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Topic: Human nature

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  The Human Nature Review edited by Ian Pitchford and Robert M. Young
Human Nature Review is a significant source of analysis and commentary for readers at leading universities and research institutes in over one hundred and sixty countries and is one of the most popular sites on the whole world wide web.
The Nature and Nurture of Morality by Dennis Krebs and L James Climenhage.
Human Kin Investment as a Function of Genetic Relatedness and Lineage by Gregory Webster.
www.human-nature.com   (1306 words)

But human behavior — which is generated by that nature — is endlessly variable and diverse.
Natural selection equipped us with the fixed rules — the rules that constitute our human nature.
is a Co-Director of London School of Economic's Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences, where she runs the wide ranging and successful program "Darwin@LSE" which fosters research at the forefront of evolutionary theory.
www.edge.org /3rd_culture/cronin/cronin_index.html   (0 words)

  Judaism 101: Human Nature
On the question of human nature, as in most areas of abstract belief in Judaism, there is a lot of room for personal opinion.
The word for "image" in Gen. 1:27 is "tzelem," which refers to the nature or essence of a thing, as in Psalm 73:20, "you will despise their image (tzel'mam)." You despise a person's nature and not a person's physical appearance.
The rabbis inferred that these Yods stand for the word "yetzer," which means impulse, and the existence of two Yods here indicates that humanity was formed with two impulses: a good impulse (the yetzer tov) and an evil impulse (the yetzer ra).
www.jewfaq.org /human.htm   (781 words)

  Human nature - Psychology Wiki
Human nature is the fundamental nature and substance of humans, as well as the range of human behavior that is believed to be invariant over long periods of time and across very different cultural contexts.
According to Hobbes, humans in the state of nature are inherently in a "war of all against all," and life in that state is ultimately "nasty, brutish, and short." To Hobbes, this state of nature is remedied by good government.
Karl Marx inherits that Hegelian dialectic, and with it, a disdain for the notion of an underlying invariant human nature.
psychology.wikia.com /wiki/Human_nature   (3146 words)

  Human nature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Human nature is the fundamental nature and substance of humans, as well as the range of human behavior that is believed to be invariant over long periods of time and across very different cultural contexts.
State of nature refers to philosophical assertions regarding the condition of humans before social factors are imposed, thus attempting to describe the "natural essence" of human nature.
According to Hobbes, humans in the state of nature are inherently in a "war of all against all," and life in that state is ultimately "nasty, brutish, and short." To Hobbes, this state of nature is remedied by good government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Human_nature   (3936 words)

 Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Human nature
Human nature is the range of human behavio(u)r that is believed to be invariant across long periods of time and across very different cultural contexts.
Discussion on what accounts for human nature incorporates the question of what accounts for human behaviour in the individual person which has been described popularly as the 'nature versus nurture' dilemma, where 'nature' represents the 'genome' of a person and 'nurture' represents a person's environment.
Human females find male faces that are rated more masculine and less caring, more attractive during the part of their menstral cycle when they are most fertile.
www.fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Human_nature   (1240 words)

 [No title]
Human nature as 'the human personality' is an open natural system which is subjected to the forces of a changing environment and can only be understood from the perspective of systems approach and 'systems thinking' of systems theory....
The aim of human life is the unfolding of human powers according to the laws of the human growth or 'human nature'.
Human nature in the context of human evolution and the instinct for self-preservation...
www.holisticeducator.com /humannature.htm   (7588 words)

 Wilson (Edward) On Human Nature Summary
Human behavior evolved during a 5 million year period as hunter-gatherers to confer genetic fitness: increased personal survival, increased personal reproduction, and the enhanced survival and reproduction of close relatives who share the same genes by common descent.
Human behavior cannot be reliably predicted beyond generalizations, because of mathematical indeterminancy and the uncertainty principle.
Moreover, "the genius of human society is in fact the ease with which alliances are formed, broken, and reconstituted, always with strong emotional appeals to rules believed to be absolute." Spiritual commitments are absolute until they are broken.
www.mcgoodwin.net /pages/otherbooks/eow_humannature.html   (1526 words)

 [No title]
The concept of embeddedness in nature refers to the fact that human beings have the capacity to act freely and create the future through the use of their rationality and agency and yet are held back, both individually and collectively, by their being rooted in the past and in nature.
The particular irony of this dialectic is that the universality of the human species-being operates as a moral and ideological imperative in human societies: that is, the rational structures that are effective in human cognition and moral evaluation move human societies to account for their restrictions of universality as the application of universality itself.
That is, while the underlying stratum of human nature is structured by the universality of the human species-being, its empirical manifestation is deformed by embeddedness in nature.
people.sunyit.edu /~harrell/billyjack/marx_crt_shapiro.htm   (2502 words)

 Surviving Human Nature
We are developing an understanding how humans have moved from the primordial existence of humans in nature, living in small groups to a social existence that involves living in enlarging cities that are part of larger economic and political organizations.
Humans are used to social regulation through speech and written rules and tend to overlook the more basic and pervasive social controllers that operate from innate properties in the brain.
Human rights have been advanced as a universal ideal, but smart humans understand that persistent and unreasonable conflict is characteristic of their species.
www.nutramed.com /Philosophy/surving_human_nature.htm   (1654 words)

 Silkweaver : Singularity and human nature
Yet the point is that human nature is a given, so we can try to discover it, research it, understand it, and perhaps learn to shape our lives as individuals and as societies according to these findings, but we cannot alter its primary characteristics.
Contemporary human values are primarily based on the assumption that all humans share the same essential nature, and this nature is invariant.
Human future evolution will be completely in human hands to be directed, and no set of values or motives will withstand any constancy unless we choose it to be constant.
betterhumans.com /blogs/silkweaver/archive/2006/09/07/Singularity-and-human-nature.aspx   (2010 words)

 Human Nature (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Human Nature is a 2001 comedy film, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry.
Starring Tim Robbins, Rhys Ifans, and Patricia Arquette, the film focuses on a young man raised as an ape (Ifans) and the molds he is formed in by behavioral scientist Robbins and body-hair-covered Arquette.
It is loosely based on the Björk music video Human Behaviour which Michel Gondry directed in 1993.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Human_Nature_(film)   (130 words)

 The New Atlantis - A Journal of Technology and Society
Bacon concludes, “it is as natural to die as to be born.”
As long as the human beings using biotechnology do so in the service of their natural desires, their technical means might be new, but their moral ends will be rooted in the enduring desires of human nature.
To believe that we are heading for a “posthuman” future—where human nature as we know it will be abolished or transformed—one must accept the premise that our own biotechnical inventions are powerful enough and subtle enough to transform the complex biological natures that define who we are and what we desire.
www.thenewatlantis.com /archive/2/arnhart.htm   (5564 words)

 Human nature | TutorGig.co.uk Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Abrahamic religion holds that a human is a spiritual being which was deliberately created in the image of God, and exists in continued relationship with the God.
Thomism holds that humans have a genuine experience of free will, and this experience of free will is evidence of a soul that transcends the mere physical components of the system.
While philosophical naturalism is often assailed as a unacceptable view of human nature, it is endorsed by many prominent philosophers and thinkers.
www.tutorgig.co.uk /ed/Human_nature   (3278 words)

 Is socialism against "human nature"?
Sweeping claims about human nature are often made on the basis of evolutionary biology--that is, science’s understanding of how human beings, like other species of animals, have evolved and changed over time.
By the Marxist theory of human nature, Pinker means the view that human behavior depends on the historical and social circumstances in which people live.
Neanderthals, unlike modern humans, were physiologically well adapted to the cold European climate, but they were cognitively inferior to our ancestors--that is, their brains had a lower capacity for intelligence.
www.socialistworker.org /2004-1/494/494_08_HumanNature.shtml   (1303 words)

 Human Nature - Cranky Critic® Movie Reviews
For those of us who attempt to live as reg'lar joes, Human Nature is as much an homage to some great movies of the past as it is a comment on current society.
Human nature being what it is, Lila strikes gold as a writer of nature (and survival) books.
Human Nature, therefore, is a dissection of how civilized and uncivilized humans come together and how, surprise surprise, they aren't so different that they can't change sides when necessary.
www.crankycritic.com /archive02/humannature.html   (769 words)

 HUMAN NATURE?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Human nature is at the heart of every political ideology -- that is, the system that springs from the core ideas depends on a particular attitude regarding human nature.
Human nature at root is what we are -- what it means to be human, if anything.
Human nature is an old idea, once humanity began to get a sense of itself, beginning with early philosophy.
www.cat.org.au /a4a/nature.html   (2073 words)

 Evolution and Human Nature
Human nature, like all functional attributes of organisms, was determined by differential reproduction of varying entities in the ancestral environment.
For example, humans naturally jerk away from a hot object, shiver to keep warm, cringe or duck when an object comes close to the head, put our arms out when we fall, etc. Of course, these behaviors are shared with many other animals, in some cases all mammals and probably some others as well.
Humans too have this possessive instinct; males and females alike resent being cheated on (though this arises for other genetic reasons as well), and no one likes to have his possessions stolen by a rival or a thief.
library.thinkquest.org /C004367/ph3.shtml   (2024 words)

 Amazon.com: On Human Nature: Books: Edward O. Wilson   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On Human Nature was written as a continuation of Sociobiology, greatly expanding the final chapter, "Man: From Sociobiology to Sociology." In doing so, Wilson has met with reaction from some quarters similar to the reaction the Victorians gave Darwin.
Anyone interested in human nature (yes, one may profitably generalize about human nature, as long as one understands what a generalization is, and appreciates its limitations) should read this book, one of the most significant ever written on a subject of unparalleled importance.
Behavioral tendencies in human nature are described, for example, as various channels, some of which are shallow (and can therefore more easily be overcome), while others are much deeper (and therefore much more resistant to efforts to counteract them).
www.amazon.com /Human-Nature-Edward-O-Wilson/dp/067463442X   (3053 words)

 The DVD Journal | Quick Reviews: Human Nature
Human Nature is one such instance, a film with exaggerated sketches of people who symbolize the humor and horror of living in a world out of balance.
While on a nature hike, they spot an ape-man (Rhys Ifans) whose schizophrenic father lost his mind once he read that Kennedy was shot.
But Human Nature goes steps further in becoming an absurdist screwball with compelling insight about how we perceive lovers, attraction, propriety, nature, and to a certain extent movies.
www.dvdjournal.com /quickreviews/h/humannature.q.shtml   (631 words)

 Human Nature—Did God Create It?
This incident reveals Adam's attitude and nature as he was created, PRIOR TO his temptation by Satan (which is recorded in chapter 3).
It does not reflect a heart that is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, as human nature is described (Jeremiah 17:9), nor a carnal mind that is enmity (hostile) against God and which "is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be" (Romans 8:7).
This booklet began with the question of whether this evil "human nature" is born in a sweet tiny baby.
cgg.org /index.cfm/fuseaction/Library.sr/CT/HWA/k/1130/Human-Nature.htm   (6733 words)

 Definition of Human Nature
he short answer to the definition of human nature is it is the sum of qualities and traits shared by all humans.
From a Christian perspective the definition of human nature cannot be explained adequately without explaining the human nature that is in right relationship with God.
Our human nature may have the tendency to follow our sin nature, but that is not why God made us.
www.access-jesus.com /definition-of-human-nature.html   (1163 words)

 The Human Nature Daily Review edited by Ian Pitchford - News, Research, Book reviews, Articles, Essays, Commentary, ...
One is that human nature is evolved and universal; the other is that variations in personality and mental capabilities are substantially inherited.
Their studies suggest the human brain is hard-wired to reject dissonant sounds.
Ehrlich is scheduled to call for the establishment of a Millennium Assessment of Human Behavior (MAHB) during a speech at the 89th annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) in Portland, Ore., on Aug. 2.
www.human-nature.com /nibbs   (7437 words)

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