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Topic: Hot tub

  Hot tub
A hot tub is a large tub or small pool full of heated water and used for soaking, relaxation, hydrotherapy, reading, or meditation.
Hot tubs are frequently located out-of-doors although they may be sheltered against sun, rain, wind, or snow.
The tub is heated by electricity or, occasionally, natural gas or propane, or rarely, wood fires.
www.ibpassociation.org /encyclopedia/Health/Hot_tub.php   (628 words)

  Hot tub - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hot tubs are usually located outdoors, and are often sheltered for protection from the elements, as well as for privacy.
Hot tubs are usually heated using an electric or natural gas heater, though there are also wood-fired hot tub heaters.
Hot tubs are also found at natural hot springs; in this case, the water may be dangerously hot and must be combined with cool water for a safe soaking temperature.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hot_tub   (832 words)

 Hot tub lung - MayoClinic.com
"Hot tub lung" is an uncommon infection and allergic reaction of the lungs due to inhaling the bacterium Mycobacterium avium from a hot tub.
Hot tubs provide an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, such as M. avium.
A sample of water from your hot tub also may be tested for the presence of M. avium.
www.mayoclinic.com /health/hot-tub-lung/AN00660   (348 words)

 Hot Tub Glossary: Understand the hot tub lingo
Humidity: In excess is associated with mildew, especially on indoor hot tubs where moisture tends to be trapped in the hot tub room.
Intakes: Grated openings in the hot tub shell plumbed to the filter through which water is pulled by the pump(s).
Hot tub water should be kept slightly base (alkaline) with a pH of between 7.2 and 7.6; 7.8 is tops for biguanide.
www.hottubliving.com /glossary.aspx   (1643 words)

 Hot Tub decks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Hot Tubs continue to be very popular and a properly designed deck is necessary to not only hold the deck, but create easy access to the hot tub.
Hot decks need be very strong as the average hot tub when filled can weigh as much as a car.
The tub can sit on top of the deck with stairs or platforms up to it, be partially sunken, or my favorite, sit on a lower level with one or more sides butting up to the main deck.
deckspecialists.com /hot_tub_decks.htm   (247 words)

 Hot Tub Information Central: Hot Tubs, Spas, Hot Tub, Hottubs Information For Shoppers and Consumers.
The goal of this web site is to provide information and opinion about hot tubs and spas as well as information about building techniques, sales techniques and tactics, tips and tricks for spa and hot tub maintenance, chemical treatment, and a whole slew of other things related to spas and hot tubs.
Portable Hot tubs and spas cabinetry, how they are built and what they are built from.
Spas and hot tubs are now sold in all 50 states.
www.angelfire.com /mi2/hottubs   (1168 words)

 Hot Tub
The purpose of the Hot Tub Policy is to maintain a favorable appearance and safe surrounding for the resident and nearby neighbors in the River Pines development through an approval process for the placement, installation on common elements and to assure the structural integrity of the location site of the hot tub.
The hot tub shall be completely enclosed by fencing (deck railing) not less than four (4) feet from the ground.
The hot tub must have a lid with a key lock and the lid must be locked when the tub is not being used.
www.riverpinescondominiums.com /bylaws/hot_tub.htm   (524 words)

 Spa and Hot Tub Safety for Children - Keep Kids Healthy
Drownings -- The main hazard from hot tubs and spas is the same as that from pools - drowning.
Always use a locked safety cover when the spa is not in use and keep young children away from spas or hot tubs unless there is constant adult supervision.
Regularly have a professional check your spa or hot tub and make sure it is in good, safe working condition, and that drain covers are in place and not cracked or missing.
www.keepkidshealthy.com /welcome/safety/hot_tubs_safety.html   (980 words)

 hot tub diabetes
Sitting in a hot tub helped improve blood sugar readings, sleep, and general well being in a group of patients with Type 2 diabetes, reports a Colorado researcher.
The type 2 subjects sat in the hot tub by themselves with water up to their shoulders for 30 minutes per day, six days per week, for three weeks.
Hooper feels that taking a hot bath could also have the same positive effects as hot tub therapy, but a test would have to be conducted in the same fashion as this study.
www.rhtubs.com /diabetes.htm   (2314 words)

 Islands Hot Tubs, hot tub reviews
Portable hot tubs are also known as self contained hot tubs and are installed above the ground, with the operational equipment built into a special casing.
Built-in hot tubs will be constructed with their operational equipment located somewhere other than the casing.
Hot tubs come in a variety of seating capacities and sizes.
www.islandshottubs.com   (405 words)

 MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Hot tub folliculitis
Hot tub folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles that results from exposure to certain bacteria that live in warm, wet areas.
Pseudomonas survives in hot tubs, especially hot tubs made of wood, unless the water's acid and chlorine levels are strictly controlled.
Hot tub folliculitis can be seen within several hours to 2 days of exposure.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/ency/article/001460.htm   (421 words)

 Germs throw cold water on hot tub hygiene
Technically, hot tub lung covers several conditions, including pneumonia and a hypersensitivity reaction that is not actually an infection.
The tub's powerful jets force some of the biofilm free, and tiny biofilm flakes bubble to the surface and aerosolize into the mist, which people soaking in the tub inhale.
Studies on hot tubs in hospitals and other therapeutic facilities will be controversial, according to Pace, because they may show that people are getting sick from facilities they are visiting for their health.
www.erc.montana.edu /CBEssentials-SW/recent-media-cov/Delude050603.htm   (950 words)

 Hot Tub Covers
If you already own a hot tub, then you probably want your hot tub to be safe and last forever.
After carefully reviewing his needs and the hot tubs market in general, we realized the best approach would be to create something that would help everyone, hot tub manufacturers, hot tub dealers and hot tub customers.
Sure, we found spa and hot tub magazines, buyer's guides and some books with pretty pictures, but all of these publications relied on advertising revenue from hot tub manufacturers so they were biased.
www.hottubsdirectory.com /hot_tub_ebook.html   (746 words)

 Caldera Spas' Hot Tub & Spa Buying Guide -- Helpful Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Spa or Hot Tub
Also, don't forget to see how loud the hot tub is. Listen to the noise level as you turn on the pumps and adjust the valves.
Hot tubs without circulation pumps rely on the low speed of a two-speed pump turning on periodically to provide filtration, ozone injection and the flow required for heating.
After you get your hot tub, be sure to heed the warnings about use by small children, pregnant women, people with certain health conditions and people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
www.calderaspas.com /Guide/index_buy_spa_hot_tub.html   (2110 words)

 Hot Tub Variety Show | Homepage
Hot Tub moves to Pianos and History is born
Hot Tub is a super hilarious variety show in New York City, awarded "Best New Variety Show in 2005" by TimeOut NY.
Hot Tub was developed at the People's Improv Theater where Kurt is a senior faculty member and Kristen performs with Big Black Car.
www.hottubvariety.com   (951 words)

 hot tub Resources
Made from redwood, cedar, and teak, hot tubs are attractive and designed to accommodate two to twelve people.
The heat of a hot tub is very soothing to the body and the buoyancy of the water creates the perfect environment for providing relief to people with chronic pain.
Hot tub folliculitis is a folliculitis that develops after exposure to certain forms of bacteria that reside in warm, wet environments such...
www.hot-tub-resource.com   (992 words)

 Spa Covers Guide | Hot Tub Covers | Hot Tub
Hot tub enclosures and gazebos are often an effective way to personalize a spa and give it a unique character while also protecting it from the elements.Hot tub gazebos can be enclosed buildings with doors or they can be open-air structures...
Used hot tubs are another option for people looking to save money on a spa...
It's a great tub with room for four or five people, the water is really hot, and you can turn the bubbles on or off...
spacovers.info   (285 words)

 hot tub ratings spa ratings hot tub buyers guide spa buying guide
According to the National Spa & Pool Institute there are approximately five million hot tubs and spas in use in the USA.
Of all the different aspects to look at and considered when shopping for a spa or hot tub, there are two things that should be considered as most important.
This is a bit difficult to accomplish in a spa that's not comfortable to be in.
www.hottubsparatings.com   (455 words)

 Hot Tubs Directory
Hot Tubs Directory is devoted to providing the most comprehensive information available on hot tub spas.
Starting with our research, which is done by consumers like you who rate their own products, you'll find reviews and information on prices, durability and longevity of hot tubs, spa covers and associated products, such as chemicals and parts.
If you are interested in buying a hot tub, visit the purchase link and you'll find all major manufacturers and dealers in the U.S. If you already own a hottub, we are currently working with dealers who maintain and service all brands.
www.hottubsdirectory.com   (242 words)

 Hot Tub Covers;Spa Covers:Hot tub covers information
Hot tub covers are one of the most neglected components of a spa, however they are one of the most important.
Most heat loss from a hot tub occurs upwards, out of the surface of the water.
Why people today buy hot tubs to relax their bodies and stress free.
www.qualityhottubcovers.com   (364 words)

 Hot tub manufacturing, hot tub faq's
If you were searching for great hot tub information without being pressured to buy, you have come to the right site.
We no longer sell hot tubs or spas, but can offer free information about hot tubs due to our long history in manufacturing them.
Aloha Hot Tubs had created a line of hot tubs with the latest technology and accessories with the comfort of our customers in mind.
www.aloha-hot-tubs.com   (178 words)

 Hot Tubs, Spas | Hot Tubs - Beachcomber Hot Tubs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Studies told us exactly what hot tub buyers wanted in their next purchase— a good price, a deep comfortable hot tub with a step, energy-saving cover, special lighting, flexible jetting for the neck, back and feet and ease of maintenance.
Each Beachcomber Hot Tub is built with the same high-quality materials and workmanship to the same exacting standards.
This built-in quality means your Beachcomber Hot Tub will help ensure that you and your family enjoy health, happiness, and well being for years to come.
www.beachcomberhottubs.com /hot_tubs.cfm   (265 words)

 Hot Tub Maintenance
Regular hot tub maintenance is key for maintaining both optimal performance and the longevity of your spa.
Also, pay attention to your hot tub's functioning, and call in a repairman if you notice any major problems, such as failure to heat, pump, or filter the water.
If you suspect your tub needs repair instead of simple maintenance, it pays to call in a hot tub service professional to get your spa back in working order as soon as possible.
www.servicemagic.com /article.show.Hot-Tub-Maintenance.8991.html   (674 words)

 Hot tub folliculitis
Hot tub folliculitis is an infection that develops after exposure to certain forms of bacteria that reside in warm, wet environments such as hot tubs.
Pseudomonas survives in hot tubs, especially hot tubs made of wood, unless the pH and chlorine content are strictly controlled.
Hot tub folliculitis becomes noticeable within several hours to 2 days of exposure.
www.healthcentral.com /ency/408/001460.html   (304 words)

 Hot Tubs - For a Private Home Spa Oasis
Pools are also wonderful too for relaxation and exercise, but there’s nothing quite like that hot water to soak and let the cares float away.
The tub can be set by computer to turn on so the water is hot and bubbling by the time you arrive home from the office.
Hot water is one of the most calming and relaxing of the elements so create a place to unwind in the privacy of the backyard.
www.sauna-4u.com /hot_tubs.htm   (727 words)

 Hot Tubs, Chemicals, Spas | Hot Tub World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Spaform - Dealer of the Year 2007 : Officially recognised as the largest hot tub dealer in the U.K. Main Navigation
Hot Tubs World is one of the UK's leading suppliers of Hot Tubs, Spa Baths, Outdoor Tubs and hot tub accessories.
We are offically the Spaform Dealer of the Year 2007 being recognised as the largest Hot Tub Dealer in the UK.
www.hottub-world.co.uk   (84 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner News - Literary arts - Hot Tub - Sunday | October 22, 2006
Patrick designed the house, but the hot tub was my idea.
I liked the tub best when I was there alone, two, three evenings a week.
I make my way down the path to the tub and the water is indeed clear.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20061022/arts/arts3.html   (1161 words)

 Hot tub spas from Lomond Spas & hot tub Scotland
Did you know a hot tub is one of the best ways to aid recovery and help with arthritis and other conditions, relieving muscle tension, improving circulation and general therapeutic effects.
A hot tub can be used all year round, you can relax in your hot tub in style and comfort after a summer barbeque or watch the stars from the comfort of your own hot tub in the cool winter star filled night sky.
We have the latest hot tub Jacuzzi in stock come and see our range and have a pressure free environment to view or demo our latest.
www.hottubspas.org   (686 words)

 Should we steer clear of the hot tub while trying to get pregnant?
It can take two to three months to produce a mature sperm cell and it's the immature sperm that are especially vulnerable, so a trip to the hot tub in January can impact developing sperm that's released as late as March, even April.
Hot tubs, bicycling, saunas —; even wearing tight underwear — are probably okay in moderation, but a man with a marginal sperm count might want to pass on these activities while he's trying to help his partner conceive.
Some studies show that raising your body temperature during early pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects, and a 2003 study found that women who used hot tubs early in pregnancy were twice as likely to miscarry.
www.babycenter.com /expert/preconception/gettingpregnant/1336309.html   (766 words)

 Hot Tub Spa Supplies, Swimming Pool Supply - Hot Tub Spa Parts, Supplies, Chemicals, and Swimming Pool Parts, Supplies, ...
You have just discovered the world's oldest and largest swimming pool and hot tub spa web site with over 5000 pages of information, swimming pool supplies, hot tub spa supplies and parts...by far the biggest selection of pool and spa related products and information available anywhere in the world.
Below you will find links to articles about swimming pool and hot tub spa maintenance and repair, how to buy a pool and how to buy a spa.
We have swimming pool filters, pool pumps and hot tub spa pumps and spa packs, pool covers and spa covers, accessories, parts, pool and spa chemicals, supplies, informative articles and water chemistry advice.
www.poolandspa.com   (639 words)

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