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Topic: Huvadhu

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  NSS attacks women and children on Huvadhu atoll
Maathodaa and Fares islands, recently joined by reclamation and now known as Fares-Maathodaa, were two of the most peaceful islands in Maldives until President Gayyoom's personal National Security Service militia attacked the inhabitants with electric shock truncheons, tear gas and 'rubber' bullets on 5 January 2006.
The dictator is an ignorant and petty man who loves to punish anyone who refuses to kowtow and beg for assistance.
If he is successful, the dictator would be able to declare a state of emergency and suspension of all democratic reform, and press bogus treason and terrorism charges against members of the Maldivian Democratic party.
www.minivannews.com /news/news.php?id=1652   (733 words)

 Maldivian atoll fishing crisis
Shopkeepers on the most populous two islands, Viligili and Thinadhoo, said they were owed so much money they could no longer aford to supply goods on credit.
Fishing began to deteriorate around Huvadhu atoll at the beginning of this year, 2001, and for the past ten months there has been no fishing at all due mainly to a serious shortage of baitfish.
Most of the fishing vessels in Huvadhu atoll are large boats and it is expensive to operate them.
www.maldivesculture.com /maldives_fishing01.html   (571 words)

 :. Maldives official website - Nature - Geography
The atolls, stretch from north to south for about 764 kilometres and spread to 128 kilometres at the widest point.
The equator cuts across the country between the southernmost atolls, laying Addu and Fuamulaku to the south and Huvadhu Atoll to the north.
The closest neighbours of Maldives are India (595 km) to the north, Sri Lanka (670 km) to the northeast and the Chagos group of islands (550 km) directly to the south.
www.maldivesinfo.gov.mv /info/include/nature_geography.php   (148 words)

  RegalDive - Liveaboards > Maldives > Boats
Sultan boats operate in Huvadhu atoll, which is located in the far south of the Maldives.
Marine life in Huvadhu atoll is prolific and the dives themselves are an exciting combination of drift dives through channels from the outer reef to gentle dives on the inner atoll.
Access to Huvadhu and the Sultan boats is via an internal flight from Male.
www.regal-diving.co.uk /home/index.php?f=liveaboards_maldives_boats   (570 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Atoll
Large atolls are also found in the Tuamotu Archipelago, the largest being Rangiroa, with a lagoon area of 1018 km².
Huvadhu or Huvadhoo- the largest atoll in the Maldives and in the whole world.
Lihou Reef and Cays is the largest atoll by total size in the Coral Sea.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Atoll   (2769 words)

 Mahl language Information
She is yet to do research on the dialect of Huvadhu Atoll.
How ever from Male' (Maldives) to the south up to Huvadhu Atoll (Maldives) the amount of archaich features increase but from Huvadhu Atoll the amount of archaich features decrease towards south.
And the dialect of Huvadhu is characterized by the highest degree of archaicity.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Mahl_language   (920 words)

 :: Dhivehi Observer :: Peoples Press ::
After Mohamed Thakurufaan took control of the capital in 1573, his forces were sent against recalcitrant areas of the country, and they were sometimes rewarded with control in perpetuity of these re-conquered islands.
Thinadhoo on Gaaf Dhaalu (Huvadhu) atoll and Ribudhoo on Dhaalu (South Nilandhoo) atoll were granted to the Male’ militia at this time.
Historian Hakeem Hussein Manik was an eyewitness to vicious beatings of prisoners by the Sifain on the streets of Male', and for days he heard the screams of tortured people inside the Male' fort.
www.e-maldives.com /news/militiatotorturers.htm   (3757 words)

 :: Dhivehi Observer :: Peoples Press ::
The newly-appointed speaker of the remnants of special constitutional majlis, president's brother-in-law Abbas Ibrahim is seeking re-election in southern Huvadhu atoll, which he has supposedly represented in the majlis for the last five years.
Ignorant men like Abbas Ibrahim think the islanders are their slaves and unworthy of even a visit, and members like him have been able to hold their seats despite arrogant disregard for the electorates.
Abbas once described himself as a bear, but this week he was exposed as a weasel in bear's clothing when his campaigners began circulating the false rumour in Huvadhu that their candidate was actually a member of the Maldivian Democratic Party.
www.dhivehiobserver.com /election04/mdp_win_likely.htm   (729 words)

 The Ultimate Addu - American History Information Guide and Reference
Only six of the islands in the Atoll are inhabited and they are Meedhoo, Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, Feydhoo, Gan, and Hulhudhoo with the total population just over 18,000.
Along with Huvadhu Atoll and Fua Mulaku, Addu is separated from the other Maldivian atolls by the one and half degree channel.
The British had a military air/sea force base - RAF Gan - on the island of Gan during the World War I and between 1957 and 1976.
www.historymania.com /american_history/Addu   (129 words)

 Maldives Travel - Popular Cities
The biggest atoll in the Maldives and the whole world is Huvadhu which is just south of the one and a half degree channel.
Fua Mulaku or Gnaviyani Atoll is the smallest atoll in the Maldives, situated in the Equatorial channel between Huvadhu and Addu.
Only 6 of the islands in the Atoll are inhabited and they are Meedhoo, Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, Feydhoo, Gan and Hulhudhoo with the total population just over 18,000.
www.maldives.biz /cities.php   (338 words)

 Maldives Royal Family Official Website: Maldives Culture
There the sister told the crew that the islands belonged to her and so they could land anywhere and do what they wanted.
Takurufan asked him to stay with the court but due to his strong piety and asceticism, Jamaludeen declined this offer and instead asked for permission to live in a remote island.
With the consent of the king, he went to Vaadhoo island on Huvadhu atoll.
www.maldivesroyalfamily.com /maldives_culture_tareek1.shtml   (6815 words)

 Maldives Royal Family Official Website: Majid's Pages- Three Palms Mohamed
By chance, they came upon the Huvadhu atoll tax-collector as he unloaded his cargo under a tree at the north beach.
Chosen for his outstanding intellect and wisdom, the new king also proved to be a cruel and vengeful man who amputated men’s hands for theft, and he had never forgotten that insulting kick from the Huvadhu tax collector...
They entered Huvadhu channel and a thick flotsam of husks surrounded their odi and seemed to stay with them as they sailed.
www.maldivesroyalfamily.com /three_palms_mohamed.shtml   (2694 words)

 Expatriates Refuse to Work
Ninety-two expatriates working in Funamaudhoo, North Huvadhu Atoll have gone on strike claiming they have been beaten and not paid.
They have travelled to Thinadhoo, Ghaaf Daal, where they are waiting to return to their native homes, Thinadhoo Police said.
When asked to explain the Funamaudhoo situation, Jabir refused to give comment and said that all questions regarding Yacht Tours Maldives must be answered by a representative at the company’s office.
minivannews.com /news/news.php?id=2831   (376 words)

 subcorpus blog » Visit to Huvadhu Atoll …
subcorpus blog » Visit to Huvadhu Atoll …;
Had to fly out to Huvadhu Atoll …;
And the ride around the atoll was very tiring …
www.subcorpus.net /blog/2006/07/09/visit-to-huvadhu-atoll   (261 words)

Best time of the year to visit this region is March to April and August to November.
The best time to visit Huvadhu Atoll is in North East Monsoon, January to March and also November to October.
Although there are waves to ride throughout the season swell is most consistent during January to March.
www.andersonholidays.com /html/surfing.html   (229 words)

 AAFATHIS NEWS | English section
They were sworn in before the President, and the oath of office was administered by the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Sh.
Ahmed Moosa of Henveiru Amsaa Villa, as the Atoll Chief of South Huvadhu Atoll.
Ahmed Moosa, the new Atoll Chief of South Huvadhu Atoll, were both serving as Deputy Directors at the Ministry of Atolls Development.
www.aafathisnews.com.mv /en/stories/?section=&story=472   (630 words)

 South Huvadhu Atoll Thinadoo Sports Club has become the champions of zone 7
South Huvadhu Atoll Thinadoo Sports Club has become the champions of zone 7, in the zone qualification stage of the 37th National Volleyball Tournament.
Prizes were awarded to winners of different categories and the champion and runner-up teams by Atoll Chief of South Huvadhu Atoll, Ahmed Moosa.
Mohamed Asif of the Association of Nilandhoo Youth was named man of the final match.
www.maldivesinfo.gov.mv /news.php?newsid=7477   (103 words)

 Dhivehi Observer News | South Asia | Maldives | News
The people of Gaddhoo island in southeastern Huvadhu atoll, the worst tsunami affected island in the atoll, warned Abbas Ibrahim to leave the island today and he was forced off Gaddhoo early in the afternoon.
Abbas is the Gayyoom-appointed speaker of the Special constitutional Majlis, the People's majlis (parliament) candidate for south Huvadhu atoll and the powerful brother-in-law of President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.
The public outrage began when Abbas was found discreetly distributing cash in sums of Mrf500 and Mrf1000 to some of his supporters inside a room in Bageechaage, where his campaign office is located.
www.dhivehiobserver.com /election04/abbas_ibrahim_gaddhoo.htm   (457 words)

 Amazon.com: Huvadhu: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: )
South Huvadhu Atoll ' o 118 Gan ~ _11 Addu Atoll 75'...
Hun-yuan 26 1111 Huvadhu Atoll Maldives 78 P6 49 B1 Hugulia Norway 61 `02'N...
Nordtnrslnche Inseln Island,gran), N Germany North Huvadhu Atoll 132 B5 rue Gaatu Al,tu Atoll.
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Huvadhu&tag=httpexplaguid-20&index=books&link_code=qs&page=1   (732 words)

 Diving Maldives Liveaboards MV.Manthiri Scuba Diving   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Both way domestic flights are required in addition to the regular trip cost.
The eastern half of this atoll and the much smaller Addu atoll further down south across the equator offer some of the colorful and clouded prestine reefs.
Guests will take a domestic flight from Male' to Kaandedhdhoo, in Huvadhu atoll, to join MANTHIRI there and, at the end of the tour, get off at Addu to fly back to Male' for catching their international flight back home.
www.liveaboardsmaldives.com /maldives-mvmanthiri.htm   (931 words)

 Addu or Seenu Atoll is the southern most atoll atoll...
Only 6 of the islands in the Atoll are inhabited and they are Meedhoo, Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, Feydhoo, Gan and Hulhudhoo with the total population population just over 18,000.
Along with Huvadhu Huvadhu Atoll and Fua Mulaku Fua Mulaku, Addu is separated from the other Maldivian atolls by the one and half degree channel.
The British has a ilitary air/sea force base on the island of Gan during the World War I World War I and between 1957 and 1976.
www.biodatabase.de /Addu   (168 words)

 Majid's Pages - Fuvah Mulaku Photos- , society and culture
A shrine, of the type known as ziyaaraiy containing a tomb or occasionally a footstep of a folk saint, on the north western side of Fuvah Mulaku.
Locals and people from as far as Addu and Huvadhu visit Gen Mosque and this ziyaaraiy to fulfill their vows.
It is believed that the saint associated with the ziyaaraiy would intercede on behalf of the supplicant.
www.maldivesroyalfamily.com /maldives_mulaku_photo_1.shtml   (440 words)

 Addu Meedhoo Web Site- On Culture, History, Genealogy, & Other varieties on Addu Meedhoo.
Islamic renaissance heralded in this island at the return of a renowned indigenous scholar, Jamaluddeen, from long residence in Yemen to take responsibility for Islamic law and learning.
After training judges in Malé, he retreated to the ancient island of Vaadhoo in Huvadhu atoll and established a small but enduring tradition of education in Islamic law which spread across the Equatorial channel into Meedhoo on Addu atoll.
And Meedhoo has been responsible for passing this tradition of education into the present generation.
www.angelfire.com /country/addumeedhoo/english/intro/intro.html   (528 words)

 [No title]
Daily rainfall of 61.9 mm, were reported at the Meteorological Office, Hanimaadhoo (WMO # 43533) on the 12th of May. In this occasion sea transportation has been suspended and damage to properties was reported from some islands.
Another severe disturbance started on 5th of July in the form of a low-level circulation in the west of Huvadhu atoll.
The stormy system caused widespread rain and thundershowers over the country.
www.wmo.ch /web/www/TCP/TCPanel-30/Doc3App-A.doc   (394 words)

 Prayer Times, Qiblah, Mosques (Masjids), Islamic Centers, Organizations and Muslim Owned Businesses worldwide.
Distance between Kaaba(Makkah) and North Huvadhu Atoll: 2672.76 miles or 4300.47 Km.
Allah says: "And seek assistance through patience and prayer, and most surely it is a hard thing except for the humble ones." 2/45
Get prayer times every month for North Huvadhu Atoll by email.
www.islamicfinder.org /prayerDetail.php?country=maldives&city=North_Huvadhu_Atoll&state=27&id=813&month=&year=&email=&home=2005-2-8&lang=&aversion=&athan=   (120 words)

 maldives culture - history index - tradtional and modern sources
Three Palms Mohamed - an ancient story from Malé and Huvadhu
'King Nasuraddheen once again wrote to the Huvadhu tax collector.
This time the letter didn't go into details; it ordered him to Malé without conditions.
www.maldivesculture.com /histor01.html   (1038 words)

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