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Topic: The Human Condition

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Comparative Religion - The human condition in world religions
The human condition in the Samkhya and Yoga darshanas
In their present condition, humans are exhorted not to repeat the mistake of Adam, and also warned that the devil attempts to cheat them by all means (Quran 7,27).
Humanity's present condition is governed by karma, an impersonal law started by spiritual ignorance that forces the self to reincarnate until true knowledge is attained.
www.comparativereligion.com /man.html   (7551 words)

 Psychopharmacology and the human condition
Contemporary human life is very different from the ecological and social environment in which humans evolved, and which shaped human psychological architecture [1].
It is probable that most humans throughout recorded history have lived in a 'sick society'; a society in which almost everyone was ill, people were physically malnourished, stunted and mentally impaired - a society in which most of the populations are potential 'patients' with the ability to benefit from appropriate treatment.
Since it is probable that the normal human condition is sub-optimal, and that psychological dissatisfaction and psychiatric 'illness' of various kinds is endemic - in principle there is enormous scope for psychopharmacology to improve the human condition.
www.hedweb.com /bgcharlton/psychopharm.html   (2114 words)

 The Human Condition - articles for writers about being human
So I try in these articles to talk about the length and breadth of the human condition and talk about it as much as possible from a holistic approach using relevant theories from the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and theology.
Even though Freud recognized two main areas of human endeavor, love and work, and only recognized childhood as the developmental phase, psychologists have tended to only focus on love (sexuality) and problems that developed from childhood experience.
Take away the lens of psychological/medical models, and the person who is struggling to cope is no longer seen as a neurotic disease that must be matched to a therapeutic model, but as a person who is protecting themselves, which can be addressed in other ways.
www.visualwriter.com /HumanCond/HumnCond.htm   (4574 words)

 FHA - An Overview Of The Human Condition
It describes how the anger and selfishness felt by humans is the result of these two factions within ourselves—the gene-based instinctive learning system struggling against the nerve-based intellect’s capacity to understand.
This conflict, which started some two million years ago when consciousness emerged, causes humans to live with an undeserved sense of guilt that is characterised by competition and aggression.
Catch phrases that we are familiar with, like ‘human potential’ and ‘self esteem’, stress this yearning for self-justification and self-realisation, but the ability to feel contented ultimately depends on self-understanding—understanding why we are competitive, aggressive and selfish rather than the ideal of being cooperative, loving and selfless.
www.humancondition.info /HumanConditionOverview.html   (374 words)

 FHA - The Foundation for Humanity's Adulthood - A Species In Denial - The Human Condition
At no time in the human journey to enlightenment is the temptation to abandon the all-important democratic principle of freedom of expression greater than when understanding of the human condition is finally found.
To affirm the crucial importance of the FHA’s work of addressing the human condition we present a short speech given by Sir James Darling, former Chairman of the ABC, the organisation that is now doing all it can to misrepresent, vilify and destroy this all-important work.
Summary of the biology of the human condition
www.humancondition.info   (892 words)

 RAND | RAND Pardee Center | 50 Books for Thinking About the Future Human Condition
The mission of the RAND Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition is ultimately to improve the human condition in the longer-range future.
While there is no sure path to improving the future human condition, there is no shortage of books that address themselves to some aspect of improving that future.
The first intent is to act as a reading list for someone who wants to understand at a more-than-passing level the factors that we can say seem to be most pertinent today in thinking about the longer-range human condition.
www.rand.org /pardee/50books   (668 words)

  Psychopharmacology and the human condition   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Contemporary human life is very different from the ecological and social environment in which humans evolved, and which shaped human psychological architecture [1].
The human mind is adapted to maximize reproductive success under very different conditions from that in which it finds itself [2].
Since it is probable that the normal human condition is sub-optimal, and that psychological dissatisfaction and psychiatric 'illness' of various kinds is endemic - in principle there is enormous scope for psychopharmacology to improve the human condition.
www.biopsychiatry.com /bgcharlton   (2106 words)

  AF Presentation — the human condition — malice
The Human Condition is that set of beliefs, conditionings and instinctual passions that form the habitual and neuro-biological program by which human beings currently operate and have done so, with few significant changes, ever since the emergence of the species.
The Human Condition can be likened to the ‘rules of the game’, defining the parameters and limits of what it is to be a human being that have been established, and embellished, over thousands of years.
The range of the Human Condition of malice and sorrow is marked by resentment, frustration, anger, violence and warfare at one end and melancholy, sadness, depression, despair and suicide at the other.
www.actualfreedom.com.au /introduction/humancondition.htm   (397 words)

 AF Presentation — the human condition — sorrow
The other major feature of the Human Condition is the underlying feelings of sorrow and despair that continually threaten to overwhelm human beings.
As humans, we are all subject to physical dangers, ill-health, accidents, earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. which can cause loss and pain.
Human sorrow is based on feelings of separation, loneliness, fear, helplessness, despair and dread and many people know only too well the sorrowful spiral downwards from melancholy to sadness, depression, despair and eventually to suicidal feelings.
www.actualfreedom.com.au /introduction/humancondition4.htm   (219 words)

 Human Condition-Quality of Life
(1) One of the crucial questions to me about the human condition is whether the majority of people in society today will turn inward and seek guidance from their intuition, spirit or listen to the universal intelligence as life enhancing guidance.
I think that a great impending threat to humanity would be needed to convince the world powers to become dedicated to focusing on human needs and human development along with the possibilities that come with hope that a new direction would be successful.
Reading, taking courses in human consciousness, meditating, participating in different religious and cultural activities and talking to friends are ways I’m learning about people and how they are motivated to work toward improving the human condition and human quality of life issues.
members.tripod.com /psychawareness/id27.htm   (717 words)

 solutions to the human condition - jasonwaltman.com
Humans seem to have their own system to which they and all that they can comprehend are part of.
When some object and its complimentary factors align themselves--without human intention--the event to which these circumstances are attached seem so perfectly real that one finds it amazing that they could not recall it on their own.
According to Beckett, the definition of human existence is waiting to ascertain if the possibility of salvation with a possible God exists, or if all that lies ahead is darkness; he feels that all other aspects of life are insignificant and essentially can be reduced to nothing.
www.jasonwaltman.com /papers/human-condition.html   (6200 words)

 Godel's Proof and The Human Condition
Godel's Proof has nothing to do with the human condition(*1) -except, and that in an intellectual sense, it DOES account for its existence -as a consequence of ignorantly created and circumstantially continuing, ambiguous language and the unpredictability of what we have yet to discover.
We have, in effect, a 'system of human phenomenology' and an inherently evolved 'apocrypha' of inconsistent and ambiguous dogma for a logically inseparable 'congregational' body: 'human rights and freedoms', 'human nature' and generally factional other beliefs and 'theoretics' of little integrity with respect to that phenomenology -statements neither 'provable' nor 'disprovable' within the system.
This 'subtlety' is of the greatest importance in that it identifies the manifest preponderance (in human communication) of material fundamentally lacking forensic integrity -dogged, interminably, with 'further clarification'.
condition.org /godel_.htm   (839 words)

 ZetaTalk: Human Condition   (Site not responding. Last check: )
From birth, or particularly at birth, the human is acutely aware of its insecure position.
Starting with the infant's desire to dominate its mother, all her attention, and on to the stage of public opinion, the human desires to be the focus of attention.
Love and empathy pull the human into a conflict situation with its desire for security, to be the center of attention.
www.zetatalk.com /call/c11.htm   (351 words)

 On the Human Condition by Ryuei   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The path of humanity is the state where suffering is recognized for what it is, and morality and reason are called upon to ameliorate the human condition.
The human state is considered a very fortunate one because reason is not dominated by the sufferings and strivings of the four lower paths nor is it distracted by the pleasures of the heavenly path.
For this reason, the human state is the most conducive to the cultivation of the path to liberation.
nichirenscoffeehouse.net /Ryuei/Humans.html   (3171 words)

 CHAPTER 7: The Human Condition
Despite the purposes for human life, which are proclaimed by religion and, for the most part, nurtured as ideals in the breasts of men and women, the human condition is in reality characterized by suffering, war, oppression, poverty, vain striving, and disappointment.
A second way to understand the human condition is to recognize human nature as the arena where the desires to do good and evil are in protracted conflict.
The human condition is also understood as the result of a fall from a potential or primordial state of grace or as a deviation from humanity's original purpose.
www.globalpeaceworks.org /resources/ws/wsbook/intch7.htm   (422 words)

 The Denver Post - The human condition
This is a plea for tolerance and forgiveness, for the basic understanding that we are all human and that all of us from time to time falter.
The Enlightenment, upon whose principles our republic was founded, opened the human mind to science, to experimentation, to toleration, to secular government, to dissent, and to diversity of opinion.
Perhaps a step in the direction of recapturing our civility and our humanity is to regain a sense of understanding, tolerance and forgiveness.
www.denverpost.com /opinion/ci_4619550   (851 words)

 Godel's Proof and The Human Condition - The Basic Essays
8 - The Human Condition - Q and A conversational mode discussion of the human condition -nature (material and substance), origins, uses of the phrase, and 'prognosis'.
Economics and The Human Condition (Note 2) -in the course of thus-far-sapiens evolution and current theorization (primitive and primitive).
The human condition prevails as a decreasing controllability over an increasing momentum of humanity jamming a closed earth which -short of massive changes, can only but wear eventually into a catastrophic breakdown.
condition.org   (3665 words)

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