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Topic: Hydrogen peroxide

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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  ATSDR - ToxFAQs™: Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is unstable, decomposing readily to oxygen and water with release of heat.
In industry, hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations is used as a bleach for textiles and paper, as a component of rocket fuels, and for producing foam rubber and organic chemicals.
Because hydrogen peroxide is used in many industries for a variety of purposes, workers in such industries may be exposed to this chemical through inhalation or contact with the skin.
www.atsdr.cdc.gov /tfacts174.html   (946 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide and Sugar
Hydrogen peroxide has been around for a long time, so there is a long history of industrial handling and storage.
When hydrogen peroxide is used as a fuel, energy is released in the form of heat during the rapid decomposition of H2O2 to H2O, creating steam and oxygen.
The mixture of sugar and hydrogen peroxide produces a renewable liquid fuel that can be stored for long periods - weeks, months, years - and used when needed to power automobiles or to heat homes, factories and office buildings, or to power steam turbines for producing electricity during peak-time demand.
www.americanenergyindependence.com /peroxide.html   (3966 words)

 HYDROGEN PEROXIDE--CURSE OR CURE?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The intense bubbling you see when hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with a bacteria-laden cut or wound is the oxygen being released and bacteria being destroyed.
Hydrogen peroxide is only one of the many components that help regulate the amount of oxygen getting to your cells.
Hydrogen peroxide is one of the few simple miracle substances still available to the public.
www.familyhealthnews.com /27.html   (3959 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is involved in all of life's vital processes, and must be present for the immune system to function properly.
Father Willhelm is the founder of "Educational Concern for Hydrogen Peroxide" (ECHO, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public on the safe use and therapeutic benefits of hydrogen peroxide.) Much of the interest in hydrogen peroxide waned in the 1940's when prescription medications came on the scene.
The use of hydrogen peroxide and ozone in medicine is based on the fact that the accumulation of toxins in the body is normally burnt up by the process of oxidation, a process wherein a substance is changed chemically because of the effect of oxygen on it.
www.frequencyrising.com /hydrogen_peroxide.htm   (2901 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide (Quantifix) - Organic Fertilizer, Hydroponics, Horticultural, Agricultural, Orchards and Gardening ...
Hydrogen peroxide is very unstable and breaks down readily into water and a single oxygen molecule.
The amount of hydrogen peroxide used depends on the quality of the water, the number of people using the tub, the frequency of use, and the amount of sunlight the tub gets.
Peroxide application into the well water, or city water can best be accomplished by a metering device, which keeps the application more constant and thorough although manual application can be a second best.
www.agriorganics.com /products/hydrogen_peroxide.html   (1615 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide - NIEHS Alphabetical Listing of Health Topics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The NJ Factsheet on hydrogen peroxide clearly states that a 100% concentration, it is a mutagen (able to cause damage within the structure of the cell, at the DNA level).
Hydrogen peroxide is also affected by the action of swishing, as in a mouthwash, and by simply coming into contact with surfaces, such as your teeth.
In the event that you may accidentally swallow a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide, the heat in your body and acid in your stomach should cause it to react before it can be absorbed by your body.
www.niehs.nih.gov /external/faq/perox.htm   (661 words)

 Peroxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The usual peroxide used in commercial applications is a dilute solution containing traces of stabilisers, and is sold in either brown glass, or brown opaque polyethylene bottles to minimise the rate of decomposition.
Barium peroxide is used in pyrotechnics and tracer ammunition, and was once used in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide.
Sodium peroxide is used as a carbon dioxide absorber and oxygen regenerator (e.g.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Peroxide   (675 words)

 Occupational Safety and Health Guideline for Hydrogen Peroxide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Hydrogen peroxide is mutagenic in bacterial test systems and causes DNA damage, sister chromatid exchanges, and chromosomal aberrations in mammalian cells in vitro [IARC 1985].
Before a worker is placed in a job with a potential for exposure to hydrogen peroxide, a licensed health care professional should evaluate and document the worker's baseline health status with thorough medical, environmental, and occupational histories, a physical examination, and physiologic and laboratory tests appropriate for the anticipated occupational risks.
Hydrogen peroxide should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in tightly sealed containers that are labeled in accordance with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard [29 CFR 1910.1200].
www.osha.gov /SLTC/healthguidelines/hydrogenperoxide/recognition.html   (4085 words)

 Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This is chemical shorthand to indicate that in the body, hydrogen peroxide is converted to water and singlet oxygen.
The main effect of hydrogen peroxide infusions is that you regain your health through the increased ability of your blood to carry a high concentration of oxygen.
In this sense, IV hydrogen peroxide therapy is an oxygen therapy.
www.medical-library.net /sites/_iv_hydrogen_peroxide_therapy.html   (3126 words)

 EPA: Pesticides - Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide in liquid form is an oxidizing agent used in industry for pulp, textile, and environmental applications.
Dilute forms of hydrogen peroxide are common household products used as cleansers for cuts and scrapes, and are available in 3% to 10% solutions.
Vaporized hydrogen peroxide is an antimicrobial pesticide registered by EPA to kill bacterial spores on environmental surfaces in an enclosed area.
www.epa.gov /pesticides/factsheets/chemicals/vhp_factsheet.htm   (1068 words)

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the few interesting chemicals that can easily be bought over the counter, in the form of a 3% aqueous solution intended for use as an antiseptic.
The bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide results from its attack on the electron-rich alternating single and double bonds in the chromophores of dye molecules.
When a peroxide of an alkali or alkaline earth metal is dropped into water, a vigorous reaction ensues resulting in the formation of solutions of the hydroxides and the evolution of oxygen gas.
www.du.edu /~jcalvert/phys/perox.htm   (2498 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide
Five cc of pharmaceutical-grade, three-percent hydrogen peroxide are put in 500 cc five percent glucose in water as a carrier solution.
That part of the hydrogen peroxide that binds with cytochrome-C, however, is not allowed to become water and singlet oxygen for a period of forty minutes.
The potential savings to government medical systems in North America of the use of hydrogen peroxide and chelation intravenous treatments over the more sanctioned approaches of pharmaceuticals and surgeries in valued in the billions of dollars per year.
www.earthtym.net /ref-hydrogen-p.htm   (1183 words)

 H2O2, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy & Oxygen Therapies | CS
Hydrogen peroxide therapy, as well as other oxygen-based treatments, is rapidly gaining in popularity within the alternative medicine community.
This indicates that an extremely small amount of colloidal silver with hydrogen peroxide is beneficial, and we see no reason to believe that the opposite is not true, in that extremely small amounts of H2O2 and colloidal silver were used in the study.
Hydrogen peroxide as an addition to colloidal silver is not very well documented although the mechanisms at work are.
www.silvermedicine.org /h2o2.html   (2424 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide Cures
Others are big fans of 3% drugstore peroxide -- they bathe in it; splash it on their skin; add it to a sterilized nasal pump and inhale it through the mouth and into the lungs; or soak it in the ears for a few minutes to get rid of viruses.
It is well known that ingestion of low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide is usually nontoxic; this does not produce gas embolism and is only a mild irritant to the gastrointestinal tract.
I took a cotton swab and soaked it in Hydrogen Peroxide and kept rubbing the cancerous growth with the Hydrogen Peroxide soaked cotton swab until the growth was soaked in the Hydrogen Peroxide and was white.
www.earthclinic.com /Remedies/hydrogen_peroxide.html   (14726 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide as Algae Treatment?
The new leaves of H. polysperma seemed to be weaken (not killed) by the hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide treatment has achieved this goal for me. In summary: - - Hydrogen peroxide is an effective treatment for cynobacteria with little affect on plants.
Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong oxidizer, it can, and will, kill everything in your tank if not used properly.
www.thekrib.com /Plants/Algae/hydrogen-peroxide.html   (3706 words)

Hydrogen Peroxide is the most over looked chemical used by man. New uses of it are coming to light every day.
The peroxide comes in several strengths, so the strength you start out with is not that important as long as the final strength is 8%.
This year I will use hydrogen peroxide more freely on every thing that is alive and green in my yard and garden.
www.landrights.com /Hydrogen_Peroxide.htm   (1862 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Secrets THEY Don't Want You to Know
Both hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid are known as peroxy compounds.
35% Hydrogen Peroxide is used world wide in municipal water supplies instead of chlorine to disinfect and stop the growth of unwanted organisms.
*Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions or to affect the structure or function of the body.
www.h2o2-4u.com   (1390 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide
Once diluted according to directions on opposite panel, H2O2 may be used as a foliar spray, watered into pots and planters or added to hydroponics reservoirs to immediately start performing its intended functions.
Hydrogen Peroxide is naturally found in rain and snow.
To comply with DOT regulations, our food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is 19% H2O2 by weight.
www.futuregarden.com /nutrition/hydrogen_peroxide.html   (218 words)

 Hydrogen peroxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hydrogen peroxide should be stored in a container made from a material that doesn't react with the chemical.
In general, it is an oxidizer and should be stored away from fuel sources and sources of catalytic contamination.
Because oxygen is formed during the natural decomposition of the peroxide, the resulting increase in pressure can cause a glass container to break.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hydrogen_peroxide   (3211 words)

 Articles on Hydrogen Peroxide
The first article by Walter Grotz, a retired Postmaster and late 20th century promoter of hydrogen peroxide, is as good an introduction as any to the subject of hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide is valuable as an oxidizing agent (like ozone, or bleach for example) because it can release that single oxygen atom in the presence of another reactive substance.
As a teenager, I was encouraged by a doctor to use a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide for two or three days to help get rid of a mouth infection.
educate-yourself.org /hp   (662 words)

 hydrogen peroxide — Infoplease.com
peroxide - peroxide, chemical compound containing two oxygen atoms, each of which is bonded to the other and...
Drastic capacity expansion of hydrogen peroxide leading to price drop.
Peroxide sector sees end near for pricing war.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/sci/A0824724.html   (334 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide, food grade @ Pure Health Systems
On the other hand, most strains of harmful bacteria (and cancer cells) are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen or FG-H2O2.
And a pint of the 6% solution used to bleach hair contains 20 pints of oxygen.) We also know that when FG-H2O2 is taken into the body (orally or intravenously) the oxygen content of the blood and body tissues increases dramatically.
Vitamin E can make more efficient use of any oxygen available and probiotics will help re-establish the beneficial bacterial flora in the lower bowel and also help in the internal production of hydrogen peroxide.
www.purehealthsystems.com /hydrogen-peroxide-2.html   (3676 words)

 Hydrogen Peroxide Uses | Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide | Hydrogen Peroxide Garden Uses
Food grade hydrogen peroxide is prepared for use in the food preparation and packaging industry.
This does not mean that Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is designed or designated as a food or a food product or for human consumption; it does mean that the stabilizers in it are not the toxic stabilizers used in industrial and pharmaceutical grades of hydrogen peroxide.
While certainly there is no useful application for rocket fuel grades of hydrogen peroxide outside of very strict and controlled environments; there are hundreds and thousands of applications for its less concentrated varieties.
www.foodgradeh2o2.com   (483 words)

 Howstuffworks "Why does hydrogen peroxide foam when you put it on a cut?"
What you are buying is a 3-percent solution, meaning the bottle contains 97-percent water and 3-percent hydrogen peroxide.
Try putting a little hydrogen peroxide on a cut potato and it will do the same thing for the same reason -- catalase in the damaged potato cells reacts with the hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide does not foam in the bottle or on your skin because there is no catalase to help the reaction to occur.
www.howstuffworks.com /question115.htm   (267 words)

 35% H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Prices
This comes with only one gallon of 35% hydrogen peroxide.
This is required by Law for all shippers of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
*Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions or to affect the structure or function of the body.
www.h2o2-4u.com /price.html   (283 words)

 [No title]
All you need is three percent hydrogen peroxide, the same strength available at the drug store for gargling or disinfecting wounds, and plain white or apple cider vinegar, and a pair of brand new clean sprayers, like the kind you use to dampen laundry before ironing.
If you're cleaning vegetables or fruit, just spritz them well first with both the vinegar and the hydrogen peroxide, and then rinse them off under running water.
It doesn't matter which you use first - you can spray with the vinegar then the hydrogen peroxide, or with the hydrogen peroxide followed by the vinegar.
www.mercola.com /2001/jul/21/vinegar.htm   (592 words)

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