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Topic: Hybrid car

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  Hybrid vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the intervening period, the widest use of hybrid technology was actually in diesel-electric submarines, which operate in essentially the same manner as hybrid electric cars.
Like many electric cars, but in contrast to conventional vehicles, braking in a hybrid is controlled in part by the electric motor which can recapture part of the kinetic energy of the car to partially recharge the batteries.
The purchase of hybrid cars qualifies for a $2000 tax deduction on the IRS 1040 form for the year of 2003.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hybrid_car   (5390 words)

 Encyclopedia article: Hybrid vehicle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Braking in a hybrid vehicle is controlled by the electric motor (A motor that converts electricity to mechanical work) which recaptures part of the kinetic energy (The mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of its motion) of the car to partially recharge the batteries.
Hybrid technology actually originated with diesel electric (additional info and facts about diesel electric) submarine (A submersible warship usually armed with torpedoes) s, which operate in essentially the same manner as hybrid electric cars.
For now, car manufacturers are focusing on fuel cell (Cell that produces electricity by oxidation of fuel (hydrogen and oxygen or zinc and air); for use in electric cars) based cars and hybrids.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/h/hy/hybrid_vehicle.htm   (3415 words)

 Encyclopedia: Hybrid car
When cruising or idling, some of the output of the combustion engine is fed to a generator (sometimes merely the main electric motor running backwards) which generates electricity to charge the batteries.
Hybrids still require conventional fuel—usually gasoline, though diesel and other fuels have also seen occasional use.
Prior to its modern meaning of hybrid propulsion, the word hybrid was used in the United States to mean a vehicle of mixed national origin; generally, a European car fitted with American mechanical components.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Hybrid-car   (1085 words)

 Hybrid Car   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Hybrid car is a solution to solve this problem; it combines two or more sources of power.
A special feature for a hybrid car is that we do not need long extension cords to charge the battery.
But if your car uses half the gas to go a mile, it means that you reduce your pollution by half than the other cars.
www.public.iastate.edu /~adams/paper2.htm   (1351 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does a hybrid car work?"
We are all familiar with gasoline-powered cars, and most people have heard about or seen electric cars.
The reason why cars have 100- or 200-horsepower engines to is handle acceleration from a standing stop, as well as for passing and hill climbing.
This sort of hybrid car is essentially an electric car with a built-in recharger for longer range.
auto.howstuffworks.com /question262.htm   (487 words)

 Future cars, Hybrid Cars
Hybrid car is the result of efforts put by people in developing electric cars and having faith in cars powered by electric motors.
Hybrid car development is only a change in tactics due to failure in improvement of efficient batteries.
The technology for hybrid scooters is similar to that of hybrid cars where the battery for hybrid scooters are charged during deceleration and it temporarily stops the engine when vehicles have to stop at traffic.
futurecars.blogspot.com   (5497 words)

 tBLOG - hybrid cars
However, hybrid cars could not be 100% safe for environment but we could take it as intermediary solution for the huge emissions problems we are facing in the recent times.
Hybrid cars use high voltage batteries and this is the main cause of concern for emergency workers.
The car also captures energy by the momentum of the car during braking and deceleration and this energy is used by electric motors which recharges the batteries.
hybridcars.tblog.com   (3066 words)

 Green Cars, Hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen fuel, and hydrogen powered
Green cars, hydrogen fuel, fuel-cell cars, and fuel cell cars are on the rise.
The hybrid engine is being used in larger and higher end cars to provide more power when accelerating, to "get more work out of a gallon of gasoline," rather than to cut back on the number of gallons used.
Hybrid has a family of EPA Certified light, medium systems that are bi-fuel, dual fuel and dedicated conversion technologies for gasoline and diesel platforms.
green-cars.blogspot.com   (5551 words)

 InsightCentral.net: The Independent Honda Insight Website
The Hybrid Accord generates 255 peak horsepower (versus 240 hp for the Accord V-6 Sedan) and includes many high-end options, resulting in a base price tag of $29,990 or $31,990 with navigation system.
The V6 Accord Hybrid is clearly intended to compete with Toyota's mid-size Prius and it is poised to do so well, with projected fuel economy equal to the compact Civic in a mid-size package, and performance surpassing that of its Accord V6 Sedan sibling, already powerful at 240-horsepower.
Along with the announcement of the 2005 Accord Hybrid, Honda promises to make use of its brand-new VCM technology in another model, to be introduced later this year.
www.insightcentral.net   (816 words)

 Hybrid Cars Blog. Everything about hybrid cars, trucks, SUVs and other hybrid vehicles including plug-in hybrids, the ...
While the Toyota Prius hybrid continues to dominate hybrid sales, the second generation Honda Civic hybrid has also been a hot seller, and with all this new development into technology, a true Prius topper could be just around the corner.
Sometimes the beginning of the year can be a slow time for car sales, and this might have an effect on hybrid cars as well.
If the hybrid tax deduction won't have a big effect on your return, it might not be a bad idea to shop for a hybrid in these last few days of the year.
www.hybridcarblog.com   (2406 words)

 Hybrid car review:
DAVE MORLEY: What that means is that the hybrid car can reduce the fuel consumption of a typical family car by about 50 per cent, and reduce emissions by up to 90 per cent.
One of the big problems with old-fashioned electric cars and hybrids is that they needed big, heavy battery packs which took up all of the back seat.
And even the parent company itself admits that the novelty of a hybrid car could be wearing thin on the motoring public.
www.abc.net.au /gnt/future/Transcripts/s1128952.htm   (956 words)

 Hybrid Vehicle Information from localDC.com
Energy is going to be an issue that you are going to hear about constantly from now on, as countries like China, South Korea, Russia and many others greatly increase their consumption of energy.
Hybrids produce less of several pollutants: carbon dioxide (the global warming gas), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO; a poisonous gas), Particulate Matter (PM: tiny particles of solid matter that lodge in the lungs and deposit on buildings), Formaldehyde (HCHO; a lung irritant and carcinogen).
However, driving a hybrid car is a very tangible thing we can do to be doing our part in creating a healthy future.
localdc.com /hybrids.htm   (335 words)

This is the story of a hybrid car, purchased in October 2003.
This weekend's edition of USA Today includes a story on hybrid cars which features this author and this blog.
Autoblog reports that hybrid car manufacturers are taking strides to better educate consumers around optimizing mileage.
hybridbuzz.blogspot.com   (935 words)

 Wired News: Hybrid Mileage Comes Up Short
Hybrid cars are hot, but not as hot as their owners, who complain that their gas mileage hasn't come close to well-advertised estimates.
But after a few months of commuting to his job in Cincinnati, Blackshaw's hybrid euphoria vanished as his car's odometer revealed that the gas mileage he was hoping for was only a pipe dream.
Honda's Civic Hybrid is rated by the EPA to get 47 miles per gallon in the city, and 48 mpg on the highway.
www.wired.com /news/autotech/0,2554,63413,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1   (778 words)

 Hybrid Car Information and Resources
A hybrid car, also known as an HEV or hybrid electric vehicle, is an automobile that is powered by two sources; an internal combustion engine, and an electric motor.
Hybrid cars have no use for plugs, as they are amply charged by the movement of the wheels, and storing the kinetic energy that is generated through a process called regenerative braking.
Though current hybrid car tax incentives/rebates are being phased out, consumers can look forward to rebates of up to $5000 in 2005.
www.hybrid-car.org   (319 words)

 Best Hybrid Car websites!
Hybrids are cars that run off a rechargeable battery and gasoline, rather than just gasoline.
Hybrid gasoline motors can shut off when the car is stopped and run off their electricity.
Hybrids are better than all-electric cars because hybrid car batteries recharge as you drive so there is no need to plug in.
www.care2.com /channels/ecoinfo/hybrid   (468 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Hybrid Cars Work"
Or maybe you're worried that your car is contributing to the greenhouse effect.
You're probably aware of hybrid cars because they've been in the news a lot.
As seen on the HBO show "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrids on the market.
auto.howstuffworks.com /hybrid-car.htm   (187 words)

 [No title]
The Insight was Hondaís first commercial attempt at a hybrid vehicle and was designed mostly for enthusiasts and early adopters as opposed to the mass market.
The Hybrid is much heavier, yet its acceleration is still similar to that of the aluminum alloy Insight.
Because this is a hybrid car, you instinctively know that these are going to be important.
arstechnica.com /reviews/other/2003-civic-hy.ars/1   (871 words)

 Car Talk
How not to waste the Car Talk hour and a Fiat prank gone sadly awry.
Take a tour with us and see what Tom and Ray have in their trunks (so to speak).
CAR TALK, DEWEY, CHEETHAM & HOWE, SHAMELESS COMMERCE, and WARPED DISCS and are registered trademarks of Tom and Ray Magliozzi and/or Tappet Brothers Associates d/b/a Dewey, Cheetham & Howe.
cartalk.com   (263 words)

 Is a hybrid car really good for your wallet? - The Driver's Seat - MSNBC.com
Hybrids like the Toyota Prius or the Honda Insight are certainly among the most fuel-efficient cars now on American roads, clocking up some 40 or 50 miles to the gallon in some tests.
And owning a hybrid vehicle also means you’re doing your part for the environment by reducing auto emissions.
And with the price of retail gasoline surging to a record national average of $2.55 a gallon in the latest week, most consumers are likely thinking more of their financial health than the environment, he notes.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/8959811   (702 words)

 GreenHybrid - Interactive Hybrid Cars Resource
The boom will result from a wider range of hybrids available to consumers with the number of models expected to grow from the 11 currently available in the US market to 52 hybrid models in 2012, JD Powers said...
Three things are contributing to the latest demand: a tax credit for saving energy of as much as $3,400 for 2006 models; fears of losing out on a coveted carpool lane sticker, and still fresh, painful memories of forking over $3 for a gallon of gas.
The main emphasis for the "Direct Hybrid" petrol-engined car is on reducing fuel consumption.
www.greenhybrid.com   (475 words)

 News and Information about Hybrid Vehicles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
SUV buyers interested in a hybrid can choose from these new entries or the Ford Escape, introduced last year.
In addition to these hybrids, consumers can choose from among four passenger car models—Honda's Accord Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, and Insight and the Toyota Prius—and two full-size trucks, the Chevy Silverado Hybrid and the GMC Sierra Hybrid.
Hybrids can be configured in many different ways to achieve a variety of different objectives.
www.fueleconomy.gov /feg/hybrid_news.shtml   (389 words)

 Hybrid Car Guide - Vehicles by Toyota, Honda, Ford
We provide information about hybrid cars, an amazing technology that uses gasoline and electric power without the need to be plugged in.
hybrid news articles, where you'll find hybrid technology developments and changes in energy policy.
Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006 Hybrid Car Guide, Unless Otherwise Noted.
www.hybridcarguide.com   (137 words)

 NREL: Advanced Vehicles and Fuels Research - Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles
NREL works toward developing hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs); moving them from research and development to the marketplace.
NREL is also working to move HEV technology a step farther to plug-in hybrids that can "plug in" to store electricity and operate as clean, low-cost vehicles for most of their normal daily mileage.
Taking that still a step further, NREL researchers are promoting development of "renewable communities" that would unite plug-in hybrids, zero-energy homes, and the full range of NREL-developed renewable energy technologies as a model for the future.
www.nrel.gov /vehiclesandfuels/hev   (297 words)

 Hybrid Cars - Great starting point for hybrid vehicle research.
Hybrid Cars - Great starting point for hybrid vehicle research.
When battery makers figure out how to make a bigger version for cars, the auto industry will be radically changed.
The Ford Escape Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient SUV on the road.
www.hybridcars.com   (158 words)

 Free Car Insurance Quotes and Information
Bringing you free information about car insurance by posting news and tips on how to save the most money on car insurance quotes.
BROCKTON Car accident claims in the city dropped more than $9 million within a year after a crackdown on insurance fraud was launched by insurance companies and police investigators in Brockton.
An insurance company is giving owners of hybrid-powered cars and trucks a financial reward for driving the gas-sippers: a 10 percent discount on their auto insurance.
www.freecarinsuranceinfo.com   (387 words)

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