommodations in France, Spain, Portugal and other countries in Europe where you and your pet are welcome....
Here, you can see where the pet is welcome, where the nearest place to walk your dog is and whether they have any special conditions or services.
The comfortable villa "Casa Doris" is situated in the urbanisation La Pineda (pine forest) on the edge of the forest and only 1200m from the...
www.hotdogholidays.com   (385 words)

  National Hot Dog Month
July is National Hot Dog Month, and according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans will be consuming the infamous little red tubes of "meat" in record numbers this summer.
Many hot dogs may be relatively high in fat and sodium, but they are also a good source of protein, iron, and other necessary vitamins.
For instance, hot dogs in New York are generally served with a lighter mustard and steamed onions, while Chicago hot dogs can come with mustard, relish, onions, tomato slices, or pretty much anything at all.
www.factmonster.com /spot/hotdog1.html   (563 words)

  Hot dog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hot dog lore suggests that newspaper cartoonist Tad Dorgan coined (or at least popularized) the term "hot dog" when he used it in the caption of a 1906 cartoon illustrating sausage vendors at the Polo Grounds baseball stadium because he couldn't spell "frankfurter".
A hot dog on a stick fried in corn batter is commonly called a corn dog ('battered sav' or 'dagwood dog' or 'pluto pup' in Australia or 'pogo' in Canada).
A hot dog which is split down the center, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep-fried is known as a francheesie.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hot_dog   (2742 words)

 Hot Dog - Background, History, Raw Materials, The Manufacturing, Quality Control
It was a 13 ft (4 m) hot dog on wheels used to transport the hot dog chef known as "Little Oscar," featured open cockpits at the rear and center and was primarily driven in Chicago.
Hot dogs can contain extenders, which are non-meat ingredients that increase the number of hot dogs that can be made from a set amount of meat and improve the nutritive value.
Hot dogs are a well-established product and the technology for their production has changed little over the last century.
www.madehow.com /Volume-4/Hot-Dog.html   (2244 words)

 Hot Dog Ramblings
Hot Dogs, Wieners, Frankfurters, Franks, or Dogs; whatever you call them, they are one of the main stays of low cost cooking, especially if you have children to feed.
Hot dogs may also be steamed in a steamer insert like vegetables if desired.
Hot Dogs are aboslutely divine with a nice slice of white bread wrapped around them, the way you wrap a blanket around a sleeping child.
www.hillbillyhousewife.com /hotdogs.htm   (1346 words)

 Hot Dogs As America | Baseball As America | American Museum of Natural History
Hot dogs are as much a fixture of baseball stadiums as the bleachers, pennants, scoreboards, and organ music.
The street cart-style hot dog is the venerable Hebrew National All-Beef Kosher Frank, boiled and served with onion sauce and deli mustard—or sauerkraut.
Split and griddled, this dog is served on a toasted bun and topped with a hot sauce (a meat chili made from a secret Rochester recipe), chopped onions, and any one of a variety of mustards.
www.amnh.org /exhibitions/baseball/hotdogs   (689 words)

 Howstuffworks "What are hot dogs made from?"
Hot dogs, also called frankfurters, were first created in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1852.
Hot dogs are now made by hundreds of companies all across the globe, and each company has its own secret recipe.
Once the hot dogs are stuffed, you pre-cook them (you can boil them in water for 15 minutes) and then refrigerate or freeze them.
home.howstuffworks.com /question177.htm   (337 words)

 "Thịt chó" means eating a (hot) dog - literally - a photoset on Flickr
Western culture considers that eating a dog is cruel, barbaric and discusting (not illegal, though), but we have no problem eating all other sorts of animals, as long as they are not called pets.
Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some asian cultures (including China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Mayanmar), and indeed cooked dog meat is very tasty and protein rich.
This means that if you have some dog meat (or carcass) and "intend" to eat it, then you are breaking the law (until you eat the meat).
www.flickr.com /photos/loupiote/sets/1652923   (1563 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Hot Dog Lover
A coed who uses a frozen hot dog to pleasure herself ends up in the emergency room when it breaks off inside her.
A burning sensation in her nether regions encourages her to seek medical help, and when the bits of hot dog are pulled out, they're discovered to be crawling with maggots.
According to the suit, a seventh-grader was taunted daily by dozens of students after one boy spread the rumor she had masturbated with a hot dog.
www.snopes.com /college/risque/hotdog.asp   (822 words)

 Hot Dog!, LLC.
A man's dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty.
He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master's side.
When riches take wing and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.
www.hotdogllc.com /index.php   (144 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Hot Dog Stands and Other Street Foods, New York City, USA - A536889
It is instantly recognizeable by its colorful umbrella, its shiny metal body, and, as the pedestrian nears it, by the steam pouring from its hot belly.
Aside from these areas, the hot dog stand can also be found on the busier intersections of any neighborhood, where they compete for the culinary attentions of New Yorkers looking for a quick meal.
Be advised that the price of the food at a hot dog stand is by no means regulated, and the vendor charges as much as he thinks he can get away with.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/classic/A536889   (1513 words)

 Hot Dogs, History and Legends of Hot Dogs
Hot dogs are primarily regarded as a fun, summertime food, and most are eaten between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
The Stevens family kept the original Tad hot dog cartoon among a small group of memorabilia they hope will be part of their museum effort.
Let me assure you, dear readers, that if it is hot there will be no hot dogs, and even if it is cool there will be plenty of other food, and the elder members of the family and the more important guests will be served with due formality.
www.whatscookingamerica.net /History/HotDog/HDIndex.htm   (3260 words)

 Hot Dog History, with Personal Anecdotes - FoodNotes
Brian Cummins provides an expert touch to hot dogs on a grill at the Cedars Country Club, Chatham, Virginia, during a summer 1961 picnic.
Currently, the average American gulps down over 80 hot dogs a year, and Oscar Mayer is the nation's leading producer of the weenie.
We hungry travelers staggered in and purchased a package of hot dogs, a jar of mustard, and a loaf of white bread.
www.foodhistory.com /foodnotes/leftovers/hotdog.htm   (676 words)

 Chili Recipes: Hot Dog Chili
Back in Clarksburg, WV this is known as "Jump for Joy Hot Dog Chili." This is a very thick recipe and great on hot dogs.
In a slow cooker, cover and cook the hot dog chili for 6 hours.
When the hot dogs are ready at your picnic or tailgate party, just open the thermos and pour into a paper bowl and let everyone go to town.
www.alanskitchen.com /CHILI_BOWL/hot_dog_chili.htm   (196 words)

 W.Va. Hot Dog FAQ
Unlike New Yorkers or Chicago hot dog lovers, the WVHD connoisseur is not overly concerned with the taste of the wiener.
Slaw that sits well on a hot dog might not be pleasing if served as a side dish since it has such fine texture.
Many WVHD fans like their hot dogs to be very soft and gooey and a steamed bun is a necessary part of such a hot dog.
wvhotdogs.com /FAQ.html   (1582 words)

 HOT Dog Club Classes
HOT’s Basic Obedience classes are taught by members who have earned at least a Companion Dog (CD) and Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title on their dog or two Companion Dog (C.D.) titles on two different dogs while a member of the club.
If you believe your dog's previous training covers all the items taught in our Basic Obedience Class, you may request an evaluation* from our training director, and with their confirmation, you may be approved to skip HOT’s Basic Obedience Class and referred to one of our advanced classes such as CGC Preparation or Pre-Novice.
Dogs who are potentially dangerous to other people and/or dogs will be dismissed from class and referred to a private canine behavior modification program at the owner’s request.
www.hotdogclub.org /classes.htm   (760 words)

 Hot Dog Spot: The quest for the BEST Hot Dog in Los Angeles
Hot Dog Spot is the weblog of a crack team of "dogophiles" who are hot on the trail of the BEST DOG IN LOS ANGELES!
Hot Dog Spot's Steve Doggie-Dogg appeared on KCAL 9's program "9 On The Town" this week in a survey of the top 9 dogs in Los Angeles.
Steve assembled a crack team of dedicated dogophiles and went to work documenting the dogs of LA. All of us on the Hot Dog Spot team hope this information is useful to you in your own quest for the "perfect dog".
www.hotdogspot.com   (1259 words)

 USATODAY.com - Frankly speaking, haute dogs go gourmet   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Folks who regard hot dogs as mystery meat may be in for an aquatic surprise: salmon franks.
They'll be out later this month, at $3.49, when gourmet hot dog chain Franktitude is scheduled to open its first of five eateries in the Miami area.
After five years of flat sales, the $1.6 billion hot dog world has decided that the best way to grow is gourmet.
www.usatoday.com /money/industries/food/2006-09-17-gourmet-dogs-usat_x.htm   (463 words)

 Hot (Dog) Recipes!
Place hot dogs and cabbage in a large bowl.
Stir in parsley, hot dogs, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper and heat through.
Saute hot dog in skillet until brown; slice in half lengthwise and thenin half crosswise.
www.railroadtrackfilms.com /recipes.html   (372 words)

 National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
Americans To Consume 2.3 Billion Hot Dogs During July's National Hot Dog Month
Hot Dogs to be Consumed in Ballparks Would Round Bases 41,667 Times
Americans Associate Hot Dogs Most Closely with Independence Day - and Exercise Their Freedoms of Choice in Toppings and Buns
www.hot-dog.org   (204 words)

 How to Make a Chicago Hot Dog - WikiHow
You have not eaten a hot dog until you've eaten a Chicago hot dog.
Steam a poppy-seed hot dog bun until soft; not soggy.
Fries, if served with your hot dog, should be seeping with grease and well salted.
wiki.ehow.com /Make-a-Chicago-Hot-Dog   (293 words)

 Hot Dog - UsingEnglish.com ESL Forum
Apparently, there was a rumour that some of the performers there ate dog, and that local dogs had disappeared, so the vendors started calling...
The hot dog was called the frankfurter in its home country Germany.
Under the cartoon, he wrote "Get you hot dogs!" The cartoon was a senstion, and so was the new name.
www.usingenglish.com /forum/usingenglish-com-content/4988-hot-dog.html   (574 words)

 Hot Dog, aber richtig - Dänemark - VisitDenmark: Reiseinformationen von VisitDenmark, Dänemarks offizieller ...
Hot Dog, aber richtig - Dänemark - VisitDenmark: Reiseinformationen von VisitDenmark, Dänemarks offizieller Tourismuszentrale.
Dann, ja dann kriegen Sie erst den echten dänischen Hot Dog, und der oder die Fachkraft, die Ihnen die Spezialität des Landes bereitet, wird sich besondere Mühe geben, da Sie ja ein Gast des Landes sind.
Wenn sich von der Gesamtmenge des Hot Dogs nach dem Mahl allerdings mehr in Ihren Magen als zwischen Ihren Füßen befinden soll, ist es erforderlich, das ganze mit höchstens drei Bissen zu verspeisen.
www.visitdenmark.com /tyskland/de-de/Menu/turist/oplevelser/nydlivet/gastronomi/gastronomihotdog.htm?wbc_purpose=Bas&WBCMODE=PresentationUnpublished   (581 words)

 Watch Me Eat A Hot Dog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The dogs were pretty good too, served with mustard, onion, and hot peppers.
The dog was unimpressive, the bun a bit too moist and the vegetable toppings were bland and not fresh.
but the hot dogs were the worst of the 5 places we went to.
www.watchmeeatahotdog.com /?p=132   (989 words)

 DefenseLink News Article: Pentagon Hot Dog Stand, Cold War Legend, to be Torn Down
The hot dog stand in the Pentagon’s center courtyard, which has long been a source of Cold War speculation, folklore and legend, will be torn down in the coming months.
The Pentagon was declared a national historic landmark in 1992, and because the courtyard is one of the five historically protected features of the building, the hot dog stand must be replaced by a building of roughly the same size, and exactly the same shape as the Pentagon, Eaton said.
In addition, the wooden owl atop the current hot dog stand to ward off birds must be preserved and placed on the new structure.
www.defenselink.mil /News/NewsArticle.aspx?ID=1049   (692 words)

 Dachshund, Dachshunds, Wiener Dog, little hot dog, hotdog dog
These little dogs like to bark (their barks are surprisingly loud for their size) and are compulsive diggers.
These are active dogs with surprising stamina and they love a regular walk or session of play in the park.
They are versatile and courageous dogs and have been known to take on foxes and otters, besides badgers.
www.dogbreedinfo.com /dachshund.htm   (703 words)

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