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Topic: Hummus

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  Hummus III - Allrecipes
"Hummus is a pureed garbanzo bean dip with Middle Eastern origins.
My husband and I are arabic so we eat a lot of hummus and after making this recipe we agreed it is absolutely easier to make it then to get in our car and drive to the restaurant and carry it out.
We also added red pepper which is a staple ingredient in hummus so I was surprised it was ommited (not a lot- maybe a teaspoon or so).
allrecipes.com /Recipe/Hummus-III/Detail.aspx   (687 words)

 Hummus Bros - Give (Chick) Peas a Chance
--> Hummus Bros is about feeding you homemade hummus with mouth watering toppings, scooped off your own individual bowl with warm pitta bread, and accompanied by refreshing salads and juices.
We are proud to be the only place in the UK to concentrate solely on what we love most - hummus.
Hummus Bros is the trading name of Hummus Brothers Ltd
www.hbros.co.uk   (114 words)

Serve hummus as a dip with fresh cut vegetables such as carrots, or serve with crackers.
Hummus also works well as a sandwich spread, in pita bread and spread in wraps.
Some possible additions to hummus sandwiches are grated carrots, sliced or chopped tomatoes, salad greens, chopped or sliced red or green pepper.
lancaster.unl.edu /food/hummus.htm   (245 words)

  Allrecipes - Recipe Search
This yummy hummus is made with all the traditional ingredients - garbanzo beans, tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil - and includes sun-dried tomatoes and fennel seed.
A straightforward hummus that may be augmented with roasted red peppers or olives.
A simple authentic tasting hummus is served with toasted pita wedges brushed with olive oil and seasoned with rosemary.
www.allrecipes.com /Search/Recipes.aspx?WithTerm=hummus   (483 words)

  Hummus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hummus (Arabic: حُمُّص‎; Hebrew: חוּמוּס or חִמצָה; Armenian translit: hamos; also spelled houmous, hommus, hummous or humus) is a dip made of chickpea paste and tahini (sesame seed paste), with flavorings such as olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and paprika.
Hummus is traditionally scooped up with flatbread, but is increasingly popular as a dip for tortilla chips in non-Middle Eastern countries.
Hummus is usually eaten in pita by schoolchildren for lunch in Jordan, and is also extremely popular throughout the Middle East among all population groups.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hummus   (503 words)

 Falafel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hummus with tahini, if used, is typically spread on the pita along with any chili sauce.
In Syria and Lebanon, the typical filling is tahini or hummus (or both), tomato, lettuce, cabbage, pickles and lemon slices.
In Israel, Lebanon, and the UAE, french fries are a frequent addition.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Falafel   (773 words)

 The Greek Gods - Hummus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The word hummus is actually the Arabic word for chickpea and many versions of hummus have existed for thousands and thousands of years.
Hummus is one of the most popular foods to emerge from the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.
Many people use hummus as a spread on sandwiches, in place of mayonnaise, as a topping on broiled fish or chicken, on baked potatoes instead of sour cream, or as the main ingredient in a vegetarian sandwich.
3greekgods.com /Hummus3GG.htm   (216 words)

 Allrecipes | Recipe Quick Search
A simple authentic tasting hummus is served with toasted pita wedges brushed with olive oil and seasoned with rosemary.
A straightforward hummus that may be augmented with roasted red peppers or olives.
This is a unique hummus recipe which doesn't call for tahini, and adds the flavor of roasted garlic.
search.allrecipes.com /searchresults.asp?q1=hummus   (483 words)

 CHOICE - Test: Hummus
Hummus is one of the most popular types of dip around, but choosing a good one can be a bit of a lucky dip.
Hummus is generally a combination of five basic ingredients: chickpeas, tahini (sesame seed paste), oil, garlic and lemon juice.
Hummus is actually the Arabic word for chickpea, but the name has become synonymous with the dip, not just the one ingredient.
www.choice.com.au /viewArticleAsOnePage.aspx?id=105071   (776 words)

 Tribe Mediterranean Foods All Natural Hummus Flavors
This bright hummus is a winner at parties.
This fresh, delicate herb is a Mediterranean staple that is first rate in our hummus.
Vine ripened peppers are blended in our hummus for a spicy, tangy treat.
www.twosheiks.com /hummus.html   (190 words)

 Recipes with Hummus - Home Cooking - Chowhound
Then the hummus is layered in a baking dish with basturma and chopped olives and baked until warm.
Just top the hummus with shredded chicken (grilled or a rotisserie bird), be sure to add all the meat juice too, and then top with pine nuts.
Hummus is a nice change from mayo or mustard in wraps or spread on top of sliced tomatoes and broiled.
www.chowhound.com /topics/362888   (1243 words)

 ContraCostaTimes.com | 03/14/2007 | Hummus goes mainstream
Hummus is one of those foods that seems strange to Westerners -- until they try it.
Although most of the supermarket hummus is eaten as a dip with vegetables or crackers, it's also getting attention as a substitute for more fatty spreads and thickeners.
Since Haddad is in charge of monitoring the quality of all of the hummus his restaurant and deli sells, he is also on the lookout for tahini that is the wrong color.
www.contracostatimes.com /mld/cctimes/living/16900952.htm   (1682 words)

 Hummus recipe - MediterrAsian.com
Hummus is a creamy puree of chickpeas and tahini (sesame seed paste) seasoned with lemon juice and garlic, and is a popular spread and dip in Greece and throughout the Middle East.
Hummus can be served as part of a meze platter; with bread or vegetable crudités for dipping; as a spread or filling for pita, lavash or Turkish pide bread; or as a tasty, creamy alternative to butter in sandwiches.
If you like a spicier hummus, add a small red chili (chopped) or a pinch of cayenne pepper, or try a little cumin for a more exotic variation.
www.mediterrasian.com /delicious_recipes_hummus.htm   (165 words)

 Going garbanzo
Hummus is a Middle Eastern workhorse that goes with just about everything.
Traditionally, hummus is a purée of garbanzo beans, tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, garlic and a little water and oil.
But the best part about hummus is that it's so easy to make, you can whip up a batch any time the mood strikes and customize it any way you like.
www.austin360.com /food_drink/content/food_drink/dining_at_home/stories/2006/10/18hummus.html   (1134 words)

 Hummus Recipe at Epicurious.com
In a food processor purée the chick-peas with the garlic paste, the tahini, the lemon juice, 1/4 cup of the oil, and 1/2 cup water, scraping down the sides, until the hummus is smooth and add salt to taste.
In the food processor, cleaned, purée the remaining 1/4 cup oil with the parsley until the oil is bright green and the parsley is minced transfer the parsley oil to a small jar.
The hummus and the parsley oil may be made 3 days in advance and kept covered and chilled.
www.epicurious.com /recipes/food/views/101577   (316 words)

 Bethesda Magazine
The result is a lemony-light hummus with a whisper of garlic and an undertone of tahini.
The hummus, the waiter further explains, is from the other 2 percent of the menu, the Afghani side.
The hummus comes on a large white plate, dotted with five olives, and served with a small Greek salad on the side and lots of pita points.
www.bethesdamagazine.com /nov05/hummus.php   (1579 words)

 Creative Loafing - Creative Loafing Atlanta: Food: Kitchen Witch: Hummus: The seven-minute wonder
Tahini paste may be new for some cooks; made from ground sesame seeds, it imparts a nutty richness to the hummus and works well in salad dressings.
Nada serves her hummus with pita points, but I also like to eat it with veggies, including cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers.
Hummus can be made a few days in advance, and can be frozen.
atlanta.creativeloafing.com /gyrobase/Content?oid=oid:16920   (374 words)

 Ready for a Twist on Hummus? Recipe - 101 Cookbooks
The foundation for hummus is the pug-looking, nutty-tasting chickpea.
I made hummus the other day and added a few red peppers- not sure what they're called- like red, orange and yellow bell peppers but smaller and sweeter- and it gave my hummus a gorgeous pink-orange color and a delicious sweet flavor.
A hummus alternative for me. I'm allergic to hummus, and since Portland seems to be the hummus capital of the West coast (I counted 16 BRANDS at the store last week!) I can rarely eat at parties since everyone insists on hummus.
www.101cookbooks.com /archives/001393.html   (2628 words)

 HUMMUS Abu Shukri | Sonstige Kochrezepte Forum | CHEFKOCH.DE
Hummus wird nur mit der Kochflüssigkeit und Zitronensaft, nach und nach zugegeben, feingerührt.
Und herumschwimmende Schalen habe ich auch noch nie erlebt, obwohl ich schon oft Hummus gemacht habe.
Und Hummus weckte in mir andere Erfahrungen...aber langsam traue ich mich nicht mehr...ein Rezept von jemenitischen Juden einzugeben...
www.chefkoch.de /forum/2,1,42501/HUMMUS-Abu-Shukri.html   (1826 words)

 Insalata's Recipes: Hummus with Green Goo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Because the hummus will thicken once it is chilled, it may need to be thinned with a little water to the consistency of soft mashed potatoes.
To make the hummus, cover the dried garbanzo beans in a large bowl with 6 cups of water for at least 3 hours or overnight.
I think the real reason why our hummus is so popular is the yummy “green goo”, which we spread on top of the hummus.
www.insalatas.com /html/hummus.html   (558 words)

 Hummus Recipe - The Veggie Table - Vegetarian Recipes and Info
Hummus, or houmous, is an Eastern Mediterranean dip, very common in Greece and Lebanon as well as a number of other countries.
Spread the hummus into a shallow bowl, drizzle with olive oil, and garnish with lemon slices, minced parsley, and a drizzle of olive oil.
Hummus is eaten in many different countries, so there are a lot of variations, especially in spices.
www.theveggietable.com /recipes/hummus.html   (214 words)

 What is Hummus?
Hummus is a middle-eastern food composed of chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, and tahini, a paste similar in texture to peanut butter that is made from sesame seeds.
Hummus is typically eaten with pita or other flat bread.
Now enjoy your hummus and know you are getting valuable protein, fiber and antioxidants at the same time.
www.wisegeek.com /what-is-hummus.htm   (415 words)

 What is Hummus ?
Hummus is a dip made of chickpea paste with various additions, such as olive oil, fresh garlic, lemon juice, paprika, and
It is popular throughout Middle East, including in Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, though the hummus eaten in Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus is quite different from the hummus eaten in the Arab world and in Israel.
Hummus is relatively cheap to make with either dried or canned chickpeas.
www.jewishrecipes.org /jewish-foods/hummus.html   (307 words)

 Hummus Recipes
Hummus (pronounced Hum-ess) is a wonderful, totally vegetarian dip made from pureed chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame seed paste), olive oil and lemon juice.
Serve the hummus with fresh or toasted pita and/or as a dip for fresh vegetables.
You are looking for a hummus consistency; add water or oil if it is too dry.
www.mizfrogspad.com /Diet/Recipes/Hummus.htm   (1571 words)

 Best Hummus Recipe — A Crowd-Pleaser for Thousands of Years and Going Strong
Hummus is the Arab word for chickpea, more commonly known in the United States by its Spanish name, 'garbanzo' bean.
But 'Hummus' has become synonymous with the dip, not just the one ingredient.
And in fact, the history of hummus extends across the Mediterranean, as far as India, and reaches back thousands of years.
www.greatpartyrecipes.com /hummusrecipe.html   (346 words)

 Wifely Steps: I just can't get enough...
There's a little Shawarma stall in the food court near my office, and I always have a feast on 2 orders of Pita Bread and a plate of their hummus.
All you need is a blender (which I don't have at home, hence my making hummus only in my folks' place...), 1 15 oz.
The best thing about hummus is that it has no cholesterol, no sugars, no saturated fat and is high on protein and fibers.
wifelysteps.blogspot.com /2004/09/i-just-cant-get-enough.html   (382 words)

 Recipe: Hummus bi'l-Tahina (Levantine Arab)
The convenience of prepared hummus is perfect for our harried lifestyles, but unfortunately most prepared hummus is sub-standard.
No matter how you make hummus, it is important to peel and discard the thin white skins of the chickpeas.
Spoon the hummus onto a large round serving platter, not a bowl.
www.cliffordawright.com /recipes/hummus.html   (750 words)

If it's not blending very well, scoop the hummus back out into your bowl and give it a good mashing with a potato masher.
Hummus is a very thick spread and it's very hard to get it well-mixed with either the blender or the food processor.
Also, please note that your hummus will be more green depending on how much parsley you use.
www.shadesofjaim.com /recipes/hummus.html   (306 words)

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