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Topic: Howard Hughes

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Howard Hughes grave   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
For Howard Hughes, this was the virtual end of his twenty-five-year involvement in motion pictures; though he had all but destroyed a major Hollywood studio, his reputation as a financial wizard emerged unscathed — he reportedly walked away from RKO having made $6.5 million in personal gains.
Hughes had contracted syphilis as a young man, and much of the strange behavior at the end of his life — his well-documented aversion to handshaking, for example — has been attributed by modern biographers to the tertiary stage of that disease.
Howard Hughes is interred in the Glenwood Cemetery in Houston.
www.hollywoodusa.co.uk /GravesOutofLA/howardhughes.htm   (5093 words)

 Hughes Aircraft
Howard Hughes, a unique American, created a group of companies that built airplanes, helicopters, missiles, and satellites; designed radar systems; and provided weaponry and communications equipment.
Hughes' most famous aircraft was an oversized wooden seaplane nicknamed the "Spruce Goose." The idea for a fleet of such planes was conceived in 1942 by shipbuilder Henry J. Kaiser, whose Liberty ships had become targets for German U-boats.
Hughes Space and Communications continued building satellites until it was purchased by Boeing in 2000 and became Boeing Satellite Systems.
www.centennialofflight.gov /essay/Aerospace/Hughes/Aero44.htm   (1836 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
Howard Hughes, aviator, movie producer, and billionaire, was born in Houston, Texas, on Christmas Eve 1905 to Allene (Gano) and Howard Robard Hughes, Sr.
Hughes declared the goal impossible to meet, and the contract was canceled.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute was given ownership of Hughes Aircraft and sold it to General Motors in 1985 for $5 billion.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/HH/fhu60.html   (1839 words)

 Howard Hughes: Hughes Aircraft / Electronics
Hughes Electronics was the child of Howard Hughes the Aviator, as opposed to Howard Hughes Movie or Hotel/Casino Mogul.
Hughes had attracted a number of stellar engineers and scientists from Cal Tech to lead his research and development teams headquartered in a plant in Culver City, California.
Hughes turned over the electronics portion of Hughes Aircraft to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and in 1954 Pat Hyland took over control of Hughes Aircraft as Vice-President and General Manager.
www.library.unlv.edu /hughes/pages/aircraft.html   (755 words)

 Howard Hughes FBI Files
Howard Hughes was hailed as the second Charles Lindbergh, at one time holding every significant aviation speed record.
Howard Hughes created Hughes Electronics as a division of Hughes Aircraft, and the new division became the single largest supplier of weapons systems to the U.S. Air Force and Navy.
Although Howard Hughes set several air speed and distance records in his early years followed, those accomplishments were overshadowed in his later years by his poor business decisions, his attempts to manipulate the military aircraft market, and his personal eccentricities and reclusiveness.
www.paperlessarchives.com /howard_hughes.html   (1016 words)

 PBS - Chasing the Sun - Howard Hughes
Archival newsreel footage of Howard Hughes primarily from the mid-1930s.
At the age of 18, Howard Hughes was a millionaire.
Hughes, though, still owned 78% of the airline and he would battle to regain control of the airline over the next several years.
www.pbs.org /kcet/chasingthesun/innovators/hhughes.html   (910 words)

 Howard Hughes
Because the shadow of Howard Hughes hung over Watergate, staff investigators of the Senate Watergate Committee were convinced that the phantom billionaire was the key to understanding the scandal.
Hughes seems to have lost control of his empire a year and a half before the Watergate break-ins.
Hughes executives, led by Bill Gay, the Mormon administrator who had shrewdly handpicked the billionaire's attendants, spirited Hughes on a stretcher from his ninth-floor penthouse in Las Vegas's Desert Inn Hotel, down the fire escape and into an awaiting jet, which whisked him away to the Bahamas.
www.carpenoctem.tv /cons/hughes.html   (2037 words)

 Howard Hughes
Howard drew his crew around him early in the project and bluntly told them, "If you leak information, or tell anyone anything about this project, bad things will happen to you." He was not threatening them so much as very clearly defining for them the importance of secrecy.
Hughes smiled and replied, "I won't be needing it." Hughes ultimately signed a lease agreement with Pratt and Whitney for an R-1535 and obtained engine serial number 22.
Hughes was the boss and his decisions were final, but Odekirk would not hesitate to assert his own opinion as necessary.
www.multied.com /bio/people/hHughs2.html   (4334 words)

 Roger Tolces and Howard Hughes - Advanced Electronic Security Company
Hughes was a night owl and still enjoyed screening movies as he did for so many years in Hollywood but he had become unhappy with the movies shown on the local television station in Las Vegas.
Hughes wanted an appropriate sound system to work with this new projector and, of course, when Howard Hughes wanted something, he wanted it now and these assistants made sure he got it.
Gordon Margulis, who was a Howard Hughes personal aide at the time and who still lives in the Las Vegas area, told me that Howard Hughes used to play the movie system so loud that he would rumble the whole ninth floor.
www.bugsweeps.com /info/howard_hughes.html   (1943 words)

 Plane & Pilot Magazine | Howard Hughes
Although Hughes was famous for his foibles, few people realize that this mysterious aviator was a record-setter and genius aircraft designer who held a passion for aviation.
Hughes’ stated goal was to “become the fastest man alive” and set a new land-airplane world speed record.
Hughes’ coast-to-coast record at a speed of 327 mph wasn’t broken until 1946 by Paul Mantz in a P-51.
www.planeandpilotmag.com /content/2005/jan/howard_hughes.html   (2287 words)

 Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes was born at Houston, Texas on December 24, 1905.
Howard Hughes established many aviation records receiving many prestigious awards including the Octave Chanute Award, the Collier Trophy and, twice the Harmon Trophy.
Howard Hughes' aviation career epitomized the courage and daring required to surpass existing limits, the technical expertise to produce innovative and vastly improved designs, and the business acumen to build a world-wide airline network.
www.allstar.fiu.edu /aerojava/hughes.htm   (354 words)

 Biography: Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes, the son of Howard Robard Hughes, was born in Houston on 24th December, 1905.
Hughes became involved in politics and was a secret supporter of Richard Nixon.
Howard Hughes was called to Washington D.C. to defend both the project and himself.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /JFKhughesH.htm   (3528 words)

 Bright Lights Film Journal | Howard Hughes Revisited
Hughes had inherited the company from his father, and to his credit had greatly increased revenue before the oil mining industry it specialized in ceased to hold his attention.
Hughes’ initial indifference also gave way to appreciation, and he duly inaugurated the tradition of romancing his leading ladies, although Harlow remained interchangeable: he also had a put-upon wife, socialite Ella Rice, and was in the throes of an affair with silent screen siren Billie Dove.
Hughes was sorely disappointed when he later discovered that he’d commissioned a biblical epic rather than the aviation romp that he’d been looking forward to.
www.brightlightsfilm.com /47/hughes.htm   (4670 words)

 The First 100 Persons Who Shaped Southern Nevada
However, his key executives and technicians at Hughes Aircraft had flatly refused to be exiled to the desert, and the "Husite" property remained vacant.
Maheu believes Hughes went into seclusion because he was going deaf, and was too proud to wear a hearing aid.
But on the night before the tournament, Hughes discovered that one contender was tennis superstar Arthur Ashe, a fl man. Hughes wanted the match canceled, fearing the Desert Inn would be invaded by "hordes of Negroes." Maheu quelled his fears, and the match went on.
www.1st100.com /part3/hughes.html   (2654 words)

 Amazon.com: Howard Hughes: The Secret Life: Books: Charles Higham   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Hughes apparently spent six-hour stretches on the toilet, made humiliating demands of his bodyguards and stashed underage starlets in isolated, elegant houses in Bel Air and Beverly Hills.
Of all the Howard Hughes biographies that are currently available to tie in with the recent film, this is easily the worst.
Some of the claims the author makes concerning Hughes' sexuality are incorrect-- the FBI report on Hughes never found evidence of homosexuality-- and some of the 'stories,' such as his relationship with Cary Grant, are truly ridiculous in how they are described and are insulting to both Hughes and Grant.
www.amazon.com /Howard-Hughes-Secret-Charles-Higham/dp/0312329970   (2031 words)

 Amazon.com: Howard Hughes: The Untold Story: Books: Peter Harry Brown,Pat H. Broeske   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Hughes was a man who accomplished most of what he did before my time, so I've only remembered him as a billionaire, eccentric, and recluse, before reading this book.
Hughes' first break came when he entered a screening room and stayed in it for 5 full months.
Though Howard Hughes first made his mark on history and then died long before I was born, I feel almost as if I am a bystander for each of his accomplishments simply by reading this book.
www.amazon.com /Howard-Hughes-Peter-Harry-Brown/dp/0306813920   (1838 words)

 Howard Hughes (I)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Howard Hughes: His Life, Loves and Films (2004) (V)....
Howard Hughes: His Women and His Movies (2000) (TV)....
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us.imdb.com /name/nm0400652   (272 words)

 Howard Hughes
[1] Hughes claimed his birthday was Christmas Eve, but according to his baptismal records he was actually born on the more mundane date of September 24.
Vehicular Manslaughter Los Angeles, CA 11-Jul-1936, no charges filed
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